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Going from launch checklist to 5k!

Make sure you download my “Launch Checklist” as all of those will

have to be completed before moving to marketing.

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Phase I:​Testing with social platforms other than facebook.

1. ​Make sure your instagram and twitter is all set up and there's nothing
holding you back from making sales. This means you already have
content on your instagram, you have a established logo, and you
have a surplus amount of followers for social proof. (usually 10k or
more). Also make sure all your links work and give a coupon code
that can only be found on instagram to encourage people to buy from
your site!
2. ​Gather and message influencers in your niche, that could be just
pages that post similar content or even someone with a personal
brand that is somewhat related to your niche! (If your selling makeup
brushes find someone that does makeup tutorials).
3. ​[​Getting a response​] – A lot of influencers don’t like to respond but it's
your job to make sure they know you want to do business! If they
have an visible email then email them AND DM them. If they don’t
respond in a couple of days then follow up and even comment on
their pictures saying you want to promote.

Phase II:​[FIRST $100 IN SALES] – Once you find a decent influencer it

should be a piece of cake to get to 100 in sales, now the influencer itself
might cost 50 and the product might cost 40 so at first your margins could
be very low. Not to worry this is normal. You have not optimized
-​ ​After you find 1 influencer that has made you money test test and
TEST! Different products, pictures, offers, and descriptions. Even test
different times of when to post the ad.
-​ ​Make sure you don’t promote on the same influencer everyday (big
mistake) you'll saturate them and cause bad damage. Test every few
-​ ​Should take about 1 month to find a winning product, picture, offer,
and description.




Above is an example of testing schedule.

Phase III​: [$1,000 IN SALES]

-​ ​By the time you have optimized your ad you should have cleared
well over 1k in sales.
-​ ​For reference my FIRST store was at about 5,500 in sales by the
time I fully optimized my ad on instagram. (Which at the point
depending on the influencer would make me about 1k per promotion).
-​ ​All you have to do at this point is go out and find find difference
influencers to promote your stuff. Since you have an optimized ad it's
much easier than when you started.

PHASE IV​: [5,000- 10,000 IN SALES]

-​ ​It really only gets easier from here. Continue to find and test
influencers, stack the good ones together to have high profit days and
the next step is branching to difference social platforms.
-​ ​Create a LLA for your email subscribers and market to them on
facebook for incredibly cheap conversions. Then use that data and all
the extra purchases facebook got you to create an additional LLA and
scale past 50,000.
-​ ​I know that just took a turn for the more complicated side of things
but i'm going to keep this checklist relatively intermediate. If you want
to learn more about scaling with facebook ads consider jumping in my

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