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Maria Stela Clarisa Nau

63 Milton Court Road, London, United Kingdom SE14 6JJ

Mobile: +447470681685 E-mail:

Personal Profile
A professional public affairs and communication consultant with more than six years
experiences working with national and international broadcasting company; with an
extensive knowledge in managing programs covering the areas of politics,
government affairs, public policy, technology and digital media.

Professional Experiences
2018 – 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia
Senior Associate, PT. Royston Advisory Indonesia
As a consultant specialized in public affairs and strategic communication , my responsibilities
are but not limited to :
▪ Monitoring information sources from variety of stakeholders in order to keep clients
informed of any developments related to their field of activity.
▪ Advising on potential responses that may be required.
▪ Researching, forecasting and evaluating the effects of public policy on an organization
using public sources, political intelligence and personal contacts.
▪ Providing stakeholders mapping to clients in order to keep their business well-

2012-2018, Jakarta, Indonesia

Producer , Metro TV
As a producer specialized covering in politics, policy and digital media , my responsibilities are
but not limited to :
▪ Managing Program 360 of Metro TV starting from the proposal and budget.
▪ Collaborated with other producers and executive producers in maintain a good rating
share of the program.
▪ Preparing storyboard to create attractive and compelling content.
▪ Conduct an interview with sources, or anyone directly involved in story.
▪ Analyze collected data to put a perspective into story.
▪ Undertake wide-ranging research and oversee the post production.
▪ Build and maintain contact from variety of sources in the media companies,
government officials, NGO and private sector.
Reporter, Metro TV
Covering a range of areas (e.g., news, politics, business, education, healthcare, lifestyle, travel)
as a full-time general assignment reporter for a local daily news.

▪ Make an agenda setting to put perspective into story.

▪ Conduct an interview with source who directly linked to the story.
▪ Undertake research and analysis, including doing live report through traditional channel
and social media.
▪ Created and hosting news program ‘Catatan Pewarta Istana’ to cover any policies and
politics motivation taken by The Administration of President Joko Widodo.
2015 – 2016, Washington DC, United States
Junior Producer, Voice of America
VOA’s main objective is to produce news content for affiliates around the world, one of them is
Indonesia. VOA is a US government-funded international broadcast sources that produces
digital, TV and radio content more than 40 languages.
▪ Hands on experience to do research and post production stories on many figures of
Americans or Indonesians living across the United States.
▪ Handle and manage two programs of VOA called ‘Dunia Kita’ and ‘Kecil Tapi Penting’
which both of them presenting the value of cooperation and cultural exchange between
Indonesia and United States.
▪ Managing daily social media activities by providing communication plan, website
content, video blog and research support.
▪ Build and maintain stakeholder relationships particularly with ‘Diaspora Indonesia’ in
United States.

2008 – 2012, Bandung, Indonesia
Bachelor of International Relations – Parahyangan Catholic University
Studi Focus - Diplomacy and Asia-Pasific Studies
Grade achieved - 3.35/ 4.00

2019-2020, London, United Kingdom

Candidate of Master Degree - Goldsmiths University of London
Studi Focus - Political Communication

➢ Chevening Scholarship 2019/2020
➢ PPIA-VOA Broadcasting Fellowship 2015/2016
➢ Best Delegate of Social and Political Science Students National Conference 2010

Excellent research and interview skills.
Able to conduct a news program within the timeline.
Competent in giving fact-checking information and self-editing video for post-
production by using Google Tools and Adobe Premiere.
Extensive knowledge of social media, relationship building and networking.
Good public communication skill, multitasker and a passionate team player.

Volunteer Experiences
September, 2019 - present, London, United Kingdom
President, PPI UK, Indonesian Student Association in the UK
A well known youth organization, founded more than 40 years ago, that brings all of
Indonesian students who study in the United Kingdom to collaborate with each other,
build their network and embrace their potentials.

2018 – present, Jakarta, Indonesia

Founder, NTT Muda
An organization focusing on inspiring and empowering the youth of East Nusa Tenggara to
continue their study through digital literacy.