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Cursos Profissionais de Mecatrónica Automóvel e Agropecuária

Módulo 9 – A comunicação no mundo profissional


1. Read the following text.

Digital skills you need to master to become an entrepreneur

Not everyone is destined to become the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, but
adopting an entrepreneurial mindset can work wonders. You might already have a set of strong
digital skills but polishing them and adding a few more can take you to the next level.
Communication is the number one skill you must learn if you want to become an entrepreneur.
Being able to communicate on a personal and professional level will undoubtedly save you a lot of
time and stress.
Develop the ability to inspire and motivate others. Work on your vision and make it so clear
and inspiring that you don’t have to repeat it over and over again. Practise public speaking and study
communication to understand how you can transfer information more efficiently.
Show leadership and confidence. The more you grow as an entrepreneur, the more trust and
leadership skills you will need to keep up. As a leader, you have to make tough decisions every day.
It’s your job to toughen up and lead by example.
Networking is another important skill to become an entrepreneur. From the beginning of
humankind, evolution has favoured people capable of forming strong social ties.
Build your tribe. Form a group of well-chosen entrepreneur friends. Make sure you surround
yourself with visionaries, executors and champions.
Connect with people on social networks. Practise proactivity. Become an active listener and
ask questions. Not all interactions will be fruitful, but over time you will be making connections that
Develop a habit of reaching out. If you don’t ask the answer is always no. Practise the art of
reaching out to influencers and fellow entrepreneurs. Offer your help for the opportunity to learn from
We are all born entrepreneurs. Some of us have more of the entrepreneurial DNA than others,
but it’s there. Mostly, it’s a set of skills, values and the right mindset. And all of these things can be
learned, acquired and shifted. (accessed in February 2019)

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2. Choose the most suitable synonym for the underlined word or expression.
2.1 “have a set of strong digital skills but polishing them and adding a few more” (lines 2-3)
a. glazing b. improving c. repairing

2.2 “on a personal and professional level will undoubtedly save you” (lines 5-6)
a. truly b. questionably c. gladly

2.3 “understand how you can transfer information more efficiently” (lines 9-10)
a. deliver b. move c. conduct

2.4 “Make sure you surround yourself with visionaries, executors and champions.” (lines 16-
a. prophets b. realists c. pioneers

3. Choose the best ending for each statement according to the text.
a. Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset can   1. make tough decisions.
b. Developing communication skills will   2. to others and be proactive.
c. Leaders have to   3. you need to choose a good team.
d. To become a successful entrepreneur   4. help people become more successful.
e. Entrepreneurs must learn to reach out   5. allow people to transfer
information more efficiently.
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1. Complete the text with the words from the box.

aspirations communication grand influential network plan
respond stepping come strong

Tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur

Branding. Every business has a face. Think of Apple, Facebook, Tesla and Virgin, and Steve
Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Richard Branson a.__________________ to mind. These
companies are not only world-famous and b.__________________, but they also have a strong
brand influenced by the founders. Everyone has a brand, and everyone is a brand. The way
you talk, the way you c.__________________ to emails, the way you introduce yourself, the way
you write is your brand.
How to build a personal brand. Invest in learning how to create a d.__________________
personal brand. You’ll have to practise awareness to dig deep into your subconscious to
understand who you are, who you want to be and who you pretend to be because of peer
pressure, insecurities and e.__________________. It all starts with the vision, the
f.__________________ plan for life. Then it comes to your way of getting to that vision, your
values. Is it g.__________________ over everyone to get to your goal or is it by lifting others to
their goals and then getting to yours? Finally, you’ll need an action h. __________________ for
your daily life, for the next year and for the next ten years.
Create a blog. Writing is one of the oldest forms of i.__________________ and influence. Learn
to write well. Clear writing touches people. It will take the time to find your voice, but once
you do, it will be worth it. Create a newsletter, become active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Facebook or any other j.__________________. Once you’ve established your brand, you will
know the right platform to focus on. (accessed in February 2019)

2. Circle the correct verb form (To-Infinitive or Bare Infinitive).

a. The sales manager watched him write / to write the email.
b. I’ve decided work / to work from home rather than from the office.
c. The employer made Sara apologise / to apologise because she had been very rude to her
d. We should plan / to plan ahead and hire someone to manage our social media platforms.
e. Do you know how use / to use Instagram to post promotional pictures?
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3. Rephrase the sentences starting them as suggested. Use the appropriate passive form
(passive or causative).
a. He gets people to manage and update all his social media platforms.
He has ___________________________________________________________________________________
b. People smuggled counterfeit goods into the warehouse last week.
Counterfeit goods ________________________________________________________________________
c. Maria got someone to redesign her website.
Maria had ________________________________________________________________________________
d. Mark Zuckerberg founded the social networking website called Facebook.
The social ________________________________________________________________________________
e. Tim will get someone to translate this important document.
Tim will __________________________________________________________________________________

4. Complete the sentences with the Future Continuous or the Future Perfect of the verbs in
a. ____________________________ (you / retire) by the time you are 60?
b. Next year, I ____________________________ (work) on my personal brand.
c. It’s Christmas Eve! There won’t be anyone in the office. Everyone
__________________________ (go) home.
d. Jane ____________________________ (not work) this time next week. She’ll be on holiday!
e. Sinead is only halfway through her report. She ____________________________ (not finish) it
before the meeting.
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