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Tancredi. sta) “Di tanti palpiti., GIOAC. ROSSINI English words by fret : Recitative and Cavatina. (4792-1668), Mrs.0. B. Boise Andante. fe Copyright, 1998, by G Schirmer, Ine, ‘Brinted tn thet. S.A 258 Recit. _espress. = 2 2 at ogee g Oh patria doLeqin-gra — ta patria, al-fin a te—— ri. Ye fds of gai- ly tim’ - ed flow-ers, What joy once more—— to Ss == SS Ie oe te es Ree ene vine” Jot gy Hom fyi Thy bread ten tb pen =k aa SSS i st bl iy L 8 How ignciy laughs the gior- no se - re ~ no Dimp -Ting the mead-ows, in se- no. ‘A-me-na-i-de, deop ~ ’ning shadows. A-me-na-i-de! ‘0 mio pen-sie - ro soa-ve, 80 - Goal of my youths am-bi- tion, My = o< Jo de miei de vo- ti mie-i celeste og-get-to, life-long hope’s fru-i - tion! Once more 1 see thee Heav-en - ly vis-ion! oa aaa S25 Ze vog-lio, sfidando almio de - faithful to. my hearth pure 7 of S Sfin, qua Ion-gue si-a, me-ri-tarti 0 pe- rin, idol. My fate de- fy-ing. To partus naught ha ani. ma mi -a If still thou Jovst me be 2 ws 258 ese Tu Here, where chee - cen- di he - roes, de - sti i ova- lor mi fau-rels, their fame,their glo ee se- con-da - te 1 will prove me pio tra shall win, o33_ts, famed di - to-re, Howev-er 233 tw Won che que - sto their in al-ma glo- ria, By my prow- ess de-si - 0, a i bel both brave and toy) = co + ro-na-te la mia fe ‘gainst me traitors false com-bine. Moderato. bile pgentad pespress. Di tam-ti pal - pi - ti, Af = ter long mourn - ing, da te, mio Come, my be - ti rie Thou — shalt find 260 tuoi bel pi ae - cen conten ver. For- got = in rap - a ti ri. Ve Bliss floods. my eidaeee ieee ture, for - got - ten x de te de > we @ is ie? 3S ac - cen - ti, For - got - ten te con - ten- ti in rap - ture! amt rife - li - ee, 1 cor mel di ey = ter long mourn - ing Bright_—_ day is dawn - ing, mio de Come, my be - = == ease == b= gests = - == = : = S site Hom Si see wow Thou sale iat” set ti ori - ve - dri, né tuoi bei Bliss floods my soul, Joy ~ ous, ex - zoe ee ed; here on my mi Fieve draiy Come, my be - lov - ed, rai____mi_ pa - see- ro, sor - row, Thou shalt find, rest, tease. pa- sce - rb, mi yond con - trol Come, my be~ tuoi bei ‘afe from all mi pa-sce- sor - row, Thou shalt find ne’ (ol bel Here on my— breast, Safe from all pas. see shalt. find tol hei fi pa - rest, Safe from all sor - row Thou shalt find noi tno hei rai mi ope Rew Fd, mi Safe on my bo - som Thow shalt find rest, Safe fete st otetetet gt allargando rb, mi pa see- rb, breast Thou shalt find rest. fis: 36 colcanto ie =