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We are seeking approval to set up a consultancy “ERUDITE” is assures the students a good career with bundle

of opportunities to grow and settle well in their lives this consultancy is based on student satisfaction and the

suggestions by professionals. We believe consultancy provides a great opportunity for organizations to work

with students and get involved with the employability and skills. Consultant is an expert in a particular field

who actually works as an advisor to a company or to an individual. These people have comprehensive grasp of

knowledge in a particular area or field. Besides this, they also provide the information and the benefits of their

expertise, to their clients.


Our consultancy consists of four employees who are well acquired with outside scenario and the present status

of jobs in the market. We have personally met many people of higher authority in companies many other

consultants who have established their consultancy many years back and mainly spoke to students to find their

opinion and experience about joining about a consultancy.


We planned and decided to establish the “ERUDITE” in student union building at the ground floor in the

multipurpose room. We opted this place because students will frequently visit this place and it is easy to


We provide the following skills to the students:

1) Job search training and Internships

2) Resume preparation

3) Conducting monk interviews.

4) Developing applications

5) Interview presentation

6) Understanding employer expectations

The consultancy consists four employees and each employee is assigned a task to perform like:


He/she will gather students information such as his/her name and contact number, qualifications, area of

interests and future plans by either calling up the student or it can be through the direct conversation of the



He/she will conducts a complete research on the openings and the opportunities provided by the companies.

This employee job is to be in tact with the current scenario in the market through internet, news papers, mails

and phone calls to companies and professionals


He/she will provide training to the job seekers in a particular field which they are interested in like java, .net,

pega, oracle, testing tools, digital processing, mat lab etc. This person also involves in clarifying the questions

regarding the subject and he/she ensures that the student has perfect grip on the subject before he/she actually

attends the interview in the company and also this employee provides hand outs to the students containing the

subject information which helps the students to practice and prepare well at home.


EMPLOYEE 4: He/she will help the students to make necessary changes in their resumes and cover letters,

thank you letters according to their job criteria. In that they will include all the skills of the job seeker. Besides

these tasks this employee also conducts monk interviews and also trains the students about the interviewing

skills like dressing, research about the company etc. Once the job seeker has been placed, consultant should

maintain contact with the work place and should also monitor the job seeker in work.


Since, the university provides 5000$ for the investment of “ERUDITE” we allocated this amount for the

following tasks.

1) Preparing broachers, promoting a consultancy website to the students, ads in newspapers and placing

them all over the campus-1000$

2) Buying equipments like tables ,chairs, computers ,projectors ,Phone instruments, papers , pencils

,pens ,pads -2000$

3) Setting an amount for paying to university for letting us to establish ERUDITE in the Student union

building- 500$

4) Setting an amount to pay to the organization for taking in the students trained our consultancy-1000$

5) Miscellaneous Expenese-500$



FDU Entrepreneurial Business Selection Committee,

1000 River Road,


NJ 07666

Subject: Seeking permission for the establishment of consultancy

Dear Sir,

We the students of FDU are hereby writing this letter to thanking

you for providing us funds to start up an organization.. We are planning to
establish a consultancy with the fund given by you people. The name of our
Consultancy is ‘ERUDITE’. We are of four employees and each employee
works on different tasks.

We have planned to establish this consultancy at student

union building. The reason behind starting up consultancy is to help the job
seekers. So I kindly request your committee to grant us permission for the
establishment of consultancy

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Erudite Team



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Harini velmala
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