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The Seeds of Revolution


MIDTERM AY: 2019-2020
Jose Rizal was not convinced that
“Some revolutions are mighty upheavals; likewise the planned revolution would
, there were silent but powerful revolutions which succeed.
permanently changed the minds of the human
race” He pointed out that the movement
was premature and it would de
Objectives: suicidal if at time , they launched the
 Correctly define the term revolution; revolution
 Identify contributory factors in the development
and breaking out of revolution; Chronology of Events that Lead to Rizal’s
 Affirm the soundness of Rizal’s stand on waging Execution
the revolution; and,
 Describe interception of Rizal’s trip to Cuba as 1. The Launching of La Liga Filipina
July 3, 1892 - Tondo, Manila
Breeders of Revolutionary Ideas
Writers serve as a feeders of revolutionary ideas like; Rizal came home and on July 3, 1982, he
1. Thomas Paine launched the La Liga Filipina in Tondo, Manila
2. Jacques Rousseau
3. John Milton In that assembly, Andres Bonifacio was
4. Niccolo Machiavellie present.

Rizal established linkage between tradition and the 2. Rizal’s Imprisonment in Fort Santiago
culture of his time when he annotated Antonio Morga’s
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas. July 6, 1892 to July 13, 1892

He analyzed the Philippine society thrugh Noli Me July 3, 1892 was the first and the last
Tangere assembly because three days thereafter, Rizal
synthesized it in El Filibusterismo and forecast the was arrested on the strength of “subversive”
country’s future in materials found in the house he visited prior to
his essay, Filipinas dentro de Cien Anos. ( The the launching of La Liga.
Philippines a
Hundred Years from Now) 3. The Foundation of the KKK

He correctly proved his theory on imperialism when July 7, 1892- Azcarraga (Claro M. Recto
America and today), Tondo, Manila
Japan colonized the Philippines after Spain.
The deportation of Jose Rizal to Dapitan was
The Revolution officially announced.

Insurrection aims to have the forcible change in the On the same day, Andres Bonifacio initiated
government. the organization KKK

Revolt is waged to overthrow the government itself. 4. Bonifacio sent Dr. Pio Valenzuela to
Rebellion is a large scale revolt which failed.
June 21, 1896
Revolution is a successful large scale revolt.
Valenzuela was sent by Andres Bonifacio to
Rizal’s Stand on Revolution tell him about the existence of Katipunan and the
Revolution which would break out anytime.
9. Jose Rizal, oblivious of the raging revolution
5. Four years and thirteen days (July 17, 1892 ashore
to July 30, 1896) of exile in Dapitan ended;
Blanco permitted Rizal to serve the July 31 to September 2, 1896 Rizal was on board
Spanish conscript in Cuba different
steamers in the Philippine waters for 32 days
Rizal wrote to Governor General Ramon
Blanco to offer his services as a medical July 31, 1896- He sailed aboard the mail boat España for
volunteer. five
6. The Secret of KKK Betrayed
August 5, 1896- Isla de Panay bound for Spain, had
August 19, 1896- Teodoro Patiño divulged the secrets of already left
the KKK when they arrived

September 1, 1896- Pio Valenzuela’s betrayal From the mail boat España, he was transferred to
Teodoro Patiño revealed to Fr. Mariano Gil the Castilla which was docked in the navy yard of Cavite
existence of Katipunan who in turn, reported it
to the civil and military authorities. 10. Sailing away from the upheavals and
back for the worst
Dr. Pio Valenzuela opted for an executive
pardon. Jose Rizal was on board the cruiser Castilla for almost
one month while waiting
7. The Revolution Escalated for the Steamer bound for Spain.

August 19-31, 1896 As order by Blanco, Rizal was held incommunicado

August 21, around five hundred rebels left Balintawak September 3, Rizal’s voyage to Spain and Cuba via
and Singapore began.
proceeded to a small town called kangkong.
September 28, (at Port Said) the ship Captain informed
August 22, Katipuneros discussed strategies to be Rizal that we would be
employed. arrested upon reaching Barcelona, to br imprisoned in
Fort Montjuich; and to
August 23, “The First Cry” in Pugad Lawin. be shipped back to the Philippines as a prisoner.

August 25, the civil guards and the infantry men fired October 6, Isla de Panay reached Barcelona. He had a
upon katipuneros. brief interview with
Despujol who informed him that he was to br shipped
August 28, Bonifacio declared August 29, 1896 back to Philippines as a
as the beginning of the general uprising prisoner.
against Spain.
11.Camilo Polavieja replaced Ramon
August 30, Battle of Pinaglabanan took place. Blanco

8. The Reign of Terror began December 13, 1896, the Dominican sponsored
Camilo Polavieja replaced Blanco. With
August 31, 1896 Polavieja as governor general of the
Philippines, the military courts became very
Fifty seven revolutionaries publicly executed at active as a result, many Filipinos held as
Luneta. leaders or participants in the cospiracy were
executed. Midterm AY: 2019-2020

The Court Martial Objectives

The Court Martial Narrate how Rizal was arrested, detained and deported
Court Martial is the Dapitan
judicial court of the
military or naval Explain why Dapitan was the place chosen for Rizal’s
officer that tries deportation
soldiers’ offense. It
is a trial held before Recap all the activities of Jose Rizal in his place of exile
the military court.
Distinguish a “life lived” and a “lived life”
The Court Martial
Justify Rizal’s volunteering as a medical doctor in Cuba
November 3, 1896, Jose Rizal went straight to as the
Fort Santiago after being a prisoner in the only legitimate way for him to free himself from
steamer Colon. isolation

November 20, 1896, Preliminary investigation Deportation

was conducted. to Dapitan

Dominguez found prima facie evidence that Jose Masterminds

Rizal was the principal organizer and the living
soul of the armed struggle. Governor General Eulogio Despujol in collaboration
with the Jesuits
The Court Martial
Why Dapitan?
December 5, 1896, Blanco forwarde the judge
advocate’s Dapitan was under control of the Jesuit Fathers.
finding to the senior legal officer and auditor general of The masterminds thought that by conniving they
war, could work on Rizal’s retraction to adhere to the
Judge Advocate General Nicolas Peña for his comments Catholic faith once again.
recommendations. When?

December 6, 1896, The court martial of Rizal began. July 14, 1892 – boarded the steamer Cebu from
December 26, 1896, Rizal was sentenced to death by
Spanish July 17, 1892 – landed in Dapitan
military court.
Dapitan, a Haven by the Sea
January 7, 1897 ( a month after Rizal’s execution) Dr Pio
Valenzuela and other katipuneros who betrayed Rizal Originated from a Visayan term “dapit”
were also meaning to invite.
charged of complicity in the rebellion. They too were
court Situated in Western Mindanao at Dapitan
martialed. Bay of Sulu Sea
Existing & Living in Dapitan
Dapitan is known as the Shrine City famous
GENMANDATE: Life & Works of Jose Rizal for its rustic beauty and serenity
Jesuits of Dapitan

Military Engineer - Constructed

Headquarters Water System for
drinking and irrigation
Choice to live with the Jesuits or in the
Military Headquarters Inventor - Invented a
simple machine to
Preconditions: produce bricks

Recant what he had Businessman -Engaged

written against the friars in entrepreneurship by
exporting copra and
Rectify his errors abaka

Go through religious Doctor - Practiced his

rituals to regain his medical profession
being a Catholic
Became a teacher
Lived Life
“We can create abundance out of our desert
Opted to stay there or a desert out of our abundance.”
with Captain Ricardo
Carnicero - A Excerpt from Rizal’s letter to Blumentritt
commanding officer
who was young and a I get up early at 5:00AM. I visit my friends,
freethinker feed my chickens, wake up my people, and
get things moving. At 7:30AM we have
A Lucky Man breakfast. Afterwards I treat my poor
patients. I get dressed and go to town to
Rizal and Carnicero won second prize in a lottery attend the sick people there, and by noon
ticket return home. Then I teach the youngsters
until 4:00PM, and the rest of the afternoon I
Total winnings was Php21,000.00 dedicate to agriculture. I spend my evening
reading & studying…
Rizal’s share was Php 6,200.00
Rizal’s Women: Spotlight
Rizal gave to his parents the amount of Php2,000.00 on Josephine Bracken

Php200.00 to Jose Ma. Basa Arrived at Dapitan when Rizal was still feeling
the void left by Leonor Rivera
The rest he invested by buying a land
Went to Dapitan from Hong Kong to accompany
The Many Hats worn by Jose Rizal in Dapitan her non-biological father, Geoffrey Tauffer, for
an eye operation
Farmer – Lanzones,
Mangosteen, Macopa, Speculated as a Eurasian (Anglo-Chinese) due to
Santol, Coffee, Cacao her short stature (barely 5’1)
She claims to be Irish
Community Developer
18 years old at the time she met Rizal He also refused the offer of the Katipunan to
spirit him out of Dapitan. ( he had given his
Whirlwind Romance word of honor to the Spanish authorities and did
not want to break it)
One month courtship and immediate
plan for marriage July 30, 1896

Hastiness of the decision was because Received a letter (handed by General Carnicero) from
of Rizal’s loneliness and vulnerability the Governor General Blanco allowing
him to render medical services to the Spanish soldiers in
Josephine became Rizal’s live-in Cuba.
partner which caused rumors among
the community Note: Rizal volunteered as military physician months
before the Katipunan contacted
Some parents restricted their children him.
to attend the classes of Rizal
Cuba was in the throes of revolution and is experiencing
A Still-Born Child yellow fever epidemic

After a year of cohabitation, Cuba was in shortage of physicians to minister to the

on March 11, 1896 Josephine needs of the Spanish troops &
gave birth to a still-born baby Cuban people
From Dapitan into the Trap
They named him Francisco
Rizal auctioned his properties, gave souvenirs, gave his
Rizal buried him silently in a plantation to a friend and to
place, he alone knew his barber and gave the houses to the poorest...

RIZAL and the Katipunan From Dapitan into the Trap

June 21, 1896 July 31, 1896

Dr. Valenzuela (emissary) informed Rizal bade farewell to the Dapiteños.

Rizal of the plan of the Katipunan to
launch a revolution Rizal set afire the kiosk that he used for retreat and
RIZAL and the Katipunan
Chopin’s funeral march was being played by the
JOSE RIZAL opposed Bonifacio’s proposed project to town band as Rizal’s boat was rowed.
plunge the country in bloody revolution.
From Dapitan into the Trap
The people are not ready for a revolution;
Rizal lived in Dapitan for four years
Arms and funds must first be collected before raising
the Rizal led a life with sense, with purpose and with
cry of revolution. direction.

He advised the Katipunan to seek the help of Antonio Existing & Living at Dapitan
Luna (to obtain financial aid from the elite)
Existence is a decision or a choice. A person is what he
RIZAL and the Katipunan chooses to
do, what he does, and what he does for self and for
others. Example:

References: Socrates

Daquila, S., Seeds of Revolution , 2008 Mahatma Gandhi

The Continuing
Revolution Jesus Christ; and

GENMANDATE: LIFE AND WORKS OF JOSE RIZAL Jose Rizal as expresses in Noli Me Tangere

MIDTERM AY: 2019-2020 My Last Farewell : 3rd

I die just when I see the dawn breaks,
Define the meaning of radical-pacifism;
Through the gloom of the night, to herald the day
Cite historical events to show that the
radical-pacifism is effective in changing the world; And if color is lacking my blood thou shalt take,

Show that Jose Rizal had prepared himself for his Pour’d out at eed for the dear sake,
To dye with its crimson the waking ray.
Dramatize and empathize with the hero’s public
execution at Luneta; Jose Rizal expressed his sentiments and
anticipation of his early death.
Discuss events that followed after the execution of
the Philippine national hero; and My Last Farewell : 3rd
Discuss why Rizal’s revolution continues after his
death. I die just when I see the dawn breaks,

RADICAL- PACIFISM Through the gloom of the night, to herald the day

RADICALISM – it means employment of violence and And if color is lacking my blood thou shalt take,
total overhauling of a social system. Pour’d out at eed for the dear sake,

PACIFISM – it means solving a conflict through peaceful To dye with its crimson the waking ray.
Jose Rizal expressed his sentiments and
RADICAL-PACIFISM – is a peaceful but radical means anticipation of his early death.
of effecting social change which observes wilful
acceptance My Last Farewell : 11th and
of unjust punishment which can shock the social 12th Stanza
;magnify the wrong done; evoke compassion; agitate Beloved Filipinas, hear now my last good-by!
apathetic; enrage the public; and ignite an explosive I give thee all: parents and kindred and friends
condition. For I go where no slave before the oppressor bends,

RADICAL- PACIFISM Where faith can never kill, and God reigns e'er on high!
Farewell to you all, from my soul torn away, b. Frau Rosa,Loleng, Curt,a nd Friedrich

Friends of my childhood in the home dispossessed ! c. To his mother and father

Give thanks that I rest from the wearisome day ! The Execution

Farewell to thee, too, sweet friend that lightened my The Execution

December 30, 1896 at 6:30 AM
Beloved creatures all, farewell! In death there is rest !
- Rizal came out of his cell.
He expresses his lamentation and resignation which
spoke of - he was wearing all black except for his
an imperfect society and a perfect place he would be white shirt and waist coat
where neither tyrants nor slaves exist. The order of the procession:


- drummer;
- military escorts and marshals;
Day before his execution, Rizal had many visitors:
- Jose Rizal
a. Santiago Mataix – news correspondent from Madrid
- 2 priests
b. Jesuit Fathers
- Luis Taviel de Andrade
Fr. Miguel Saderra Mata, Fr. Luis Viza, Fr.
Vicente Balaguer, and Fr. Vilaclara The Execution

c. Doña Teodora Alonso- but was not allowed to hug 8 Filipinos composed the firing
each squad, dressed in in tropical
other climate uniform and straw hats.

d. Rizal’s sisters and nephews where he gave his lamp Behind them were the row of
and Spanish soldiers who will shoot
alcohol them in case they fail.
burner whispering, “There is something
inside.” Offers During his Execution

PREPARATION FOR HIS DEATH Face the sea where his back faces the
firing squad which he tried to refuse for
Josephine was Rizal’s last caller and gave her his book , he is not a traitor who turns his back.
Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis and scribbled, Declined the offer to be blindfolded.

“To my dear unhappy wife.” He chose to stand instead of kneeling

He wrote letters to the following people:
Offered to kiss a crucifix but turned it
a. Ferdinand Blumentritt away.
and eight months.
Military surgeon checked his pulse but it
remained normal. On August 17, 1898 Rizal’s skeletal remains
were exhumed and deposited in an urn and was
The Execution brought to the Marble Hall of

The command sounded off, AFTER HIS DEATH

“Preparen! Apunten! Fuego!
He was buried directly without a coffin and
(Ready! Aim! Fire!) straight to the ground without his family’s
In a clear voice Jose Rizal uttered,
“Consummatum est” Doña Teodora and Narcisa begged and looked
for Rizal’s body and was recovered after a year
(It is finished!) the same and eight months.

words Jesus Christ said AFTER HIS DEATH

He gave up His life. On August 17, 1898 Rizal’s skeletal
remains were exhumed and deposited
December 30, 1896 was the final in an urn and was brought to the
curtain call for Dr. Jose Protacio Marble Hall of Ayuntamiento for
Mercado-Rizal. proper necrology.

RIZAL’S DEATH Soon deposited his remains at the

WISH cornerstone of his monument at
Luneta Park.
My Last Farewell
In a sealed letter to be open after his death he
wished that: Late afternoon day after his execution, they
saw a small piece of paper 9x15 cm folded
He will be buried in the ground; inside the hollow of the alcohol burner
from Rizal.
Place a stone and cross over it;
The family sent a copy to his friends abroad
Put his name, birth and the date of his death; and to the KKK in Cavite.

He prefer Paang Bundok or North Cemetery In 1897, Mariano Ponce titled it, Ultimo
today to be buried. Pensamiento and today, is known as Mi
Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell)
Surround his grave with fence.
No anniversaries. (What happened to Paciano and Josephine?
Paciano Rizal
He was buried directly without a coffin and
straight to the ground without his family’s After his brother’s death, he became very
knowledge. active in revolutionary activities in Central
Doña Teodora and Narcisa begged and looked
for Rizal’s body and was recovered after a year He was elected as Secretary of Treasury of the
armed movement. Naive or Clever
He rose to General and continued on what he
and his brother covenanted with. Naive or Clever Josephine

He’s an unmarried man but he had an After 15 years afetr Rizal’s death filed and demanded
illegitimate daughter Emiliana. the
following to Rizal’s family given to Ferdinand
Josephine Bracken’s Blumentritt:
Filed a suit against Doña Teodora to produce the
After Jose Rizal’s death, she became an presumed “last will and testament” of her
instant celebrity where she easily narrated “husband” ;
how she met and married Rizal but in a
different version. Give her cash;

According to her, she was following behind Rizal’s library with more than 2,000 books;
Rizal as he was escorted to the spot where he
will be shot which did not happened. Paintings in procession of Jose Ma. Basa in
Josephine Bracken’s
Inconsistencies Naive or Clever Josephine

She said that she attempted to enter the Reacting to her letter, Paciano sent a letter to
cemetery where Rizal was buried but was Blumentritt asking him to ignore Josephine.
stopped by the guards and only gained entry
when he pushed them aside and them to Out of courtesy, Basa asked her to submit a
either shoot her or to detain her. This turned copy of her marriage contract but she failed.
her into an amazona.
Naive or Clever Josephine
Josephine Bracken’s
Inconsistencies In the years that followed, she married Vicente Abad
and on March 14, 1903 she died at the age of 26 due
She said that she walked all the way to Imus to either tuberculosis or ulceration of the breast.
Cavite without her sister-in-laws knowledge
and was welcomed by Gen. Emilio She was penniless and forgotten.
Aguinaldo where she described how she
fought on a horseback, shooting and killing a THE CONTINUING
Spanish officer like Gabriela Silang. REVOLUTION

Josephine Bracken’s THE CONTINUING

Inconsistencies REVOLUTION

Based on her records in Hong Kong, her True to what are embedded in Rizal’s novels and
documents were tampered. poems, his blood flowed
freely to deepen and ring, “What of the slaves of today
She claimed that they were married which shall be tyrants of
required Rizal to retract all of what he said tomorrow?”
against the friars which was officiated by
Father Balaguer and witnessed by one of Without Spaniards, Americans, and the Japanese, are
Rizal’s sisters. But the truth was that, no one our values as a
from the family was there. people today better than what we had yesterday?
Are our masters today less corrupt and less tyrannical
than the olden

Are we united as a people?


Despite the lesson of our past, we have remained

to,erant and
indifferent that it took us 2 decadesto free ourselves
from our
lethargy in Marcos dictatorship, for us to finally move
into action
in 1986.

Due to our ningas cogon, in a whiff of a wind our

national heroes
like Rizal, Ninoy and the People Power are easily


Our respective revolutions start from within us.

There was a call for unity and change in us,

reverberated in the
entire archipelago which has to wage consistently, over
and over

Jose Rizal’s revolution is meant to outlived him, tomlast

the generations.