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Hello, my fellow educators!

I am here today to bring your attention to an innovating, tech planning

book. It is called "Common Curriculum" and it totally changes the planning
game. Imagine cutting your planning time in HALF but having the quality of
your planning even HIGHER. Yes, it is possible, and I am here to give you
some insight into this tool and how useful it is. 

As I have been experimenting with this tool, I have seen some great
advantages, challenges that can be solved, and some tips and tricks to
share with you all to help you in your experience with Common Curriculum!

I began using this tool to plan for a week that starts with a holiday, aren't
those the best weeks!? When creating your planning book, you can
customize everything to how you like it. You can choose different colors for
each class, the style of your lesson plan, and what your schedule looks for
that week. I chose the basic lesson plan template for this week! I was able
to input the standard that this lesson aligned with (directly from a
database of standards the website had), direct link in my lesson plan I
created in Words, and add a type of comment I thought would be useful if
someone else was to teach from my lesson plan, a substitute perhaps!
Another great part of Common Curriculum is how you can share this with
team members of the grade you are in, administration ( great for when
they are observing you), and if you are out unexpectedly, with no sub
plans. One last great part of Common Curriculum I want to share with you
is IT AUTOMATICALLY SAVES! So like Google Docs, you can have ease of
mind if you accidentally exit out of the website, like I might have done!

With every great experience, comes challenges. This experience of mine

had some challenges, but they were able to be solved. When I was entering
standards for each of my lessons, some were not there. There is a link to
create them and get them approved, but if you do not want to wait a few
weeks for this process to go through, you can add a comment and copy
and paste the standard directly into the lesson plan. Standards they did not
have are Maine's Early Learning and Development Standards and not all of
Next Generation Science Standards, which is disappointing, but can be
solved quickly by this method!

Now, it is time for me to share some tips and tricks with you to make your
experience go smoothly!

TIP: Change the color for each class for easy navigation!

TRICK: If there is a holiday or special event (ex. assembly) within the week,
you can add it in and block out that time it is taking up!
TIP: Title each lesson names to stay organized!

TRICK: Embedding links will make it easier for substitutes to instruct the
lesson, correctly. 

After assessing my experience with Common Curriculum, I would

recommend this tool for anyone who wants to have quality lesson planning,
but spend less time doing it. This tool makes it easy to organize your
lesson plan from start to finish. No matter the grade level you are teaching,
the number of classes you teach, or your teaching style, Common
Curriculum is a tool for ANY educator!