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First assignment

The first assignments, which are practical projects will be addressed on resumption. Meanwhile
students are advised to practice more at home in order to master them. You can snap and send any of
your practice for correction.

Second assignment


1. What is Art Exhibition?

2. List and explain 3 basic techniques of exhibiting artworks
3. Study the masterpiece and answer the questions following


Section a

1. Art exhibition means the display of artworks for the public to see, appreciate and buy.
2. a. categorizing or cataloging- publishing a book to document the exhibition for easy location and
identification. Information about the works on display are documented in the book.
b. Mounting of boards- two-dimensional works are displyed on free-standing boards that make
viewers move around freely in the exhibition hall, thus acquiring more surfaces to display
c. Space designing- artworks are not to be displayed too close to each other

Section b
1. The art piece is a landscape painting with water colour technique. Or a seascape water colour
painting. (note that the painting has transparency effect, ie, you can see the paper colour
through the painting).
2. The vegetation seems to slope down towards the horizon as a result of the position the painter
was while painting the work. Objects that are close to an observer look bigger and taller while
the same types of object seem to get smaller and shorter as they move into the distance or the

Third assignment


1. Differentiate between ‘”A” and “B” above in a tabular format

2. Define these art terminologies: a. mosaic b. collage c. water colour d. varnishing point
3. Identify each of the Nigerian Traditional Arts below and state their media


1. Knitting pin Crocheting pin
2. Longer shorter
3. Pointed mouth Hooked mouth
4. No stopper Flat stopper in the middle
5. Has a white base No base at the end
Note that not all knitting pins have
white base. This is just a design

a. Mosaic- the use of pieces or bits of coloured object to create pictures on a surface. The bits
can be pebbles, broken glasses, tesserae, beads, etc
b. Collage- the art of using scraps or anything found to create a picture on a flat surface. The
scraps can be wrapper of products, coloured pages of an old magazine, newspaper, clippings
from old calendar, empty plastic bottles, etc
c. Water colour- this is a technique of painting done by applying little paint and a lot of water
on a paper to paint. It gives transparency effect and it is called ‘Wash’.
d. Varnishing point- the point in the distance where every object or figure seem to varnish or
go out of view.
3 A. Artwork- Nok head. Medium- terra cotta
B. Artwork- Ife head. Medium- Bronze
C. Artwork- Benin head. Medium- Ivory
D. Artwork- Igbo-Ukwu roped pot. Medium- Bronze

Expect the next assignment soon. Stay safe