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DAY/DATE : 23/3 2020

I. Determine the pattern of organization used for each sentence. Then fill in the blanks within the sentence with
transition words from the box. Use each choice once.
Transition Words

for example furthermore just as so

type even though when between

Patterns of Organization

definition and example spatial contrast classification

cause and effect time order comparison addition

1. EVEN THOUGH Chloe is afraid of heights, she went bungee jumping to celebrate her birthday.
Pattern of Organization: Contrast
2. Distance education is learning that takes place when the student is in a location apart from the classroom,
building, or site; FOR EXAMPLE, online courses and telecourses are distance learning courses.
Pattern of Organization: Definition and example
3. Isabella wanted to become a professional actress, SO she moved to New York City.
Pattern of Organization: Cause and effect
4. Jealousy destroys a friendship JUST AS thoroughly as a wildfire consumes a forest.
Pattern of Organization: Comparison
5. The best course of action to take WHEN one has made a mistake is to admit it, learn from it, and avoid
making it again.
Pattern of Organization: Time order
6. Pilates develops a strong and supple spine by extending the space BETWEEN each vertebra.
Pattern of Organization: Spatial
7. Research has shown that cancers of the lip, tongue, mouth, throat, larynx, lung, and esophagus are
connected to cigar smoking. FURTHERMORE, facts strongly suggest a link between cigar smoking and
cancer of the pancreas.
Pattern of Organization: Addition
8. During an episode of activity, a volcano commonly displays a distinctive pattern or TYPE of behavior.
Pattern of Organization: Classification

II. Summarize the sentences below!

1. When the Chen family returned from their vacation, they found the back door broken open, the television
set missing, and all the food in their freezer gone.
Summary : The chen family's house was stolen
2. In her new credit card, Yoko brought groceries at the supermarket, shoes at the department store, and a new
set of tires for her sports car at the auto supply store.
Summary: Yoko brought many things with her credit card
3. Everyone knows what happened on that terrible day in January, 1986. Early in the morning, the Challenger
crew had a good breakfast and discussed their plans. They made sure they understood all of the work they
would be doing during the flight. Later, they boarded a special van which carried them to the shuttle. The
weather was rather cold, and some NASA officials wondered if they should put off the flight. After some
discussion, they decided to go ahead. The Challenger took off over the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. Minutes
later, it exploded in the air. All of the crew members died in the crash.

Summary: The NASA's Rocket was exploded

III. Paraphrase the text below

ORIGINAL TEXT (45 words)

Traditionally, in oral and written discourses, the
masculine pronoun 'he' was used as a pronoun to
refer to a person whose gender was unknown or
irrelevant to the context. Recently, this usage has
come under criticism for supporting gender-based
stereotypes and is increasingly considered
inappropriate (Smith, 2010, p. 24).

Previously, the pronoun 'he' is generally used to refer to a person with unknown gender.
But lately, these culture has changed and considered inappropriate for use again.