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Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet

Chapter name: A Triumph of Surgery No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q1. What kind of a person do you think
The story starts when
the narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is?
Mrs. Pumphrey, a rich
• To develop the habits of Would you say he is tactful as well as full
lady takes her dog out reading for information & of commonsense?
for a walk. A nearby pleasure, drawing inferences Ans. The narrator, a veterinary doctor is a
veterinary doctor who from what they read & very compassionate and an honest man as
knows the lady sees relating texts to their he does not unnecessarily operate upon
the dog and is shocked previous knowledge. Tricki. He goes out of the way to guide
• To learn reading critically & Mrs. Pumphrey that she should start

as he sees that the dog

develop the confidence to keeping a strict check on Tricki’s diet and

looks like a bloated


ask & answer questions. his exercise schedule. He is tactful because


sausage with a leg at • To encourage the learners he knows how to get Tricki to the hospital

each end. He advises express their own ideas in a and his common sense can be seen by the

her to stop giving him creative & coherent way. simple fact that he just changed the eating
unhealthy things to eat • To promote the habit of and exercise schedule of Tricki which
but Mrs. Pumphrey is self-learning & reduce helped him recover from his problems. He
dependence on the teacher did not unnecessarily put him on
not able to refuse him.
Soon he falls sick and • Knowledge of different medicines.
kinds of pet animals Q2. Do you think Tricki was happy to
the doctor is called.
• Dog as the most faithful pet go home? What do you think will happen
The narrator, Mr. • Misuse of money by rich now?
people like Mrs. Pumphrey Ans.
Herriot then somehow Yes, Tricki was as happy to go
takes Tricki, the dog home as much as he was staying in the
who overfed her pet and
surgery. He was happy staying in the
to the hospital even made him sick
though he knows that PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE surgery because he got many friends which
he did not have at home and was happy to
Mrs. Pumphrey is not TEST:-
1. Is there any pet dog at your home go back home because he did not have his
ready to leave her dog lavish lifestyle at the surgery. His
and nearly fainted just excitement to go back home can be seen
2. What will happen if we overfeed
by hearing these from the fact that as soon as he saw his
the dog ?
words.Then he takes 3. What will happen if the dog is mistress, he jumped back into the car and
the dog along and puts not given chance to play and started licking her face and roaming around
in excitement. I think now he will be fine
a bed for him in his exercise ?
at home as well because earlier Mrs.
surgery. The dog Pumphrey did not take Mr. Herriot’s
doesn't move much NEW WORDS:- advice seriously which led to Tricki’s
nor eats anything for Bloated sausage: Looking like hospitalization.
swollen Q3. Do you think this is a real-life
the first two days. On
The dog looks like a bloated episode, or mere fiction? Or is it a mixture
the second day he sausage. He prefers to sit than to of both?
looks around and move. Ans. I feel that this story is a mixture of
whimpers a bit. He both because it is not a new thing that rich
wanted to go out on Hasten: To act quickly people overfeed their dog or maintain
the third day and The movement appears to be excessive wardrobes for their pets but for a
started playing with hastening for something. doctor to go out of his way to help another
The lady hastens for market. person who doesn't want his advice is
the bigger dogs when
unusual. A doctor being so honest that he
he was taken out. He Relent: change one's mind, do a U- doesn't wrongly treat the dog and instead,
also licked the bowls turn just works on him by keeping him in his
of other dogs clean on The child was going to refuse his surgery and trackS his health by feeding
the third day. request, but relented. him less and maintains a regular exercise
schedule seems to be more of a fiction.
Lumbago: acute or chronic pain Q4 Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried
Then his condition The man has lumbago. He can't about Tricki?
bear it. Ans Mrs. Pumphrey was worried about
started improving very
The man suffering from lumbago Tricki as Tricki was not eating anything,

fast. He started must see a doctor immediately. not even his favourite dishes. Tricki was

fighting for his meals vomiting and lied down on the rug,

with other dogs. Then Wrung : To squeeze panting. He did not even want to go out for

when this news The dress is being wrung by the walks or anything.

reached Mrs. man. Q5 What does she do to help him? Is

Pumphrey, she started MAIN POINTS:- she wise in this?
Tricki was a small dog and was Ans She calls the doctor to see him as
sending him eggs as
excessively loved by his mistress, he was unwell. Yes, she was wise this time
she thought that Tricki Mrs. Pumphery.He was greedy & as earlier, she was acting foolish by
was recovering from loved food, but no exercise.As a overfeeding him. The doctor told her that
an illness and needed result he became fat & Mrs. Tricki needed to be hospitalized. She was
energy foods. Mr. Pumphery believed that he became crying over it but later accepted that she
Herriot and his lazy because he suffered from needed to listen to the doctor.
malnutrition.Mrs. Pumphery was a Q6 Who does ‘I’ refer to in this story?
partners started eating
wealthy woman.She loved her dog Ans “I” refers to the narrator who is a
those eggs for too much.She gave him some little veterinary doctor, Mr. Herriot.
morning breakfast. extras between meals to build him Q7 Is the narrator as rich as Tricki’s
Then for improving up, malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of mistress?
Tricki’s blood, Mrs. Horlicks at night. She gave him lot Ans According to the story, the narrator
Pumphrey started to eat but no exercise. is not as rich as Mrs. Pumphrey because
sending in bottles of Once he became ill & she was Mr. Herriott is able to provide Tricki with a
worried & made a frantic call to box bed whereas in Mrs. Pumphrey’s
wine which was again
Harriot who was a vet. doctor. house he has his own bed, different bowls
consumed by Mr. James already had given to eat and servants at his disposal. Then
Herriot. He used to suggestions regarding Tricki’s Tricki’s mistress used to send two dozen
take two glasses balanced diet. But she never eggs, wine and brandy everyday for
before lunch and some followed it. Tricki’s recovery. Towards the end of
He was a vet. He was shocked to chapter, Tricki’s mistress comes in 30 feet
more glasses while
see Tricki hugely fat, like a bloated of gleaming black metal which is
having his lunch. Then sausage with a leg at each obviously a luxury car. So, it can be seen
when she started corner.He advised her to cut down that Tricki’s mistress used to live a very
sending in bottles of on the sweet things.He expected luxurious life in comparison to the narrator.
brandy for Tricki that call came within a few days & it Q8 How does he treat the dog?
was the time when Mr. happened. He was called by Mrs. Ans He treats the dog very well. He
Herriot thought that he Pumphery as Tricki refused to eat. knows that Tricki does not need medicinal
He told her that Tricki needed treatment but requires a change in his
would really like to
immediate hospitalization for lifestyle. He gives him only water for two
keep Tricki as a keeping under observation at his days and then he sees that Tricki has
permanent guest in the surgery for a fortnight. started licking the empty food bowls and
surgery. Mr. Herriot There he gave him no food no started mixing up with other dogs. Then he
used to be really medicine but plenty of gives him food and Tricki starts to recover
happy someday by water.Gradually he mixed with well. Then soon after living there for a few
having two extra eggs other dogs & started playing with days, he is much better and goes back
them.He had a lot of exercises & home.
every morning. Then
fun at the surgery.He was Q9 Why is he tempted to keep Tricki
having few glasses of completely recovered & on as a permanent guest?

wine in the afternoon transformed into a hard muscled Ans He is tempted to keep Tricki as a

and closing the day by dog. permanent guest because Mrs. Pumphrey

having brandy at James Harriot treated the dog wants Tricki to recover quickly. So she

without medicine or surgery.She used to send two dozen eggs, wine bottles

night. But then he took

was happy & filled with and brandy everyday. Mr. Herriot knew
a wise decision and
gratitude.She thanked Harriot & that there was no need of giving Tricki all
called up Mrs. said it was a triumph of surgery. that so he used to eat the extra eggs and
Pumphrey as she was drink the wine with his partners. With all
really worried and on Methodology:- Lecture-cum- that food and drinks coming in, Mr. Herriot
this side Tricki was demonstration used to be very happy so he was tempted to
ready to be taken back VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS keep Tricki on as a permanent guest.
home. Tricki was LESSON:- Q10 Why does Mrs Pumphrey think the
really happy to see his dog’s recovery is “a triumph of surgery”?
mistress and jumped Ans Tricki had recovered completely in
into the car. Mrs. Students will listen to the teacher two weeks. He had been turned into a hard
Pumphrey said that carefully and follow the muscle animal. Upon seeing Mrs.
she won't be able to instructions given to them. They Pumphrey, Tricki ran towards her, jumped
ever thank him for will note the Blackboard work and on her lap and started licking her face. She
what he had done and question answers in their note- was overwhelmed to see Tricki all well and
books. They will follow the so she says as a token of gratitude that it
also, that his surgery
homework related instructions as was “a triumph of surgery”.
had been successful as desired by the teacher.
Tricki was now cured.
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: A Thief’s Story No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ works
Blackboard and other
materials and plan of
activities to achieve the
OBJECTIVES:- The Thief’s Story Questions and Answers
Anil was a young writer. He was Q1. What are Hari Singh’s reactions to the
living his life very carelessly. He was To enable the prospect of receiving an education? Do
writing for the magazines and earning
students enrich their they change over time? (Hint: Compare,
the money to run his life. One day for example, the thought: “I knew that
Anil was watching the wrestling vocabulary. once I could write like an educated man
match. Hari best knew how to make there would be no limit to what I could
To enable them read achieve” with these later thoughts: “Whole

unknown person a friend. He used an


old formula to flatter the person. Hari the lesson in proper sentences, I knew, could one day bring me

stayed with Anil. Anil promised him more than a few hundred rupees. It was a

that he would teach him how to write

intonation. simple matter to steal — and sometimes

just as simple to be caught. But to be a


and add numbers. He also taught him To enable them really big man, a clever and respected man,
how to cook tasty food. Daily Hari was something else.”) What makes him
understand the thief’s
Singh was going to buy daily needs return to Anil?
and had profit of one rupee daily. Anil behavior with unknown Ans. Hari Singh feels that education can
knew it but he did not mind it. Both make him earn a lot of money in an honest
were living together happily. way. His prospect on receiving an
To enable them that education does not change over time. He
One month passed, Hari Singh did not feels that he can earn much more if he gets
perform his business. One day he saw how a person can education. He returns to Anil because Anil
Anil had bought a bundle of notes. He trusts him, feeds him, treats him well and
motivate other to
saw him to put them under the even teaches him.
mattress. As Hari saw the bundle of change his nature. Q2. Why does not Anil hand the thief over
notes, his evil spirit awakened in his to the police? Do you think most people
To enable them to would have done so? In what ways is Anil
mind and he decided to rob Anil that
night. After taking dinner Anil slept understand importance different from such employers?
peacefully. Hari could not sleep, he Ans. Anil did not hand over the thief to the
of education. police maybe because he knew that Hari
woke up. He crept to the bed and
Singh had realized his mistake. This was
slipped his hand under the mattress. To enable them the reason why he had come back and put
He found the notes and ran away on the money back to its place.
understand the two
the road. Hari Singh made up his mind No, I don't think that anybody in
that he would directly go to the different characters i.e. today’s world would have done so because
railway station and would catch the to do so, a person needs to have a lot of
Lucknow Express. He thought that Anil & Hari Singh patience and compassion which is missing
Anil would not catch him if he ran in most of the people today. In today's
To enable them get world a thief is considered a criminal even
away from the city. Hari Singh
reached the railway station, Lucknow enjoyment through if he realizes his mistake. It takes a lot of
Express was about to go. courage to trust someone who has broken
reading the lesson. your trust once. Although i feel that if a
Suddenly the good spirit called him. person realizes his mistake he must be
PREVIOUS given another chance to win back your
The inner voice told him not to betray
the faith of Anil. The train was KNOWLEDGE trust.
moving but Hari did not dare to catch Q3. Who does ‘I’ refer to in this story?
it. He was remembering the innocent
TEST:- Ans. In this story, “I” refers to the thief
who introduces himself as Hari Singh.
face of Anil. When Hari Singh Have you heard about
Q4. What is he “a fairly successful hand”
thought that what would Anil think at?
any theft in your area ?
about him. Anil would not worry Ans. He was a “fairly successful hand” at
about the money but he might feel bad Have you seen any robbing and duping people of their money.
that a man had broken his faith. There Q5. What does he get from Anil in return
such thief ?
was conflict in the mind of Hari for his work?
Singh. He did not want to loose faith How can you judge Ans. When he asks Anil that he wants to
of Anil. Because he knew that Anil work for him, Anil clearly says that he
people which are thief will; not be able to pay him. They mutually
was a simple man. Moreover Anil was
teaching him how to write and add ? decide that if the thief would be able to
numbers which could change his life. cook food for him, then Anil would feed
METHODOLOGY: him. But soon, Anil comes to know that he

He could become a respected person


can not cook. So Anil tells Hari, the thief


in the society.He left the railway Lecture-cum-


that he would teach him to cook food,


station. He came to the maidan and sat teach him to write his name and full

on the bench. Just then heavy rain sentences and also to add numbers.

started. It was the month of VIDEO LINKS TO Q6. How does the thief think Anil will
November. Chill wind started TEACH THIS react to the theft?
blowing. He felt more uncomfortable LESSON:- Ans. The thief though that on discovering
as he had cheated an innocent person. that he had been robbed, Anil would
His shirt and pyjamas stuck to his definitely be sad but he would be sad
body because it were wet due to the because of the loss of trust and not because of the loss of money.
rain.Then he went to the Clock Tower Students will listen to
Q7. What does he say about the different
to save from the rain. He sat there
the teacher carefully reactions of people when they are robbed?
under the tower. Suddenly he Ans. The thief says that according to his
remembered his notes. He searched and follow the
experience, upon being robbed the greedy
for it and found that all the notes were instructions given to man showed fear, the rich man showed
wet. He crept again and secretly put them. They will note anger and the poor man showed acceptance
back money under the mattress. The the Blackboard work towards whatever had happened with him.
next day Anil woke up, prepared tea and question answers in Q8. Does Anil realize that he has been
for Hari and himself. He handed over their note-books. They robbed?
fifty rupees note to Hari and told him Ans. Yes, probably Anil knew that he had
will follow the been robbed because all the notes were wet
that he would be regularly paid now.
Hari took the note and found that it homework related and damp from last night. He still did not
say anything to the thief and gave him 50
was still wet. He understood that Anil instructions as desired
rupees and told him that from now on, Anil
knew about the last night episode. by the teacher. will be paying him money as salary every
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: The Midnight Visitor No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan works
of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q1. How does Ausable manage to make Max
Fowler is To become able to use the key words,
surprised to see believe that there is a balcony attached to his
phrases, expressions, and grammar items
a secret agent correctly and appropriately. room? Look back at his detailed description
Ausable who is know more about the author, detective
of it. What makes it a convincing story?
too fat to be a stories and related information about secret
secret agent. agents Ans. When Ausable says that he had
Ausable tells To enable the students to think quickly and
complained to the hotel management earlier
him that he act wisely and calmly in the situation of
was going to danger and surprise. as well about someone entering the room
To enable the students make character

get an from the balcony that was below his room,


analysis of Ausable, Max and Fowler.


Max started thinking that had he known there


paper for


which many was a balcony, it would have been much

Do you like to see the spying movies ?


men have Have you seen a spy ? easier for him to get to Ausable’s room.
risked their How do the spies work and save their life ?
Ausable then tells Max that he wanted extra
lives. When METHODOLOGY: Lecture-cum-
both of them demonstration, ideal explanation protection for the papers that were supposed
reach NEW WORDS:-
to come in that day and that he had informed
Ausable’s 1.Gloomy-nearly dark
room, the police who were knocking on the door,
Use-It was a gloomy day
checking on him. This made Max very
The room was quite gloomy nervous and he thought that he would wait
Fowler is
scared to see a for the police to go on the balcony. Without
2.Chuckled-laughed quietly
man standing realizing, he jumped out of the window and
in the Use-She chuckled at the new comer.
room.Max who did not realize that there was no balcony. So
is tall and thin The students chuckled at the new teacher. the way Ausable thinks calmly and quickly
man and is makes the story a lot more convincing.
holding an 3.passably-just well enough.
automatic Q2. How is Ausable different from other
pistol in his Use-Ausable spoke French and German
secret agents?
hand . He had passably.
Ans. Ausable is different from other secret
entered his She speaks passably good Telugu.
room by using agents because he was very fat, lived in a
a key to take 4.Wheezed-spoke breathing noisily and
room on the top floor of a gloomy French
the report heavily
concerning a hotel and could only speak French passibly
new missile. Use-His old father wheezed all night.
although he had been living in Paris for over
Ausable “I have a chest infection” the patient 20 years. His voice still had an American
,sensing the wheezed.
danger, touch to it . He used to receive messages via
fabricated a 5.Missiles-weapons directed by remote telephone instead of dark eyed beauties
story about the control or automatically.
getting him his messages. So he was very
balcony which Use-Our scientists have invented some new different from the way other secret agents
Max believed nuclear missiles.
to be KEY POINTS :- key points
true.Ausable Ausable was a secret agent but he didn’t look
complained like that .he was very fat but not much tall
Q3. Who is Fowler and what is his first
but he is much alert in his mind. Ausable had
that it was due a room on the sixth and top floor of a French authentic thrill of the day?
to the balcony Hotel. Fowler was a writer. Ausable told him
that somebody Ans. Fowler is a young writer who comes to
that he would get an important report that
had entered his night concerning some new missiles.This meet Ausable. He is bored sitting with
room the report could change the course of history.
Ausable in a music hall as he had thought
second time. Fowler saw Max,another secret agent who

After threatens Fowler with a pistol demanding the that the country’s secret agent would be

sometime there report.Ausable handled Max cleverly. He

thrilling and exciting but nothing of that sort

was knocking told Max that he would complain to the hotel


at the authorities about the balcony Which should happened. After some time when they were

be closed immediately.There was a loud

door.Ausable coming back to Ausable’s room, Fowler saw
knocking at the door.Ausable smiled and told
again befooled that that was the police. Max got nervous. a man holding a gun standing in the room. So
Max by saying His face was black with anger.He asked
that it was the that is when he feels that the life of a secret
Ausable to send the police back.In the
police who meantime he would go and wait on the agent can be exciting.
wanted to balcony.Max jumped into the balcony. In this
Q4. How has Max got in?
come inside to way Ausable got rid of Max.
provide him VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS Ans. Max had got in with a masterkey or
protection. LESSON:-
Max wanted to
run away to Q5. How does Ausable say he got in?
avoid the Ans. Ausable says that he thought that Max
police and Students will listen to the teacher carefully had got in through the balcony. He said that
jumps to his and follow the instructions given to them.
death into that it was a nuisance as it was not even his own
They will note the Blackboard work and
non-existent question answers in their note-books. They balcony and that it was the second time
balcony. will follow the homework related
somebody had got in using that same
instructions as desired by the teacher
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: A Question of Trust No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
Horace Danby had a OBJECTIVES:- Q1) What does Horace Danby like to
good reputation in the To enable the students to enrich their collect?
society. He was about vocabulary . Ans.) Horace Danby likes to collect
fifty and unmarried. To enable them to enjoy the reading old, expensive and rare books.
He made locks and story in English. Q2) Why does he steal every year?
had two helpers. He To stir their thinking. Ans.) He used to steal every year in a
loved rare and To enable the students to use new very systematic and planned manner. He
expensive books. words and phrases of English. used to steal enough to last him for 12
Horace robbed a safe To make them learn the different use months and so that he could buy the rare
every year. He was and meaning of the few words. Ex :- and expensive books that he used to like

now out on

no room means ,no place , no choice through a secret agent.

committing a

robbery.For two PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE Q3) Who is speaking to Horace


weeks Horace had TEST:- Danby?


studied the house of Have you heard about theft in village Ans.) There was a woman standing in

Shotover Grange. He ? the doorway who was speaking to Horace

had to burgle this What will happen if thief is caught Danby. She was a young, beautiful lady
house. Horace Danby red handed ? and was dressed in red colour. She was
entered the house . What will happen if two thieves enter pretending to be one of the family
Horace had allergy same home by chance and deceive members.
from flower ; he each other too ? Q4) Who is the real culprit in the
started sneezeing. METHODOLOGY: Lecture-cum- story?
Then he heard a voice.
demonstration Ans.) The real culprit in the story is the
The voice told him
that he could cure the new words woman who pretended to be a family
sneeze. It was the Hay fever –A fever due to allergy member of the family living at the grange.
voice of a woman. She Expensive - costly She cleverly acted as a family member
stood in the doorway. Burglar alarm – alarm bell to indicate and made Horace believe that she wanted
She was young and burgle him to open the safe just because she had
pretty. His first Sneeze – to bring out breathing air forgotten the passcode. Horace believed
thought was to run. forcefully her and opened the safe and gave her all
The lady told him that Bowl - container the jewels that were inside the safe and
she would telephone Tickle - sensation later, she took away all the jewels.
the police. She would KEY POINTS Q5) Did you begin to suspect, before
tell them about him.
Horace Danby :- the end of the story, that the lady was not
Horace Danby told
him to let him go and Personality – good ; unmarried ; the person Horace Danby took her to be?
honest [ but not completely ] ; fifty If so, at what point did you realise this,
forget she ever saw years old ; healthy [ except attacks of and how?
him. The lady put one hay fever .] Ans.) Yes, one does begin to suspect
condition for letting Profession – make locks with two that the woman is not who she claims to
Horace go.She told helpers be. She was unusually calm on seeing
him that she had Previous life – fifteen years old had Horace near the locker. Then she doesn't
promised her husband
served his first and only sentence in a even call the police and also asks him to
to take her jewel to the
bank. She had, prison library open the locker for her even if it means
however, left jewels in Hobby – love rare and expensive breaking it open as she had forgotten the
the safe . She told him books . He robs every year to buy code of the safe. It is very unusual that
that she wanted to rare and expensive books . someone forgets the passcode to their own
wear the jewels in a Shotover Grange –In this year his locker.
party that night . She target house to be robbed .He studied Q6) What are the subtle ways in which
came down to get the house ; it’s room ; electric wires, the lady manages to deceive Horace
them. But she had paths, garden etc. for two weeks . Danby into thinking she is the lady of the
forgotten the numbers Got a chance when two servants house? Why doesn’t Horace suspect that
to open the safe . So remained in the Grange while the something is wrong?
she needed his help
family was out in London .Came Ans.) The way she walks up to the
and Horace opened the
safe for her. from behind the garden wall ; with doorway, starts talking to him, arranges
After two days a tools packed in a bag carefully the ornaments in their right place and
policeman had .During the theft a lady in red came picks up the silver cigarette box with so
arrested him for the as owner .He thought her as owner much confidence can make anyone
jewel robbery at and open the safe on her demand to believe that she is the lady of the house.

Shotover Grange . save himself from cops.He was Apart from that, Horace had become

Danby’s fingerprint caught for it after two days as his nervous and frightened when he saw the

were found all over fingerprints were found .He was woman in the doorway and due to that he

the room. He had cheated by the person of the same could not think properly.

opened the safe

profession Q7) Horace Danby was a meticulous
without gloves. He
said to the police that
VIDEO LINKS TO TEACH THIS planner but still he faltered. Where did he
the landlady of the LESSON:- go wrong and why?
house said him to Ans.) The place where he went wrong
open the safe. But the was that he did not gather enough
lady was 60 years old information about the real occupants of
woman . She said the house. He gathered all the information
Danby's story is a about the tracks, wirings, gardens,
nonsense. Students will listen to the teacher servants and even the dog’s name but he
Horace is now in carefully and follow the instructions still forgot to overlook the identities of the
prison. He often thinks given to them. They will note the house owners. He even took out the
of the charming and Blackboard work and question information of the valuables inside the
clever young lady. She answers in their note-books. They safe. Once he got into a problem, he could
was in the same will follow the homework related not even think properly and carelessly
profession. She had instructions as desired by the teacher opened the safe and touched many things
simply tricked him. in the room without wearing his gloves.
Danby gets angry
when anyone talks
about “honour among
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: Footprints Without Feet No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q. 1. How did the invisible man first become
Griffin, an invisible?
To create interest in the students to study
eccentric Ans. The invisible man swallowed certain rare
English stories.
scientist drugs and his body became as transparent as a
To develop the four skills of the
discovered a sheet of glass. The invisible man was a
rare drug. scientist. He carried out numerous experiments
To develop positive attitude towards the
This could to prove that the human body could become
language. invisible.
make a
To enable them to discriminate the good
naked man
from the evil. Q. 2. Why was he wandering in the streets?
invisible. He
To develop moral values in the students. Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist but a

was not liked


PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: lawless person. His landlord disliked him and
by his

tried to eject him. In revenge Griffin set fire to


Do you have seen a movie called mother

landlord. He

India in which a man becomes invisible ? the house. To get away without being seen he
decided to

What will happen if a thief becomes had to remove his clothes. Thus he became a

take revenge homeless wanderer.

invisible and start looing people ?
on him. One
day he set his Q.3. Why does Mrs. Hall find the scientist
landlord's eccentric?
NEW WORDS: Ans. Mrs. Hall tried her level best to befriend
house on fire.
Bare feet-- without shoes Griffin. But he had no desire to talk. He told
Then he
Bewildered– surprised her that he came to Iping for solitude. He did
drank his
Adventure-- courageous act not wish to be disturbed in his work.
rare drug and
put off his
Chased- Follow Q. 4. What curious episode occurs in the
clothes. study?
Now, he Ans. A clergyman and his wife were awakened
could see by noises in the study very early in the
• Griffin, a Scientist discovers a rare
everyone but morning. Creeping downstairs, they heard the
drug which can make a
none could chink of money being taken from the
person invisible.
see him. He clergyman's desk. He and his wife looked
• His landlord dislikes him. Griffin under the desk and behind the curtains, and
was safe
wants to revenge on him. even up the chimney. There wasn't a sign of
from being
• He swallows the drug and puts the anybody. Yet the desk had been opened and the
caught. But
house on fire. He puts off clothes housekeeping money was missing.
he was
becomes invisible and runs away.
• It was cold weather and he felt the Q. 5. What other extraordinary things happen
clothes and it at the inn?
need of clothes.
was very • He slips inside a clothe store had Ans. The landlord and his wife surprised to see
cold. He meal and slept at night. the scientist's door open. Usually it is shut and
passed the • Two attendants chase him in the locked and he becomes furious if anyone enters
night in a morning. He was again homeless his room. The opportunity seems too good to
London and clothes less. be missed. They peep round the door, see
nobody and decide to investigate. The
store. He • He loots a shopkeeper of a bedclothes were cold, showing that the
stole goods theatrical company and catches a scientist must have been up for some time. All
and money train to Iping village to live in a of a sudden Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her
from the village. ear. A moment later the hat on the bed post
store. Then • The money of loot doesn't last long. leapt up and dashed itself into her face. Then
he went to a He steals money from Clergyman's the bedroom chair became alive. Springing into
village called desk to pay rent. the air it charged straight at her, legs foremost.
Iping. He • Suspicion falls on the scientist As she and her husband turned away in terror,
stayed at an when he pays rent. the extraordinary chair pushed them both out
inn. He stole • Mrs. Hall finds the room of the of the room and then appeared to slam and lock
money from scientist opened. She wants to look the door after them. Mrs. Hall almost fell down
the stairs in hysterics. She was convinced that
clergy man's into the room. A hat springs up and the room was haunted by sprits and the
desk. A hits on her face. stranger had somehow caused these to enter
policeman • The chair of the room becomes into the furniture.
named alive and forces Mr. And Mrs. hall
Jaffers was out of the room. Q. 6. "Griffin was rather a lawless person."
called. A • Suddenly Griffin appears from Comment.

strange fight nowhere. Ans. It is rightly said that Griffin was a lawless

took place. • When Mr. and Mrs. Hall enquire person. He was not a law abiding citizen. A

Griffin took about the theft Griffin gets angry. person who follows law and order of the

off his • He removes the bandages and falls country can not think of damaging other's

property. But Griffin set fire to the house and

nose. Now he was headless.
became a homeless wanderer. He also robbed a
• The constable is called to arrest the shopkeeper of all the money he could find. He
Bandages, headless man but he is wounded by stole the housekeeping money from the
his glasses the invisible scientist. clergyman's desk. Griffin also attacked Mrs.
and his hat. Hall when she entered his room. All these
Now, he VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- activities and instances prove that he was really
looked a lawless person.
People were Q. 7. How would you assess Griffin as a
horrified. Students will listen to the teacher carefully scientist?
Griffin hit and follow the instructions given to them. Ans. Griffin had carried out experiment after
the experiment to prove that the human body could
They will note the Blackboard work and
become invisible. He did not want it to do it for
policeman. question answers in their note-books. They the welfare of society but to satisfy his own
He got free will follow the homework related ego and carry out satanic deeds. He was a
and ran away instructions as desired by the teacher brilliant scientist but not a law abiding citizen.
A scientist's work is to invent those gadgets
and devices which can make the earthly
existence comfortable. But Griffin swallowed
certain rare drugs and became invisible to
torment the innocent people. He was a criminal
scientist who had no respect for the humanity.
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: The Making of a Scientist No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and

ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and written works
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
Richard H. Ebright published theory OBJECTIVES:- Question 1:
of how cells work in an article in the
Proceedings of the National Academy • To encourage the How did a book become a turning
of Science at the age of twenty two. learners for their point in Richard Ebright’s life?
Richard H. Ebright grew up in Reading inclination towards
in Pennsylvania. There he was not able beginning with small Answer:
to do anything. He was not able to play discoveries and
football or baseball too. But he said inculcate the habits By the time Richard Ebright was
that there he could do one thing – thereof. in the second grade, he had
collect things. So he collected things.

• To make them learn collected all twenty-five species


In Kindergarten, Ebright collected about Richard Ebright


of butterflies found around his

butterflies. He also collected rocks, and his journey to

fossils, and coins. He would observe hometown. According to him, this

become scientist.

would probably have been the


sky at night too. He would live with • To understand what is

his mother, who encouraged his biography and the end to his butterfly collecting.
interest in learning. She would take biographical element of However, a book made him think
him on trips, bought him telescope,
microscope, cameras, mounting
Richard Ebright through otherwise. The book titled ‘The
materials, and other materials required this lesson. Travels of Monarch X’ became a
for learning. He lost his father when he • Roll play of variety of turning point in his life. The book
was in third grade. Her mother would people in Ebright’s life.
was about how monarch
call him Richie. Her mother would • Learners can get
discuss with him every night and give knowledge of various butterflies migrated to Central
him mental exercise instead of stage, species and America. This opened up the
physical exercise which he wanted to growth of butterflies. world of science to the eager
learn. • Learners can get ample young butterfly collector. At the
By the time he was in the second knowledge about the end of the book, readers were
grade, Ebright had collected all theory of cell. invited to help study butterfly
twenty-five species of butterflies found
around his hometown. Richard said migrations. He actively
that this would have been end of his TEST: participated in tagging butterflies
butterfly collection. But her mother Do you want to be a scientist ? to help in the research being
gave him a children’s book called “The What inspires us to be a conducted by Dr Frederick A.
Travels of Monarch X.”That book,
scientisr Urquhart. He went on to raise an
which told how monarch butterflies
migrate to Central America, opened METHODOLOGY: Lecture- entire flock of butterflies in the
the world of science to Richard. cum-discussion, demo basement of his home. Thus, it
At the end of book readers were NEW WORDS: can be said that the book had
invited to help study butterfly 1. Species 2. Fossils 3. Pupa managed to keep his enthusiasm
migration They were asked to tag 4. Hormone 5.Caterpillar
alive by making him aware of the
butterflies for research by Dr. MAIN POINTS:
Frederick A. Urquhart of the never-ending possibilities in the
University of Toronto, Canada. • Richard H. Ebright grew world of science.
Anyone who found a tagged butterfly up Question 2:How did his mother
was asked to send the tag to Dr in Reading in Pennsylvani help him?
Urquhart. a.
In Kindergarten, Ebright
Answer: Richard Ebright’s
If you tried to catch them one by one, mother helped him by
collected butterflies.
you won’t catch very much. So
• His mother would take encouraging his interest in
Richard rose a flock of butterflies. He
him on trips, bought him learning. She took him on trips,
would catch a female monarch, take
telescope, microscope,
her eggs, and raise them in his bought him telescopes,
cameras, mounting
basement through their life cycle, microscopes, cameras, mounting
materials, and other
from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult
materials required for materials and other equipments,
butterfly. Then he would tag the
learning. and helped him in many other
butterflies’ wings and let them go. For
• By the time he was in the
several years his basement was home ways. If he did not have anything
second grade, Ebright had
to thousands of monarchs in different to do, she found things for him to
collected all twentyfive
stages of development.
species of butterflies found learn. Even the book that became

In got a hint of what a real science is around his hometown. a turning point in his life was


when he entered a county science fair, His mother gave him a


and lost. He said that, it was a sad children’s book called given to him by his mother.

feeling to sit there and not get anything “The Travels of Monarch Hence, it can be said his mother

while everybody else had won X.”That book, which told played a crucial role in the
something,” Ebright said. His entry how monarch butterflies making of the scientist.
was slides of frog tissues, which he migrate to Central
showed under a microscope. He America, opened the . How did a book become a
realized that winners had tried to do world of science to turning point in Richard Ebright’s
real experiments. And he decided that Richard. life?
for the next year, he has to do • At the end of book readers Ans. Richard Ebright was
something extraordinary than others. were asked to tag
So he asked to Dr Urquhart for butterflies for research interested in collecting butterflies.
suggestions and back came a stack of by Dr. Frederick By the time he was in the second
suggestions. A.Urquhart of grade, he had collected all the
the University of Toronto, twenty-five species of butterflies
For his eighth grade project, Ebright
tried to find the cause of a viral disease found around his home town.
• For several years his
that kills nearly all monarch This would have been the end of
basement was home to
caterpillars every few years. Ebright
thousands of monarchs in his butterfly collecting. But at this
thought the disease might be carried by
different stages of point his mother got him a book
a beetle. So he rose caterpillars in the
presence of beetles. But he didn’t get called “The Travels of Moarch
• He would catch a female
any real result. But he went ahead and X’. This book told him about the
monarch, take her eggs,
showed that he had tried the
and raise them in his migration of monarch butterflies
basement through their to Central America. This book
The next year his science fair project life cycle, from egg
was testing the theory that viceroy to caterpillar to pupa to aroused his interest in Monarch
butterflies copy monarchs. The theory adult butterfly. butterflies and opened the world
was that viceroys look like monarchs • In county science fair his
because monarchs don’t taste good to entry was slides of frog of science to him. This proved to
birds. Viceroys, on the other hand, do tissues, which he showed be turning point in the life of
taste good to birds. So the more they under a microscope. young Richard Ebright. He began
look like monarchs, the less likely they • For his eighth grade to raise Monarch butterflies in the
are to become a bird’s dinner. project, Ebright tried to
Ebright’s project was to see whether, find the cause of a viral basement of his home, and study
in fact, birds would eat monarchs. He disease that kills nearly all them in different stage of their
found that a starling would not eat monarch caterpillars every development.
ordinary bird food. It would eat all the few years.
monarchs it could get. (Ebright said • The next year his science
later research by other people showed fair project was testing the 2. How did his mother help
that viceroys probably do Copy the theory that viceroy him?
monarch.) This project was placed first butterflies copy monarchs. Ans. His mother encouraged her
in the zoology division and third • This project was placed to learn things. She took him on
overall in the county science fair. first in the zoology
division and third overall trips. She bought him telescopes,
In his second year in high school, microscopes, cameras, mounting
in the county science
Richard Ebright began the research
fair.There he won third materials, and other equipment.
that led to his discovery of an
place for zoology. 3. What lesson does Ebright
unknown insect hormone. lndirectly, it
lndirectly, it also led to his
also led to his new theory on the life of learn when he does not win
new theory on the life of

cells. The question he tried to answer


cells. anything at science fair?


was simple: What is the purpose of the


This project won Ebright Ans. Edbright realizes that mere

twelve tiny gold spots on a monarch

first place in the county display of something does not


fair and entry into the


“Everyone assumed the spots were just International Science and mean science. To win at a science
ornamental,” Ebright said.“But Dr Engineering Fair. fair he will have to do real
Urquhart didn’t believe it.” To find the • In his second year in high experiments.
answer, Ebright and another excellent school, Richard Ebright 4. What experiments and
science student first had to build a began the research that led
device that showed that the spots were to his discovery of an projects does he then undertake?
producing a hormone necessary for the unknown insect hormone. Ans. He make experiments to find
butterfly’s full development. This out what causes the viral disease
project won Ebright first place in the VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:-
that kills nearly all monarch
county fair and entry into the
International Science and Engineering caterpillars.
Fair. There he won third place for He undertakes a project to test the
zoology. He also got a chance to work Students will listen to the theory that vicerory butterflies
during the summer at the entomology teacher carefully and follow the copy monarches to survive.
laboratory of the Walter Reed Army
instructions given to them. They 5. What are the qualities that
Institute of Research. As a high school
junior, Richard Ebright continued his will note the Blackboard work go into the making of a scientist?
advanced experiments on the monarch and question answers in their
Ans. Sharp mind, curiosity and
pupa.That year his project won first note-books. They will follow
the homework related the will to win for the right
place at the International Science Fair
and gave him another chance to work instructions as desired by the reasons go into making of a
in the army laboratory during the teacher scientist.
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: The Necklace No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard Question Answers Oral and
and other materials and plan of activities to achieve written works
the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q1:-What kind of a person is
Mathilde Loisel
borrows a • To help them know that satisfaction is the Mme. Loisel – why is she
necklace from her key to happiness. always unhappy?
friend Madame Ans.:- Mme. Loisel is a
Forestier. • To help them understand that we should be
dreamy woman. She gives
Mathilde's content with what life give us.
much value to her dreams.
husband has PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: She over-looks the realities
secured an Do you know the meaning of satisfaction? What
invitation to a makes us satisfy and why do we need it ? of life. That is why, she is
party hosted by Do you like to make fashion like jewellery like rich always unhappy because

his boss, the with loan /credit ? dreams can’t be true . She

Minister of Public METHODOLOGY: Discussion , Lecture-cum- wants them to be true.


Instruction. When demonstration.


Mathilde worries NEW WORDS:


Q2:- What kind of a person

that she doesn't 1) Incessantly – Continuously
is her husband?
have anything to Sentence The ship travels incessantly for 2 days.
wear, her husband 2) Exquisite – Marvelous Ans.:- Her husband is a very
agrees to buy her Sentence That diamond necklace was very simple hearted person. He is
a new dress. exquisite. an ordinary person. He is a
3) Spitefully – With envy caring husband. He wants to
Sentence Rahul was looking at Deepak Spitefully.
see Mme. Loisel happy.
Thanks to her 4) Stammered – Stuttered
new party dress Sentence The thief was stammering while he was
and Madame caught. Q3:- What fresh problem
Forestier's 5) Dismay – Grief now disturbs Mme.loisel?
diamond Sentence When he was failed in III he was in Ans.:- The fresh problem is
necklace, dismay. that Mme.Loisel doesn’t
Mathilde has a 8) Closet – A private room have a pretty and proper
wonderful time at Sentence He had a closet in his home, in which he dress.
the party. All the studies.
men think she's MAIN POINTS:
the prettiest Matilda was pretty, young lady born in the family of Q4:-How is the problem
woman at the clerks. solved?
party, and she She was married to a pretty clerk in the office of the Ans.:-The problem is solved
Board of education, as she was having no dowry to
dances until four marry a rich man.Matilda was simple but unhappy. when are husband gives four
in the morning. She suffered incessantly, feeling herself born for all hundred francs. It is to buy a
delicacies and luxuries. — pretty dress.
Upon returning
She suffered from poverty an shabby walls and worn
home, Mathilde
chairs that makes her tortured and angered her.She
notices that the Q5:-What do Mr. and Mme.
thought of the exquisite food served in marvelous
diamond necklace Loisel do next?
dishes. She had neither frocks nor jewels nothing
is gone. Her
she thinks for that only. —One evening her husband Ans.:- Mr. and Mme. Loisel
husband retraces
returned home with an invitation for party at decide to borrow a diamond
their steps to no
minister’s residence. Instead of being delighted. She necklace. It is from her
was sad and unhappy. It was because she was not friend Mme. Forestier.
Embarrassed, the
having perfect dress for the occasion. —Finally she
couple spend their
had beautiful dress of four hundred Frances. But
entire inheritance Q6:- Have do they replace
even then she was disturbed anxious as having no
and take out loans the necklace?
jewel to adorn herself. She went to her friend Mme
to pay for a
Forestier and brought superb necklace of diamonds. Ans.:-They borrow money.
—The day of ball arrived. Matilda was a great They shift to a cheap house.
success. She was prettiest of all elegant, gracious, They saw every seen
Mathilde and smiling and full of joys.She danced with enthusiasm,
possibility. Mme.Loisel does
her husband intoxicated with pleasure.
spend the next ten After returning from the party to her home she all her work herself. They
years scrimping removed the wraps from her shoulders before the buy a new diamond necklace

and saving to pay glass for a find view of herself in her glory. to replace the last one.

off their debt. The Suddenly she uttered a cry. Her necklace was not

menial around her neck.They searched for the necklace Q7:- The course of the

housework ages everywhere in the folds of the dress, in the clock, in


loisel’s life changed due to

Mathilde pockets, in the street, in the cab but didn’t found it.
the necklace comment.
prematurely to the After loosing all hopes after a week they purchased
point where exactly like the one the had lost, for thirty-six Ans.:- It is true that the
Madame Forestier thousand. They possessed eighteen thousand francs course of the Loisel’s life
doesn't even and borrowed the rest and returned the necklace to changed due to the necklace.
recognize her. Mme Forestier. This leads them to horrible life of After the loss of the necklace
Finally, Mathilde frightful debt, changed their lodgings, done odious , the Loisel’s shifted to a
tells her friend work. The husband worked evenings, day and for cheap house .Mme. Loisel’s
about replacing maximum time and this life lasted up to ten years.
started doing all work
the necklace, only At the end of then years, they had restored all.
to learn that it VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- herself. She want to buy
was a fake. things. She haggled fees the last seen. She wore ordinary clothes her husband worker
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and evenings. He copied at fine
follow the instructions given to them. They will note seems a page. They
the Blackboard work and question answers in their
somehow served every sau.
note-books. They will follow the homework related
instructions as desired by the teacher This life of hard ships went
on ten years
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: The Hack Driver No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Question 1:When the lawyer reached New Mullion, did
This story is
‘Bill’ know that he was looking for Lutkins? When do
about a • To enable the students in
you think Bill came up with his plan for fooling the
young comprehension of the text. lawyer?
lawyer who • Infer the contextual
Answer: It is more likely that Oliver made the plan to
is too
meaning of the text. fool the lawyer right after he came to know from the
latter that he was looking for a man named Oliver
He goes to a • To enable the learners to

Lutkins. Oliver knew that he was needed as a witness in


village to read independently.

a law case. So it is entirely possible that he was prepared

• To enhance the for such a situation. It was a matter of chance that the

summon to

lawyer ran into Oliver himself.

a person vocabulary of the students.

Question 2:Lutkins openly takes the lawyer all over the

called • To understand and react to village. How is it that no one lets out the secret? (Hint:
Lutkins. At the feelings of an individual.
Notice that the hack driver asks the lawyer to keep out
the railway
of sight behind him when they go into Fritz’s.) Can you
station he • To enable the students to
find other such subtle ways in which Lutkins
meets a share their personal
manipulates the tour?
person who experience.
Answer: Lutkins was always the first to enter the places
identifies PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE where he took the lawyer. He prevented the lawyer from
himself as
TEST: directly talking with the people at these places. In this
Bill. Bill
manner he would take them into his confidence. This is
appears to Do you know about work of
lawyers? Do you think summon probably the reason why no one let out the secret. After
they did not find Lutkins at Fritz’s, they went to
everyone in handing over is easy ? What
Gustaff’s barber shop, where again he went in first and
the village will happen if a lawyer is
the lawyer lingered at the door. Before going to Lutkins’
and deceived by a common driver ? mother’s house, he gave a terrifying description of
promises to METHODOLOGY:
Lutkins’ mother and urged the lawyer to let him try and
Discussion, lecture-cum- talk to her. Again, Lutkins was the one who went up to
Lutkins for
her first. The lawyer was only standing back and
the lawyer. demonstration
listening. He told her everything about the lawyer and
He takes the NEW WORDS:
why he had come, which was a sufficient clue for her to
lawyer for a hack: a horse-drawn vehicle
understand what was going on. It should also be noted
ride and
dupes him agreeable sight: pleasant sight that at the station, he had asked the lawyer if he was in a
off lots of Unpleasant: unlikable hurry to find Lutkins. The lawyer told him that he had to
money. But Summons: order, command catch the afternoon train back to the city. This perhaps
after a six helped him concretise his plan to take the lawyer around
Witness: eyewitness
hour long the town till it was time for him to catch the train back
search, they poker: a card game in which to the city. In this way, he always kept ahead of the
do not find bluff is used as players bet on lawyer and managed to manipulate the entire tour.
Lutkins. the value of their cards Question 3:Why do you think Lutkins’ neighbours were
Next day, MAIN POINTS: anxious to meet the lawyer?
when the In this lesson, a young lawyer is Answer: Lutkins took the lawyer all across New
lawyer goes made to serve summons instead Mullion in search of Lutkins himself. He successfully
to the fooled the lawyer—an educated man of the city. During
of practicing law. He hates his
village with this process of deception, almost all the people in the
one of his job as sometimes he is beaten town got to see the lawyer. This episode would have
colleagues, up. Once he is directed by the become the talking point of the town. According to
he discovers law firm to serve summons to Lutkins, his neighbours were the only people in town
that it was one Mr. Oliver Lutkins, who who had missed seeing the lawyer and hence, wanted to
Lutkins who lived in a village called New meet the lawyer.
posed as Mullion. The young laywer Question 4:After his first day’s experience with the hack
Bill on the driver the lawyer thinks of returning to New Mullion to
goes to the village with some
previous practise law. Do you think he would have reconsidered
day. expectations of village life but this idea after his second visit?

Everyone, he is disappointed. He meets a Answer: After his first day’s experience with the hack

except the hack driver who is a very driver, the lawyer had considered returning to New

lawyer have helpful man according to him. Mullion to practice law. However, he realised during his

a hearty second visit that he had been literally taken for a ride by

laugh at the the hack driver (who himself was Lutkins). In this,
predicament Lutkins was helped by the townspeople. After becoming
of the LESSON:- the laughing stock of the town, it is most likely that the
lawyer. lawyer would have reconsidered his initial idea of
working there.
Question 5: Do you think the lawyer was gullible? How could he
have avoided being taken for a ride?
Students will listen to the Answer:It can be said that the lawyer was gullible. He
teacher carefully and follow the could have avoided being taken for a ride if he had
noticed what the hack driver was doing. The hack driver
instructions given to them. They
was the one who did all the talking and the lawyer
will note the Blackboard work remained a mere spectator. The lawyer could have taken
and question answers in their control of the proceedings by asking the hack driver to
note-books. They will follow step aside and by doing his work himself. Instead, he
the homework related allowed the hack driver to take control of the situation.
instructions as desired by the The lawyer was too impressed by the hack driver’s
pleasant and friendly personality, and was thus ignorant
of what was actually taking place.
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: Bholi No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and
Blackboard and other materials and written works
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- 1. Why is Bholi’s father
This story is all about a
simple village girl named • To sensitize the students to the worried about her?
importance of education. Ans: - Bholi’s father is worried
Bholi. Her real name was
about Bholi. It is because she has
Sulekha. But fate • To explain the importance of neither good
deceived her and when emotional security and family support looks nor intelligence like his
she was ten months old, for children. other children.
she felt off the cot
damaging some part of • To indicate the need of love,
encouragement and education for the 2. For what unusual reason is
her brain. As a result, she
Bholi sent to school?

could pick up speech disabled to fight against their odds.


Ans:- Bholi is sent to school not

only after she was five • To demonstrate the use of simple

for education .But she is sent to

years old, but she

past and past perfect tense in speech worry her

stammered. Later on,

and writing. teacher about her, this is the

when she was two –

years old, she had an • To stuff moral values in the students unusual reason .
attack of small pox that such as dowry is a social abuse, any
3. Does she find her teacher
left her with blank spots disabled should not be made fun of etc.
different from the people at
all over the body. The PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: home?
other children often made What should be the base of marriage – Ans: - She finds her teacher
fun of her and mimicked
love or lust ? different from the people at
her. Therefore, she talked
Do you think taking dowry is right home. She finds the teacher’s
very little.
thing for marriage ? voice soft and soothing. In all
Ramlal had seven her life she had never been
children in all – three called like that as the teacher
sons and four daughters. discussion, lecture-cum-demo
called her by her name.
Bholi was the youngest. NEW WORDS:
All other were healthy (1)Simpleton – lacking of common 4. Does Bholi enjoy her
and strong except Bholi. sense first day at school?
Bholi was seven years She is not able to behave well, she is a Ans: -Bholi does not enjoy her
old when a primary simpleton. first day at school. It is because
school opened in their (2) Stammer – stutter she is fearful of
village. The tehsildar Raju stammered while delivering the everybody there.
came to perform the speech on the stage.
opening ceremony of the 5. Why does Bholi’s parents
school. He told Ramlal (3) Prosperous – well off accept Bishamber Marriage
that as a revenue official They are prosperous and happy. proposal?
and as a representative of (4) Revenue – income Ans: - The Bholi’s parents
the government in t he Kings used to collect revenue from their accept Bishamber .it had reason
village, he should send subject. bishamber Has a
his daughter to the school (5) Orchard – fruit garden big shop and his own house. He
and set an example The group of monkey has destroyed the also does not ask for dowry.
before the villagers. fruits of orchard.
When he consulted his (6) Astonished – surprised 6. Why does the marriage not
wife about the issue, his I was astonished when I saw the result of
take place?
wife did not agree with Ans: - The marriage does not
class fifth.
him. Yet she decided to take place. It is because her
(7) Throbbing – Beating
send Bholi to the school. bridegroom demands
My heart was throbbing fast when I saw a
a dowry of five thousand rupees.
The next day, Bholi was snake. Bholi refuses to money such a
given a bath, and a new (8) Limps – walk with lameness person
dress to wear. Her The friends of lord Krishna, sudama limps. who demands downy.
mother mated his hair (9) Envious – Jealous
and then she was sent to Duryodhana was envious of pandavas. Thinking about it
the school. When her
(10) Contemplating – thinking deeply
father left her in the
Contemplating is necessary for our golden 1. Bholi had many
school, she set in a corner
apprehensions about going to

in the class. When her

MAIN POINTS: school what made her feed that


teacher asked her name,


• A Girl Sulekha called Bholi she was going to a batter place


she stammered and the

then her home?

children started laughing.youngest daughter of number dar

Ans: - Bholi had many

At this Bholi started Ramlal. apprehension about going to

weeping. But the
• An Accident made her a backward school when her father was
teacher’s voice was soft
child (10month old) and had pox marks going to take her to school on
and soothing. It
on body (when 2 years old). the first day she was afraid that
encouraged her a lot and
• She spokes first time (when 5 year she might be sold like a cow her
finally she could tell her
father understood that she was
full name. Then the old) and stammered. nervous. So he ordered his wife
teacher told her that if • Parents did not care for her. to dress up the girl in decent
she would come daily to
• Primary school opened (She was 7 cloths, oil was rubbed into
school, she would speak
year old). Bholi’s dry and matted hair.
without a stammer and
• People did not want to marry Now she felt that she was going
one day she would
to a better place than her home.
become the mosteducated girl.
educated girl in the • But she was sent to the school. 2. How did Bholi’s teacher
village. Then no one will
• Meeting with a kind hearted lady play an important role in
dare to laugh at her. Then
teacher. changing the course of her life?
they will listen her
• The teacher encouraged her to speak. Ans: - Bholi’s teacher changed
the direction of Bholi’s life
Years passed and the • She hoped for a new life. through her love and affection;
village now turned into a • Years passed village became a small she filled her mind with hope
small town. One night town. and faith. She told Bholi to cast
Ramlal consulted his • Bishamber nath a rich grocer was out all fear from her mind. It was
wife about the proposal ready to marry Bholi. because of her guidance that
made by Bishamber, a Bholi developed her personality
grocer in the • Marriage ceremony with, pomp and now she could face all the
neighbouring village. His slender Bishmbhar Nath. problems of life with great
wife readily agreed to it. • He saw the pox marks on Bholi’s courage and confidence.
Bholi was also listening face.
this conversational. The • Demanded for thousands to marry 3. Why did Bholi at first agree
day of her marriage to an unequal match? Why did
her in the name of dowry.
came. When the she later reject the marriage?
bridegroom was about to • Ramlal requested him to marry his What does this tell us about her?
garland her, some lady daughter and gave him the money with Ans: - Bholi knew about her
pulled her veil down great difficulty. bridegroom who was old and
showing her face to him. • But now Bholi refused to marry him. lame person still she agreed to
The bridegroom had a this unequal match for the sake
• First time she did not stammer and
quick glance at her face of her father’s honour.
and noticed pox marks on said “I can marry with a man of the age But later she refused to marry
her face. At this, He same to my father, who is even a lame Bishamber because he demanded
asked Ramlal to give him but can’t marry with a greedy man and dowry. Therefore, she put down
five thousand rupees as conceptive coward just for the sake of her foot and said “no” to this
dowry in order to marry marriage.

your izzat.

that ugly girl. After some

• People whispered.

arguments, Ramlal 4. Bholi’s real name is sulekha

• Bholi answered them smartly.

handed over the money we are told this right at the


to Bishambar. But Bholi • Ramlal was tensed. beginning. But only in the last

asked his father to take • Bholi asked him to not to worry but one paragraph of the story is
money back from him as about her & said “ I will teach in the Bholi called Sulekha again. Why
she did not want to marry school and serve both of you (parents) do you think she is called
that old lame and greedy Sulekha at that point in the
person. Everybody was in your old age.” story?
surprised because Bholi VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- Ans: - Bholi is called Sulekha
was not stammering at near the end of the story. This is
all. The bridegroom went very significant because Bholi is
back with his baraat. now tno more Bholi (a simple
Ramlal could not lift his Students will listen to the teacher tone). She had grown wiser and
head due to shame and more self confidence due to her
carefully and follow the instructions
grief. He asked Bholi as education and her teacher’s
who will marry her now. given to them. They will note the training. She proves that
But Bholi said to him Blackboard work and question answers education is like a philosopher’s
that she would serve his in their note-books. They will follow stone which can turn a base
parents in their old age the homework related instructions as metal into gold.
and teach in the same desired by the teacher
school where she had
learnt so much.
Class: X Subject: English Book: Footprints Without Feet
Chapter name: The Book That Saved The Earth No. of periods required:04
Date of commencement : As per teacher diary
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Question 1: Do you think books are being
This drama is
replaced by the electronic media? Can we
set in 25th
• To introduce the concept of Aliens, do away with books altogether?
century. A
Martians. Answer: Books are being replaced by the
historian in the
• To help the students think electronic media in a big way. Most of the
museum is
futuristically. children no longer read story books and
telling the
• To introduce the main ideas of a prefer to watch television and use internet.
story about
play. Although textbooks are still there but they
20th century;
• To enable the students to understand may soon be replaced by electronic
the century of
the plot and charters and sequence of version. Books have their own utility

the books. He

incidents in the play. value because one can read a book at his
tells how a

• To appreciate the humour in the


own pace and a book does not need to be

book saved the

play. powered by electricity. But as the

earth from

• To enable the students to stage a technology is advancing by every day, a


play. time may come when books will become a
invasion. The
thing of the past.
invaders from
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: Question 2: Why are books referred to as
Mars consider
What is the value of books for human life ? a man’s best companion? Which is your
themselves too
Do you think that knowledge of books can favourite book and why? Write a
intelligent for
save humans from outer planet invasions ? paragraph about that book.
the earthlings.
If you have seen Star Wars, do you think Answer: Books help us to learn a lot of
They think
that aliens from Mars can attack Earth ? things. They become our guide and friend.
they are
These are reasons, books are referred to as
superior race
METHODOLOGY: Lecture & Discussion, a man’s best companion. Malgudi Days;
than the
demonstration of videos by R K Narayan is my favourite book. I
inhabitants of
NEW WORDS: Squiggle- doodles love this book because the main
the earth.
Frequency- offenses characters in this book are children. The
There is a
Unfold- clarify way child’s psychology has been
Cockle shell- shell of a bivalve mollusk explained in this book is what gives me
pleasure while reading this book.
Maid- female servant Question 3: Noodle avoids offending
commands the
Think-Tank but at the same time he
team of the
Invasion- attack corrects his mistakes. How does he
manage to do that?
Magnificent- glorious Answer: Noodle appears to be quite an
members from expert at handling an arrogant and
the invaders’ Decipher- process of decoding megalomaniac boss. While correcting the
team enter a Haughtily- proudly mistakes, Noodle never gives a sense of
library. They MAIN POINTS: inferiority to his boss. He is always
are unable to • Think-Tank and Noodle contact Martian correct but pretends that every right
identify what a probe. information comes from the ‘highly
book is. They • Mars space control contacts probe on intelligent boss’.
make several Earth. Question 4: If you were in Noodle’s place,
wild guesses, • Think-Tank says the books in the Central how would you handle Think-Tank’s
and finally Public Library are sandwiches. mistakes?
arrive at the • Oops is ordered to eat a book. Answer: I would follow in Noodle’s
conclusion that • Noodle suggests that the books are some footsteps. It is never a right policy to
it must be a sort of communication device. annoy your boss, no matter how irritating
communication • Probe one members swallow vitamins the boss may be. I would have rectified
device for the and reads the volume of Mother Goose. Think-Tank’s mistakes as politely as
earthlings. Noodle did.
• Omega reads out ‘ Mistress Mary’, quite
decode what is Que.1. What was the plan of
• Think-tank says earthlings have
written in the Martians? Did they succeed in their
discovered how to combine agriculture with
book. The attempt?
book is full of Ans: The Martians planned to capture and
nursery • Iota reads ‘Hey diddle diddle!’ invade the earth in 2040. No they could

• Think-Tank pronounces the lines read by


rhymes. Their not get success. This was because a single


Iota that earthlings have taught their animals


encoding tells book stopped the invasion of the earth.


them that musical culture and space techniques. Que.2. Who is declared ‘the most

earthlings must • Oops reads ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ and shows powerful and intelligent creature’ in the

have been on a the picture of Humpty Dumpty to Think- play?

mission to Tank. Ans: Think-Tank is declared as the most
attack the • Think-Tank is frightened thinking that the powerful and intelligent creature in the
Mars. Fearing earthlings are planning to capture him. play. He is considered the wisest creature
that, they • Think-Tank orders probe one to leave at in the universe. He is commander in chief
immediately once. of the MARS SPACE CONTROL.
leave the earth • Think- Tank decides to evacuate the Que.3. Why did Think-Tank order the
and fly away to entire planet of Mars. Noodle replaces invasion fleet to evacuate the entire planet
the distant Think-Tank and earthlings resume friendly of Mars?
Alpha contact with Mars. Ans: Think-Tank ordered the invasion
Centauri. VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- fleet to evacuate the entire planet of Mars because he thought that the Earthlings
fX4 were after him and would kill him. Que.4. Who was Think-Tank? Who
Students will listen to the teacher carefully were his companion?
and follow the instructions given to them. Ans: Think-Tank was the ruler of Mars.
They will note the Blackboard work and He had his own crew, Captain Omega,
question answers in their note-books. They Lieutenant Iota and Sergeant Oop. He also
will follow the homework related had one brilliant servant, Apprentice
instructions as desired by the teacher Noodle.
r He