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Happiness Is Measured Out In Miles


Well, you fan fiction lovers, here I am again! With my second fan fiction. If you read the first one
(which I hope) called "It’s Only love", you’ll realise that this is a little bit different. First of all, this is
in English, to reach a higher number of readers, and secondly... Well, I’m not going to tell you because
it is part of the story.

Well, in case you didn’t read my first fan-fic, I’m going to tell you a bit about me. My real name is
Vicky, and I’ve been a Beatles fan for a slong as I can remember. My life has bbeen devoted to them,
so that I studied English and became a teacher. I’m currently a teacher at the official school of
languages in Valencia.

When I started writing this new fan fiction, I had already made some very good friends in the Beatles
chat. This was long ago. Very long ago, back in the decade of the 2000s. The time when chatrooms
were the height of the cyberworld and you could chat to people all over the world. This was before
Facebook, Instagram and all the social networks. I met Eli, whose fan fiction still sends tickles to my
spine, and who become an instant great friend. Wonder what she’ll be up to nowadays... I decided on
the spur of the moment to take my second fan fic and revise it to correct some inaccuracies. So the
fan fic you’re about to read is actually the second edition.

Anyway, I would like to thank Eli, also Edu, my best friend at the time, for being so much like myself,
and loving George the way she did. Then she met someone, got preganant, and we lost contact. I think
she never got to read my fan fiction where she is one of the main characters and without whom this
fan fic would make no sense at all… Also thanks to Mª del Mar, Maria Ribera, Elena Perez Belmonte and
all my Beatles girl friends. We all loved the Beatles very very much. I hope they still do…

But, above all of them, I want to thank JOHN, George, Paul and Ringo, just for being the Beatles, for
showing me how to appreciate good music, for being so damn cute and sexy and attractive and
everything. And especially, thanks to my love, the love of my life, JOHN WINSTON LENNON,
because without him my life would be meaningless, and because without him I wouldn’t know what love
is. I started loving him when I was ten, and here I am, loving him more and more each day. I love him
madly, I think if you've read "It’s Only Love" you would have probably noticed that.

Well, I hope you enjoy my second fan fiction. Don’t take the facts too seriously. I wish they had
happened, but unfortunately, they didn’t, so everything is something out of my imagination, ok?

Oh, and there is also sex here (explicit language), and drugs and violence... Just keep in mind that the
Beatles were four guys who lived life to the fullest, so they took drugs, organised wild orgies but also,
and the most important thing, wrote the best music ever.

So, thank you, JOHN, Paul, George and Ringo, for the best music ever!

Copyright Sadie4.

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