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Please ensure the guidelines below are followed to ensure timely, productive and meaningful learning.
We trust our students to conduct their studies in a mature and responsible manner. It will be very
disappointing and a great loss to all if poor conduct or attendance leads to cancellation of live lessons.

Accessing the learning platform

Insha’Allah, your lessons will take place through Microsoft Teams on the ‘Bukhari (Lessons)’ Team. Once
logged on to Teams, you will be able to join the lesson from the Team wall as soon as the teacher begins it
by clicking ‘Join’. See the ‘How to Use Microsoft Teams’ document for more guidance.

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9.50am Registration
10am to 12pm Bukhari with Hazrat Sb
12.10pm Registration
12.15pm to 1pm Ibn Maajah with Maulana Soheil
1pm to 1.45pm Nasa’i with Maulana Soheil
2.20pm Registration
2.30pm to 3.30pm Bukhari and Abu Dawood with Sufi Sb
3.30pm to 5pm Muslim with Maulana Shoaib Free lesson Muslim with Mufti Huzayfa

InshaAllah, ‘Ibarah will take place weekdays from 6pm to 7pm or on the weekend. Once confirmed, the
decision will be communicated to you.

Registration and absence

 All students must be present throughout every lesson. Please ensure you have used the bathroom,
eaten and are prepared for the lesson in advance.
 If you require permission to be absent from the class at the time, at least 10 minutes prior to the lesson,
please text the absence number, 07726624334, with your full name and reason for absence.
 A supervising member of staff will be present each lesson. If you leave a lesson, the member of staff
will notify the number above immediately.
 Registration will take place thrice – 10 mins before lesson time starts. Supervision staff will contact the
number above to communicate any absences/late arrivals.
 As soon as you have logged on, please write ‘Present’ on your team wall.

During the lesson

 To ask questions during the lesson, type the question on your class wall. All questions must be
professional and appropriate.
 Take notes during the lesson.
 Do not record lessons.

Assessing your learning

InshaAllah, you will be asked to upload images of your notes to Microsoft Teams regularly, so please
ensure you are up to date. Guidance on use of Teams is on the website.

Lesson cancellation
If a lesson is cancelled, the class Ameera will be informed by the absence number. She will share this
information with classmates. A message will also posted on the team wall.

If you experience difficulty during a lesson, log off and back on again. If this does not resolve the issue, text
the absence number to explain the problem.
Study requirements
1. Maintain adab for learning: state of wudhu, appropriate dress and clean environment. Please adhere to
the same etiquette of study as you would display in Jamea.
2. Have access to a fully charged, internet-connected device with a speaker and microphone, e.g.
smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, PC (each student will need separate access).
3. Ensure only you are attending the lesson.
4. Keep earphones in at all times during the lesson.
5. Keep camera and mic off at all times. It’s best to place a small sticker on camera from before because
it will always be on until turned off.
6. Ensure you’ve signed into your Teams account 10 minutes before lessons begin. Test that the account,
access to the class wall and your computer audio works prior to your first lesson.
7. Prepare the subject kitabs, notebooks and stationery.

I have read and understood the guidance above. I agree to take part in all lessons by adhering to these
Full name (please Sanjuida Jannat
Date: 19/04/20

Please return the signed document by uploading to Microsoft Teams by 9am on Monday 20th April .

Jazakumullahu khayr