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Instructional Planning

(The process of systematically planning, developing, evaluating and managing the instructional
process by using principles of teaching and learning - D.O. 42, s. 2016)

Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Format

Learning Area:
DLP No.: Grade Level: Quarter: Duration: Date:

ENGLISH 7 3 60 01/13/2020

Learning Competency/ies: Code:

(Taken from the Curriculum Guide) Make a stand on the material viewed EN7VC-III-F-14

Key Concepts / Understandings The learner demonstrates understanding of:Philippine literature in the Period of
to be Developed Emergence as a tool to assert one's identity
Adapted Cognitive Process
Domain Dimensions (D.O. No. 8, s. 2015)
Knowledge Remembering Formulate predictions about the contents of the text
The fact or
condition of knowing
something with familiarity
Understanding link sentences using connectors that signal chronological and logical sequence and
gained through experience
or association summation

Skills Applying
ability and capacity acquired
through deliberate, Analyzing
systematic, and sustained Identify words or expressions with part-whole (partitive relations )
effort to smoothly and
adaptively carryout complex Evaluating
activities or the ability, coming
from one's knowledge,
practice, aptitude, etc., to do
Compose a personal letter to a friend, relative and other people

Attitude Valuing Display concern for others.

Values Valuing

2. Content Module 3-Lesson 6- Man in Dapitan by Loreto Paras-Sulit

3. Learning Resources English Learner's Manual 7

4. Procedures
4.1 Introductory Activity Task 1: Facts or Bluffs. Encourage the learners to look for the icons Facts or Bluffs posted in the
different corners of the room. Let the learners listen to the lines as stated and ask them to stand
5 minutes under one of the icons to show whether they agree or not with the statements.
Task 2: My Hero, Just Asking. Invite the learners to watch a video clip and reflect on the questions
4.2 Activity given. What did this man do in Dapitan? When was he exiled in Dapitan?

Task 3: Predicting Outcomes. Direct the students to use schema and clues from the text to predict
10 minutes
what will happen next in the story

4.3 Analysis
Instruct the learners to complete the word map by answering what is called for. (word, an illustration
5 minutes to represent my word, a synonym for my word, my word in a sentence, definition )

4.4 Abstraction Task 6. Reading Time! Direct the learners to read the selection Man in Dapitan by Loreto-Paras
Sulit. Allow the learners to answer the following comprehension questions on page 396.
Do Task 9: Language Connections on page 396. Study the commonly used subordinating
conjunctions.Analyze the relationship of connectors in sentences.
10 minutes

Task 7. Field Reporting. Form four groups. Each group will assign one field reporter who will act as
4.5 Application an interviewer and one interviewee. You can use or modify the given introductory statement before
presenting the following questions:

15 minutes
What did you know about the man? Describe him. Why did you allow the man to perform the eye
operation? Did the man demonstrate sincerity in helping others? Why?
Students will be assessed based on their Field Reporting Performances
4.6 Assessment
Students are asked to answer activity B. Le'ts Connect (Exercises on
10 minutes Suborndinating Conjunctions on page 399.

4.7 Assignment Assuming that you are Lope, compose a personal letter to Dr. Jose
Reinforcing / strengthening the
day’s lesson
Rizal as a way to expressyour gratitude of the kind favor he extended
3 minutes to you by treating your mother's eye.
4.8 Concluding Activity
Raise and answer questions if there's any.
2 minutes

5.      Remarks

6.      Reflections
A.  No. of learners who earned 80% in the C.   Did the remedial lessons work? No. of learners who have caught up with the
evaluation. lesson.

B.   No. of learners who require additional activities

D.  No. of learners who continue to require remediation.
for remediation.

E.   Which of my learning strategies worked well?

Why did these work?

F.   What difficulties did I encounter which my

principal or supervisor can help me solve?
G.  What innovation or localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish to share with other

Prepared by:

Name: Mariachi Anton A. Adams School: Dr. Benjamin T. Locsin High School
Designation: SST I Division: Negros Oriental
Number: 9493465836 Email address:
Receiving Phenomena

Responding to Phenomena



Internalizing values


Reinforcing / strengthening the

day’s lesson
Enriching / inspiring the day’s
Enhancing / improving the day’s
Preparing for the new lesson


Talking to Learners/
Anlysis of Learners' Products