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QUICK System
Chris “Shep” Shepperson,
Jared Earle, Chris “Shep” Shepperson
Dave Allsop, Jon Hodgson, Scott Purdy
Jared Earle
Marshall Oppel

Carl Arnold, Joshua Briggs, Kevin Case, Brendan Falconer, Darren Grainger, Mike Griffin,
Matt Jones, Gordon Parton, Marc Potter, Lee Quillan, Mark Rapson, Toby Thomas, Marc Wilson,
Corrine Winwood, Ste Winwood, James Woods

Nightfall Games are

Dave Allsop, Jared Earle, Mark Rapson and Chris “Shep” Shepperson



Welcome to the SLA Industries 2nd Edition Quick Start. the next corner, never knowing which facts are truths and which
If you are an experienced SLA Industries player, having are lies.
picked up the original version of the game at some point
SLA Industries is a company. A huge corporate entity that
over the last 25 years, then you will already have a good
rules over not only Mort City, but the entire planet and the
understanding of both The World of Progress and of
expanding universe which Mr Slayer, the owner of SLA
roleplaying games as a whole. If this is the case, jump to
Industries, aptly refers to as ‘The World of Progress’. SLA
the Character Overview and get stuck into the new 2nd
employs Operatives. These highly trained agents are the boots
Edition ruleset. Please remember that this Quick Start is
on the ground in Mort City, a place filled with violence, drugs,
a streamlined and stripped back version of the new rules
strange alien races and built entirely on lies. An Operative will
system. Throughout this document, a number of notes have
have a job to do and they are not always glamorous; a typical
been placed to highlight to experienced players just how
assignment (known as a BPN) may consist of anything from
this version differs from the full rules.
exterminating carnivorous rats and pigs in a sewer, to securing
If you are new to SLA Industries, or even if this is the first and retrieving an ancient artefact of the Ebonite race. Operatives
time you have ever played an RPG, read on... work for the promise of two things; a solid payout with which
to buy stronger armour and bigger guns, and an SCL (Security
Clearance Level) increase, allowing them to climb the ranks of
GAME? This Quick Start contains five pre-made characters, all the
essential rules required to play the game and a single scenario for
At its most basic premise, a roleplaying game, or RPG, is a a GM and up to 5 players to enjoy, with the aim of introducing
tabletop game in which players assume the roles of different a group of players to the dark, frightening and deceitful world
characters in a fictional setting. These characters are represented of SLA Industries.
by a range of statistics unique to each. The game, and actions
within it, are resolved either through discussion and storytelling,
or with the use of dice. The GM (Games Master) is a critical WHAT DO I NEED TO PLAY?
part of an RPG, as it is their responsibility to lead the story. In
You will need access to a number of 10-sided dice (d10).
many respects the GM is analogous to the director of a movie
Ideally each player should have access to 6 of these dice (6d10),
and the players are all the actors; between them, they develop
though it is possible to pass a single set around. One die should
and drive the story and what happens.
be a different colour to the others (we suggest one black and the
rest as you see fit). As well as dice, some paper and pencils for
ABOUT SLA INDUSTRIES making notes, and a copy of this document is all that is needed
to enjoy this introduction to SLA Industries.
“That first time you take your helmet off in Downtown and
breathe in the smell of life there. Fuck me. It’s nasty.”
Danny P, Human Operative, SCL
10.5a, Squad ‘Drop Donkey’. In SLA Industries each player assumes the role of an
Operative. These ‘characters’ are the personas that will represent
SLA Industries is an RPG system that uses many adult themes.
the players as they venture into The World of Progress. This
Over its 25 year history, SLA has regularly been described as
document contains five pre-made Operatives for players to use
‘horror noir’. People often throw in a comment or two about
which can be found at the end of the book. There are a number
huge aliens and big guns as well, but horror noir is where every
of elements that players should know about the information on
game should begin. Mort, the planet on which the game is set,
their character sheets, particularly the different stats, skills and
is dark and it never stops raining. The players are injected into
traits that each character has.
a world that feels claustrophobic, never knowing what’s around


STATS Strength (STR):

Melee Weapons - The art of using weapons designed for hand-
Each character has a number of stats which represent the to-hand combat, from knives and stabbing instruments to
core capabilities of their character - how smart, strong, fast or clubs, batons and improvised weapons.
lucky they are. There are seven different stats that a character
possesses, split into three categories. The stats are: Unarmed Combat - Unarmed Combat covers all disciplines of
close range fighting such as martial arts, wrestling, boxing and
Strength (STR) - A measure of how physically strong and fit brawling.
the character is, as well as their capabilities in close combat.
Dexterity (DEX) - Dexterity represents a character’s speed,
Dexterity (DEX):
agility and hand-eye coordination. Acrobatics - This skill covers all acrobatic and gymnastic
activity, including performing flips, hanging, swinging and
Knowledge (KNOW) - Knowledge is the core thinking power diving out of the way of a stampeding enemy.
of a character, representing their level of education in academic
subjects, their wit and their ability to retain vital information. Hide - Hide is a characters ability to remain entirely still and use
their surroundings to their body’s advantage. A higher level of
Concentration (CONC) - A character’s Concentration stat is Hide reflects a character’s ability to remain entirely motionless
considered for complex tasks that require dedication and their and slow their breathing rate to keep them concealed.
ability to spot and detect threats or clues.
Pistol - This skill represents a character proficiency with
Charisma (CHA) - Charisma is a measure of a character’s handguns, revolvers and submachine guns, as well as being
likability, communication skills and persuasive nature. The an indication that they have received some formal training in
Charisma stat is used when diplomacy is needed, or when their use.
haggling, seducing or leading others.
Rifle - Rifle covers the use of a wide range of weapons, from
Cool (COOL) - Cool represents a character’s willpower and assault rifles and shotguns to most submachine guns and sniper
ability to resist the effects of fear. weapons. Rifle is one of the most commonly learned skills
Luck (LUCK) - A character’s Luck stat is a measure of just how amongst Operatives and higher ranks represent a significant
lucky they are in the line of duty. level of skill and training in the use of these weapons.
Flux (FLUX) - Only Ebonites have a Flux stat. Flux represents Sneaking - Sneaking covers a characters ability to use stealth
the Ebonite’s mastery of the Ebb. techniques whilst on the move, from moving about silently
to crossing areas of the urban landscape without being seen.
STAT RANKS While the Hide skill covers a character’s ability to conceal
their body while stationary, Sneaking is a measure of how well
Each stat has a range from 0 to 6, with 0 representing a they can conceal themselves on the move.
particularly low capability in that area and 6 representing the
peak of capability. Each step is referred to as a rank, with a Knowledge (KNOW):
rank of 2 being ‘average’. The use of certain hardware, drugs Forensics - Forensics is the skill of correctly and methodically
and abilities may increase these stats over the normal limits analysing a crime scene to find subtle traces left behind by
temporarily during the course of the game. anyone who may have passed through there, including
fingerprints, footprints and blood spatter analysis. In addition,
SKILLS the skill also covers the dissection and investigation of corpses
to find additional evidence such as ingested toxicants or other
Skills represent the capabilities gifted to a character through causes of death.
their life experience and formal training. Where stats represent
the intrinsic strength and mental capabilities of a character, skills Medical - The required skill set to provide correct paramedical
show the technical capabilities and specialist knowledge gained aid, including the administering of drugs, suturing wounds,
from an education or hands on experience with a particular task. diagnosing illnesses and toxicants, and at a higher level of
knowledge, perform medical operations and surgery.
SKILL RANKS Streetwise - Streetwise represents a character’s knowledge of
the street, including where to find people, drugs, gangs and
Each skill has a maximum of four ranks. If a character does not
information. In some instances, a character’s Streetwise skill
possess a certain skill, then they are considered to be ‘unskilled’
may even replace other communication skills as knowing how
in that particular area. Being unskilled does not mean that a
to speak some of Mort’s most obscure gang slang can create
character is incapable of performing a task, but that they will
new contacts and earn a character great respect in Downtown.
find performing such actions considerably harder than those
with the relevant training. Each skill is closely connected to a
specific stat, as follows:


Concentration (CONC): Seduction is used to both attract a partner or lover, as well as

to lead astray those who are attracted or interested in you by
Demolitions - This skill gives the user the knowledge to set making them believe your intentions coincide with their own.
up, operate and disarm demolitions and explosives. At higher
levels the user will be able to not only disassemble explosive Cool (COOL):
devices, but also repurpose the charges and create their own Bribery - The required knowledge on how to actively influence
items. Training in demolitions should not be taken lightly someone’s behaviour or choices by identifying and offering a
as incorrect use or failure in such activity will usually lead to suitable reward that the subject would otherwise not normally
death. receive. Most commonly a bribe is an exchange of information
Detect - Detect represents a character’s ability to spot clues, for money, but someone skilled in this disciple will be able to
threats or pretty much anything else from both an investigatory identify a whole host of possible subjects and suitable bribes
and an observational perspective. The skill acts as a measure to entice them.
of the characters keenness for their surroundings and covers Interrogate - Interrogate is (officially) the first port of call
sight, smell, hearing and touch. for Operative investigators. Before violence, before torture,
Read Lips - The act of deciphering speech without hearing SLA interrogates. The skill reflects the users experience and
it, purely through the movement of a subject’s lips. Talented demeanor in extracting information from a subject using
lip readers make for great scouts and investigators, able to only verbal means. The subject is usually put under extreme
obtain information from a distance without ever making their pressure, with their story scrutinised in an attempt to make
presence known to the subject. them say the wrong thing. A good interrogator will be able to
extract information and turn even the most stone cold killer
Technical (Weapons) - Technical (Weapons) is the required into a blubbering wreck.
knowledge to maintain, modify and quickly repair damaged
firearms and armour. Intimidate - Intimidate is the process of making another
person feel uneasy, uncomfortable or noticeably afraid of you.
Tracking - A character skilled in Tracking is able to use the Intimidation can be physical or psychological, but a character
local environment to identify signs of a specific person or well versed in intimidating others is able to take control of
group of people, with the aim of tracking them through situations and force others to work for or with them.
the urban landscape of Mort City or out into the wastes of
CS1. Tracking includes identifying tracks, markings, specific Survival - Survival is the required knowledge to survive
scents and a range of other elements to form an impression without normal shelter or supplies, relying on your instincts
of direction, pace and whereabouts of a particular individual. and the environment around you. Those skilled in Survival will
be able to find food, identify suitable drinking water, know
Charisma (CHA): how to create sufficient shelter and even make primitive tools
Diplomacy - The skill of handling and maintaining relationships or weapons from the items around them.
between different people, races and factions. Diplomacy can Torture - Official training in torture techniques is handed
be an important skill not only for managing interdepartmental down to Operatives from Cloak Division-sanctioned training
relationships, but also on the streets of Downtown, where officers and includes the use of a wide range of verbal, narcotic
handling the delicate rivalries between different gangs and and physical mechanisms designed to put the subject in
factions can make an Operative’s life significantly easier. extreme emotional and physical stress, with the end goal of
Leadership - The recognised art of leading others, both in obtaining information. The validity of information obtained
combat situations and through arduous tasks or stressful in such a way is always questionable and the results are often
periods. A good leader can motivate and drive others to gruesome, leading to scenes that can make even the toughest
succeed, make decisions that greatly affect the outcome and Op feel sick.
quell squabbling or conflict amongst those that follow them.
Ebb Disciplines (also related to CONC):
Oratory - Oratory is the skill of public speaking. The skill is Communicate - This skill allows for direct telepathic
used for making announcements, motivational speeches, pep communication with people over distance, as well as the ability
talks and when delivering bad news without getting negative to plant ideas, read minds and generally control the thought
(or violent) reactions. Those highly skilled in Oratory often patterns and behaviors of others.
become TV reporters or a SLA media darling.
Heal - The Heal skill allows an Ebonite to heal physical
Persuasion - This skill represents the characters ability to damage, wounds and illness, as well as rid the body of toxins
sweet talk, con and manipulate their way to an outcome that and poison. As training in this discipline increases, the user
best serves them. Persuasion is used to get people on-side, becomes capable of healing others in rapid and effective ways.
to convince people of a mistruth or to rally support over a This skill is favoured heavily by those on the Ebon path.
situation where people are divided.
Thermal: Blue - Thermal is an inherent skill learned by all
Seduction - The art of seduction is the process of deliberately Ebonites and is believed to be a direct extension of one’s natural
enticing someone into flirtatious, romantic or sexual activity. temperament. Blue Thermal, gifted to those who follow the


Ebon path, grants the user control over cold, creating blades play nice when they need to sweet talk someone), the player is
from ice and freezing the air around them. expected to roleplay this trait accordingly, potentially leading
to unfavourable opinions from those they meet.
The full rules for SLA Industries 2nd Edition contains
Drug Addict - The character is addicted to one or more narcotic
a much larger and more varied list of available skills for
substances, most commonly the combat or soft drugs used
characters to choose from. This list has been edited down
by SLA Operatives. For full rules on drug addiction, see the
to keep only those skills relevant to the Quick Start game.
“Drugs” section later in this Quick Start
Hearing: Good - This trait represents that a characters level of
TRAITS hearing is noticeably better than their racial norm. Each rank
in good hearing adds one additional Skill Die success to any
Traits round a character off, adding to the roleplaying element Detect roll that is based on hearing.
of their personality. They represent advantages and disadvantages
that character’s can take to add more depth to their character’s Psychosis: Psychopathy - Psychopathy is a psychosis which
while also giving GM’s additional juicy bits to play with. Only manifests itself as persistently violent and antisocial behavior,
the traits possessed by the pre-made characters included with often with an uncontrollable need to unleash their anger
this Quick Start are included here. in cruel and spiteful ways. While the psychosis trait has no
specific in-game rulings, more than any other traits, the chosen
Ambidextrous - The character is able to perform equally well psychosis should be roleplayed correctly, determining the
with both left and right hands. As such the character may very foundation of the character’s existence. Psychosis can be
ignore any negative modifiers or increase in difficulty to any confusing and life threatening, both to the sufferer and those
skill tests due to having to use their off-hand. around them and the GM should ensure this fact is known.
Arrogant - Arrogance is a common personality trait among the Sterile - The character is sterile and unable to bear children,
Human population of Mort and increasingly common among even with the most expensive of fertility treatments.
other races too. Arrogance is the inflated feeling of one’s own
importance, usually manifested by an air of snobbiness, a sense Vision: Good - This trait is a measure of a characters sight,
of entitlement, or the general feeling that you’re just that bit representing that they have exceptionally good vision even
better than those around you. While the arrogant trait has no under poor lighting conditions. Each rank in good vision adds
specific in-game rulings (even the most arrogant person can


one additional Skill Die success to any Detect roll that is based do not meet the aforementioned Passive criteria will require an
on sight. active skill roll.

As with the Skills above, the full rules for SLA Industries SKILL ROLL DIFFICULTY
contains an in-depth list of traits that are available to
characters, from illnesses and phobias to hidden savings
and natural aptitudes towards specific areas of knowledge. In addition to the type of roll, we must also consider how
complex the task at hand is. The applicable difficulty of a task
will determine the target number for the test between a range of
RULES & MECHANICS 4 and 16. The following difficulties are used for all non-combat
skill rolls:
The following section details all the rules and mechanics
associated with running a game of SLA Industries. The system Difficulty Target Number
has been designed to provide a streamlined, cinematic gaming
Mundane Automatic Pass
experience for everyone playing the game, however there is one
golden rule that the GM should observe at all times: If any Simple 4
concept, rule, mechanic or test explained in this chapter would Challenging 7
otherwise break the flow of the game, it should be ignored.
Complex 10
SLA Industries is first and foremost a ‘roleplaying’ game and
wherever possible players should roleplay their way through Strenuous 13
the streets of Mort City. The following rules simply provide a Insane 16
benchmark for success and failure in the line of duty.
It is up to the GM to assign a difficulty to any skill roll that
may need to be made. While the GM is free to make any task
SKILL ROLLS the difficulty of their choosing, the following summaries should
be used as guidance:
The most common test made during a game is the skill roll.
Skill rolls are used to determine the success (or failure) of Mundane - A mundane task is one that is performed easily,
actions being undertaken during the game, everything, from even under duress. This might include opening doors, hopping
filing paperwork correctly to successfully spotting a tripwire over a low wall, climbing over a table etc. These events should
rigged to explosives, can be determined by a skill roll. There are never require a skill roll and can be performed by all but the
two main types of skill roll: Passive and Active. most injured of characters.

Passive Simple - Simple tasks including completing documents

correctly, basic computer work, light maintenance and
A passive skill roll is not really a roll at all, rather it is simply a communicating with those you are familiar with. These tasks
sense check of the characters capabilities versus the complexity should be considered second nature to anyone not under any
of the task at hand. If the difficulty assigned to the test is level of duress.
Mundane (see below) then the task is automatically considered
to be a success without the need to roll any dice. Rolls up to Challenging - Such tasks require thought and while specific
a difficulty of Complex may also be passed automatically as training is not always needed, those without the required skills
long as the character is not under duress (in combat, being may find themselves struggling. Challenging skill rolls include
interrogated etc.) and the following requirements are met: haggling with black market traders, interrogating rookie gang
members or spotting someone lurking in a dark alley.
Simple - The character has at least 1 rank in the relevant skill,
or, the character’s relevant stat is 3 or greater. Complex - A complex task is one that requires specific training or
an awful lot of sheer luck. Technical repairs, basic paramedical
Challenging - The character has at least 2 ranks in the relevant treatment, swimming long distances or communicating at the
skill, or, the character’s relevant stat is 5 or greater. highest levels in a foreign language should all be considered
Complex - The character has a relevant skill bonus of 9 or Complex rolls.
greater (passing a Complex skill roll passively is rare, but is Strenuous - Strenuous tests require advanced training and
possible for highly trained individuals). experience, including forming complex tactical military plans,
A passive skill test does not consider the margin of success and piloting a Killcopter in the polluted skies over Cannibal Sector
instead assumes a normal success with no remarkable outcome. 1 or performing life saving surgery.

Active Insane - generally the most difficult tests receive the Insane
difficulty. Sometimes a Complex or Strenuous test is increased
An active skill rolls requires the player to roll a number of dice to this level due to the amount of pressure or stress a character
(explained below) and obtain a value, or values, higher than the is under, or maybe the task at hand puts the characters life in
target number. The number of successes will reflect the degree the balance. This might include disarming a bomb with only
of the overall success or failure of the roll. All skill rolls that


a few seconds to spare or not giving in to the most extreme Concentration (CONC) stat. These values combined are
DarkNight torture techniques. Many characters may find known as a character’s ‘skill bonus’, which is shown on the
that their stats and skills make achieving an Insane skill roll character sheet.
entirely impossible.
After rolling the required number of dice, the player should
Increasing Difficulties add their applicable skill bonus to each die. If a character does
not possess the required skill then they just add the related stat
The GM should feel free to increase the difficulty of a roll if
to each die instead.
it makes sense for the situation at hand, such as performing
non-combat tasks during a firefight or trying to do anything If the total of the Success Die is equal to or greater than the
with your left hand if you’re right handed. Difficulty increases target number, then the test is a success. Each Skill Die that also
like this can make success very difficult, as such the GM should equals or exceeds the target number represents a higher degree
be careful not to hinder players too much throughout game of success and a bigger impact on the task being performed.
Example: Glisten, Ebon Operative is attempting to
Unskilled Characters interrogate a suspect. Glisten has a COOL stat of 3 and
If a character does not possess the required skill, a skill roll an Interrogate skill of 2, giving her a skill bonus of 5. The
may still be attempted. In this instance, the character will only GM decides that the target is a tough one to crack and sets
consider the related stat for the purposes of any skill rolls. the difficulty at Complex, giving it a target number of 10.
Depending on how technical the task at hand is, the GM Glisten rolls the Success Die plus 3 Skill Dice (for their
should consider whether the difficulty should be increased by rank 2 in Interrogate, plus one). She rolls a 7 on the Success
one step on account of the character’s lack of knowledge. Die and get 3, 5 and 8 on the Skill Dice. She now adds her
Interrogate skill bonus to each dice, giving totals of:
MAKING ACTIVE SKILL ROLLS 7+5 = 12 (Success Die)
There are two types of dice used during all skill rolls - the 3+5 = 8 (Skill Die)
Success Die and a number of Skill Dice. 5+5 = 10 (Skill Die)
8+5 = 13 (Skill Die)
Success Die - The Success Die must be a different colour to all
other dice used. We suggest using a black die for your Success The Success Die beat the target number of 10 and so the
Die. The Success Die represents the core result for the test roll is successful. In addition, two of the Skill Dice also beat
being made. If the die total, after any modification is equal to the target number, meaning an exceptional success. Not only
or greater than the target number for the roll, then the roll is a does the target crack and tell the truth, but they also give
success. If the total is less than the target number, the roll is a up another name that would have been otherwise withheld
failure. A player will always roll one Success Die (1d10). from the players.

Skill Dice - Skill Dice must be a different colour to the Success In the same manner as a successful roll, should the Success
Die and are used to determine the margin of success of any Die be less than the target number then the result is considered
roll. At most, a player will be required to roll five Skill Dice a failure, even if multiple Skill Dice succeed. Each Skill Die that
(5d10). is also lower than the target number represents a greater margin
of failure. This means that highly skilled characters, whilst far
Note: While we suggest using a black die for your Success more likely to achieve success, are also capable of generating
Die and any other colour of your choosing for the Skill Dice, a failure that has significant impact, representing the risk or
the colour options are entirely up to you. A SLA dice pack is hubris or complacency playing its part.
available from Nightfall Games for those of you who want a
To perform an active skill roll, the player must roll the The margin of success/failure is used as a measure of how
Success Die plus a number of Skill Dice equal to the much of an impact the current skill roll has on the task at hand.
rank they have in the relevant skill plus one. In this way, Though it is possible to roll more than four Skill Dice, the
a player will roll at most 6d10 at any time, comprised of a margin only considers up to four results, ignoring any additional
Success Die and between one and five Skill Dice. Each die results.
is considered independent – do not add the values together.
Important: When the Success Die results in a success only
successes on Skill Dice are considered, ignoring all failed
Example: Zack McTavish, Frother Operative, is making a Skill Dice. The same is true in reverse when the Success Die
Detect roll and has the Detect skill at rank 2, they will roll results in a failure - only additional failures on Skill Dice are
a total of four dice - the Success Die and three Skill Dice. counted, ignoring all other successes.

Note: It is important to remember that each skill is tied to The following table details the relevant margins of success and
one of 6 stats, for example, the Detect skill is related to the failure:


Devastating failure should be met with serious hindrance or

Number Equal or Exceed Lower Than
of Dice Target Number Target Number
Test Die Success Failure In all cases the GM is the final adjudicator of any bonus or
punishment that occurs from a margin of failure of success, so
+1 Skill Die Excellent Success Serious Failure
take it easy on those Ops… or don’t!
+2 Skill Dice Exceptional Success Critical Failure
+3 Skill Dice Incredible Success Extreme Failure Note: Margins of success and failure function slightly
differently during a combat situation. The exact differences
+4 or more are detailed in the “Combat” section of this chapter.
Unbelievable Success Devastating Failure
Skill Dice
The GM should use this information to determine the impact EBB-RELATED SKILL TESTS
that any success or failure has on the current story and game
Ebonite characters have access to Ebb discipline by expanding
session. For the most part these exceptional results should be
their Flux capabilities. Ebb disciplines are effectively skills that
used to advance the game session forward or spin the players
are connected to the CONC stat and require the expenditure of
in a new direction as a vehicle for the storytelling aspect of
FLUX points to use. There are a number of additional factors
SLA Industries. Particularly high margins of success and failure
that come into play when using Ebb disciplines, all of which are
may also lead to vital information, personal injury or earn the
discussed under “The Ebb”.
character a Ratings Point.
Successes The full rules for SLA Industries also contains an insight
into ‘advanced tasks’, those tasks which require a specific
Excellent - An excellent success will often herald no additional
level of knowledge in order to achieve any notable success.
benefits, though a particularly generous GM may grant some
additional information, allow players to notice additional clues
or provide a small discount when haggling. LUCK
Exceptional - Results of this level will stand out, revealing
small details that lead to great reward, making new contacts All non-Ebonite characters have a LUCK stat. Luck is used
or achieving something that would earn you some reputation. throughout game sessions to tip the balance on more complex
tasks or those skill rolls that would otherwise be impossible
Incredible - Incredible results may get noticed by the cameras to achieve. Unlike other stats, LUCK is not a static value
and almost certainly by those around you. Successes of this and instead represents a number of points that can be spent
level may save lives that hang in the balance, notice traps during the game. The character sheet has space for two values
designed to kill other characters or allow the interrogation of separated by ‘/’; the number to the right of the slash represent
even the coolest of DarkNight agents. the stat maximum, whereas the number to the left of the slash
Unbelievable - Results of this magnitude will save lives, earn represents the current amount of unspent LUCK.
sponsorship deals and get you noticed. Unbelievable success LUCK points may be spent during any active skill rolls. One
should be rewarded accordingly, either with a Ratings Point point of LUCK, spent after a roll has been made, allows one of
or through information that makes a real difference to the the following:
character and their squad.
• Reroll the Success Die.
Failures • Reroll any or all of the Skill Dice.
Serious - Like an excellent success, serious failures will often Or alternatively:
come with no additional consequences, though characters • Multiple points of LUCK may be spent after a roll to add a
in dangerous situations may find themselves panicked or +1 modifier to the Success Die, per point of LUCK spent.
receiving incorrect information from interrogations. Only one of the above options may be applied to a roll.
Critical - Critical failures will lead characters down the wrong Multiple points of LUCK may not be spent to reroll any die a
path, into ambushes and may result in taking a much harder second time.
road that was otherwise needed.
Example: Timmy Franks, a Human Operative is trying to
Extreme - Such failures will lead to serious consequences, such rally some Shivers who are about to run from an encounter
as triggering traps, obtaining serious misinformation, losing with some Shi’An cultists. The GM decides that this requires
valuable contacts or costing them and their squad in other a Leadership roll against a difficulty of Complex (target
ways of the GM’s choosing. number 10). Franks has a Leadership skill of 1 and a CHA
stat of 2. He rolls dice, giving totals of:
Devastating - The most serious failures are devastating. Results
of this level can lead to serious injury, loss of respect and if the 5+3 = 8 (Success Die)
cameras were rolling, withdrawal of sponsorship deals. Any 6+3 = 9 (Skill Die)
8+3 = 10 (Skill Die)


The result is a failure, which would result in being left alone In addition to the base Fear Rating, a number of modifiers can
to face the cultists. Franks also has a LUCK stat of 3 and increase the rating, making the impact of the effects of fear appear
has not spent any yet this game session so decides to go far greater. The following modifiers are cumulative should multiple
ahead and spend 2 points of LUCK to alter the result on examples apply at the same time. Common modifiers include:
the Success Die to 10, changing the serious failure into an
excellent success. Modifier Examples
In a squad, outnumbering the
For the purpose of this Quick Start game, LUCK should enemy at least 3 to 1
be considered a finite resource that once spent, is not Outnumbered at least 3 to 1, alone, in pitch
replenishable. When playing longer campaigns of SLA +1 black darkness, injured (lost at least 25% of
Industries, LUCK is replenished between game sessions. Hit Points), being captured or interrogated
Badly wounded (suffered at least 2 wounds),
lost and alone in subterranean Downtown
FEAR +3 Being tortured by DarkNight agents
The streets of Downtown are a scary place to roam. Worse still
are the subterranean pathways of Lower Downtown, topped FEAR TESTS
only by passing the wall into Cannibal Sector 1 where a whole Whenever the total Fear Rating of any given circumstance
new world of terror awaits. While SLA Operatives are selected becomes higher than a character’s COOL stat, or at any other
for their hardy nature, not all of them have the grit needed to time that the GM deems suitable, the character is required to
face the brutal monstrosities that The World of Progress has to make a Fear Test.
To make a Fear Test, a character must roll the Success Die and
To represent this during a game, every person, scene and add their COOL to the value rolled. A Fear Test is considered
situation is assigned a Fear Rating. In most cases this will be successful if the total result is 10 or greater. If the roll is a success
0, representing that even the most timid of characters won’t then the character has overcome the fear and may continue to
be phased, but sometimes Fear Ratings need to be considered, act as normal. They are not required to make another Fear Test
particularly in times of danger or stress. for the same threat or situation again during this game session.

As with all rules, the GM and players should not get If the roll is 9 or less then the character is affected by Fear until
bogged down with Fear Ratings. Players are encouraged the threat has been removed or the character has been removed
to not think too much about them, relying on the GM to from the situation and at least an hour has passed. The effect
highlight elements that begin to affect the players. This of Fear is determined by Fear Rating that forced the test. The
allows for a much more realistic use of fear - you simply effects listed below are cumulative, so for example, if a character
don’t know something scares you until you encounter it, was affected by the Petrified result, they would also suffer the
then the reality is all too real. result of Afraid and Discouraged:

Fear Rating Result Effect

FEAR RATINGS Subtract 1 Skill Dice
0-2 Discouraged
The following are examples of common Fear Ratings. The base success from all skill rolls
values and modifiers shown here should be adjusted by the GM 3-4 Afraid Apply a -1 modifier to all dice
as needed to suit the situation.
Freeze (must act last in
Fear Rating Examples each round of combat) or
5+ Petrified Flee - GM’s discretion,
Most common races in Mort City, also -1 COOL for the
such as Humans and Frothers duration of the Fear effect
Most alien races, Carrien, Cannibals
1 Players are expected to roleplay the effects of Fear, drawing
and violent crime scenes
on their personal experience of being afraid and ensuring their
Stomers, Well feared Ops, DarkNight characters act accordingly with trepidation and hesitation at the
threats, excessive gore or violence forefront. Players that don’t act afraid should find themselves at
Extremely gory murder scenes, being the mercy of the GM who will inevitably make their characters
alone and cornered by a pack of Carrien even more terrified.
Renowned Serial Killers, Contract
4 The full rules for SLA Industries offers a more in depth
Killers, the death of a loved one
Mort’s more famed and feared killers look into fear, including additional effects caused by the
5+ or creatures, from Halloween Jack most horrific creatures of The World of Progress.
to The Figment and Digger


COMBAT Failed Actions

Occasionally, after declaring an action, but before a combatant
Life as an Operative is dangerous. Even the bureaucrats carry gets to act, situations may arise that prevent the chosen action
a gun and need to know how to use it. Mort is a violent place: from being performed; this is referred to as a ‘failed action’.
street gangs, the Skin Trade, Carrien breaking in from the sewers Examples may include: performing a Charge against an
and now the newest threat - incantations of the Shi’An blood opponent who has moved out of range, targeting an opponent
cult. Sooner or later, whether they go looking for it or not, a who has already been killed, or performing a ranged attack
SLA Operative is going to find themselves in a hostile situation but being disarmed before you get the chance to fire. In these
which they’ll need to shoot or hack their way out of. Thankfully situations, the combatant may instead perform an Auxiliary
for the budding Operative, SLA Industries manufacture a Action. In the case of a failed Charge action, the combatant
fine range of armour, firearms and melee weapons for such an may instead make a Move action towards the intended target
occasion. if they wish.
It is very easy for players (and GMs) to be blinded by the
powered armour suits, FEN Power Reapers and the GASH INITIATIVE
Chain Axes. It is easy to take this gear and turn your game into
In addition to the action being taken, it is also important
a blood fest; and don’t get us wrong, at times SLA is exactly that,
to consider the order in which actions are resolved. This is
deeply violent and gory, but at its core, combat is more likely to
organised by determining Initiative.
be represented as a fight for survival in a dark building or sewer
against an unknown enemy looking to devour your very soul. Initiative is a measure of a combatant’s reaction speed to
The following section describes the process of running combat dangerous situations and serves to determine the order in
scenes in a game of SLA Industries. The system within has been which actions are selected and performed. A combatant with
balanced to provide a streamlined experience with very little a particularly high initiative will be able to analyse the scene
‘math’, while still offering enough strategic decision and luck quickly, identifying what other participants of the combat are
mitigation to keep the ‘crunchy gamer’ occupied. Lock and load! likely to do and react to that by taking the first action. At the
opposite end of the spectrum, a combatant with a low initiative
COMBAT ROUNDS & ACTIONS will be slower to react, committing to the first decision that
comes to mind and acting after others have already done so.
During regular game play it is not normally a requirement to
organise the game into a rigid order of who does what first, as Initiative Bonus
the fluidity of good roleplaying comes from talking that out as A character’s Initiative Bonus is equal to their DEX & CONC
a group. However, when in combat, the matter of who shoots stats added together. This value is used during combat when
first can be the difference between life and death. To represent determining Initiative Values and is stated on the character
this, all combat situations are organised into Combat Rounds. sheet.
During a single Combat Round, each combatant will take a
single action from the following list: Initiative Value
.. Movement Action (Move or Charge) When combat begins, each combatant calculates their
.. Hand-To-Hand Action (Attack) Initiative Value by rolling 1d10 and adding their Initiative
Bonus. The total value is the combatant’s Initiative Value for
.. Ranged Action (Attack or Aim) the first Combat Round. Any ties are broken by whichever
.. Calculate The Ebb (see “The Ebb”) combatant has the highest rank in the Detect skill. Should
.. Auxiliary Action (covers all non-combat activity: reload a there still be a draw at this point, the drawn combatants are
weapon, use a Medical Kit, inject Combat Drugs, change considered to act simultaneously, selecting and resolving their
weapon etc.) actions at the same time.
Once Initiative is determined, all participants in the combat
The full rules for SLA Industries also contain a number take turns selecting an action for the Combat Round, starting
of other actions, allowing characters to recover from the with the lowest Initiative Value. After all combatants have
events of previous rounds, escape from combat or perform selected an action, these actions are performed in order starting
slightly different tasks during a Combat Round. The with the highest Initiative Value.
options presented here are intended to keep this Quick
Start running smoothly. Initiative Values remain in place for subsequent Combat
Rounds, with combatants continuing to choose and resolve
When every participant has completed an action during the actions in the specified order until either a combatant is removed
Combat Round, a new Combat Round will begin, with all from the combat, or a new combatant joins the fight, at which
remaining participants selecting a new action. This process point new Initiative Values should be determined at the start of
repeats until the combat ends. A single Combat Round is the next Combat Round. This process reflects the combatants’
considered to last 5 seconds. adapting to the flow of the conflict and then reacting to the
change in situation.


Example: Two Operatives are facing off against a pair of to inflict additional damage, as explained in the “Hand-To-
angry Carrien. All parties roll for Initiative Values, resulting Hand Combat” section.
in the following totals:
Move & Charge Actions vs Initiative
Operative A 8
Operative B 6 As actions are declared in reverse order, it would stand
Carrien A 7 to reason that anyone who has a Charge (or Move which
Carrien B 6 ends in hand-to-hand combat) declared against them by a
combatant with a lower Initiative Value, could just choose
The Combat Round begins by selecting actions in the to move backwards, thus moving out of the range of the
following order: Carrien B and Operative B declare together incoming attacker. While this may seem like a good option
(their results are tied and both have the Detect skill at for more fragile Operatives, turing a combat into a ‘chase’,
rank 2), Carrien A, then Operative A. They will play out the GM should make it clear that most enemy combatants
the Combat Round in reverse order to that in which they are not not easily fooled. Repeated use of combatants
selected: Operative A, Carrien A and finally both Operative moving backwards to lure charging opponents whilst other
B and Carrien B acting simultaneously. squad members shoot them, or to ensure that they can
never be reached by the opposition, should be punished
MOVEMENT accordingly; leading the retreating Operative into a dead-
end or ambush will help them learn their lesson. Due to
Outside of combat, players and the GM may use the relative
primetime viewers considering ‘retreat’ a cowardly option,
Walk and Run values of a characters race to determine their
combatants with a higher Initiative Value who are charged
relevant speed compared to each other. During combat it
would be well advised to try and gun down the incoming
becomes more important to track movement more precisely,
attacker, counter charge them, or brace for impact. The
allowing players to judge the distance between themselves and
GMs overall goal is to circumvent silly games of cat and
their enemies. While attacking characters are able to move as
mouse and to provide a more realistic approach to people
a part of performing an attack, at times characters will simply
reacting to the unfolding events of the combat.
want to move about at a faster pace. To represent this, there are
two different movement actions that may be undertaken during
combat: Move and Charge. HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT
Move Hand-to-hand combat using fists, teeth, blades or other close-
range weaponry is the benchmark of Operative capability. While
Movement during combat is measured in short distances.
gun sales are significant, the high rate of bullet tax makes firing
While people are unlikely to be doing a great deal of walking
your rifle an expensive proposition. On top of that, TV ratings
during a firefight, short dashes to reposition, gain better cover or
logged by GoreZone, The Killing Floor and Crunch Time have
close the distance to the enemy are often the aspects of combat
all proven time and time again that melee weapons, martial arts
that turn the tide on the outcome of a battle.
and Stormers pulling people’s arms off are exactly what people
A combatant may move up to their Run value in metres as want to see. On the streets of Mort, civilians, gang members and
their action. This represents the combatant dashing at full other unsavories will arm themselves with knives, bats, chains
pace to take cover or move in on the opposition. In addition, and all manner of other accessible weapons. For Ops, the melee
a moving target becomes harder to hit than a stationary one, weapons catalogue is far more diverse, from powered swords
as detailed below. Movement up to a character’s Walk value and fists to the feared Chain Axe.
may be performed as a part of a hand-to-hand or ranged attack,
Each melee weapon has its own profile, which looks like this:
though such actions become easier if time is taken to steady a
weapon rather than move.
DPB Vibro Sabre
Charge Skill: Melee Weapons
Charging into combat is a risky, but potentially deadly DMG Min DMG AD
manoeuvre. The movement will result in both combatants being
1d10-2 4 1
locked in hand-to-hand combat, but with the added benefit
of the charging impact. The downside to such a manoeuvre is The information above gives us everything we need to know
that it can be hard to stop and maintain balance if the strike is about the DPB Vibro Sabre, including all the numbers we need
unsuccessful. when making an attack with the weapon:
An attack is considered a charge when a combatant starts Skill - The skill used when performing attacks with this weapon.
their action at least 2m from an opponent and chooses to move
DMG - The amount of damage inflicted by a successful attack
up to their Run value, plowing full force into their target. The
with this weapon. In the example above the damage inflicted
charging combatant must have a line of sight to their target at
is equal to the roll of 1d10, minus 2. Note: Natural weapons,
the start of the action. Charging an opponent gives the potential
such a punching, or using claws or teeth, have DMG values


based on the character’s STR stat rather than one determined fire a weapon at point blank range, the reality of the frenzied
by a die roll. combat on the streets of Mort means that few combatants
have the capacity to ready their weapon before having it
Min DMG - The minimum amount of damage that the weapon
parried away. The last opportunity to use a ranged weapon
will inflict. In the example above, the weapon is therefore
is the round in which the combatant is charged or engaged,
capable of inflicting between 4 and 8 damage.
representing them getting a final shot off at their attacker, or
AD - The amount of armour damage inflicted to the targets another target.
armour. Armour damage is discussed in greater detail under
“Armour”. Defensive Manoeuvres
The biggest potential for modifying an attacker’s roll to hit
When performing a hand-to-hand attack, the combatant
comes from the defender performing a defensive manoeuvre;
may move up to their Walk value before performing the attack,
using their own weapon proficiency to parry or guard against
providing they are not already engaged in hand-to-hand
the oncoming attack.
combat. This allows them to close a small distance, allowing
them to strike. Effectively, every combatant has an area around
The decision to perform a defensive manoeuvre must be
them equal to their Walk value that they can attack in hand-to-
made before the attacker rolls to hit. A combatant may only
hand combat without the need to take other actions.
defend against a single hand-to-hand attack during each
All attacks require an Active skill roll, regardless of the user’s Combat Round.
proficiency with a weapon or combat style. The skill roll is made
as normal, rolling the Success Die and one Skill Die for each To perform the defensive manoeuvre, the defender may
rank that a character has in the applicable weapon skill plus allocate any number of ranks of the chosen skill - Unarmed
one and adding the relevant skill bonus (or stat) to each die. Combat, Melee Weapons or Polearm - according to the weapon
However, the normal skill roll difficulties and target numbers they are currently armed with. As action takes place quickly, it is
do not apply during attack rolls, instead there is always a static not possible for someone to decide to draw a weapon (or drop/
target number of 10 to which a range of modifiers may apply, sheath one) for the purpose of switching to a different skill,
thus any result of 10 or more after adjustment indicates a hit. Combat Defence must be performed with whatever is in hand
(or the combatant’s hands themselves!). While unarmed defence
Due to the availability of defensive manoeuvres during may take place if the character is holding a pistol, any character
hand-to-hand attacks, anyone may opt to reserve ranks of holding a two-handed firearm such as a rifle or support weapon
their relevant combat skill in order to defend if they expect may not perform a Combat Defence. Each rank allocated in
to get hit later in the Combat Round. As such, a character this way, applies a -1 modifier to all dice being rolled by the
with a Melee Weapons skill of 3 could opt to only use 2 ranks attacker. Any ranks allocated in this way are not available to
during their attack, in order to save one rank to defend with the defender during any attack they make this Combat Round,
later during the round. See “Defensive Manoeuvres” below. or during the next Combat Round if the defender has already
acted this round.
Hand-To-Hand Attack Modifiers
Example: Shae ‘Rattle’ Cross, is attacking a Downtown gang
The following modifiers are applied to the base target number member in hand-to-hand combat. She is using her DPB
of 10 for all rolls to hit in hand-to-hand combat. It is possible Vibro Sabre, which requires the Melee Weapons skill, which
for multiple modifiers to apply to a single roll. Shae possess at rank 2. Shae also has a STR of 2, meaning
she will roll 4 dice (the Success Die and 3 Skill Dice) and will
Situation Modifier add 4 to the result of each one. The Gang member will have
-1 to Success Die and his chance to strike back later during this Combat Round,
Charging a target
+1 Skill Die success but is concerned about getting sliced up before he gets the
Target charged you, or chance. He is armed with a knife and decides to allocate both
moved more than their Walk -1 to Success Die of his 2 ranks in Melee Weapons to Combat Defence, giving
value this Combat Round Shae a -2 modifier to all her dice during the roll. Shae rolls:
Target uses a defensive -1 to all dice for each skill 7+4-2 = 9 (Success Die)
manoeuvre rank allocated to defence 4+4-2 = 6 (Skill Die)
Successfully hit the 5+4-2 = 7 (Skill Die)
same target during the +1 to Success Die 8+4-2 = 10 (Skill Die)
last Combat Round
The Success Die was a failure, with a total of 9. Thanks to the
Attacking with a natural gang member’s Combat Defence he was able to avoid being
+1 to Success Die
weapons (fists, teeth, claws etc) shredded by Shae’s attack, however when the gang member
attacks this round, he will count as having a Melee Weapons
Note: Once engaged in hand-to-hand combat, a combatant
skill of 0.
may not use ranged weapons. While it may seem possible to


Resolving Hand-To-Hand Attacks RANGED COMBAT

If the roll to hit was a failure, the attacker’s action ends
Firefights are swift and brutal… and expensive. Since the
immediately and play continues to the next combatant’s action.
bullet tax was implemented, drastically raising the cost of
Combat skill rolls are not subject to the usual rules for margin
ammunition, more and more Operatives have turned to melee
of failure.
weapons to satisfy their needs. This hasn’t stopped the arms
If the roll hit is a success the defender has been struck by the companies continuing to manufacture firearms by the millions.
attack and will suffer damage according to the profile of the
weapon. Margin of success is used during attacks to modify the “Nothing says you can’t afford a Blitzer like a Fen 603, ya
damage inflicted by the strike. For full information on how to shitehawk.”
resolve damage from a successful attack, see “Damage”. Blann Fitzpike, Frother Operative,
SCL8a, Squad ‘Croakish Fleet’.
Natural Weapons
Like melee weapons, each ranged weapon has its own profile,
“The best weapon is the one you have with you.” which looks like this:
Nektop Ptarrakop, Neophron Operative,
SCL9b, Squad ‘Hoopy Heroes’. FEN 603 Auto-Pistol
As well as the ability to punch and kick, a number of creatures Skill: Pistol
possess natural weapons, such as sharp teeth or claws. Natural DMG Min DMG AD
weapons all use the Unarmed Combat skill for the purposes 1d10-2 3 1
of resolving attacks. Note that the use of armour may prevent
natural weapons from being used; for example, wearing a helmet ROF Recoil Range Clip
prevents the use of teeth and wearing armoured gauntlets
1/3 0/1 60m 20
prevents the use of claws. The GM gets the final say on whether
natural weapons can be used. Below are the most common The information above gives us everything we need to know
natural weapons, though the GM is free to create others as they about the FEN 603 Auto-Pistol, the standard issue sidearm of
see fit. Unlike other weapons, natural weapons have a DMG all SLA Operatives. The profile including all the numbers we
value based on the STR of the user. need when making an attack with the weapon:

Example: A Stormer chooses to attack a Juvenile Carrien Skill - The skill used when performing attacks with this weapon.
with their claws. After a successful roll to hit, the Stormer DMG - The amount of damage inflicted by a successful attack
inflicts damage equal to their STR-1. The Stormer has a with this weapon. In the example above the damage inflicted
STR of 5, meaning they will inflict 4 damage. This number is is equal to the roll of 1d10, minus 2.
modified by the margin of success as normal (see “Damage”).
Min DMG - The minimum amount of damage that the weapon
will inflict. In the example above, the weapon is therefore
capable of inflicting between 3 and 8 damage.
AD - The amount of armour damage inflicted to the targets
STR -2 1 0 armour. Armour damage is discussed in greater detail under
Teeth/Claws (Stormer) “Armour”.

DMG Min DMG AD ROF - The rate of fire tells us how many rounds the weapon is
capable of firing in a single volley. The more rounds fired, the
STR -1 2 1
more likely one will hit its target, but the harder the weapon
Beak (Neophron) becomes to handle. Where multiple fire modes are available,
different numbers will be listed separated by a /. In the example
DMG Min DMG AD above, the weapon may fire 1 or 3 rounds per Combat Round.
STR -1 2 0 Rate of Fire is described in more detail later in this chapter.
Recoil - The recoil of a weapon is a measure of its ‘kick’ or how
The full rules for SLA Industries also contains a much
hard it is to keep steady when firing. Whenever different rates
deeper look into hand-to-hand combat including
of fire are available, each will have a listed recoil, also separated
alternative forms of defensive manoeuvre, using weapons
by a /. In the example above, the weapon has a recoil of 0 when
or acrobatics, and breaking off from an existing combat, as
firing 1 round and a recoil of 1 when firing 3 rounds. Higher
well as the possibility of stumbling during an attack.
recoil makes it harder to hit with the weapon.
Range - The maximum effective range of the weapon. A target
which is further away than half of the weapons stated range
is considered to be at long range and becomes harder to hit.


With the FEN 603 above, a target further away than 30m Knowing a target’s location may be sufficient if using a weapon
would be considered to be at long range. capable of punching through a wall or barricade, though such
shots may only be attempted under the GM’s discretion,
Clip - The amount of ammunition held in a single clip/
applying the modifiers for both Heavy Cover and firing blind.
magazine. When a weapon is fired, the amount of rounds
specified by the chosen ROF should be marked off. When Cover
the weapon has fired rounds equal to its clip capacity it must
Standing in the open in the middle of a firefight is a recipe
be reloaded.
for disaster. Instead, most combatants will take cover, at least
When performing a ranged attack, the combatant may move until the capabilities of the enemy can be assessed. A combatant
up to their Walk value before performing the attack, providing in cover is harder to hit, as the cover can cause the ricochet of
they are not already engaged in hand-to-hand combat. This rounds or soak up the impact of the shot before it reaches its
allows them to close a small distance before firing. intended target.
As with hand-to-hand combat, all ranged attacks require Cover typically falls into three categories:
an Active skill roll, regardless of the user’s proficiency with a
Light Cover - Light cover includes any items with low stopping
weapon. The skill roll is made as normal, rolling the Success
power, but that is capable of concealing at least half of the
Die and one Skill Die for each rank that a character has in the
target, or obscuring their shape sufficiently. Examples of light
applicable weapon skill plus one and adding the relevant skill
cover include fencing, low walls, windows and most indoor
bonus (or stat) to each die. Also like hand-to-hand combat, a
furniture. There is a modifier of -1 to all dice when rolling to
static target number of 10 is also used for all skill rolls to hit,
hit a target in light cover.
thus any result of 10 or more after adjustment indicates a hit.
Heavy Cover - Heavy cover is cover which either conceals the
Important: Regardless of a weapon’s ROF, only one roll to vast majority of a target or offers exceptionally high protective
hit is made. The implications of being hit by multiple rounds qualities, such as solid concrete walls, steel barriers and most
in a single volley is discussed under “Rate of Fire (ROF)”. vehicles. There is a modifier of -2 to all dice when rolling to hit
Ranged Attack Modifiers a target in heavy cover.

The following modifiers are applied to the base target number Concealed - A concealed target can’t be seen, but the firer is
of 10 for all rolls to hit in ranged combat. It is possible for aware of their presence, either through observation or the
multiple modifiers to apply to a single roll. use of thermal optics etc. Firing at a concealed target comes
with the same modifier as firing at a target in heavy cover.
Situation Modifier In addition, the target is considered to have +1 or +3 PV
(depending on the material which conceals them), as specified
Target is in light cover -1 to Success Die
by the GM, for the purpose of resolving this attack.
Target is in heavy
-2 to Success Die
cover or is concealed Aim
Target moved more Rather than attacking, a combatant may choose to aim with
than their Walk value -1 to Success Die a ranged weapon in order to increase the effectiveness of the
this Combat Round eventual shot. While aiming is a no-brainer for snipers who
-1 to Success Die for each point take up position far from the action and patiently watch for the
of recoil the weapon has right moment, aiming is also a valid response for combatants
Firing blind -1 to all dice closer to the action. Drawing your pistol or rifle on an opponent
during a standoff and taking aim can mean all the difference
+1 to Success Die or +1 Skill between a glancing blow and a killing head shot.
Dice success (See “Aim”)
May reroll Success Die If a character elects to spend the Combat Round aiming they
Burst Fire must stay stationary, with their weapon focused on an opponent.
(See “Rate of Fire”)
When declaring an aim, the intended target must also be
May reroll any/all dice
Full-Auto declared. Aiming is possible with any weapon that requires the
(See “Rate of Fire”)
Pistol or Rifle skill, but not for other weapons, such as those
Line of Sight and Firing Blind that require the Support Weapons or Throw skills. A character
may never aim with a hand-to-hand attack.
In most cases a line of sight is required to a target in order for a
ranged attack to be able to be made. Providing a combatant can
While a combatant may aim for as many rounds as they
see a part of the target’s body or armour, they are considered to
wish, they may only gain a maximum number of Aim
have a line of sight and may perform an attack normally. When
bonuses equal to their rank in the relevant weapon skill.
a combatant is unable to see their target, they are considered
It is possible for a combatant to spend multiple successive
to be firing blind, such as when poking a gun over the top of
rounds aiming before they fire, for this reason players may
a barricade or firing at a target which is completely concealed
wish to use tokens, glass beads, or another suitable markers
behind a wall.


to keep a tally of how many Combat Rounds have been Running Low On Ammo
spent aiming. A weapon must have the required number of rounds left in
its clip in order to use a specific fire mode. As some weapons
When the aiming combatant finally decides to fire their are not able to fire on single mode, it is possible that there
weapon, they may add one of the following bonuses for every may be fewer rounds available in the clip than the weapon’s
round that the Aim action was taken. These bonuses are declared lowest rate of fire. When this happens the weapon’s lowest
before the roll to hit is made: firing mode is used to empty the clip, applying a -2 DMG
.. Apply a +1 Modifier to the Success Die modifier to reflect fewer rounds being fired than normal.
Note that even with this modifier, a weapon’s ‘Min DMG’
.. Add 1 automatic Skill Die success to the roll
value is still observed.
A combination of both options may be used during the same
ranged attack. The aiming combatant will retain the accrued Example: A weapon that has a stated ROF of 3/10 and 1
aim bonuses for all subsequent Combat Rounds that they elect round left in its 30-round clip. It is unable to fire its usual
to fire at the same target, representing the combatant keeping minimum of 3 rounds. As such the weapon may be fired
their sights trained on the target. These bonuses are lost once normally, using the rules for burst fire, but a successful hit
any one of the following occurs: will apply a -2 damage modifier.
.. Any other action is taken, besides continuing to aim at, Generally, higher rates of fire come with an increase in recoil,
or perform a ranged attack against the designated target. making the chance of hitting with a single die roll harder. This
.. The aiming combatant moves or is moved for any reason. presents a number of choices for the weapon user, have a single
.. The aiming combatant suffers the loss of 3 or more chance of hitting the target, or multiple chances to hit whilst
Hit Points in a single Combat Round (note that the needing to obtain a higher number on the die. Firing on burst
combatant may be hit by an attack and suffer no damage fire allows for a single reroll of the Success Die should the initial
on account of their armour. In this case, the bonuses for roll be a failure. Firing on full-auto allows for a single reroll
aiming are not lost). of any or all dice, not only giving a second chance to hit, but
also a second chance of all Skill Dice coming up with a success,
.. The aiming combatant performs a defensive manoeuvre.
drastically increasing damage output.
Example: Joe Fade, a veteran Human Operative has his Important: Any die rerolled as a result of a weapon’s chosen
weapon trained on a potential Skin Trader. Joe has a Rifle ROF may not be rerolled a second time with the expenditure
skill of 4 due to his long service with SLA Industries and of LUCK.
multiple tours of Cannibal Sector 1. He decides to start
aiming. Joe may claim up to 4 bonuses over 4 Combat Higher rates of fire also inflict additional damage as described
Rounds by selecting the aim action each time. Joe may aim under “Damage Modifier - Rate of Fire (ROF)”.
for a 5th, 6th, 7th round etc. but would receive no additional
Resolving Ranged Attacks
bonus in doing so, though it would allow him to maintain
the bonuses he had accrued at that point if he wasn’t ready to If the roll to hit was a failure, the attacker’s action ends
take the shot. Joe decides to take the shot after he has aimed immediately and play continues to the next combatant’s action.
for 4 rounds, opting to apply a +2 Modifier to the Success Combat skill rolls are not subject to the usual rules for margin
Die, as well as gaining two automatic Skill Die successes. of failure.
BOOM! Joe Fade will retain the same bonuses to use again If the roll to hit is a success the round has hit its target and
during the next Combat Round if he fires at the same target damage will be inflicted according to the profile of the weapon.
again. Margin of success is used during attacks to modify the damage
inflicted by the shot. For full information on how to resolve
Rate of Fire (ROF) damage from a successful attack, see “Damage”.
Many weapons are capable of different fire modes, allowing
the user to opt for a single accurate shot or a volley of multiple Firing at Engaged Targets
rounds. All ranged weapons are capable of one or more of the Firing into an existing hand-to-hand combat situation
following firing modes as specified on their weapon profile: is a dangerous prospect. With the constant unpredictable
movements of close combat, it becomes increasingly hard to be
ROF Mode Rules sure which target will be hit. Even the most talented snipers
1 Single None must take the risk of friendly fire.
3 Burst Fire May reroll the Success Die Combatants may fire at targets who are engaged in hand-to-
10 Full-Auto May reroll any/all dice hand combat as normal, however, at least 1 Skill Dice success
is also required to hit the intended target. If the Success Die
results in a success with no additional Skill Die successes then


the actual target hit must be randomised between all those

involved in the engagement.
Getting shot or attacked with a Chain Axe means getting
The full rules for SLA Industries also contains a much hurt. The World of Progress is a violent world; very few Ops
deeper look into ranged combat, including different types can say they’ve never been wounded in the line of duty and even
of cover, dual wielding weapons, suppressive fire, grenades, fewer can say they haven’t killed for the company.
the effects of using weapons over different ranges and the
Every weapon inflicts damage, or DMG, as discussed in the
possibility of jamming a weapon mid-firefight.
hand-to-hand and ranged combat sections. When an attack is
successful, the damage inflicted should be determined according
AUXILIARY ACTIONS to the weapon’s profile. In addition to the damage listed on the
weapon’s profile, there are a number of other elements that play
During combat there are a number of simple activities which
a part in the damage inflicted.
may need to take place. While different actions may take slightly
different lengths of time, in the interests of keeping the action
running smoothly, all of the following are considered possible
for an auxiliary action during a Combat Round: When anyone takes damage, the amount of damage
inflicted is removed from their current Hit Points total.
.. Reloading a weapon (it is important to track ammo
If a single attack causes a character to lose more than 50%
expenditure during a firefight)
of their remaining Hit Points they also suffer a wound to
.. Changing to a different weapon the torso in addition to any other effects (see “Wounds” for
.. Standing up if knocked over more details).
.. Injecting a dose of drugs (if equipped with a BOOPA
CASDIS) Damage Modifier - Margin of Success
.. Using a Medi-kit (takes two auxiliary actions/two The margin of success gained when rolling to hit can affect the
consecutive Combat Rounds) amount of damage inflicted by a weapon, as follows:
.. Any other activity the GM deems suitable


rolls, a volley of bullets is treated like a single more powerful

Dice that Equal or Damage Modifier
shot. As such, high rate of fire weapons present a risk vs reward
Exceed Target Number
dilemma for their user, offering the potential for extreme
Test Die -- damage, with the offset of being less accurate.
+1 Skill Die --
When a ranged attack hits, the following damage modifiers are
+2 Skill Dice +1 DMG or hit an arm applied in addition to those granted by the Margin of Success:
+3 Skill Dice +2 DMG or hit a leg
ROF Damage Modifier
+4 or more Skill Dice +3 DMG and hit the head
1 -
Hit the arm - Randomise which arm is hit. A hit to the arm
3 +1
inflicts damage as normal. If the target is holding a weapon
with the relevant arm, they are immediately disarmed. If they 10 +2
are not holding a weapon and the attack causes the target to
lose at least 2 Hit Points, they also receive a wound to the arm Example: A weapon is fired with a ROF of 10 (full-auto).
and suffer the following penalties until that wound is healed: Despite the modifier for the weapon’s recoil, after rerolls
have been made, the Success Die comes up good, as does 1
The target receives a -2 modifier to all dice for any STR and Skill Die. A single Skill Die is not enough to normally add
DEX-related skill rolls that would require them to use that a damage modifier, but a ROF of 10 will add +2 DMG to
hand or arm. the weapon.
Note: If one arm already has a wound, a second wound to Any weapon that is not capable of firing on single mode may
the arm will automatically be inflicted against the other one. have to empty its clip with fewer rounds than the weapon’s
Hit the leg - Randomise which leg is hit. A hit to the leg inflicts minimum rate of fire. When this happens a -2 DMG modifier
damage as normal. In addition, if the attack causes the target to is applied to reflect fewer rounds being fired than normal. Note
lose at least 2 Hit Points, they also receive a wound to the leg that even with this modifier, a weapon will still observe its ‘Min.
and suffer the following penalties until that wound is healed: DMG’ value.

The target may only walk. In addition, their Walk value is The full rules for SLA Industries also contains a range
halved (round up). of ammunition types which may further modify damage
The target receives a -2 modifier to all STR and DEX-related taken from ranged attacks.
skill rolls that would require them to stand or use their legs.
Damage From Other Sources
If both legs are wounded the target gains the immobile
condition and may not perform any actions that would require Damage can be inflicted to a character in a huge number of
the use of them. ways outside of combat, from falling great distances to being hit
by a moving vehicle. Rather than introducing a huge plethora of
Note: If one leg already has a wound, a second wound to the different damage rules, all such damage is inflicted at the GMs
leg will automatically be inflicted against the other one. discretion using common sense. A character falling from a 1st
storey window in full armor will be suitably hurt, but is unlikely
Hit the head - A hit to the head inflicts damage as normal. In to die, where as one falling 5 storeys is unlikely to survive the
addition, the target receives a wound to the head. fall unless they’re very lucy. The GM is free to assign damage
Damage Modifier - Strength and wounds for such instances as they see fit.
In hand-to-hand combat, particularly strong combatants
are capable of inflicting additional damage with weapons on
account of the brute force they naturally strike with. To reflect
“ You spend most of your training period deciding if you go
this, the following modifiers are applied to all attacks made with
with a good gun or a suit of HARD, then when you hit the
any weapon that uses the Melee Weapons skill:
streets, the next year is spent trying to earn enough for the other
part of the puzzle. The kicker is, once you get the good stuff
Strength of User Damage Modifier
there’s always something better you want. I saw a suit of purple
1-4 - Crackshot in the PP showroom… that baby has my name on
5 +1 DMG it… just a few more white BPNs.”
6 +2 DMG Gaff Franklin, Human Operative, SCL
10.3a, Squad ‘Drop Donkey’.
Damage Modifier - Rate of Fire (ROF)
Given the uncensored brutality that most Operatives face, it
When making ranged attacks with a weapon that has a ROF
should go without saying that armour is often the first purchase
greater than 1, only a single roll to hit it made, regardless of the
that a new Op will make. Even your average street ganger is
number of rounds fired. Rather than needing to make multiple


likely to wear an armoured jacket or vest. Armour is arguably Hit Points

THE single most important addition to anyone’s kit in The
World of Progress. The most obvious measure of a character’s health and wellbeing
is their current Hit Points total. When a character is created,
While there are many modifiers that can add to the damage they determine a maximum value to their Hit Points. This value
inflicted by a successful attack, the protection offered by Armour is decreased as damage is sustained through a game session and
will do the opposite, reducing damage, or even stopping it increased again, up to its maximum, as characters heal.
If a character’s Hit Points value ever reaches 0 they are dead.
Like weapons, each suit of armour has its own profile, which Additionally, when a character’s Hit Point total drops to
looks like this: fewer than 6 they gain the critical condition (explained under
“Conditions”), until they their Hit Points total is returned to 6
PP664.2 Body Blocker or greater.
PV Resistance Wounds
4 12
Wounds represent lacerations or penetrative damage that
PV - The Protection Value (PV) of armour is a measure of is more grievous than typical injury. Wounds are caused by
how effective it is at reducing damage, with higher PV values damage to the limbs or head, or from a single attack that causes
representing the high-end more protective armour types. a character to lose more than 50% of their remaining Hit Points.
Resistance - Armour is capable of taking a certain amount of A character may have at most 6 wounds. When a wound is
punishment before it becomes compromised, represented by taken, it should be noted on a player’s character sheet by ticking
each suit of armor having a resistance value. the box next to the wounded location. Each location may have
at most one wound. Wounds can be inflicted to the head, torso,
Damage Modifier - Armour left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg.
After all other damage modifiers have been added, a weapon’s
damage is reduced by the PV of the target’s armour. Any Any character with at least 1 wound receives the bleeding
remaining damage reduces the target’s Hit Points as usual. If condition until all wounds are removed. Wounds can be
the armour’s PV reduces the damage to 0 or less then the attack healed with medical intervention.
has been stopped entirely and the target does not lose any Hit
Points. Wounds to the arms, legs and head come with additional
implications as specified under “Damage Modifier - Margin
Example: Shiver Pvt. Paul Horseshoe is hit by a shotgun of Success”. If at any time a character has 6 wounds, they are
blast, which, after all damage modifiers will inflict 11 points instantly killed regardless of how many Hit Points they have
of damage. Private Horseshoe is wearing Body Blocker remaining.
Armour which has a PV of 4, so the damage is reduced by 4,
for a new total of 7. The Shiver loses 7 Hit Points. Conditions
Certain occurrences can lead to characters suffering from
Armour Damage & Resistance additional lasting effects. These effects are known as conditions
Most weapons inflict Armour Damage (AD) alongside regular and have the following rules:
damage. Armour’s resistance is reduced by a weapon’s Armour
Damage (AD) value, each time it is hit. Once the armour’s Condition Rules
resistance has been reduced to less than half of its starting A character that suffers wounds will begin
value, the PV of the armour is also halved (round down). If to bleed. A bleeding character will lose 1 Hit
the armour’s resistance ever reaches 0, the armour has lost its Point every 20 minutes until the character has
protective qualities and is effectively destroyed, reducing the PV healed all wounds. Bleeding remains the same
to 0. Bleeding regardless of the number of wounds a character
suffers. A character with the Haemophilia
Note: whenever a target is hit by an attack, the weapon’s AD illness trait will lose 2 Hit Points every 20
value is subtracted from the armour’s resistance value before minutes from bleeding. Bleeding ignores armour
the PV is applied to the damage. This can be important if the and is removed with medical intervention.
AD causes enough damage to reduce the PV of the armour. A character who is critical has suffered
major damage and is close to death. While
HEALTH & HEALING a character has the critical condition
they receive the following penalties:
Where there is violence, there is death. A character’s own
health is something which should be regarded as paramount. Critical -2 STR and DEX
The World of Progress is full of horrors stalking the darkness -1 CONC and COOL
and brutal firefights that bring extreme bloodshed, but the May not move faster than their Walk value
many unseen threats like disease and pollution are often the These penalties are removed as soon as a
real killers. character regains sufficient Hit Points.


The full rules for SLA Industries also includes a number of to steal the limelight. With their high end weapons and armour,
other conditions such as burning, prone or stunned which specialised training and natural flair, the cameras will turn to
can come as a result of damage inflicted by certain weapon Operatives on the job wherever possible. Whether it’s arrogance
types. or adrenaline, something about rolling cameras and personal
belief can push an Operative to perform daring, dangerous and
Healing spectacular feats in the line of duty. These feats are made possible
through a character’s Ratings Points - a pool of available points
Characters may get hurt in the line of duty, but they can also
that can be spent during the game session.
tend to those wounds, rest up and heal their injuries. There are
a range of ways in which a character can regain lost Hit Points “ You’ve got to look your best; you never know when the sponsor
and heal wounds during a game session, such as: scouts are looking. That’s why I always wash my hair with
Medical Intervention - The most common way for a character Flaxpin QuickGo … hey, where are you going?”
to regain lost Hit Points is through medical intervention. The Meredith ‘Meggy’ Pins, Human Operative,
BOOPA Medi-kit is a common Operative essential, allowing SCL 10.3a, Squad ‘Swinging Chains’.
for basic paramedical treatment out in the field. Each of these
items will allow for the recovery of Hit Points and/or Wounds Ratings Points belong to one of three categories: Body, Brain
as specified on the item (see “Hardware”). and Bravado, with a number of points available in each as
specified on each character sheet. At any time during a game,
The Heal Ebb discipline - Ebonites are often trained in the with the GMs approval, Ratings Points may be spent to perform
art of Heal. Heal allows for medical care without the use of a Feat. Each Feat has an associated cost as specified below Feats
Medi-kits or other common medical equipment, allowing represent great cinematic moments that are awe inspiring and
them to heal people’s wounds with nothing more than the help create spectacular action, reveal great secrets, or allow an
touch of their hands. Details of the Heal Ebb discipline can Operative to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat.
be found in “The Ebb”.
Players have access to all Feats regardless of their race or
Regeneration - Some creatures are capable of regenerating training package, though many may only be triggered in specific
damage they have sustained, either because they have been situations as detailed below.
genetically coded to do so, or through some form of mutation.
For the purpose of this Quick Start, Stormers are capable of BODY
regenerating 2 Hit Points and/or Wounds every 20 minutes.
When regeneration takes place, any wounds a character has How Did You Hit That? Cost: 1
are always healed before Hit Points. Sometimes the most seemingly impossible shot can strike its
Example: Targ, a Malice Stormer recently took some target beyond all odds, passing through windows and finding
punishment during an encounter with a pack of Carrien, the tiniest crack in cover. Remove all negative modifiers to hit
resulting in him losing 6 Hit Points and taking a wound to from any ranged attack.
his left arm. Following the combat, Targ takes it easy, walking
Impossible Feat Cost: 2
and licking his wounds. After 20 minutes he regenerates the
wound and 1 Hit Point. After another 20 minutes, 2 more When faced with a physical situation that would otherwise
Hit Points are regenerated. This process continues until Targ be seemingly impossible, the character experiences a sudden
is fully healed. rush of adrenalin, allowing for incredible feats. Using this feat
allows the character to jump a gap between rooftops, smash
Whenever a character regains any Hit Points, heals any through a wall, avoid a speeding vehicle or scale the face of a
wounds or removes any conditions, their character sheet should building that seems impossible to climb. This feat should be
be immediately updated to reflect those changes. used only to remove the character from serious danger, such
as when outrunning a pack of Carrien or creating an escape
The full rules for SLA Industries also includes a deeper for their squad.
insight to health and healing, as well as the rules and effects
of toxicants, including poisons, radiation, disease and Tear Right Through Them Cost: 1
infection. The cameras love extreme violence, especially violent hand-
to-hand conflict. The greatest ratings come from seeing a
combatant torn limb from limb. This feat may be used when
RATINGS POINTS a hand-to-hand attack inflicts a wound. The target instantly
loses an additional 4 Hit points.
Ratings Points add a strong cinematic feel to games of SLA
Industries. In a world where televised violence forms the core
of primetime TV viewing and where camera drones follow
Shiver operations on both sides of the wall, it is the media
hungry, sponsorship hunting Operatives who are always quick


sent the Frother into the arms of the company, that began the
BRAIN epidemic of the modern combat drug. Combat drugs are readily
available through official channels and are generally not too
Everyone deserves a second chance Cost: 1
hard to source on the streets of Downtown.
… and second chances make all the difference. Use this feat
after failing any KNOW or CONC-related skill roll. The Rush
character may immediately make a re-roll. No roll may be
Make a 2nd action per Combat Round (after all
re-rolled a second time by using this feat again. Effect
other actions have been resolved). 2 hour duration
I Just Read About That Yesterday! Cost: 1 Side Effect Every 2 doses, -2 Hit Points
It’s amazing how coincidence plays its part. Use this feat Above, we see the stat line for the combat drug known as
before attempting any KNOW-related skill roll with a Rush. This information gives us everything we need to know
difficulty of Complex or lower. The skill roll is automatically about the drug and its application.
passed with no roll required and is considered to be an
‘Excellent Success’. Effect - This details what the drug does for the user once
administered and the duration of the effects. The current wave
Lucky Guess Cost: 2 of manufactured drugs are highly efficient, getting to work
almost instantly. All effects listed apply from the start of the
Sometimes blind luck is all it takes to solve a problem. Use
Combat Round after they were taken, or in the case of non-
this feat to apply a characters full LUCK stat (regardless of
combat situations, take effect immediately. Note that drug
their current LUCK value) to any KNOW or CONC-related
effects are not cumulative so taking multiple doses at once
skill roll without spending any LUCK points.
does not provide additional benefits.
BRAVADO Side Effects - This list the negative effects applied to the
character for using the drug.
Charming Smile Cost: 1
This feat represents a brief moment of pure charisma, DRUG ADDICTION
smooth talking and a smile that could win over Intruder Any character with the Drug Addict trait is expected to
himself. This feat may be used to add +2 to all dice during any take the relevant drug regularly, even if its effects will not aid
CHA-related dice roll. the character. For the purpose of this Quick Start game, it is
suggested that the GM ensures the Frother character takes 1
Come and Get It! Cost: 1
dose of Rush during the first Combat Round of each combat,
The bravest act is one that puts yourself in the line of fire making sure that they run out of doses by the end of the game
for the benefit of others, while also doing something that the session.
cameras love. Use this feat during combat after all combatants
have declared their actions. Any opposing combatants that The rules for drugs have been altered significantly for use in
have elected to attack during this round must direct their this Quick Start. During a normal game of SLA Industries
attacks towards this character. If they are out of range, they there are a number of aspects to consider when using drugs,
will instead run or charge towards this character. including the addictiveness of the substance, required doses
for addicts, effects of long term addiction and kicking the
Pure Grit Cost: 2
habit, as well as detoxification effects. Drug use is serious,
The character summons up all their willpower, facing whatever so tread carefully.
The World of Progress has to throw at them. A character may
The full rules for SLA Industries contains many additional
use this feat to remove all ongoing effects of fear and to make
themselves immune to the effects of fear for the duration of the elements including encumbrance, vehicles, languages,
current encounter/scene/situation. The GM gets the final say on toxicants and a whole host of other considerations to add
the duration of this feat. depth and variation to your games.

Ratings Points are a limited resource and are lost once spent.
The full rules for SLA Industries provides further options
for using Ratings Points during your games. The Ebb is a representation of energy, only truly understood
by Ebonites. The Ebb exists as a deep understanding of the
energies that bind our physical and emotional existence together,
DRUGS resulting in the belief that one fundamental formula underpins
The World of Progress as we know it. This basic theory means
Drugs are one of SLA Industries’ most profitable lines. While that any slight miscalculation, or deliberate change to how that
SLA has always dabbled with medical and soft drugs, it was formula is calculated, will lead to instability and changes in
the inspiration of Hiberian culture, the very upbringing which what we perceive to be reality. The result of this thinking is that


Ebons and Wasters are able to use their understanding of these

formulas to achieve things that other races consider otherwise
impossible. Each discipline grants the user a range of potential abilities
which can be used during the course of a game. As Ebonites
For the purpose of this Quick Start, only Opal, the Ebon
become more proficient in a given discipline, they gain access to
character is able to use Ebb Disciplines.
more abilities that they can use. The disciplines and abilities that
are available to the Ebon character included with this Quick
USING EBB DISCIPLINES Start are all listed below. Any ability with a duration may be
Ebb disciplines are used like other skills, in any situation ended sooner than the time stated should the user so desire.
that the player and/or GM deems them suitable. Most Ebb
disciplines can be used during combat, particularly those which
allow the formation of weapons or projectile attacks, but the Communicate allows for direct telepathic communication,
majority of Ebb disciplines are likely to be used during the both to converse and to plant thoughts or manipulate the
course of the story, for healing, discovering information or opinions of others. Higher levels in Communicate also allow
aiding movement around Mort City. the user to force hidden truths from subjects or take over their
minds and bodies, literally ‘implanting’ their own consciousness
Whenever an Ebb discipline is used it requires two things to
into another person.
.. The expenditure of a FLUX point, and Plant Thought FR: 7
.. A Calculation Test Plant a simple suggestion (max 12 words) in the subject’s
mind. Subject will believe and question the thought as though
An Ebonite character who has no available FLUX points to it were their own. Subject must be within line of sight.
spend will be unable to use their Ebb disciplines until they have
replenished a point or more. Each time an Ebb discipline is Converse FR: 8
used 1 point of FLUX must be used, regardless of the applicable Allows for a simple question to be asked telepathically and
skill rank or whether the test to use the discipline is successful to receive a single word answer from the subject. Subject must
or not. be within line of sight and no further away than 20m.


“CALCULATE THE EBB” One of the most common, but most respected of all Ebb
disciplines is Heal. An Ebonite trained in Heal can not only
During a Combat Round, the ‘Calculate The Ebb’ is an action repair damaged tissue at a rate that far surpasses the greatest
like any other, and if successful allows the Ebonite to use the of medical care, but can also cure long-term illness and disease,
Ebb discipline to attack/move/heal etc. When used outside of and with enough training even resurrect those recently slain in
combat such tests are considered to take only a few seconds. the line of duty.
After spending the required point of FLUX, the Calculation
Test is made like any other skill test, by rolling the Success Heal Wound FR: 7
Die and one Skill Die for each rank that a character has in The user is able to stop bleeding and close cuts. The user may
the relevant discipline plus one, then adding the applicable skill instantly remove 1 wound of their choice.
bonus for the Ebb discipline being used. Unlike other skill tests,
each ability within an Ebb discipline has its own target number, Heal Injury FR: 7
known as a Formulae Rating (FR). Like other skill rolls, a The Ebonite han repair damage and improve their own state
total which is equal to or greater than this number represents of well-being with ease. The user may instantly regain 3 Hit
a success. Points.
For the purpose of this Quick Start, Ebb disciplines do not Healing Touch FR: 8
consider margin of success/failure.
The Ebonite’s healing capabilities can be passed onto others.
The user may immediately heal any subject they can touch,
REGENERATING FLUX allowing them to remove 1 wound or regain 3 Hit Points.
As Flux is a finite resource, it is important that Ebonites Physical contact with the subject is required for Healing
can regenerate it. The natural flow of the Ebb passes through Touch to work; touching the subject’s armour is not sufficient.
Ebonites constantly, allowing them to regain 1 point of spent
FLUX every 2 hours.
Blue Thermal allows for the control and manipulation of cold,
from creating blades out of ice to freezing the air around the
user. The discipline is exclusive to Ebon characters and not
available to their distant cousins, the Wasters.


Heat Resistance FR: n/a MELEE WEAPONS

Blue Thermal. This is a passive ability. The Ebon is naturally
immune to freezing temperatures and is able to resist high
heats by cooling their body temperature. Additionally Blue Made on contract exclusively for SLA employees, the BOSH
Thermal users are able to touch scolding hot metal without SLA Blade is an all-nylon construction, lightweight blade,
being burnt and are able to cool items or people by touching compact enough to be easily concealed and is perfectly balanced
them. for throwing. The blade comes with a sheath as standard.

Cold Manipulation FR: 7 BOSH SLA Blade

Blue Thermal only. The Ebon is able to create temperatures Skill: Melee Weapons
down to -10°C degrees within a 5m radius, making it DMG Min DMG AD
particularly uncomfortable for others, freezing water and
1d10-4 1 0
making the ground icy and slippery. Duration: 2 mins.
DPB Vibro Sabre
Ice Blade FR: 9
DPB’s patented oscillation technology led to the development
Blue Thermal only. The Ebon is able to create a razor sharp
of the Vibro Sabre, the most popular melee weapon amongst
blade of ice in their hand, or as an extension of their forearm.
Operatives today. The blade’s 5000 hour power supply keeps the
Duration: 10 mins.
blade working even on the longest tours and the carbon fibre/
silicon hybrid blade stays razor sharp for over 10,000 cuts.
Ice Blade
Skill: Melee Weapons
1d10 4 1
DPB Vibro Sabre
Rules: The blade is good for 3 successful attacks. On the Skill: Melee Weapons
3rd successful attack the blade will shatter, gaining +1 Min
DMG for that attack. Once formed, the blade remains solid DMG Min DMG AD
for 10 mins or until shattered, whichever comes first. 1d10-2 4 1

The full rules for SLA Industries expands The Ebb Ebb Sword
considerably, offering ten different disciplines each with a The Ebb Sword is a one-handed antique blade encrusted with
multitude of different abilities, as well as a deep insight into glyphs. The handle molds itself to the grip of the first Ebonite
the history of this ancient art. that holds it, making it unique to the user. The blade of the
sword glows in line with the current state of mind of the user -
normally blue, green, pink or red when the Ebonite is engaged
HARDWARE in combat.

SLA Industries own, in part at least, a large number of Ebb Sword

subsidiary companies. These companies represent the vast Skill: Melee Weapons
majority of manufacturing that takes place on Mort, from
vehicles and food, to guns and knives. While these various DMG Min DMG AD
companies usually operate as stand-alone businesses, with 1d10-3 2 3
shareholders, rivalries and their own unique management
structures, they are effectively governed by SLA Industries who Rules: The user may spend 1 point of FLUX when calculating
will buy out, close down or merge them as needed to keep the damage to add +3 AD for the purpose of that attack. Instead
marketplace balanced, diverse and profitable. of using the profile and rules for this weapon, the Ebb Sword
may be used to channel the Ice Blade Ebb Ability. When this
The following items of hardware represent the weapons and happens, the Ebb Sword will use the Ice Blade profile but
equipment that the pre-generated characters included with this will inflict +1 damage and will not shatter, thus lasting until
Quick Start are carrying and are also used for other characters the duration of the ability.
that they may encounter during the course of the game.
GASH Pacifier Baton
The Pacifier Baton is an urban pacification weapon used largely
by the Shiver Organisation under the designation of the ‘SHV-
04 Pacifier Baton’. Manufactured by GASH, the same team that
brought us the Chain Axe, the operative can be assured that the


Pacifier Baton won’t let them down in the field. The weapon is a
FEN AR Assault Rifle
high-frequency shock baton that delivers a huge pulse of energy
at the point of impact. Skill: Rifle

GASH Pacifier Baton DMG Min DMG AD

1d10+1 5 1
Skill: Melee Weapons
DMG Min DMG AD ROF Recoil Range Clip
1d10-1 2 3 1/3 0/2 350m 25

MAC Knife FEN 204 ‘Gunhead’ Submachine Gun

The Multi Angular Cutters MAC Knife is the most popular The Gunhead is viewed by many as an ‘upgrade’ to the
choice of unpowered knife in the World of Progress. Its carbon/ standard-issue FEN 603 Auto-Pistol. The super compact
ceramic construction ensures it’s almost indestructible and its submachine gun provides multiple rates of fire, a 40 round
long history of usage in all conditions adds weight to that claim. magazine and enough range to be able to use the weapon during
most urban conflicts.
MAC Knife
FEN 204 ‘Gunhead’ Submachine Gun
Skill: Melee Weapons
Skill: Pistol or Rifle
1d10-3 2 1
1d10-2 3 1
Stormer Chuckleduster
The weapon uses GASH’s Chain Axe technology mounted to
ROF Recoil Range Clip
a huge handgrip, allowing the user to add the extreme carnage 1/3/10 0/1/3 65m 40
that comes with a chain weapon to the already significant
impact of their natural punching power. The weapon is large
FEN 603 Auto-Pistol
and very heavy, but causes significant damage and is capable of The FEN 603 is the most popular pistol SLA Industries
rending its way through a steel door in less than a minute. has ever produced, partly because it’s part of the standard
equipment list that is issued to operatives upon induction. Even
Stormer Chuckleduster if it weren’t forced upon them, many operatives would choose
Skill: Unarmed Combat this as their primary sidearm. Fitted with a 20-round magazine
and delivered with a zero maintenance guarantee, its ceramic
DMG Min DMG AD construction makes it reliable for every squeeze of the trigger.
1d10+2 5 3

Note: A minimum of STR 5 is required to use a


Note: The DMG statistics in the following weapon profiles
not only assume that standard ammunition is being used,
but are also reflective of a single bullet being fired. As some
weapons are not capable of firing only a single round, the
actual DMG they may inflict is in fact much higher (see
“Damage Modifier - ROF”). The values are stated in this
way to allow a direct comparison between the capabilities of
each weapon.
FEN AR Assault Rifle
FEN are market leaders in the arms race and the AR is their
shining light. A battlefield assault rifle that features incredible
ceramic construction, significant range, single and burst fire
modes and delivers enough punch to down targets with one
well placed shot. Operatives looking for a reliable assault rifle
for use on the streets of Mort need look no further.


the face of the wearer at will, offering the same basic protection
FEN 603 Auto-Pistol
from the elements and local toxicants that sealed armour does.
Skill: Pistol
DMG Min DMG AD Deathsuit
1d10-2 4 1 PV Resistance
5 16
ROF Recoil Range Clip
1/3 0/1 60m 20 PP10 HARD Armour
PP10 is the gold standard for entry level armour. Used by
FEN 706 Power Reaper 2.1000 Shiver Elites, off-world SLA infantry and the vast majority
SLA’s most popular squad support weapon. The 706 is an of Operative’s on the street. HARD (Heavy Ablative Recess
assault rifle-sized, ceramic-barrelled weapon that uses FENs Armour) is reliable, robust and battle-proven. The suit is
10mm caseless ammunition and has seen exceptional success fitted with an integrated power harness and 8000-hour power
in the hands of both Operatives and War World Infantry. supply, which offsets the weight in the armour and keeps it
The extreme rate of fire, lightweight frame and high-end manoeuvrable when the going gets tough.
build quality is what commonly puts the Power Reaper into
Operative’s minds when it comes to buying a bigger gun.

FEN 706 Power Reaper 2.1000

Skill: Rifle
1d10+1 4 1

ROF Recoil Range Clip

3/10 1/2 220m 25

SHV-01 Gauss Rifle

The Gauss Rifle is the standard issue weapon of the Shiver
Organisation, used for both policing the streets of Downtown
and for waging war in Cannibal Sector 1. The weapon fires 3mm
expanding non-lethal Ball-Bearings which is the standard issue
ammunition for use within Mort City.

SHV-01 Gauss Rifle

Skill: Rifle
1d10-7 1 0

ROF Recoil Range Clip PP10 HARD Armour

10 0 220m 300 PV Resistance
Rules: No damage modifier is applied for the ROF when a 6 20
target is hit with these rounds. PP664.2 Body Blocker
ARMOUR Body Blocker is the uniform of the Shiver Organisation. While
its reputation is largely one of ridicule, very few Operatives can
Deathsuit say that Body Blocker hasn’t saved their lives at least once.
A Deathsuit is the most common item found in the possession Due to the armour’s very reasonable price, it is generally the
of Ebonites. It is an organic armoured suit that covers the primary choice for Operatives hitting the streets for the first
wearers body with close-fitting Science Friction material. The time, effectively being the stepping stone to HARD Armour.
suit has the appearance of raw muscle and sinew, and is typically
PP664.2 Body Blocker
jet black in appearance with an oily outer surface. Other colours
are available on special request, made to match the vibrant PV Resistance
eye and hair colours commonly sported by Ebons. While the 4 12
Deathsuit has no classic helmet, it is able to wrap itself around



Standard issue flashlights are available as compact hand-
BOOPA CASDIS held torches, under-barrel mounted to pistols and rifles or
The CASDIS (Compressed Air Syringe and Drug Injection in shoulder mounted units for use with most armour types.
System) is a simple injector designed for rapid application of While the shoulder mounted units are notably bigger, they are
combat drugs. The hand held unit can also be arm mounted and surprisingly light and rarely noticed by the wearer. Hand-held
integrated into the control unit of powered armour to act like and under-barrel versions come with a 500-hour battery supply,
an auto-injector. with the shoulder mounted version having a 700-hour supply,
all of which can be recharged from most power outlets.
Rules: The CASDIS allows drugs to be injected as an
auxiliary action during combat. DRUGS
BOOPA Medi-kit Mind Numb
The Medi-kit is one piece of extra weight that nobody objects Since Mind Numb’s original release, it has found a home
to. Filled with countless essential items including a surgical in the kit of many Operatives who have spent any length of
field kit, dressings and pain-killers, in fact, the list of contents time in the job, helping them to push through the most dire of
is so vast that many a trained medic has been surprised by what circumstances. From being isolated in the subterranean levels
comes with it. below Lower Downtown, to spending any time facing the
Rules: The Medi-kit adds 1 automatic Skill Die success denizens of Cannibal Sector 1, Mind Numb has proven time
on all Medical rolls and each use allows the user, or their and time again that it pulls Operatives through the darkness,
patient, to heal either 2 Hit Points or 1 wound. The Medi-kit keeping them focused on what really matters - surviving.
provides 6 uses before it is empty.
Mind Numb
Ebb Medi-kit Effect Immune to Fear. 6 hour duration
The Ebb Medi-kit is an organic-looking pouch which has a Every dose, -1 Hit Point, -1 CONC
similar appearance to the outer surface of the Deathsuit. The Side Effect
for 6 hours after Effect wears off
small kit contains a range of ornate tools which are designed to
focus the user’s mind to channel their Flux more intensely when Rush
using the Heal discipline. Rush enables increased blood flow and a significant boost of
adrenaline, combined with elements of healing agents to allow
Rules: When equipped with an Ebb Medi-kit, any Heal the user to take the edge off of any damage sustained. A typical
abilities that regain Hit Points will regain an additional 1 Rush user can be spotted by their seemingly ‘agitated’ state and
Hit Point. frantic speech patterns, as well as for being the first into a fight
FEN Laser Painter and typically the last ones standing.
FEN’s standard Laser Painter attaches easily to most firearms, Rush
emitting a thin red laser beam from the barrel of the gun to
Make a 2nd action per Combat Round (after all
the intended target. Use of a Laser Painter allows for faster Effect
other actions have been resolved). 2 hour duration
aiming at close range, making them extremely popular weapon
upgrades for life in Mort City. Side Effect Every 2 doses, -2 Hit Points

Rules: Adds 1 automatic Skill Die success when rolling The full rules for SLA Industries includes an exhaustive
to hit on single or burst fire modes, providing the target is list of hardware including all manner of weapons, armour,
within 20m. Using the laser painter does however give away drugs and vehicles for Operatives to use during the day-to-
the user’s position, granting a +1 modifier to the Success Die day grind.
of any Detect rolls made to spot the user.
Extendable rifle stocks are regular additions to submachine
guns to aid in recoil reduction and improved aim. Many SLA INDUSTRIES
Operatives chose to use them on pistols, such as the FEN While this Quick Start includes a pre-written game session,
603, again to help with improved aim, but also because they there are a few things that the GM should know when it comes
generally look cool. to running a game of SLA Industries.
Rules: The first round of aiming with this weapon grants The World of Progress is a vast universe of sinister darkness.
both possible aim bonuses. Any additional rounds spent Running a game of SLA is all about lies. Yes, the world is violent,
aiming provide a single bonus as normal. but a GM should try to avoid creating a 3 hour long firefight for


their players. The players represent Operatives. These individuals besides the main antagonist/s of a story, or any significantly
have a job to do. While many jobs can be done with bullets and large, strong or threatening characters. Should an NPC become
blades, the players should be made to understand that doing so wounded and not be killed, the GM should feel free to impose
will often get them in trouble. Players will need to investigate, whatever modifiers best suit the situation. There is no need for
track, piece information together and get caught up in the great NPCs to follow the same rules for wounds as Operatives do.
web of lies that holds the fabric of reality together.
Remember - Guns kill, but so does the truth.
GM’s discretion is a term used a lot throughout these rules.
While it may be obvious to experienced GMs just how to
RUNNING A GAME handle situations where this is stated, it may be a little confusing
to those who are new to running a roleplay game. The overall
While there are many ways to play SLA Industries, the most
purpose of the ruleset provided in this book is to create a
common approach, and the one included with this Quick Start
streamlined cinematic experience which is not bogged down
is to send Operatives on a BPN.
by too many rules, charts, tables or mathematical equations.
The Blueprint News System (BPN) constantly collects In order to achieve this there are situations where specific
information from SLA sources, Shiver (this is the nearest the rules don’t exist. This isn’t because we couldn’t be bothered to
city of Mort has to a police force) patrols, departmental reports, write them, it’s because the game simply doesn’t need them. A
media recordings and Operatives on the street to compile an character has fallen from a window, how much damage will they
ever-growing priority list of tasks that need completing in the take? The answer is up to the GM. What if they fell from a
name of the company. Scattered around Mort City are BPN height of 5m instead of 4m, how much more damage would
Halls, huge concrete structures, each home to hundreds of SLA they take? Again, it’s up to the GM - the right answer in this
employees tasked with issuing BPNs to SLA’s most trusted situation is: “whatever makes sense and keeps the game flowing
weapons - Operatives. smoothly”.
An issued BPN will be one of nine colours, with a tenth As the GM of a game you are ultimately in charge. If a rule
colour (Platinum) issued directly to squads rather than being states that the outcome is down to GMs discretion, then the
collected from a BPN Hall. The colour of a BPN determines the choice is yours - got an idea that will throw a spanner in the
nature of the mission it relates to. Each BPN will also provide works? Go for it! The World of Progress is yours to control, so
a department that can be contacted for more information, do as you will.
a number of Credits per Operative that can be earned and
One of the most common places that the GM will need to
the potential SCL increase that is on offer upon successful
be creative is when active skill rolls generate a large margin of
completion. Any earnings or SCL that come from a BPN will
success or failure. These situations are here just for the GM, to
be based on the colour, with blue offering little threat for little
allow them to influence or hinder the player suitably based on
reward and black or platinum representing the opposite end
the margin of the roll. Got a juicy clue you want to share but
of the spectrum. This Quick Start includes a Blue BPN, but
are not sure how? Wait for a large margin of success to occur.
one that goes off the rails, getting the characters mixed up in
A player just rolled a huge margin of failure on a Computer
something far beyond their pay-grade.
skill roll, how should you handle it? It’s entirely up to you - let
them fail, get locked out of the computer, break it, or activate a
NPCS (NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS) silent alarm they know nothing about that brings the real bad
An NPC, or non-player character, represents any character guys running. Such situations are an invitation for the GM to
that the players will meet or interact with during a game; create even more cinematic experiences and inject flavour into
NPCs are your main antagonists and the contacts, Shivers, their games.
shopkeepers and civilians that the players deal with throughout
a game session. Never forget: the GM is the ultimate controller of the story.
What you say goes!
The Quick Start game session includes the stats, skills and
information needed for each NPC the players are likely to The full rules for SLA Industries includes a wealth of
encounter (though the GM is welcome to add more if they feel information for GMs including different game types,
so inclined). NPCs function just like other characters, though creating NPCs, sponsorship deals and notes on running a
they are slimmed down rules-wise to just the essential stuff campaign, as well as character development over the course
needed to progress the game accordingly. of multiple games.
Wounds on NPCs
Due to the nature of most NPCs, tracking multiple wounds
for each one when they are unlikely to last long in serious
combat is generally an unnecessary requirement. For this reason,
we suggest that wounds are ignored with regards to all NPCs



The Cleaners is a one-shot scenario for SLA Industries, Obtaining a BPN is done by visiting one of the many BPN
meaning it can be played in isolation in a single sitting. While a halls scattered around Uptown and Suburbia. These halls, often
good GM can take source material and stretch (or reduce) that called ‘Slayer’s Crib’ are huge, sprawling concrete monstrosities
over almost any period of time, the information provided in this where hundreds upon hundreds of Operatives wait in line to
scenario is designed to provide a solid evenings worth of play; get issued BPNs. Sometimes they’re lucky; after a painstaking
lasting approximately 3 hours with the full 5-player count. wait there are sometimes multiple options for the Op to
choose from, allowing them to use their skills in situations that
Included at the end of this Quick Start are five pre- better reflect their training. Today however, luck is not on our
generated characters, representing the members of a new squad’s side. The wait in the BPN hall should set the scene –
Operative squad called ‘Blistering Rain’. Each of the five slow, frustrating and dull, a wait that is especially hard for the
characters have their own strengths and weaknesses and Stormer and Frother characters who have a natural urge to be
between them represent a good cross section of the types physical and irate.
of characters that can be created in SLA Industries 2nd
After what seems like a lifetime, and just when the characters
are getting close to the front of the line, a well built and
noticeably attractive male Human Operative wearing high-end
A note about expanding the story: The pre-generated powder-pink armour that is covered in sponsored branding,
characters and NPCs included in this Quick Start all possess pushes his way past to the front of the line. Though there are
a number of skills that are not directly used within the a few shouts and grumbles, he responds to this by, casually
confines of the included story. These additional skills serve to turning, waving two-fingers and giving the line a smarmy wink,
round off the character’s personality as well as opening many before slamming his hands down on the counter and speaking
possible doorways for the GM to expand on the scenario with the clerk. Within moments, the same Operative is away
detailed here. with a BPN in hand, as he passes he shouts at the top of his
Want to take a little longer above ground, dealing with a voice to the back of the room,
civilian disturbance or investigating things further? No Show-off Operative: “We got the big score guys. Let’s go do
problem, those social skills will come in handy. some grownups work!”.
Got a badly wounded squad member and need to regroup
The call is met with a rowdy cheer from the rest of the pink-
and heal? No problem, use that Medical skill while others do
clad squad and they wander out of the BPN hall together, their
some investigations.
powder-pink armour cutting through the gloom of the rainfall
Did one of you drop your weapon in the sewage? It’s time that can be seen outside.
to make a Technical (Weapons) roll to unjam it before the
next encounter. GM Notes: The GM should roleplay with these events
The options are endless and confident GMs are encouraged with the characters, all of whom will find the display rather
to treat the included scenario as the ‘framework’ for a bigger frustrating. The Stormer and Frother however will severely
story, going off on a tangent and expanding it as they best struggle to stay calm, possibly leading to them getting
see fit. ejected from the hall and needing to wait in the torrential
rainfall outside, where they may, or may not end up losing
a slanging match with the higher SCL Operatives in Pink.
INTRODUCTION The events of the BPN hall should set a precedent for the life
of an Operative - frustrating and unfair, with just a glimmer
This scenario is based around one of the most common game
of fame and fortune at the other end of it. The show-off
types used in SLA Industries – the BPN. Blueprint News
Operative Squad with their fancy armour and sponsorship
files (BPNs) are issued to operatives and squads for a range of
deals is unfortunately the exact thing that most Operative
reasons. They are the bread and butter of an Operative’s work
aspire to be.
and completion of them is the primary way in which Ops get
paid and climb the SCL ladder.


After a (mostly) successful wait, the squad will be issued a

single BPN with no other options:
W SS Upon reporting to the vehicle pool and presenting the BPN,
Departmental Authorisation:
squad ‘Blistering Rain’ will be pointed to a Battle Taxi APC in
Department of Sanitation bay 317. As they approach,
Training Package Recommended:

colour Code:
Shiver: “The actors are here. Showponys inbound.”
Shiver Sergeant: “Secure that shit. Right. Now.”
The sergeant turns to the players.
Reports of unexplained noises coming from the sewers

Shiver Sergeant: “Welcome aboard. I’m Shiver Sgt. Akarr,
under Downtown Sector 2-116. Squad to investigate
we’re here to take you to 2-116, relieve the Downtown Patrol
noise disturbance and clear local sewers. Squads only, no
currently stationed there and assist you in whatever way you
solo Operatives. Report to Shiver squad 177f at vehicle
need. Given this is little more than a pig hunt, I’m hoping that
pool for transportation.
means we can stay above ground and still be back for lunch.
+ 0.1 SCL Increase Hop on.”
The FEN Battle Taxi is a huge APC fitted with an armed
turret and capable of carrying 10 passengers in full armour. Their
Station Analysis: Consolidated Bonus Scheme:

Per Op: SCL 10 huge, nine metre long frame is regularly seen on the streets of
Third Eye News: Per Squad: Requirement:
“Blueprint News” and “Third Eye” are wholly owned subsidiaries of SLA Industries. Any unauthorised use of their names or images is illegal. Downtown as the primary mode of transport used by the Shivers.
Due to their cost however, very few Operatives own them, though
BPNs are colour coded to give Operatives a better idea of from time to time Ops are given access to such vehicles for the
what they are tasked with. Blue is the lowest of the low, usually duration of specific BPNs. It is worth noting that Shiver Pvt.
involving the eradication of vermin or assisting Shiver forces Janet Crackrow, the vehicle’s Gunner, is more likely to enter a
(the human under-dog police force of Mort City) in managing fist fight with a Stormer than she is let anyone else touch the fire
the mean streets and their even meaner occupants. controls for her Power Reaper.
Shivers are the human under-dog police force, tasked with
GM Notes: It should be clear to the players that the
keeping the violence streets of Mort City free from trouble. Often
Shivers are less than keen on sharing transportation with
called the ‘Greens’, on account of their all green Body Blocker
them. Shivers get dirtier work, get paid less and have to use
uniform, Shivers do the dirty work so that Ops don’t have to.
standard issue equipment which is far less desirable than
While many Shivers do the job simply because they couldn’t cut it
the stuff Ops get their hands on. For this reason, tension
as an Op, there are some that feel that it’s their calling, coming
between Shivers and Ops is common and most Operatives
from a long family line of ‘True Greens’. For this reason, many
have come to expect some flack from Shivers when they have
Shivers are passionate about what they do and look out for each
to spend any length of time together.
other like squadmates should.
All players should make a Streetwise skill roll. The Neophron
Being blue means low pay and very little SCL increase. SCL
character may make a Diplomacy test instead. The target number
stands for Security Clearance Level, and other than a solid
for these rolls is 10. Anyone that fails the roll will feel obliged to
paypacket, it is the main thing that drives an Operative in their
speak up and get in a slanging match with the Shivers.
day-to-day role; a higher SCL means access to the bigger jobs.
Given the BPN issued here is blue, the squad should be made Depending on the resolution of any conflict with the Shivers,
well aware that they are going to be dealing with something the ride out will either be entirely silent or full of ugly banter.
dirty, grimy and very low paying. The GM should feel free to role-play this as they see fit. Shivers
will often ask Ops about their weapons and will want to handle
GM Notes: Feel free to allow the players to get to know them. Shivers are also very partial to a cup of tea and the APC
each other a bit better at this point, possibly even suggesting will almost certainly have tea-making facilities which happy
that they take a walk or get side tracked before heading to Shivers will partake in the use of.
the vehicle pool. The BPN Hall is surrounded by weapons
stores, not that the Ops can afford any of SLA’s higher end The following stat block can be used for all Shivers during
equipment at this point, but window shopping can still be the session. While using the Shivers to perform tasks is not an
fun, right? This is an opportunity for players to get themselves essential part of this scenario, the players or the GM may wish
in trouble and be put in line by the local Street Shivers. to set them to work interrogating locals when they arrive at the


Shiver: “If it ain’t some ganger firing CAF rounds at us, it’s some
Street Shiver
foolish twat and their blood ritual or one of these shadow-
STR DEX KNOW CONC nightmares the Aethermen keep telling us don’t exist.”
2 2 2 1 Akarr: “What Pvt. Reed is so eloquently trying to say is, that
CHA COOL LUCK Initiative despite the millions of people living, breathing and breeding
here, at its core, everything in the city wants to kill you.”
1 2 0 +3
Reed: “An’ half of em’ don’t even know it. Mort is sick and
Hit Points Walk Run ‘apparently’ we’re all the cure.”
12 1 3 Akarr: “That’s enough, Reed. You got a pay packet, Body
Blocker and a Pacifier. That’s more than the dumb shits
outside this Taxi have.”
Detect: 1 Interrogate: 2
Players should be encouraged to ask questions and establish a
Melee Weapons: 2 Pistol: 1
connection with the Shiver Sergeant.
Rifle: 2 Streetwise: 2
At this point, all players should make a Leadership skill roll
Support Weapons: 2 Throw: 1 with a target number of 7. The highest margin of success will be
Unarmed Combat: 1 considered the leader in the eyes of the Sgt. Akarr. From this
point forward, that character will be his first port of call.
PP664.2 Body Blocker, SHV-01 Gauss Rifle (Ball-
Bearing Rounds - 3 clips), GASH Pacifier Baton
Sgt. Akarr uses the stat block above, but gains +1 DEX, CHA The Shiver APC ends its journey on a three lane one-way
and COOL, along with a number of increases to his skill ranks street, roughly 15m wide building-to-building, lined on one side
as the GM sees fit. with parked cars. The APC stops as the road becomes a messy
one-lane road, with two lanes blocked off by carts and stalls,
selling food, general supplies and sundries, as if a supermarket
ON THE MOVE burst its sides onto the street. The buildings lining the market
street are residential, three to five storeys high, ranging from
As the APC moves into Downtown the difference in the
ten to fifteen metres, with flat roofs which sit just a few metres
architecture and tone will drop. Downtown is dirty, polluted
below a messy ceiling covered in pipes and lights, which fill the
and crowded. Passing through the streets will show extreme
gaps in the darkness between the broken street lamp below. A
homelessness, street violence and gangs sporting clear signs.
light rain falls from the ceiling, bouncing off the fabrics of the
Mort City is multi-levelled and goes down as far as it goes stall covers and pooling in the uneven pavement before making
wide. Each level is known as a District and each District is split its way to the drains lining the roadways. Cheap neon lights and
into a number of Sectors, much like grid references, to allow local advertising hoardings punctuate the grey decor, and civilians in
Shivers to respond to specific locations. With the squad heading coats huddle around badly lit food counters. A 3ird Eye News
to 2-116, this means District 2 (or the 2nd layer), Sector 116. It “Eye See You” drone dips from above and scans the operatives
is common for players to spend much of their time underground, over
in a sprawling dark city that can’t see daylight due to the floor of
Following the drone is an eager looking and photogenic
the district above them. The constant rainfall comes on account of
reporter and her bodyguard. The players should remember the
the water filtering down from the layers above (or a sewage leak
pink-clad Ops from the start and be well aware that fame and
from the upper Districts).
fortune come from getting on camera. The reporter hurries up
While the Ops may want to get off and intervene in the scenes to the squad…
they can see from the APC, the Shivers will simply not allow Reporter: “This is Zalara Pincho for 3ird Eye News, reporting
this, keeping the doors sealed tight. Even when beer cans and on the hub-bub down in Sector 116, where both Shivers and
bottles are thrown at the APC, the Shivers will not react. Operatives have just arrived on scene, assumably to investigate
Shiver: “Nice out today.” the unexplained noises we’ve been hearing about.”
Akarr: “As always. Downtown welcomes the Green with open She turns the mic to the team.
The GM should allow the players to posture up and see who
Shiver: “Ha! And both barrels!”.
will take the lead. The most natural in front of the camera is
GM Notes: Allow the tension to rise. Allow the Shivers to the Neophron, but he is also the wisest, and may suspect what
ask players how long they’ve been an Op, or how many times is coming. The reporter should wait for one of the Operatives
they have been in Downtown. Players should start to realize to start monologuing about why they are there and then
that they are entering a war zone, be it one that is disguised immediately cut in with…
as a thriving urban suburb.


Reporter: “... Aaaaaaaaaaand I see you’re SCL 10. CUT. Let’s Beff: “I know; it was Carrien.”
get the fuck out of here. If they’re sending these useless plebs Jim: “Carrien don’t use guns, though, and I’m sure I heard
to deal with it there’s clearly no story here. Peace!” gunfire.”
And with that they will turn their backs on the team and walk Beff: “See, I know you’re just making that bit up to get some
away. The Shivers should find this highly amusing and have a Slops down here to … um, I didn’t hear guns is what I mean.”
good giggle. If the squad are enraged by any of this, the Shivers Jim: “Anyway, it was over there.”
will hold them back and explain that the Ops should get used
to being the underdogs until that SCl badge reads something Jim points to a drain and a manhole cover.
other than 10. Welcome to the fickle world of the media. Jim: “And that’s where you’ll be going. Heh, heh.”
Beff: “Chortle.”
GM Notes: Cameras are pervasive, constantly looking for
something to put on the 24/7 news cycle. If the Operatives Carrien are a constant threat to the population of Mort City
have sponsors or look impressive, a camera might follow and a regular issue for Operatives. Carrien are human-sized
them around in the hope that something fun or interesting creatures that stand hunched, with a skeletal appearance and a
might happen. Some BPNs come with an interested news distinctive canine-like skull for a head. They are feral, aggressive
team that may dispatch a camera drone to follow the squad and eat pretty much everything - people, rubbish, sewage; they
around, and some come with full news crews, including really aren’t fussy. Carrien communicate in a range of guttural
someone whose job is being professionally attractive with a howls and yelps that have a distinct and recognisable tone. This
microphone and a tech crew in a van. language, known as Gristle has recently been studied by SLA
Akarr: “Well, here’s where we go our own ways. We’ll be waiting Industries, though finding someone that can speak it is still rare.
for you around here for the next hour or so, in case you make Carrien are one of the only species that outnumber the humans on
it out alive and don’t stink too much. If you’re longer than an Mort, though thankfully the vast majority exist outside of the city
hour, there’s a phone box on the corner; give us a ring and we’ll walls, shut out in the Cannibal Sectors. That said, there is still
come and get you. Have fun cleaning the dead rats out of the a significant population of city-dwelling Carrien living in the
shit pipes, or whatever it is you’re up to.” sewers, as well as many more of their Sector-relations arriving
every day through the cracks and damaged storm drains in the
The Operatives have the name of a clothes stall, Seventy- Sector Wall.
Seventy-Onety Shirts, where the owners, the civilians who
reported the disturbance, can be found. Getting to the stall GM Notes: The term ‘Slops’ used in the dialogue above
means navigating the crowded street, where civilians and local is a slang word used to by Downtowners (and Shivers) to
gangs are wandering about. While Shivers are a regular sight in describe Ops - it is short for SLA Operatives. However,
Downtown, the presence of Operatives usually means trouble. due to the way it sounds, it is considered derogatory by
As such, all eyes will be on the Ops and they should be very most Operatives, who would much rather simply be called
aware of the fact. Those with a Streetwise skill of less than rank ‘Ops’. As such, use of the word Slop may well get the squad
2 will likely feel paranoid and on edge, expecting to be jumped wound up. The GM should feel free to allow those with a low
or targeted at any moment and the GM should be sure to make COOL stat to feel a little annoyed by the term.
the players roleplay this accordingly.
The manhole is the entrance to the sewer and anyone with a
GM Notes: Building up suspense and paranoia is a major Streetwise skill of 1 or higher will know how to open it, though
theme in SLA Industries and the GM should seek to do this it will require multiple people, or the Stomer to lift it.
wherever possible. The sewers of Mort are not all full of sewerage, in spite of
Beff and Jim Manrose run Seventy-Seventy-Onety Shirts their name. Since the rains came, the city had to get more storm
and are your typical Downtown market traders, fast-talking drains and flood pipes installed as the original infrastructure
and savvy, even if at a very local level. They talk over each other was designed to deal with a lot less liquid. As Downtown grew
and have the weary demeanour of a married couple who spend downwards, it needed a way of getting rid of unpredictable
almost every hour of the day within a few feet of each other. The amounts of water that flowed through the Districts, so SLA
player’s first port of call is to speak with the Downtowners to try Industries made sure to include an extensive sewer system with
and ascertain what they are dealing with... tunnels ranging from two metres wide to over ten in some cases.
A few of the wider tunnels that reach the Sector Wall are large
Jim Manrose: “I heard a scream, I think. It was some sort of
enough for all sorts of wanderers to access the city where the
creatures that …”
wall monitors are lazy and the protective grills are damaged.
Beff Manrose: “Carrien. It was Carrien.” This system is also in part responsible for the underground rain
Jim: “I didn’t see them, so I don’t know that.” experienced in the lower Districts.
Beff: “Everyone knows what they sound like. It was Carrien, I Any further investigation done outside the sewer will result
tell you.” in civilians either stating that they heard rats or Carrien to the
Jim: “Whatever it was, it didn’t sound like rats, but without north of the drain, but this is far from unusual for Downtown.
seeing them, who knows.” A few will note however that the Carrien-like sounds they


heard were both recent and brief. The scuttling and squeaking GM Notes: Rats will almost always be encountered in great
of rats however was, and still is, a constant. numbers. Though their teeth and claws are no match for
Operative’s armour, they will inflict some armour damage
Mort Rats come in several sizes, but the sewer dwelling herds of
which could have an impact later in the story. Though they
Killan Browns tend towards the smaller sizes as predators come
have safety in numbers, once the Operatives kill a few of
in a variety of shapes and sizes. While there is a plentiful supply
them, they will be affected by fear and flee. Combat with
of food to a canny rat, only the quick and alert survive.
rats should never last more than a few rounds, but is a great
Entering the sewer is a simple matter, as there is a fold-down way to introduce players to both the combat mechanics and
ladder on the ceiling of the tunnel that covers the inside of the the potential effects of fear when facing a superior opponent.
entrance when folded up, making it unmissable. The sewer is a
Water drips from the ceiling, splashing into the stream; the
four metre diameter tunnel with a ten centimetre deep stream
only other sounds are the gentle electrical hum of the strip
slowly running down it, flowing north to south. Even though
lighting, the ticking of the light timer and the occasional
the tunnel is in darkness, low-level lighting in the sewers is
rumble of a distant subway train. Headset communicators work
provided from the ceiling where two dim striplights, a metre
from squad member to squad member, but have no outside
apart, run the entire length as far as the eye can see. These lights
communication once the user is underground.
are off as the squad enters the sewer, but if anyone actively looks
for a switch, they’ll easily find one that turns a one hundred If the squad heads south, they will meet rats, followed by more
metre length strip of lighting (fifty metres in either direction) on rats and yet more rats, over half of which are alive. Some will
for three minutes, illuminating the tunnel a little, negating the attack the squad, but most will run away. The dead ones won’t do
need for torches or helmet lights. If nobody looks for a switch, much. If the Operatives don’t get the hint that they are going the
anyone with a Detect skill at rank 3 will notice the switches wrong way after considerable trudging, they should eventually
when the GM decides it is appropriate. Every fifty metres or reach a dead end, marked by a sealed grate and a pile of dead,
so, there’s another timer switch that illuminates the tunnel fifty rotting rats, being devoured by other rats. Ah, the cycle of life!
metres either side.
If the squad heads north, they will see some half-scrawled
Detect is the base skill for an investigator and as such, most graffiti, that just looks like random scribbles, there is a lot of it
operatives will start with at least a rank or two in Detect. Every and it would stand to reason that they represented something
investigation starts with just looking around and seeing what important, such as specific gang tags. If the Neophron character
can be seen before turning to more specialised skills, like Forensics is included in the squad, their experience in linguistics will be
or punching a witness. able to identify that these marking mean absolutely nothing,
but if the lights go out they will find that the scrawl is written
A DEAD RAT AND A COOL CAT in a fluorescent paint and reads differently in the dark.
The GM should feel free to have the players make a Streetwise
Mort Rat
roll with a ridiculously high target number to ensure they fail,
STR DEX KNOW CONC just to make them think the markings were important, however
0 4 0 0 this is simply a red herring. False leads like this are very good at
building suspense and making the players think that something
CHA COOL LUCK Initiative bad is about to happen. A little further on, they will encounter
0 3 0 +4 some rats, feasting on a pile of Carrien remains. These rats will
Hit Points Walk Run scatter when the Operatives come close and turn the lights on.
6 2 6 GM Notes: The tunnel does not extend in a straight line,
with curves and kinks along its length, and smaller pipes
Skills joining in at the edges, making it the ideal place for an
Athletics: 1 Detect: 1 ambush… a fact that shouldn’t be lost on the squad. This is
Hide: 2 Sneaking: 2 the kind of tension that should evoke a Fear Test and the
GM should feel free to do so. While this is not currently a
Tracking: 1 Unarmed Combat: 3
situation that could cause any of the Ops to feel the threat of
Equipment Fear, asking the players for their COOL values is a good way
to make them know that you are thinking about Fear and
Teeth, Claws
that in turn can help build suspense.

Rats’ Teeth/Claws The slight elevation of the tunnel is occasionally replaced by a

descent, on one occasion leading to a ten metre plateau where
DMG Min DMG AD large puddles have formed to depths of forty centimetres, before
STR -1 2 1 climbing at a very shallow rate again.
Normally, you’d smell Mort Rats before you’d see them, but
this is a sewer. In the middle of the tunnel, the squad will


eventually reach a pile of dead Carrien, with some larger than the Shivers will be really annoyed they’re making the same
average rats feasting off the freshest delights. The Carrien look trip again.
like a small scouting or foraging party that came to a nasty end.
Further along, the sewer becomes a crossroads of tunnels,
GM Notes: If the party approaches, once they get within with the tunnels to the left and right both climbing up at a 30º
eight metres, some of the rats will charge the Ops while angle for twenty metres before ending in a long vertical shaft
others scarper. This is their banquet and they don’t feel like that extends into darkness, there are no ladders. If an attempt
sharing. The rats that clear off just seem to disappear into the is made to climb one, for whatever reason, it will start gurgling
walls, finding bolt holes in the shadows between bricks. and, thirty seconds later, will have a torrent of mucky water
dumped down it.

RATS ABOUND GM Notes: The journey down the tunnels should continue
and the GM should use this time to build further tension
After several of the diners have run away, there will be three rats - noises, more graffitti, piles of crates to investigate that
remaining for every squad member. They attack indiscriminately, contain absolutely nothing. It is a good idea to throw in
charging the squad. If the rats are dealt with cleanly and quickly, the occasional Detect roll to keep the players on edge. A
the Carrien corpses will be relatively undisturbed, but too much successful one can spot something in the shadows and spook
indiscriminate gunfire or other kinetic activity near the corpses the players, though this is likely to be a distant rat, dripping
will disturb the scene, adding difficulty to any investigation. pipe or even a floating turd.
After a fight, players will want to assess the situation, checking Eventually, just over a kilometre in, the tunnel arcs to the right
ammo levels and healing any injuries. Go through their health, and leads to a defunct filtration station. This is a large square
ammo stocks and armour status to get a good picture of how ready room, twenty metres wide, with tunnels leading into it. In the
they are for the next inevitable confrontation. Operatives are middle is a raised platform, four metres across, where there used
trained for encounters like this and should be confident and quick to be a large machine. All that’s left now is rubble where the
to assess their situation, helping each other as required. machinery was seemingly drilled out and a few fallen machine
On inspection, the six Carrien were slightly undernourished casings that were too big to steal.
and poorly equipped. Only four of them had the traditional
Carrien weapon of choice, the Hockey Stick, and the remaining A DEAD PIG
pair were armed with generic clubs made from sticks or pipes.
Whatever killed them easily outmatched them. They were killed Several tunnels lead to this room, along with a pair of old metal
quickly and efficiently, and it looks like half of them were shot in double-doors on the left side, with a chain and padlock holding
the back. Searching the bodies will reveal a few unrecognisable them closed. The chain looks a lot newer than the doors. In
mangled bullets that did their job of making as much mess front of the doors is a massive dead Carnivorous Pig, slumped
inside the bodies as they did outside. Anyone with any ranks in against the doors, with bullet holes in its flank, a strange semi-
the Forensics skill will be able to confirm that they were shot transparent knife sticking out of its neck and an arm sticking
at close range. out from under its belly.
If anyone decides to search under the surrounding water, five GM Notes: All players should make a Streetwise skill roll
metres further into the tunnel, on a successful Detect roll (target with a target number of 10. Any one gaining a success
number at the GM’s discretion) they will find a single copper will recognise the knife as being ceramic and recognisable
shell casing lodged in what looks like a blob of brown jelly that as a desirable DarkNight weapon. Anyone that achieves
grew hair or other disgusting mess. SLA Industries uses caseless a good margin of success on this roll will also know that
ammunition for the most part, and this isn’t one of the rare sizes while no better than a normal knife, this particular weapon
of casing they use. holds significant value and is worth ‘collecting’, if it can be
At this point, the squad could conceivably return to the BPN retrieved from the pig.
hall to cash in their BPN, saying that the disturbance was dealt Carnivorous Pigs are a staple of the sewers, with their ability
with before they got there, but they would be sent right back to eat anything that lives, dies or floats in the tunnels, they keep
to investigate what killed the Carrien, with no extra pay, if the Carrien, rat and turd populations under control. They vary
they were to do this. They could lie and say they dealt with the from the small to the large and sometimes appear in packs of two
Carrien, but this is not advisable. or more. Pigs are the GM’s best friend. If in doubt, have a pig
turn up.
GM Notes: At this point it is suggested that the designated
leader from earlier in the scenario raises the point that The huge pig isn’t dead. It’s just recovering from a long fight
the Carrien disturbance is dealt with. The question should in which it was left for dead as its attackers retreated. Players
be raised as to whether they return to the Shivers now or should make a Detect skill roll with a target number of 10. A
continue on. If they bottle it and pull back, the GM should success will warn the Operatives that it’s not trotters-up yet.
rejoice in making them come all the way back once you have As long as at least one member of the squad is successful in
role-played the journey back to the BPN hall… and this time this roll, they can alert their fellow squad members that the pig


is still breathing. If nobody gains a success, then the pig will

automatically be considered to have the highest Initiative for
the duration of the ensuing combat. If the party survives, they can find a key in the clenched fist
that fits the padlock on the double doors. The GM may request
RASHER’S REVENGE. OINK a Detect roll be made if they wish, with the highest margin of
OINK, FUCKERS success determining which squad member will find the key.
Behind the doors is a small room, three metres wide and four
Huge Carnivorous Pig metres deep. Turning the light on reveals a couple of chairs and
STR DEX KNOW CONC a workbench. Along the left side is a stack of shelving, with a lot
6 3 0 1
of DN-stamped ammunition boxes which contain significant
quantities of copper ammo, a few DarkNight-branded pistols
CHA COOL LUCK Initiative and rifles, and a couple of cases of grenades that require firing
0 6 0 +4 pins. On the workbench are electrical and mechanical tools,
several bomb mechanisms and a small brick of plastic explosive.
Hit Points Walk Run
16 1 4 DarkNight are arguably SLA Industries’ oldest and most bitter
enemy. While they are promoted as a ‘rival company’ on account
Skills of them manufacturing and selling rival firearms and armour
Athletics: 2 Detect: 1 (be it illegally, on the black market), they are in reality closer to
a terrorist organisation. DarkNight have their roots in terror
Sneaking: 1 Survival: 2 attacks in Mort City, with the aim of forcing a public loss of
Tracking: 1 Unarmed Combat: 4 faith in SLA. They are also known for their love of explosives,
incendiary weapons and for spreading propaganda via pirate
Equipment TV broadcasts. Finding and shutting down a DarkNight cell
Teeth/Tusks, Armoured Hide (PV: 2. Resistance: 10) is something that can earn an Operative significant recognition.
However, DarkNight agents are well trained and violent, easily
Pig’s Teeth & Tusks a match for most Operatives and so head-on warfare with such
DMG Min DMG AD soldiers should not be taken lightly.
STR +2 2 2 The squad should investigate the room for a few minutes
Note: Carnivorous Pigs are vicious fighters, biting and
ripping at anything they can get their jaws around, as such,
whenever the Huge Carnivorous Pig causes the loss of any GUNS OUT
Hit Points from a single attack, it will also inflict a wound if
At the most inopportune moment, the DarkNight cell, who
no other wound has been inflicted by that attack. The GM
are seemingly set up here as bomb makers, return en-masse.
may choose which location this wound is applied to.
The group consists of a one-armed man, leading a number of
The pig will wake up as soon as anyone is within a metre of it, other agents, all wearing dark blue and orange armour. Neither
or if there’s any loud noises in the room. Rasher the Truculent, party is expecting to find the other there, so Initiative should be
as he was named by the party that had just ran away, was calculated as normal for the impending combat.
recovering from a long fight, and he doesn’t like being disturbed.
He will charge the closest Operative, or if they’re all the same GOOD NIGHT DARKNIGHT
distance, the largest, most physical looking of the squad. Due to
his wounds, Rasher has far fewer Hit Points than a normal pig DarkNight Agent
of his size, but he’s still very, very dangerous. When he gets up
and charges, the severed arm of one of his previous attackers is
clearly visible on the floor, its fist still clenched. 2 2 3 3
CHA COOL LUCK Initiative
GM Notes: Try and ensure that at least one character is
bitten by the pig and therefore gets wounded. If the party 1 4 0 +6
survives, the Ebon will come into her own as she treats the Hit Points Walk Run
injured. This may also provide an opportunity for other 16 1 3
roleplaying as the injured playout their injuries and other
players further investigate and interact with each other. Skills
Demolitions: 3 Detect: 2
Hide: 2 Intimidate: 2
Melee Weapons: 2 Pistol: 3


Skills DN Gunner Armour

Rifle: 3 Sneaking: 3 PV Resistance
Streetwise: 3 Throw: 2 6 20
Torture: 3 Unarmed Combat: 1
DN113 Power Machete
Skill: Melee Weapons
DN95 Stinger SMG, DarkNight Gunner Armour,
trench coat, DN113 Power Machete, assortment of DMG Min DMG AD
DN-branded firearms (3 clips per weapon). 1d10-2 4 1
DN95 Stinger SMG There should be one regular DarkNight agent for each squad
Skill: Pistol or Rifle member, plus the one-armed agent and the more experienced
agent. The regulars aren’t great tacticians, but the larger, more
DMG Min DMG AD experienced agent should be a serious match for the operatives,
1d10-2 2 1 taking cover and being smart in how they attack. The one-
armed specialist is useless and will just run away, fleeing the
ROF Recoil Range Clip scene in the first round of combat. If the Operatives retreat to
3 1 180m 24 or stay in the room and try to make a defensive stand, the more
experienced agent will use some form of improvised explosive
device. When detonated the room will fill with smoke, and
Experienced DarkNight Agent
everyone will be knocked over. When this happens Initiative
STR DEX KNOW CONC should be recalculated when the smoke clears. The DarkNight
3 4 3 3 combatants will use this opportunity to try and flank the Ops,
or move the combat back into the filtration room where there
CHA COOL LUCK Initiative
are more exits.
1 4 0 +6
GM Notes: If the fight isn’t over quickly, the lights in the
Hit Points Walk Run
filtration room will go out, and the only decent light source
17 1 3 will be the bomb-making room. This will allow the squad to
withdraw into darkness, giving them the tactical edge. The
GM is free to shift the action here as they see fit, with the
Demolitions: 3 Detect: 2 aim of creating a cinematic experience. Due to the number of
Hide: 2 Intimidate: 2 combatants the GM is free to have some of the DarkNight
Melee Weapons: 2 Pistol: 3 agents flee if it seems appropriate after a couple of rounds.
Rifle: 4 Sneaking: 3
Streetwise: 4 Throw: 2
Torture: 3 Unarmed Combat: 1 If SLA Industries’ finest survive the fight, they will have
completed the Blue BPN, even if they didn’t kill the DarkNight
Equipment squad. There is no bonus for stopping DarkNight from
DN90 Stumpy Shotgun, DarkNight Gunner Armour, committing an atrocity in Downtown. If the squad decides to
trench coat, DN113 Power Machete, assortment of bring as much of the cache back as they can carry, there is no
DN-branded firearms (3 clips per weapon). bonus. If they leave one squad member behind to guard the
cache as the others fetch the Shivers to help get the rest, there
DN90 Stumpy Shotgun is no bonus. They were hired to clean out the sewer disturbance
Skill: Rifle and they did precisely that.
DMG Min DMG AD GM Notes: If they players suggest that taking this stuff
1d10+3 5 3 back is a good thing, the GM should let them do it. Making
players struggle, trying to do a good thing, only to get no kind
ROF Recoil Range Clip of reward is exactly the kind of downtrodden experience that
1 1 20m 8 Operatives should get used to. The one-armed DarkNight
agent will almost certainly have escaped. This NPC should
DarkNight usually use their own weapons, which are regularly be used again in any future games of SLA Industries played
a match for those carried by SLA Operatives. In addition to the by this squad… bringing back an old enemy is a great way to
weapon stats above, all agents have the following items: progress a story.


Minor SCL increases and the BPN cash might not be the only chase. The last thing she wanted was the Carrien drawing
reward, as a smart operative could always take a gun and some Operatives, or worse, into her hideout.
DarkNight ammo to hide before returning to SLA Industries, They caught the Carrien without too much hassle, gunning
and recover their hidden stash at a later date. Using non-SLA them down as they tried to escape. She told the rookies to
weaponry is illegal, but only if you get caught. Importantly, if one pick up their casings, as this isn’t the time to get sloppy. Best
Operative was smart enough to take the DarkNight ceramic knife they learn to police their mess sooner rather than later. She
that was stuck in the pig, that baby is worth some serious Unis on saw one of the kids recoil as he touched something under
the blackmarket (just don’t let the Shivers see it!). the water and giggled a little. It’s a sewer, it’s got icky stuff
in it.
The Tale Of The Cache
Upon returning to the filtration room, Henshaw got her
Magritte Henshaw headed back to her workshop, deep in key out to unlock the padlock, before then noticing Rasher
the sewers of Downtown. She loved the thought of having the Truculent, the fabled ‘Big Pig’ of the region. Oh shit.
her factory right in the heart of the enemy’s home, under The recruits unloaded their guns into the pig and Henshaw
their very feet. She was glad she wasn’t travelling alone this stabbed it in the neck as it tore her arm off. The pig went
time, a couple of recruits were travelling with her to pick up down as Henshaw pumped herself full of “stop me from
some guns from her stock, as when she returned, there were dying” drugs. This was bad, she thought.
six Carrien waiting for her. They look scared, but not of her.
She had lost her arm, complete with the key to her munitions
As the recruits got ready for a scuffle, the Carrien simply
factory held firmly in the still-clenched fist. Worse still, that
turned and ran away, much to Magritte’s surprise, though
pig was now sitting on it. She needed someone who could
not that she was complaining. She unlocked the doors to
kill a pig that big; it was time to get Martens in. He owed
her tiny factory, dropped off the block of plastic explosive
her a favour, and wasn’t too far away...
and gave the rookies a couple of guns, locked up and led the



Want to play more sessions and send ‘Blistering Rain’ out for This Quick Start has been designed as an entry point into
more action? Included here are a couple of additional BPNs the world of SLA Industries, but it is the tip of the iceberg. In
design to spark a GMs imagination. Take this information and September 2019 we will be launching the Kickstarter campaign
run with it, or design your own and go wild. to produce the second edition of the game. The rules and
world you have seen here will be expanded with more races,
background, history, enemies and hardware.
Departmental Authorisation: Additionally, a lot of the first edition material provides great
Department of Housing inspiration, especially the recently published SLA Industries
Training Package Recommended: 1st Edition Redux, Cannibal Sector 1 and Hunter Sheets 2

colour Code:
sourcebooks which can be bought as PDFs from DrivethruRPG
or as hardback books from from
Details: or your friendly local gaming store.

Reported disappearance of 34 tenants in apartment block
Note: Second Edition PDF conversion packs for both
1002, Downtown Sector 3-454. Operatives to investigate
Cannibal Sector 1 and Hunter Sheets 2 will be made
the disappearance and/or find suitable remuneration for
available during the Kickstarter.
loss of rental income.
+0.3 SCL Increase

Station Analysis: Consolidated Bonus Scheme: Per Op:

SC L 10
Third Eye News: Per Squad: Requirement:
“Blueprint News” and “Third Eye” are wholly owned subsidiaries of SLA Industries. Any unauthorised use of their names or images is illegal.

Departmental Authorisation:
Training Package Recommended:
colour Code:


Operatives required to retrieve files stolen from Mr A.J.
Lawson’s attache case in an Uptown bar. Last seen location
was ‘The Distillery’ winebar. Contents are considered
highly sensitive and Operatives would be advised to
locate and return said documentation without studying it.
Mr Lawson is available for questioning if required.
+0.2 SCL Increase

Station Analysis: Consolidated Bonus Scheme: Per Op:

SC L 10
Third Eye News: Per Squad: Requirement:
“Blueprint News” and “Third Eye” are wholly owned subsidiaries of SLA Industries. Any unauthorised use of their names or images is illegal.


As part of playtesting the new system before the Kickstarter
for SLA Industries 2nd Edition on the 17th September, 2019,
if you spot any typos or errors, please email our beta feedback
address at and we will read your
feedback. This is version 0.9b2 of the Quick Start document.

S L A O p e r at i v e S ec u r i t y C l e a r a n c e C a r d
Malice Stormer 313
Close Assault
Blistering Rain

SCL 10

Ratings Points Body: 5 Brains: 0 Bravado: 2

Stats STR: 5 KNOW: 1 CHA: 0 Initiative Bonus 6

DEX: 4 CONC: 2 COOL: 5 Luck: _/3

Skills Rank Bonus Traits Rank

Acrobatics (DEX) 2 6 Psychosis: Psychopathy -2

Detect (CONC) 1 3 Ambidextrous 1

Intimidate (COOL) 3 8
Melee Weapons (STR) 2 7
Pistol (DEX) 1 5
Rifle (DEX) 1 5
Sneaking (DEX) 1 5
Survival (COOL) 1 6
Movement Encumbrance
Torture (COOL) 3 7
Walk 1
Tracking (CONC) 2 4
Run 4 /
Unarmed Combat (STR) 2 7
Hit Points Experience Points

Head [] Left Arm [] Right Arm []
Torso [] Left Leg [] Right Leg []

Weapons, Armour & Equipment

FEN 204 ‘Gunhead’ (3 clips) HARD Armour Stormer Chuckleduster Shoulder-mounted Flashlight
MAC Knife Headset Communicator
313 ‘Malice’ Stomers are SLA Industries’ biogenetically
grown soldiers. Standing over two and a half metres tall, the
Stomer is the ideal Operative for situations where pure muscle
and combat prowess are a priority over rational thinking.
Stormers have a huge muscular frame, with enough strength
to rip a man’s arms off… and they do, regularly. A Stormer
however, is not gifted with great speech, nor attractive looks,
in fact the head resembles a skinned horse with its face peeled
back, revealing a huge razor-tooth filled mouth with no lips,
causing them to drool constantly. The Stormer is without a
doubt, the most terrifying asset that SLA Industries have at
their disposal.
Gawl is an irate, aggressive example of the Malice Stormer.
They rejoice in settling confrontation with a swift blow to the
head and will close in on anything that they perceive as a threat
wherever possible. Investigation is rarely Gawl’s priority and
other members of Blistering Rain often have to hold them back
from ‘going off on one’. Where other members of the squad
may feel the need to study a crime scene, Gawl will already be
on a rampage, hunting down the suspect, hoping to get close
enough to use their prized possession; the Chuckleduster.

PP10 HARD Armour Stormer Chuckleduster

PV Resistance Skill: Unarmed Combat
6 20 DMG Min DMG AD
1d10+2 5 3
FEN 204 ‘Gunhead’ Submachine Gun
Skill: Pistol or Rifle MAC Knife
DMG Min DMG AD Skill: Melee Weapons
1d10-2 3 1 DMG Min DMG AD
1d10-3 2 1
ROF Recoil Range Clip
1/3/10 0/1/3 65m 40

Regeneration - Gawl can regenerate 2 Hit Point and/or wounds every 20 minutes. Wounds are always healed before Hit Points.
S L A O p e r at i v e S ec u r i t y C l e a r a n c e C a r d
Ebonite - Ebon
Blistering Rain

SCL 10

Ratings Points Body: 1 Brains: 2 Bravado: 3

Stats STR: 2 KNOW: 3 CHA: 2 Initiative Bonus 7

DEX: 2 CONC: 4 COOL: 3 Flux: _/4

Skills Rank Bonus Traits Rank

Acrobatics (DEX) 1 3 n/a

Detect (CONC) 3 7
Forensics (KNOW) 3 6
Hide (DEX) 1 3
Medical (KNOW) 3 6
Melee Weapons (STR) 1 3
Pistol (DEX) 1 3
Sneaking (DEX) 2 4
Movement Encumbrance
Unarmed Combat (STR) 1 3
Walk 1
Run 3 /
Ebb - Heal (CONC) 2 6
Hit Points Experience Points
Ebb - Thermal: Blue (CONC) 2 6
Ebb - Communicate (ONC) 1 5
Head [] Left Arm [] Right Arm []
Torso [] Left Leg [] Right Leg []

Weapons, Armour & Equipment

FEN 603 Auto-Pistol (3 clips) Deathsuit Ebb Sword Flashlight
MAC Knife BOOPA Medi-Kit Headset Communicator Ebb Medi-Kit
Ebons are one of the two ‘Ebonite’ races, easily identifiable
by their natural brightly coloured hair, pupil-less eyes and
generally calm demeanor. Aside from the colourful flare, Ebons
appear ‘human’ in almost every other sense. Ebons are able to
control the Ebb by the means of a mysterious resource known as
Flux. Control of the Ebb allows Ebonites to perform otherwise
impossible tasks, bending the very fabric of reality. Unlike their
Waster cousins, Ebons are not naturally destructive, though
to think of them as harmless would be a gross misjudgement.
Many Ebons focus on the healing and communication aspects
of the Ebb, allowing them to integrate well into almost any
squad. They are naturally social and while many have an air of
arrogance about them, they understand empathy as well as any
other race on Mort.
Opal is a medic, proficient both in the Heal Ebb Discipline
and in conventional paramedical aid. While she does not think
of herself as physical, her strength and capability with both her
blade and pistol make her more than capable of looking after
herself. Opal is very much a ‘think first’ character. Like many
Ebons, she is calculated and patient, able to see the bigger Deathsuit
picture and put personal safety and the safety of those around PV Resistance
her at the forefront of the mission. Her role in Blistering Rain 5 16
is a valuable one and she is well respected by her squad mates
for the rational mindset that she brings to the team. Ebb Sword
Skill: Melee Weapons
FEN 603 Auto-Pistol
Skill: Pistol DMG Min DMG AD
1d10-3 2 3
1d10-2 4 1 MAC Knife
Skill: Melee Weapons
ROF Recoil Range Clip
1/3 0/1 60m 20 DMG Min DMG AD
1d10-3 2 1

S L A O p e r at i v e S ec u r i t y C l e a r a n c e C a r d
Sassanakrop Farrokhzad


Package: Investigation &

Blistering Rain

SCL 10

Ratings Points Body: 0 Brains: 4 Bravado: 2

Stats STR: 1 KNOW: 2 CHA: 4 Initiative Bonus 6

DEX: 2 CONC: 4 COOL: 3 Luck: _/2

Skills Rank Bonus Traits Rank

Bribery (COOL) 1 4 Vision: Good 1

Detect (CONC) 3 7 Sterile -1

Diplomacy (CHA) 3 7
Forensics (KNOW) 1 5
Interrogate (COOL) 2 5
Leadership (CHA) 3 7
Medical (KNOW) 2 6
Melee Weapons (STR) 1 2
Movement Encumbrance
Oratory (CHA) 2 6
Walk 1
Persuasion (CHA) 3 7
Run 3 /
Pistol (DEX) 2 4
Hit Points Experience Points
Read Lips (CONC) 1 5
Sneaking (DEX)
Streetwise (KNOW)
Torture (COOL) 2 5 Wounds
Unarmed Combat (STR) 1 2 Head [] Left Arm [] Right Arm []
Torso [] Left Leg [] Right Leg []

Weapons, Armour & Equipment

FEN 603 Auto-Pistol (2 clips) Body Blocker Armour MAC Knife Headset Communicator
Flashlight BOOPA Medi-Kit
Neophron are avian humanoids. They do not have wings,
despite having a feathered plumage that covers all but their
hands and feet. Their heads are especially bird-like and there
is a wide diversity of colour and shape, particularly around the
beak and eyes. The majority of Neophron entering the World
of Progress are tall and slender, with refined and graceful
mannerisms and gestures. They acknowledge their light,
delicate physical frames and never take excessively combat
driven training packages, much preferring the more cerebral
based careers within the company. Neophron take pride in
their appearance, regularly wearing smart suits or attire that
makes them stand out from the gunslingers of SLA Industries.
When they do wear armour, it is often light and maneuverable,
something they have little choice over as most manufacturers
simply don’t make helmets that will fit a Neophron’s head.
Sassanakrop is a gifted investigator and natural communicator.
Though the Neophron are relatively new to Mort, his talent for
communication and quick thinking have seen him well accepted FEN 603 Auto-Pistol
by Blistering Rain. Sassanakrop understands the street and Pistol
the people he finds there, he knows the importance of careful
investigation, asking questions, considering the information at DMG Min DMG AD
hand and coming to a rational decision. Though a reasonable 1d10-2 4 1
shot, he will always be reluctant to draw his weapon unless he’s
sure it’s the only option. Sassanakrop is also a natural leader ROF Recoil Range Clip
and excellent interrogator, two things that the rest of Blistering 1/3 0/1 60m 20
Rain regularly look to him for.
MAC Knife
PP664.2 Body Blocker Melee Weapons
PV Resistance
4 12
1d10-3 2 1

Charm Offensive - Sassanakrop receives a +1 modifier to the Success Die for all Diplomacy, Oratory and Persuasion rolls. This bonus
is not applied when dealing with other members of the Neophron race.
S L A O p e r at i v e S ec u r i t y C l e a r a n c e C a r d
Dru McThomas
Heavy Support
Blistering Rain

SCL 10

Ratings Points Body: 2 Brains: 1 Bravado: 3

Stats STR: 3 KNOW: 2 CHA: 2 Initiative Bonus 6

DEX: 4 CONC: 2 COOL: 4 Luck: _/3

Skills Rank Bonus Traits Rank

Demolitions (CONC) 1 3 Drug Addict (Rush) -1

Detect (CONC) 2 4 Arrogant -1

Hide (DEX) 1 5 Hearing: Good 2

Interrogate (COOL) 2 6
Melee Weapons (STR) 1 4
Pistol (DEX) 2 6
Rifle (DEX) 3 7
Sneaking (DEX) 1 5
Movement Encumbrance
Streetwise (KNOW) 2 4
Walk 1
Unarmed Combat (STR) 3 6
Run 3 /
Hit Points Experience Points

Head [] Left Arm [] Right Arm []
Torso [] Left Leg [] Right Leg []

Weapons, Armour & Equipment

FEN 603 Auto-Pistol (2 clips) HARD Armour FEN 706 Power Reaper 2.1000 (2 clips)
Under-barrel Flashlight (Power Reaper) SLA Blade BOOPA CASDIS
Headset Communicator 5x doses of Rush 2x doses of Mind Numb
Frothers appear human to the untrained eye, be it on the bulkier,
more physical end of the spectrum. Despite the extremely similar
appearance, they are in fact an entirely different race, originating
from a distant part of the planet where tartan-wearing clan-based
culture revolves around the use of hard drugs from an early age, a
trait which has led to most adults salivating constantly like rabid
dogs. By the time teenage years have hit, most Frothers are pushed
into the arms of SLA Industries, who just happen to be the World
of Progress’ most prominent drugs manufacturer. This match is one
that helps both parties; SLA get a willing army of combat capable
Operatives, whereas the young Frother gains access to SLA’s
impressive combat drug line. Most Frothers favour close-combat,
based largely on the fact that claymore duelling is somewhat of a
national sport in Heberia, however more and more Frothers are
turning to ranged weapons to get their fix of violence.
Dru is one of those Frothers that likes to break the mold. Sure,
he still pumps himself full of combat drugs at every opportunity,
but he’s found himself more at home holding a big gun than a
Power Claymore. Dru’s weapon of choice is the Power Reaper, a
weapon so feared and respected that it has a price tag to match its
reputation; just how Dru managed to afford one is something of
a mystery. Dru is short tempered, considered a tad arrogant and
doesn’t play well with others, but that hasn’t stopped him becoming FEN 706 Power Reaper 2.1000
a valued member of Blistering Rain. His keen eye and passion for
Skill: Rifle
blasting anything that gets close to his squadmates makes him a
valuable ally when things get dirty. DMG Min DMG AD
FEN 603 Auto-Pistol 1d10+1 4 1

Skill: Pistol ROF Recoil Range Clip

DMG Min DMG AD 3/10 1/2 220m 25
1d10-2 4 1 PP10 HARD Armour
ROF Recoil Range Clip PV Resistance
1/3 0/1 60m 20 6 20

Feel No Pain - Dru ignores the penalties and modifiers applied to him by any one wound that they he’s received, so for example, if
Dru has suffered three wounds, he only applies the effects for two of them. The player may always choose which wound to ignore.
Drug Addict - Any drugs used by a Dru are considered to have an additional 30 minutes duration.
S L A O p e r at i v e S ec u r i t y C l e a r a n c e C a r d
Tammy Hardsnip
Strike & Sweep
Blistering Rain

SCL 10

Ratings Points Body: 2 Brains: 1 Bravado: 3

Stats STR: 2 KNOW: 2 CHA: 2 Initiative Bonus 6

DEX: 3 CONC: 3 COOL: 4 Luck: _/4

Skills Rank Bonus Traits Rank

Acrobatics (DEX) 1 4 n/a

Detect (CONC) 2 5
Diplomacy (CHA) 1 3
Hide (DEX) 1 4
Interrogate (COOL) 1 5
Medical (KNOW) 1 3
Melee Weapons (STR) 3 5
Persuasion (CHA) 1 3
Movement Encumbrance
Pistol (DEX) 2 5
Walk 1
Rifle (DEX) 3 6
Run 3 /
Seduction (CHA) 1 3
Hit Points Experience Points
Sneaking (DEX) 2 5
Streetwise (KNOW)
Survival (COOL)
Unarmed Combat (STR) 2 4 Wounds
Head [] Left Arm [] Right Arm []
Torso [] Left Leg [] Right Leg []

Weapons, Armour & Equipment

FEN 603 Auto-Pistol (2 clips) HARD Armour FEN AR Assault Rifle (3 clips) Under-barrel Flashlight (FEN AR)
DPB Vibro Sabre Headset Communicator
Humans are the most prominent species in the employ of
SLA Industries and one of the most common races on Mort,
only outnumbered by Carrien and rats. SLA loves humans,
they are adaptable, fit well into almost any situation, able
to learn at a considerable pace and are generally sociable. As
one of the few races that take the whole breadth of training
packages that SLA have to offer, they have proven themselves
as capable marksmen, gifted assassins, excellent investigators
and suit wearing corporate academics. Humans tend to have
fewer biases towards other species and though humans do tend
to stick together, on a personal level they have proven time and
time again that their resilience and resourcefulness in the face
of insurmountable odds is truly incredible.
Tammy is a talented all-round generalist. Trained in SLA’s
new ‘Strike & Sweep’ package, she has suitable training in all
areas of Operative life, able to shoot straight, ask the right
questions and know when to duck for cover. Tammy is friendly
and outgoing, but knows when to tell the rest of her squad to
shut up. She is a capable investigator and knows when to holster
her weapon, but won’t hesitate to fire first if the situation arises. FEN AR Assault Rifle
PP10 HARD Armour Skill: Rifle
PV Resistance DMG Min DMG AD
6 20 1d10+1 5 1

FEN 603 Auto-Pistol ROF Recoil Range Clip

Skill: Pistol 1/3 0/2 350m 25
DMG Min DMG AD DPB Vibro Sabre
1d10-2 4 1 Skill: Melee Weapons
ROF Recoil Range Clip DMG Min DMG AD
1/3 0/1 60m 20 1d10-2 4 1

Sociable - Tammy receives a +1 modifier to the Success Die for all Diplomacy and Persuasion rolls when dealing with other Humans.

Departmental Authorisation: Departmental Authorisation:

Training Package Recommended: Training Package Recommended:

colour Code:

colour Code:
Details: Details:

Station Analysis: Consolidated Bonus Scheme: Per Op: SC L Station Analysis: Consolidated Bonus Scheme: Per Op: SCL
Third Eye News: Per Squad: Requirement: Third Eye News: Per Squad: Requirement:
“Blueprint News” and “Third Eye” are wholly owned subsidiaries of SLA Industries. Any unauthorised use of their names or images is illegal. “Blueprint News” and “Third Eye” are wholly owned subsidiaries of SLA Industries. Any unauthorised use of their names or images is illegal.





Hit Points Walk Run Hit Points Walk Run

Skills Skills

Equipment Equipment



Hand-To-Hand Attack Modifiers Damage Modifier - Margin of Success
The following modifiers are applied to the base target number The margin of success gained when rolling to hit can affect the
of 10 for all rolls to hit in hand-to-hand combat. It is possible amount of damage inflicted by a weapon, as follows:
for multiple modifiers to apply to a single roll.
Dice that Equal or Damage Modifier
Situation Modifier Exceed Target Number
-1 to Success Die and Test Die --
Charging a target
+1 Skill Die success +1 Skill Die --
Target charged you, or +2 Skill Dice +1 DMG or hit an arm
moved more than their Walk -1 to Success Die
value this Combat Round +3 Skill Dice +2 DMG or hit a leg
Target uses a defensive -1 to all dice for each skill +4 or more Skill Dice +3 DMG and hit the head
manoeuvre rank allocated to defence
Damage Modifier - Strength
Successfully hit the
same target during the +1 to Success Die In hand-to-hand combat, particularly strong combatants
last Combat Round are capable of inflicting additional damage with weapons on
account of the brute force they naturally strike with. To reflect
Attacking with a natural this, the following modifiers are applied to all attacks made with
+1 to Success Die
weapons (fists, teeth, claws etc)
any weapon that uses the Melee Weapons skill:
Ranged Attack Modifiers
Strength of User Damage Modifier
The following modifiers are applied to the base target number
1-4 -
of 10 for all rolls to hit in ranged combat. It is possible for
multiple modifiers to apply to a single roll. 5 +1 DMG
6 +2 DMG
Situation Modifier
Target is in light cover -1 to Success Die Damage Modifier - Rate of Fire (ROF)
Target is in heavy When making ranged attacks with a weapon that has a ROF
-2 to Success Die greater than 1, only a single roll to hit it made, regardless of the
cover or is concealed
number of rounds fired. Rather than needing to make multiple
Target moved more
rolls, a volley of bullets is treated like a single more powerful
than their Walk value -1 to Success Die
this Combat Round
shot. As such, high rate of fire weapons present a risk vs reward
dilemma for their user, offering the potential for extreme
-1 to Success Die for each point damage, with the offset of being less accurate.
of recoil the weapon has
Firing blind -1 to all dice
When a ranged attack hits, the following damage modifiers are
applied in addition to those granted by the Margin of Success:
+1 to Success Die or +1 Skill
Dice success (See “Aim”) ROF Damage Modifier
May reroll Success Die 1 -
Firing on Burst Fire
(See “Rate of Fire”)
3 +1
May reroll any/all dice
Firing on Full-Auto 10 +2
(See “Rate of Fire”)

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