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Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)

Lesson No. : 01 Chapter name: The Lost Child No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and plan
Engage, Explore of activities to achieve the LOs Explain
and Elaborate
The story is about OBJECTIVES:- Question and Answers of the Chapter the Lost
a child and his • To enable the students to Child
parents who are read, write , speak understand
1. What are the things the child sees on his way
going to a fair. English correctly.
to the fair? Why does he lag behind?
On their way to • To enrich the vocabulary
A. On his way to the fair, the child sees the
the fair, the child of the students to use the same
following things-
sees a toy shop correctly.
1. He saw toys that were displayed in the shops

and asks his • To enable the students to

lined up on the way.

parents to buy understand the difficult words and


2. He saw the vast mustard field which seemed


him a toy, but, his phrases in the lesson.


like melting gold.

father stared at • To acquaint the students a
3. There were brightly coloured dragonflies,
him and he child’s story.
butterflies and black bees which flapped their
understood the Introduction to the lesson - The
wings and sat on the flowers to suck nectar
father's silent Lost Child
from them.
"No". Then to The Lost Child is the story of a
4. He also saw little insects and worms along
divert his mind, small child who gets lost in a fair.
the footpath that were crawling out of the holes
his mother called He had gone with his parents to
in the footpath to get sunshine.
him up to the the fair but loses them when he
5. The child saw a dove bird in the grove.
mustard field. gets engrossed in looking at a
6. Also, he saw hordes of people walking
The Child saw roundabout swing. The story
towards the fair.
various things on highlights the bond of love and
The child often lagged behind because he
his way to the fair affection that the child shares with
would watch the different happenings around
such as insects, his parents. Before losing them he
him. He would get attracted to these things and
doves, butterflies had been demanding different would stop in his way. Then, his parents would
and so on. In the things like sweets, balloons, walk ahead and he would be left behind.
fair also, he sees flowers, swings, etc. Once he loses 2. In the fair he wants many things. What are
various things them, he is picked up by a they? Why does he move on without waiting for
such as sweets stranger. The stranger tries to an answer?
and balloons, but quieten the child by offering him A. In the fair, the boy wanted the following
he didn't request all these things that he had things-
his parents demanded from his parents but the 1. He wanted to buy a burfi from the sweetmeat
because he knew child does not want them any seller.
what would be more. He wants his parents first. 2. He wanted a garland of flowers from the
the reply. So, he wintry shades of narrow lanes and flower seller.
mumered and alleys: in the winter season, the 3. Next, he saw a balloon seller and wanted a
moved on. On narrow lanes were full of shade. balloon.
reaching the Emerged: came out 4. When he saw the snake - charmer he was
roundabout, he Brimming over: to be full of attracted to the music of the flute and wanted to
r He

couldn't resist something listen to it.


himself and made Lagged behind: was left behind 5. He wanted to take a ride on the roundabout

a bold request Fascinated by: attracted to swing.

saying that
he Lined the way: were set up along The child moved ahead from all the stalls
wants to go on the the way. without waiting for a reply because he knew
that his parents would not heed to his demands.
roundabout and Lingering: lasting for a long time
He knew their replies in each case would be as
when he turned Receding: left behind as he walked follows -
back for the reply, ahead 1. For the burfi, they would say that he was a
greedy child.
his mother and Suppress: put an end to
2. The garland of flowers would not be bought
father were not Cold: without any feelings, because it was considered cheap.
there!!! He was emotions 3. They would not buy him a balloon because
he was grown up to play with it.
confused and ran Tyrant: a cruel and oppressive
4. The child’s parents had warned him from
here and there. He ruler listening to such unpleasant music as was
ran to the shrine Melted: became tender and loving played by the snake - charmers.
and fell down. It Pale: dull, colorless 3. When does he realize that he has lost his
way? How have his anxiety and insecurity been
was then that the Gaudy: extremely bright and described?
kind man came to showy A. When the child raised his demand for a ride
help him. He Abreast: side by side and facing on the round about, his parents did not reply.
He moved his head up to look for them. It was
offered him the same way
then that he discovered that he had lost his way.
everything that he Teeming out: to pour or empty out His anxiety and insecurity have been described
wanted earlier but Grove: a small wood or group of in the following ways-
1. The child saw hefty men with murderous
the child refused trees
eyes and got scared of them.
and cried for his Capers: a playful skipping 2. He ran here and there looking for his parents.
parents. This movement 3. His turban untied.
4. His clothes became dirty.
shows that the Throngs: huge crowds
5. He was screaming at the top of his voice.
child's parents Converging: gathering 4. Why does the lost child lose interest in the
were the center an Heeded: paid attention to things that he had wanted earlier?
the meaning of Overwhelming: a very strong A. The lost child loses interest in the things that
he wanted earlier because now he is sad as he
his life and all the emotion has lost his parents. Before getting anything of
luxuries in the Forbidden: not allowed his choice like sweets, flowers, balloons, joy
world were Coarse: unpleasant rides and music, he wants to reunite with his

mother and father.


meaningless to Hither and thither: here and there


5. What do you think happens in the end? Does


him without his Intently: carefully the child find his parents?

parents. VIDEO LINKS FOR THE A. The ending of the story is not given. I think
that in the end, the boy finds his parents
The writer has LESSON:-
standing at the fair reception. Thus, the child
kept the story finds his parents and they reunite once again.
ending open, and Homework:
we may assume The Comprehension check and other textbook
that the child met questions will be done in the respective periods
his parents later, and the answers will be found by the students
Students will listen to the teacher
as he was not the carefully and follow the with help of the teacher. It will also be written
only one who was instructions given to them. They by students in their notebooks and they will be
will note the Blackboard work and
finding his checked by the teacher during the week. The
question answers in their note-
parents, but, his books. They will follow the students will be given meaning of new words
parents were also homework related instructions as and also key questions related to the lesson.
desired by the teacher. Weekly test will be taken on Friday/Saturday
finding him.
every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 02 Chapter name: The Adventures of Toto No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
Engage, Explore other materials and plan of Evaluate
activities to achieve the Los
Explain and Elaborate
The writer’s grandfather OBJECTIVES:- Question and Answers
liked to collect animals • To enable the students to
and had a zoo at home. develop in the language 1. How does Toto come to grandfather’s
Once he bought a skills private zoo?
monkey named Toto • To enable them to express A. The writer’s grandfather liked to
from a tonga driver for a themselves in collect animals and had made a zoo at

sum of five rupees. grammatically correct home. One day, he saw a red - coloured

Toto was kept secretly language. monkey tied to a trough with a tonga

as the grandmother • To enable the learners to driver. He liked the monkey and wanted

disliked animals. Toto extrapolate from the given to add it to his collection. He bought Toto
was very mischievous. text. from the tonga driver for a sum of five
When the writer and his • To instill values of rupees.
grandfather hid Toto in generosity, kindness, 2. “Toto was a pretty monkey.” In what
a cupboard, and tied him humility and communal sense is Toto pretty?
to a hook, he broke the harmony among the A. The writer says that Toto was pretty.
hook and caused havoc children. He had bright, shining eyes which were
in the room. The next • To enable them to frame full of mischief. His teeth were like pearls.
day, when he was kept sentences using the new He had a long tail which was like a third
in the servants room words and phrases. hand for him. The writer’s grandfather felt
along with other New Words:- that a tail added to the beauty of an
animals, he did not let Feeding-trough: a large container animal. So, Toto was thought to be a
them sleep all night. for feeding animals pretty animal.
As grandfather had to go Tonga: horse cart 3. Why does grandfather take Toto to
to Saharanpur for work, Anglo-lndian: a person relating to Saharanpur and how? Why does the ticket
he decided to take the both Britain and India collector insist on calling Toto a dog?
monkey along with him. Pickled: food that is preserved in A. Grandfather took Toto along with
He carried Toto in a vinegar himself to Saharanpur because as he was
strong bag made of scooping up: lifting mischievous, it was not safe to leave him
canvas and closed the Peg: a hook alone at home. A bag made of strong
zip nicely so that Toto Ornamental: decorative canvas material was arranged. Some straw
could not escape. Toto Naked: uncovered was placed in it. Toto was placed inside
made unsuccessful Wrenched: broke the bag and the bag was sealed with the
attempts to get out of the Socket: attachment zipper.
bag, which made the Shreds: cut into thin slices The ticket collector did not accept
back jump and roll. This Sociably: in a friendly manner grandfather’s claim that Toto was not a
aroused the curiosity of Abode: home dog. He called it a dog and charged a
fellow passengers at the Turnstile: a mechanical gate ticket fee for it because only dogs were

railway station. At the consisting of revolving horizontal allowed to travel on trains. If Toto had to

Saharanpur railway arms fixed to a vertical post, travel by train, then, he would have to be

station, when allowing only one person at a termed a dog.

grandfather was getting time to pass through 4. How does Toto take a bath? Where has
his ticket checked, Toto Annoyance: to anger someone he learnt to do this? How does Toto
peeked out of the bag Vain: an unsuccessful attempt almost boil himself alive?
and smiled at the ticket Quadruped: an animal which has A. Toto would check the temperature of
collector. As the ticket 4 feet the water by inserting his hand in it. Then
collector declared that it Fare: ticket price he would step into the tub, one foot at a
was a dog, grandfather To get his own back (idiom): to time. Finally, he would sit in it, with his
had to buy a ticket for 3 take revenge face out. Then he would rub soap on his
rupees, much to his Prodded: pushed body. When the water became cold, he
annoyance. Introduction to the lesson;- would jump out and run to the stove in the
When toto was accepted This is a humorous and kitchen to dry himself.
by grandmother, it was adventurous story of a naughty He had learnt this way of bathing from the
given a place in the monkey named ‘Toto’. The writer.
stable along with the writer’s grandfather bought the On day, Toto jumped into a kettle of water
donkey- Nana. Toto did monkey from a tonga driver. The kept on the stove for boiling as he found it
not get along with nana pranks played by Toto have been warm enough for a bath. As the water
as well. narrated in an interesting way and grew hotter, he thought of ascending but
Toto enjoyed taking make the story a must read for us. the cold weather made him go back into
bath in warm water VIDEO LINKS FOR THE the kettle. Toto kept on doing this for a
during the winter LESSON:- while till he was spotted by the
season. One day, he grandmother. She pulled him out of the
almost boiled himself kettle in time or else he would have boiled
when he jumped into a himself that day.
kettle of boiling water. 5. Why does the author say, “Toto was not
One afternoon, Toto ate the sort of pet we could keep for long”?
the family meal of A. The author says that Toto was not the
pulao. He threw the kind of pet that they could keep for long
Students will listen to the teacher
empty dish from the tree because he was extremely mischievous.
r He

and it broke it into carefully and follow the He destroyed many things - he tore the

several pieces. wallpapers, clothes and curtains. He broke


instructions given to them. They


Toto’s mischiefs grew dishes too. The family could not afford all
will note the Blackboard work
by the day and this and so, decided to get rid of Toto.
grandfather realized that and question answers in their Homework: The Comprehension check
they could not keep him and other textbook questions will be done
note-books. They will follow the
at home. Finally, he in the respective periods and the answers
homework related instructions as
found the same tonga will be found by the students with help of
driver and sold Toto desired by the teacher the teacher. It will also be written by
back to him for a sum of students in their notebooks and they will
three rupees. be checked by the teacher during the
week. The students will be given meaning
of new words and also key questions
related to the lesson. Weekly test will be
taken on Friday/Saturday every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 03 Chapter name: Iswaran- The Story Teller No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
Engage, other materials and plan of Evaluate
Explore activities to achieve the Los
Explain and Elaborate
Mahendra OBJECTIVES:- Q: In what way is Ishwaran an asset to Mahendra?
was a • To comprehend the A: Ishwaran was a skilled cook .He worked for
supervisor in gist of the story- Mahendra he cooked for him, washed his clothes
a firm his job Ishwaran the story and chatted away with his master at night. Mahendra
was to Teller. always kept him wherever he was posted. The cook
supervise • To provide a platform was also quite attached to Mahendra and followed
different to the students where him uncomplainingly. That is why he was an asset to
construction they can differentiate Mahendra.
sites .Nature between natural and Q: How does Ishwaran describe the uprooted tree on

of his job was unnatural world. the highway? What effect does he want to create in

to move from • To make the students his listeners?


one place to able to understand A: Ishwaran described the uprooted tree with eye

another place. difficult words with browse suitably arched and handles held out in

Mahendra's help of simple dramatic gesture and said that road was alone
needs were sentence suddenly he saw a enormous bushy beast lying
simple. He constructions. sprawled across the road. He was half inclined to
had a servant • To make the students turn and go back. As he come closer and found that
named able to answer all it was fallen tree.
Ishwaran. objective question and Q: How does he narrated the story of the tusker ?
Ishwaran short notes on the base Does it appear to be plausible?
followed of the story. A: Ishwaran had a great narrative skill once he
Mahendra • To make the students narrated the story of a tusker escaped from the
without any able to imagine jungle .The tusker destroyed everything what came
complain. He another ending of the into the way. At last it reached to Ishwaran's school
cooked for story. and pulled out football goal post teasing down
Mahendra, • To improve the volley ball net. Everyone was helplessly watching
washed his reading, listening, the whole drama. Sudden Ishwaran grabbed a cane
clothes and speaking and writing from the hands of a teacher and faced the dangerous
cleans the skills of the students tusker. He attacked with the cane on the third toe
shelterin with help of this story. nail of tusker and it stunned, shivered from head to
leisure time New Words:- foot and collapsed. No, it does not appear to be
Ishwaran read • Supervisor: a person whose job plausible since it is not possible with a small cane to
Tamil thrilled is to check the work of all the make a dangerous elephant collapsed .
stories and it other people Q: Why does the author say that Ishwaran seemed to
effected him • Bachelor: a person who is more than make up for the absence of T.V. in
so much that unmarried Mahendra's living quarters?
even a • Makeshift: temporary A: The author says so because Ishwaran was a
smallest • Quarry: mine fascinating storyteller. He recounting everyday some
incident like • Asset: advantage story packed with adventure, horror and suspense
fallen of a • Anecdote: A short amusing or whether the story was credible or not Mahendra
tree appeared interesting story about a real enjoyed listing to it because of the inimitable way in
to him busy incident or person which it was told .
beast • Desolate: uninhabited, empty Q: Mahendra calls ghost or sprits a figment of the
Ishwaran imagination . What happen to him on a fool moon
• Conjure up: to gather or create
described night?
with magic
each thing in A: Mahendra was a man with scientific approach.
• Zinc sheet shelter: a temporary
detail and he He often chided Ishwaran not to believe ghost or
place to live with the roof made
weaved daily spirits because these all are nothing but a figment of
of metallic sheets
a new story the imagination. On one fool night he heard a low
full of thrill • Muttering: speaking in a low moan close to his window. At first he thought it as a
and horror to voice cat prowling around for mice but the sound became
Mahendra. He • Dozing off: falling asleep louder & louder . He looked through the window
played the • Narrative flourishes: detailed and found a dark cloudy form clutching a bundle. It
role of a T.V. descriptions was his ghastly experience.
in Mahendra's • In thrall: The state of being in Q: Can you think the other end of the story?

quarter . Once someone's power A: The other ending of the story could be as

• Arched: curved

he told to Mahendra could have found the right reason of his


Mahendra a • Gesture: A movement of hands ghastly experience. He should not resolve to go on


story about for head to indicate something leave but face the bull by its horns in scientific

tusker with • Deserted: empty ending. It would be better as Mahendra could catch
the prolonged • Enormous: huge Ishwaran's trick red handed next time.
of elephant in • Timber: wood that has been SHORT QUESTIONS
the jungle and processed for commercial Q: Who narrated the story and to whom?
how they purposes A: A young man (Mahendra) narrated the story to
behaved when • Hauled: transported Ganesh .
they got mad. • Prologue: an introductory Q: Who was Mahendra ?
The tusker speech Mahendra was a junior supervisor in a firm. His job
escaped out of KEY POINTS:- was to keep on the activities at the work site .
the jungle Q: What was Ishwaran's job?
destroying • The story was narrated A: Ishwaran's job was to cook for Mahendra,
everything to Ganesh by washed his cloths and chatted away with his master
what came Mahendra. at night.
into the way. • Mahendra was Q: Where was Mahendra working place and what
It reached in bachelor, junior was the thing he used to keep always with him?
Ishwaran's supervisor in a A: Mahendra had to keep moving from place to
school. There construction firm. place every now and them as ordered by his office.
every one was • His job was to keep an He always used to keep with him his cook
terrified eye on different Ishwaran.
watching the construction sites. Q: When Ishwaran explained any description, from
drama of the • Mahendra always had where his own description was influenced?
tusker, It his asset, his cook, A: Ishwaran's own description was influenced by the
pulled Ishwaran with him. Tamil authors that he read .
football goal • Ishwaran had amazing Q:What did happen when an elephant turn wild?
post and capacity to produce A: When an elephant turned wild even the most
volleyball net vegetable and experienced mahout is not able to control him.
later Ishwaran cookingingredients Q:What is the help taken by elephants in the jungle?
told that he any where. A: The elephants in the jungle are used to haul the
grabbed a • Ishwaran would read logs on the lorries.
cane from the popular Tamil thriller Q:What did the tusker do when it escaped from the
teacher's hand stories. timber yard ?
and faced the • His own description A: The tusker began to roam about, stamping on
mad tusker was greatly influenced bushes, teasing up wild creepers and breaking
boldly. He hit by the Tamil author. branches at will.
on to the • He weaved endless Q:Where did the tusker finally reached?
thrived toe of stories and played a A: The tusker finally reached in Ishwaran's school
the elephant roll of TV in where children were playing.
and it Mahendra's living Q:Where was the Ishwaran in the school when the
shivered and quarters. tusker reached in school ? In which class was he
collapsed . At • He weaved a tale of a studying?
this point he tusker, which A: Ishwaran was on the roof of the school along
would leave destroyed everything with other students

the story and on the way and how watching the whole drama. He was studying in the

Mahendra he made him collapsed junior class at that time.


remained in in the end with help of Q:Who made the tusker collapsed at last in the

dangling a small cane and school?


situation. On karate . Ishwaran made tusker collapsed at last in the school

one • Ishwaran linked the with the help of a cane snatched from the teacher's
auspicious auspicious full moon hand .
day he night to a story of Q:When Ishwaran would leave the story unfinished,
weaved a female ghost holding a and returned what would happen?
story about a foetus. A: Ishwaran did not pick up thread of the story right
ghost woman • Mahendra rebuked away. Mahendra would have to remind him about
holding a him for explaining the story .
foetus on her such baseless stories. Q:From where did Ishwaran learn karate or ju-jitsu?
hand • He thought that was A: Ishwaran did not learn karate from anywhere
Mahendra only a figment of rather he had read about it somewhere.
stooped him imagination and Q: What did Ishwaran ask to Mahendra on one
such nonsense nothing else. auspicious day?
stories and • One night Mahendra A: Ishwaran asked to Mahendra on auspicious day to
there are no heard a low moan near make something special for dinner that night.
such type of his window. He put it Q: What did happen after the most delicious dinner
figure but our as a cat but sound on that auspicious day?
imagination became louder and A: That day after dinner when Mahendra enjoyed
only afterfew louder. most delicious dinner unexpectedly Ishwaran
days • Mahendra saw a launched into a most garish account involving the
Mahendra cloudy figure holding supernatural or on that day after dinner Ishwaran
heard some a bundle. started to tell the story, which involved some
noise near his • It affected him very supernatural elements.
window sill much that he could not Q: What was the most garish account of
duringnight sleep properly. supernatural?
time. First he • Next morning A: The most garish account of supernatural was of a
put it as some Ishwaran greeted him ghost woman with matted hair and shriveled face,
short of small and told about the last holding a foetus in its arm.
animal like night's experience. Q: What was Mahendra's reaction on the woman
cat but the • At last Mahendra ghost story?
noise became resolved to leave the A: Mahendra shivered at the discription and
louder and place the very next interrupt Ishwaran sharply saying there were no such
louder. When day, handed in his things but there are merely
he peeped paper. figments of imagination.
through the VIDEO LINKS FOR THE Q: What did Mahendra's like before hearing
window he Ishwaran's story of female ghost ?
fainted for he A: Mahendra liked to admire the milk-white
saw some landscape on the full moon nights before hearing
cloudy figure Ishwaran's story of female ghost .
clutching a Q: What was its after effects?
bundle near A: Mahedra avoided looking out of his window
his window altogether when the moon was full.

sill. Mahendra Q: Why did Mahendra wake up one night, and what

could not did he put it?


sleep that A: Mahendra was woken up from his sleep by a loud


night. In moan close to window. At first he put down to a cat


morning prowling around for mice.

Ishwaran Q: What did he find out side of the window sill?
smilingly A:Mahendra found out side of the window sill a
asked about dark cloudy form clutching a bundle.
the sound and Q: Why did Mahendra resolve to leave the haunted
that woman Students will listen to the place?
ghost. He also A: Mahendra saw some cloudy shadow near his
teacher carefully and follow
complained window sill. He afraid so much that he resolved to
about how he the instructions given to them. leave that haunted place that very next day.
child him the Homework:
They will note the Blackboard
other day. The Comprehension check and other textbook
Mahendra work and question answers in questions will be done in the respective periods and
was so upset the answers will be found by the students with help
their note-books. They will
that he resoled of the teacher. It will also be written by students in
to go on leave follow the homework related their notebooks and they will be checked by the
that very day. teacher during the week. The students will be given
instructions as desired by the
meaning of new words and also key questions
teacher related to the lesson. Weekly test will be taken on
Friday/Saturday every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 05 Chapter name: The Happy Prince No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard Question Answers Oral and
and other materials and plan of activities to achieve written works
Engage, Explore the Los
Explain and Elaborate Evaluate
• To develop communicative skill . Q: Where was the swallow
allegory. It • To inculcate literally appreciation . going ?Why ?
brings out the • Let the learners know the real meaning A: Winter had set in. The sallow
of happiness , love, sacrifice and was migrating to the warm
importance of charity . climate of Egypt. His friends had
• To enable them to understand the real already gone there & were flying
charity. We experience of gooddeeds . up and down the nile.

• To enable and sensitize them to share


learn that love Q: What broke the heart of the


the feeling of happiness , love, charity


and sacrifice . Prince ?

and sacrifice

• To sensitize them to have empathy , A: The swallow was going to die.


can endear us to sympathy and helping hand towards the He gave the king a dying kiss and
sufferings of human . dead . This grief broke the
God. The prince Prince’s heart.
• To enable the to render the selfless
in the story is service to the humanity .
Q: Describe in about 100 words
New Words:-
the first meeting between the
no living prince. ✓ gilded: to covered with something, coating
Happy Prince and the swallow .
of something
He is the statue A: The statue of the Happy Prince
✓ hilt: the handle of a weapon or tool,
stood on a high pillar in the city
especially a sword, dagger, or knife
of a dead prince square. A swallow was flying to
✓ swallow: a tiny bird
Egypt where his friends had
decorated with ✓ Put up means where to live for the night
already gone because the Statue’s
✓ Alighted: descended
feet. Though the sky was clear,
gold leaves and ✓ curious: strange
drops of water fell on the bird. He
✓ drenched: soaked with water
precious stones. looked up and found the Prince
✓ misery: sadness
was weeping. The swallow
✓ coarse: rough
He is known as wanted to know what grieved
✓ seamstress: a woman who makes a living by
him. The Prince said when he was
the Happy ✓ sword hilt: the handle of the sword alive he knew no misery. But now
✓ pedestal: raised platform he was grieved how miserable his
Prince because ✓ mast: sail of the ship people were. His Heart was made
✓ tossing: turning left and right of lead but he could not help
there is a smile
✓ thimble :a metal or plastic cap with a closed weeping.
on his lips. But end, worn to protect the finger and push the
needle in sewing slumber: sleep Q: Describe the friendship
the smile ✓ sank: drown but here it means the boy in between the Prince and the
going to sleep swallow.
gradually gives ✓ prospect: thought of something
✓ Steeple: high tower of the church Or
way to tears.
✓ garret: small dark room at the top of the Q: Why did the swallow decide to
The Happy house stay on the Prince and server
✓ withered: worn out him?
Prince cannot ✓ violet: kind of flower A: The swallow wanted to go to
✓ pomegranate: is a fruit Egypt where the climate was
help crying over ✓ faint: weak warm. His friend had already
✓ grate: fireplace gone there. He had decided to
the scenes of
✓ darted: pushed himself inside have only a night’s sleep at the

misery in the ✓ appreciate: to praise someone feet of the statue. But he agreed to

✓ harbor: sea port postpone his going for a day to


houses of the ✓ swooped: fly very low carry a ruby to the playwright.

✓ Shabby: untidy

Then he Stayed on to carry a

poor. He
✓ proclamation: order, rule sapphire to the poor woman.
decides to help KEY POINTS:- When the prince sent away his
• The Happy prince was a statue. He was placed second sapphire to the matchgirl,
them with his on a high column in the square of the city. But he become blind. The swallow
after his death sapphires for his eyes. His body decide to stay stay on to serve the
gold leaves and was covered with leaves of fine gold. A large kind blind Prince.
and rare ruby was set on the hilt of his sword.
costly stones.
• Swallows had flown away to the warm and Q: What do you think is the most
The little pleasant land of Egypt. But one small swallow pathetic event in the story?
was left behind. He was late but he had made The swallow flew over the city
swallow acts as up his mind up his mind to fly and join his and saw the miserise of the poor.
friends who were waiting for him. He took them gold leaves which
his messenger,
• All day long he flew and arrived at the city. He covered the statue. Winter set in
decided to spend his night between the feet of and it was too could. There was
and he gives
the Happy Prince. snow and frost.
away all his • Drops of water fell on him. He looked up. The
sky was clear. But the Prince was weeping. The Q: Write a character-sketch of
wealth. The bird asked him why he was weeping. the Happy Prince.
• The Prince said he was a seamstress in her poor A: When the Prince was alive he
Swallow was on house. Face was thin and her fingers were was unaware of the miseries of
picked was needle. She was embroidering the miseries of the poor people of
his way back to
flowers on a rich woman’s gown. Her son lay his city. After his statue was
his homeland on a bed. He was sick and thirsty. placed on a high pedestal. He
• He asked to the bird to pluck the ruby off his wept. He wanted to help them
when the prince sword and carry it to the poor woman. but his messenger. He sent his
• The bird agreed. He picked the ruby and flew to ruby to The seamstress and his
had detained sapphires to the playwright and
the poor woman. When he return he was happy
because he had done a good deep. the match girl.
him to help the
• The next day the swallow visited the He become blind. He was
poor. He still monuments in the city. The happy prince had stripped of gold lesves to help the
seen a young playwright trying to finish writing poor. He loved the swallow and
wished to go a play. The young man was cold and hungry, he when he died the Prince’s heart
had no firewood to keep himself warm. broke with grief. He was kind and
back but now it noble.
• He asked him to pluck one of the sapphires and
was too late. carry it to the young man. So that he could buy
firewood and food. Q: “There is no Mystery as

The intense • The bird agreed and carry out his order. Misery.” Explain with reference

to the lesson the Happy Prince.


A little match girl in the crying in square below.

cold killed him. A: These word are spoken by the

She had accidentally let her matches fall in the


Prince to the swallow. He realised

Thus the little gutter. She was crying because she feared her
the truth after his death. So long
father would beat her unless she went back
swallow lost his he lived in his pleased he was not
home with some money.
aware of the pitiable condition of
• The prince asked the bird to pluck his other eye
life in helping the poor. It is a mystery that
too and give the sapphires to the little poor girl.
inspite of so much wealth and
The bird refused to obey the Prince because he
the poor. His riches in the world the poor starve
did not want to make the Prince blind in both
and go naked.
death broke the the eyes.
The seamstrees cannot buy
• The bird did what he was told to do. The girl
prince’s heart. organes for Her ailing son.
was had to get a surprise.
Though she works hard the
• The Prince was blind. The swallow did not to
So the swallow Queen’s maid thinks is lasy. They
leave this kind-hearted Prince. Prince decided
are not allowed even to stay under
and the prince never to leave him through it was getting colder
an arch to protect themselves
and colder.
from rain.
perished for a • The Prince asked the bird to fly over the great
city and to tell him what he has seen.
noble cause. Q: For whom does the prince
• Reports of the sufferings of the poor and send the sapphire and why?
starving children. The prince orders the
But their death swallow to peel off leaves of gold that covered A: The prince sends the sapphire
his body and take them to the poor. to the poor playwright. The
was not the end. • Now snow had began to fall and the bird was playwright’s hands are cold and
left with no strength. He knew his end was near. numb. He can not write . He has
It made them
He flew to the prince and told him that it was to finish the play for the director
immortal. That time for him to bid final good-bye. of a there . He can not buy fire-
• He kissed the Prince and fell down dead at his wood to keep himself warn. So,
is why the angel feet. The leaden heart of the Prince broke into the prince sends the sapphire to
two. the playwright.
selected the
• Next morning the mayor of the city came to the
square. He said it looked no better than a Q: What dose the swallow see
dead swallow
beggar. when it flies over the city ?
and the lifeless • He also saw a dead bird lying at its feet. He A: The swallow flies over the
ordered to pull down the statue. great city. He sees the rich
heart of the • So the statue of the happy prince was pulled making merry in their beautiful
down. They melted it in a furnace. It was a houses. He sees poor beggars a
prince as the the gates . In dark cold lanes, he
curios that the broken heart of the happy prince
did not melt. sees starving children, and hungry
noblest things
• God asked one of his angles to bring him two of boys being pushed out of the

on earth. The the most precious things in the city. The angel archway of a bridge into the rain.

brought him the broken heart and the dead bird. Homework:

story teaches a
• God said that he had chosen the right things. He

The Comprehension check and


very useful and said that the swallow and the prince would ever
live happily in paradise. other textbook questions will be
very true lesson. VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- done in the respective periods and the answers will be found by the
We learn that students with help of the teacher.
God loves those
It will also be written by students
who love their in their notebooks and they will be checked by the teacher during
fellow human
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and the week. The students will be
follow the instructions given to them. They will given meaning of new words and
note the Blackboard work and question answers in also key questions related to the
their note-books. They will follow the homework lesson. Weekly test will be taken
related instructions as desired by the teacher. on Friday/Saturday every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 04 Chapter name: In the Kingdome of Fools No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan of Evaluate
Engage, activities to achieve the Los
Explore Explain and Elaborate
A guru and OBJECTIVES:- 1. What are the two strange things the guru and his
his disciple • To enable the students disciple find in the Kingdom of Fools?
visit that to understand the A. When the guru and his disciple reach the kingdom of
passage and grasp its fools, they find the following two strange things-
meaning. a) All the people sleep during the day and work during
ey are
• To enable them to the night time. They have trained the cattle and all the
surprised to understand the moral other animals also to do the same as they fear
find the lessons contained in the punishment at the hands of the king.
whole passage.. b) Everything in the kingdom of fools- a bag of rice or

kingdom • To enrich their active a bunch of bananas costs one duddu. The guru is

asleep and passive astonished and his disciple is excited to realize that food

vocabularies… is so cheap in the kingdom.


during the
• 2. Why does the disciple decide to stay in the Kingdom

day.Later on To enable them to enjoy

reading and writing........ of Fools? Is it a good idea?
they come A. The disciple loves food. He gets excited to see such
• To develop their
to know that imaginative powers and cheap food available in the kingdom of fools. As he
it was the ideas. wants to relish more and more food, he stays back in the
instruction • To develop the faith and kingdom of fools. His decision was not a good one as he
given by the honors of teacher in the got into trouble. Although he was innocent, the king's
minds of disciples. men took him for execution as they needed a fat person
who could be killed easily by the stake.
guru being a • To inculcate the morals
3. Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court,
wise man and values to the
and give the reasons for their trial.
decides to A. The names of the people who were tried in the king's
New Words:-
leave the court are as follows-
✓ Idiots: the people who
place as he a) The rich merchant who was the owner of the house
are not intelligent was tried because the wall that collapsed onto the thief
realises the ✓ Till: here, to cultivate belonged to him. Later, on he was again tried and held
danger of land for farming guilty on behalf of his dead father who had ordered the
staying in ✓ Stirring: moving around goldsmith to deliver the ornaments in a haste due to
tne kingdom ✓ guru: saint which the goldsmith could not deliver the dancing girl’s
of fools. ✓ amazed: shocked and ornaments in time.
Guru leaves b) The bricklayer who had built the weak wall was also
the city but ✓ duddu – money in tried for constructing the wall that collapsed and killed
disciple Kannada language the thief.
remains ✓ pursuing: follow c) The dancing girl was tried for distracting the
bricklayer. As she walked in the lane again and again,
behind. the ✓ ancient trade: refers to
the jingling sound of her anklets distracted the
guruadviced theft there bricklayer because of which he constructed a weak wall.
the disciple ✓ summoned - To call d) The goldsmith was tried because it was due to him
that nothing upon someone that the dancing girl had to walk up and down the lane
could be ✓ Bricklayer: is a again and again.
predicted of person who lays the e) The rich merchant’s dead father was tried because he
fools but he bricks and built the had ordered the goldsmith to deliver his ornaments first
as there was a wedding with his family. Due to his order
did not walls
the goldsmith was unable to make the dancing girl’s
care.On day ✓ Goldsmith is a person ornaments in time.
a thief broke who makes ornaments 4. Who is the real culprit according to the king? Why
into a rich out of gold. does he escape punishment?
merchant’s ✓ scoundrel: a dishonest A. According to the king, the real culprit was the
house.he person merchant’s dead father. As he was dead, he could not
died as the ✓ accusation: to blame be punished and in place of him, his son who had
inherited all his property would be punished.The
old wall fell someone
merchant escapes the punishment as the minister feels
on ✓ bailiffs: a law officer that he is too thin to be killed by the stake.

him,brother who makes sure that the 5. What are the Guru’s words of wisdom? When does

of theif decisions of a court are the disciple remember them?


complained obeyed. A. The Guru had told his disciple that the place was a

✓ kingdom of fools and they was unsafe for them. He had


toking about stake: a post with a

asked his disciple to leave the place at once. The
the sharp, pointed end used
disciple is reminded of his Guru’s words of wisdom
death.The to pierce through when he lands into trouble. When the king's men take
owner was something him for execution, he prays to his Guru and asks him to
summoned. ✓ execution: an official save his life.
he accused killing of someone 6. How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?
the brick ✓ impaling: to push a A. The guru is a wise and intelligent man. He traps the
layer for the sharp pointed post foolish king in his talks. He says that as he is the Guru,
he is senior to his disciple and so, he should be killed
murder.the through something
first. The king gets confused to see the Guru’s eagerness
bricklayer ✓ decree: order to die. He asks him the reason for it. On being promise
accused the ✓ scrape: a difficult that he would be killed first, the Guru says that as the
dancing situation that one has stake is a new one, it has not killed any criminal. He
girl .but the got into adds that the person who would be killed by the state
dancinggirl ✓ clamour: to Insist on first would be reborn as the king of the kingdom. The
accused the something second person who would be killed by the stake would
be reborn as the Minister of the kingdom. The king
gold smith ✓ Ascetic life is the life
considers the Guru to be genuine and so, tells his
andthen of a sanyasi, a strict life, minister that they should not lose their kingdom in the
gold smith life of discipline next birth. In this way, the king decides to save his
accused a ✓ postpone: to put off kingdom and get himself and his minister killed by the
richman.the something for a later stake in place of the guru and his disciple. Hence, the
richman was time Guru saves his disciple’s life.
summoned ✓ disguised: a different
Q. How was the kingdom of fools different from other
before the appearance in order to places?
king.he hide one’s identity a. Everything was strange and abnormal in the city of
himself was ✓ panic: fright fools, people used to sleep in the day and work in the
the owner of ✓ persuade: convince night, The price of everything was same-a single
the house. KEY POINTS:- duddu .it all was strange. such things were available
The king ❖ The king and the nowhere. So the kingdom of fools was different from
minister were idiots. other places.
ordered that
❖ They changed the day Q. How according to the king had justice come full
the owner circle?
into night and the night
must be into day. a. According to the king first accused was merchant. He
punished ❖ Any body who violated blamed the bricklayer who blamed the dancing girl. She
and he the rule would be blamed the goldsmith who blamed the merchant, the
asked for a punished. circle was complete.
new stake to ❖ The king and the Q. Why did the guru want to leave the kingdom quickly
minister were delighted why did the disciple decided to stay on?
be made
at the success of their A. The guru realized that the place was dangerous.
ready for anything could happen to him as it was the kingdom of


the owner to Video Links for the Lesson:- fools so he decided to leave it .But the disciple decided

die. but it to stay on it was because he wanted to enjoy cheap and

did not fit to good food

jay Q. Who was finally blamed for the crime and why?

him so he A. The rich man was finally blamed . it was because his
ordered to
father was the real murderer of the the if .he had
search a died .but his son had inherited his property and his sins
man who so he was to die for his father’s crime
was fit for Q. Why did the servants of the king catch the disciple ? A.The rich merchant was very thin .he was bot found fit
the stake.
Disciple for stake. The king decided to find a person it for the
was caught Students will listen to the stake .the kind decided to find a person fit for stake. The
teacher carefully and follow the disciple was fit for stake ,so they caught him to hang
by the
instructions given to them. They him to death.
soldiers will note the Blackboard work Homework:
because he and question answers in their The Comprehension check and other textbook questions
was fat note-books. They will follow will be done in the respective periods and the answers
enough to the homework related will be found by the students with help of the teacher. It
fit in the instructions as desired by the will also be written by students in their notebooks and
stake. teacher. they will be checked by the teacher during the week.
The students will be given meaning of new words and
also key questions related to the lesson. Weekly test will
be taken on Friday/Saturday every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 06 Chapter name: Weathering the Storm in Ersama No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
Engage, Explore other materials and plan of Evaluate
activities to achieve the Los
Explain and Elaborate
Prashant was a OBJECTIVES:- Question 1:What havoc has the super cyclone
young boy of • To enable the students to wreaked in the life of the people of Orissa?
nineteen years of understand the passage Answer: After the super cyclone, a raging
age. He belonged to
and grasp its meaning. deadly brown sheet of water covered
Kalikuda, a village
in the coastal state • To enable them to everything. Only some fractured cement houses
of Odisha. He had understand the moral still stood in a few places. Bloated animal
lost his mother lessons contained in the carcasses and human corpses floated in every
seven years ago. direction. Even the huge old trees had fallen.


On 27 October • To enrich their active and When Prashant went towards his village along

1999, when he was with two friends of his uncle, the scenes they
passive vocabularies…

visiting a friend in

Ersama, a super • To enable them to enjoy witnessed grew more and more horrid. They

cyclone hit the area. reading and writing........ had to push away many human bodies and
There was large • To develop their carcasses of dogs, goats, and cattle. They could
scale devastation. imaginative powers and barely see a house standing. All the houses had
The gushy winds ideas. been washed away.
and rains continued Question 2:How has Prashant, a teenager, been
for two days. They • To develop the faith and
honors of teacher in the able to help the people of his village?
remained on the
minds of disciples. Answer: Prashant helped the people of his
rooftop of the house
village by first getting a grip over himself
and survived on the • To inculcate the morals
tender coconuts because he was initially shocked on witnessing
and values to the
from the coconut the after effects of the cyclone. He decided to
trees that had fallen step in as the leader of his village. He organized
on the roof. As the New Words:-
a group of youths and elders to jointly
rain stopped, ✓ Menacing: dangerous and
pressurize the merchant to given rice for the
Prashant left for his harmful
people living in the shelter. He was successful
home as he feared ✓ Fury: extreme strength
the worst for his in this task. His next task was to organize a
✓ Incessant: unceasing,
family. He took a team of youth volunteers to clean the shelter
stick to help him and to tend to the wounds of the people who
✓ Ancient: old
find the road. At had been injured because of the cyclone.
✓ Rent: filled
times, he had to ✓ Swirled: moved or flowed Prashant also brought a number of orphaned
swim through the along with a whirling motion children together and constructed a polythene
flood waters. On ✓ Mortar: a mixture of lime, shelter for them. While women were mobilized
the way he met two
cement, sand and water used to look after them, the men secured food and
friends and their
uncle and the group to construct buildings other essentials for the shelter. When he
moved together. ✓ Surge: gush realised that the women were becoming too
They came across ✓ Refuge: shelter grief-stricken, he persuaded them to start
dead bodies of ✓ Wrought: produced as a working in the food-for-work programme,
human beings and result of something which was initiated by an NGO. He also
animals which ✓ Fractured: broken organized sports events for children.
floated with the
✓ Bloated: swollen Question 3:How have the people of the
current. As they
crossed villages, ✓ animal carcasses: dead community helped one another? What role do
not even a single bodies of animals the women of Kalikuda play during these days?
house could be ✓ blessing in disguise: an Answer:The people of the community helped
seen. Prashant’s apparent misfortune that one another by joining hands under the
house was shattered eventually has good results leadership of Prashant. They jointly pressurized
too and he saw the ✓ Tender: soft, raw the merchant to give rice as everybody was
belongings hanging
✓ huddled : together in a group starving. A fire was lighted to cook the rice. It
on the branches of
the trees. He wept ✓ flashed through his mind: was the first time after the cyclone had hit the

as he felt that he came to his mind area that everyone ate their fill. A team of youth

had lost his ✓ Bereaved: to have lost a volunteers was organized to clean the shelter

beloved. He went to family member or a friend to and to tend to the wounds and fractures of the

the Red cross


death people who had been injured because of the

shelter in search of
✓ Recede: reduce cyclone.
his family. There
Prashant met his ✓ Expedition: journey When the military helicopter dropped some
maternal ✓ Waded: swam food parcels but did not return, the youth task
grandmother. She ✓ Macabre: horrible force gathered empty utensils from the shelter
was elated to see ✓ Catastrophe: disaster and deputed the children to lie in the sand with
him alive as they ✓ Remnants: small remaining these utensils on their stomachs to communicate
had not expected quantities to the passing helicopters that they were
that he would have
✓ eyes brimming: eyes were full hungry.
survived the storm.
Prashant saw a of tears The women of Kalikuda looked after the
crowd of 2500 ✓ Motley: desperate, varied in orphaned children. Though they became grief-
people at the appearance or character stricken after a few days, on Prashant’s
shelter. Many had ✓ Battered: injured insistence, they also started working in the
lost their families in ✓ Tumult: uproar of a disorderly food-for-work programme started by an NGO.
the disaster. They crowd force Question 4:
were grief stricken
✓ Triumphantly: victoriously What do Prashant and other volunteers resist
as the catastrophe
had snatched ✓ Bellies: stomach the plan to set up institutions for orphans and
everything. For the ✓ Orphaned: a child who loses widows? Why alternatives do they consider?
last 2 days they had either one or both of his Answer:
survived on parents to death Prashant and the other volunteers resisted the
coconuts but they ✓ Stigma: disgrace plan to set up institutions for orphans and
were running out of
✓ foster families: a family that widows because they felt that in such
stock. Prashant took
control of the provides custody or institutions, children would grow up without
situation. He guardianship for children love and the widows would suffer from stigma
formed a group whose parents are dead or and loneliness. Prashant’s group believed that
with some elders unable to look after them orphans should be resettled in their community
and young people. Introduction to the Lesson:- itself, possibly in new foster families made up
They forced the The story gives an account of the of childless widows and children without adult
merchant to give
storm that hit the coastal town of care.
them the stock of
rice and were Ersama in Odisha state in the Page No 43:
successful. After 4 year 1999. A young boy Question 5: Do you think Prashant is good
days the crowd ate Prashant faced the fury of the leader? Do you think young people can get
a meal. Then the storm and reached his village. together to help people during natural
group of volunteers The details of how he worked calamities?
cleaned the shelter hard to help the villagers Answer: Yes, Prashant is a very good leader.
and tended to the
overcome the devastation caused Though he himself was too grief-stricken, he
injured people.
Prashant engaged by the storm inspire us to have got a hold of himself and decided to step in as

the widows to work courage and a positive approach the leader of the village. He carried out his role

in the NGO named towards life. effectively and helped the people of his village

“Food for work”. Video Links for the Lesson:- in every possible manner.

He engaged the


children by
Yes. Young people can definitely get together
arranging sports
matches for them. to help people during natural calamities and
The volunteers otherwise. They can use their strength and
managed to set up vigour to help people.
foster families
comprising of the Homework:
widows, orphaned The Comprehension check and other textbook
children and lone Students will listen to the teacher
questions will be done in the respective periods
men who would carefully and follow the
form a family and instructions given to them. They and the answers will be found by the students
support each other. will note the Blackboard work with help of the teacher. It will also be written
Like this Prashant and question answers in their by students in their notebooks and they will be
overcame his grief checked by the teacher during the week. The
note-books. They will follow the
and learnt to smile students will be given meaning of new words
even in the face of homework related instructions as and also key questions related to the lesson.
adversities. desired by the teacher.
Weekly test will be taken on Friday/Saturday
every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 07 Chapter name: The Last Leaf No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan Evaluate
Engage, of activities to achieve the
Explore Los
Explain and Elaborate
Two OBJECTIVES:- Page No 48:
friends Sue ❖ To promote reading Question 1: What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her, the
habits through story medicine or the willingness to live?
and Johnsy
reading. Answer: Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. Only the
live ❖ To provide variety willingness to live could cure her. She had made up her mind
together in of language inputs that she was not going to get well. The doctor said that if she
for spontaneous & did not want to live, then medicines would not help her.

a rented

natural use of Question 2: Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy


appartment language. has is common among teenagers?


❖ To tell the students Answer: The feeling of depression that Johnsy had is

. Johnsy

that “A friend in common among teenagers. They get tense and depressed
need is friend because of various factors. Studies, not scoring well in the
pneumonia indeed”. examinations, expectations of parents, and peer pressure are
and loses ❖ Students will learn some of the factors that have led to the growing problem of
her desire that patience is the depression among teenagers.
plaster of all Question 3:Behrman has a dream. What is it? Does it come
to live. She sorrows. true?
announces New Words:- Answer: Behrman was a sixty year old painter. His lifelong
that she ✓ Pneumonia: a disease dream was to paint a masterpiece. It does come true when he
caused due to the paints a leaf such that it looks extremely natural. He painted
would die
infection of the lungs the last leaf left on a creeper.
when the ✓ Gazing: looking Question 4: What is Behrman’s masterpiece? What makes
last leaf fell ✓ Feeble: weak Sue say so?
✓ Janitor: a person whose Answer: Behrman’s masterpiece was the painting of a leaf. It
off the ivy
job is to look after a was the last leaf left on the creeper. Sue told Johnsy that
creeper that building Behrman had died of pneumonia. He was ill for only two
could be Except: Excluding, other days. The first day the janitor had found him on his bed. His
than. clothes and shoes were wet and he was shivering. He had
seen from ✓ Autumn: Season after been out in that stormy night. They found a ladder and a
the room’s summer and before lantern still lighted lying near his bed. There were also some
winter. brushes and green and yellow paints on the floor near the
✓ Make Up: To be ladder. Sue asked Johnsy to look out of the window at the
When the reconcile. ivy leaf, which was the last remaining leaf on the creeper.
last leaf ✓ Gazing: Look steadily. She asked her if she did not wonder why it did not flutter
✓ Anxiously: With anxiety when the wind blew. It was so because that last leaf was
falls off,
or apprehension. Behrman’s masterpiece. He painted it the night the last leaf
their Introduction to the fell. His masterpiece had given the strength to Johnsy to
neighbour, Lesson: come out of her illness. Behrman’s masterpiece saved her
The last leaf is a touching life but took his own.
story of how a painter SHORT QUESTIONS
Behrman inspires a girl to live and in Q. Where did the two young artists live?
goes out in the process, loses his life. A. The two young artists Sue and Johnsy lived in a small
the storm Video Links for the flat.
Lesson:- Q. Where was their flat situated?
to paint A. The flat was on the third storey of an old house.
one. This Q. What was Johns' illness?
gives hope A. She suffered from pneumonia but her problem was more

of a psychological nature.
to Johnsy.
ma Q. What was there on the opposite wall?


On the A. On the back wall of the opposite house, there was an old

other hand, ivy creeper.

Q.Why were the leaves falling rapidly?
Mr Students will listen to the A. The leaves were falling fast in the cold stormy wind.
Behrman teacher carefully and follow Q.What fanciful idea hovered on Johnsy‘s head?
contracts the instructions given to A. The fanciful idea was that she would die with the fall of
them. They will note the the last leaf.
pneumonia Blackboard work and Q. What was the doctor’s belief?
and dies. question answers in their A. Doctor’s belief was that her ailment was more
note-books. They will psychological than physical.
follow the homework Homework: The Comprehension check and other textbook
related instructions as questions will be done in the respective periods and the
desired by the teacher. answers will be found by the students with help of the
teacher. It will also be written by students in their notebooks
and they will be checked by the teacher during the week. The
students will be given meaning of new words and also key
questions related to the lesson. Weekly test will be taken on
Friday/Saturday every week.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 08 Chapter name: House is Not a Home No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
Engage, other materials and plan of Evaluate
Explore activities to achieve the Los
Explain and Elaborate
incident of a ❖ To enable the students to Q. Why does the author break down in tears after
teenager Zan understand the term ‘disaster’. the fire?
Gaudioso. ❖ To enable to distinguish A. The author was upset but did not cry for a long
The narrator between natural and manmade time .The fire was finally out. Everything was
in this story is disaster. completely burnt down. Suddenly he realizes that
a teenager ❖ To express their own his pet cat was missing. He searched for her
who finds it experience about the old everywhere. It was a big loss for him. He was

difficult to school and new school. already missing his old school, old friends and now

make new ❖ To enable the students to share it was his pet cat. All this made him break down in

friends and their personal experience about tears.


adjust to a their loss if any. Q. How did the author feel in the new /high school?
new place. He ❖ To enable them to understand A. The author was much attached to his old school,
feels lonely the meaning of new words and teachers and friends .In the new school nobody
and phrases and their uses in their knew him. He neither had any friend nor tried to
expressed. own sentences. make any. It was a big school and the atmosphere
After junior ❖ To enable the student to was unfamiliar. So he felt at a loss, isolated and
high school, comprehend the text. lonely among strangers.
the narrator New Words:- ANSWERS OF THE TEXT BOOK
joined the ✓ Awkward: strange Q. What does the author notice one Sunday
high school. ✓ Freshman: a student in the first afternoon? What is his mother’s reaction? What
He felt at a year of high school, college or does she do?
loss and university A. The author, while doing his homework noticed
lonely among ✓ Isolated: lonely the smoke pouring in through the Seams of the
new teachers ✓ Purring: sound made by cat ceiling. The room was filled with the smoke very
and students. ✓ Swatting: to hit something quickly. They all ran outside to save their life. His
He missed his ✓ Stoking the fire: feeding and mother ran out of the house with a small metal box
old school and tending the fire full of important Documents .She became so crazy
old friends. ✓ Groping: to search blindly that she rushed back to the house just after
One ✓ Engulfed: flooded, surrounded dropping the box.
day his house by Q. Why does he break down in tears after the fire?
caught fire. ✓ In tow: behind A. The author’s house was completely burned
The whole ✓ Weird: strange down. Five hours later when the fire was finally
house was ✓ Destined: future developed as out, he realized at once that his cat was nowhere.
burnt .Nothin per a predestined plan He had to face the loss of old school, His house and
g was left he ✓ Outcast: a person rejected by cat. In such a state, He cried and broke down in
lost his cat society tears.
also. The ✓ Geek: an unfashionable or Q. Why is the author deeply embarrassed the next
narrator went socially inept person day in school? Which words show his fear and
to his ✓ Zombie: a dull and apathetic insecurity?
grandparent’s person A. The author was full of remorse as he was left
house with his ✓ Surreal: unreal, strange, bizarre with nothing. He didn’t have proper dress and study
mother. Next ✓ Ripped away: torn apart material .He had no backpack. He had the feeling
day, the ✓ Vulnerable: weak, easy to of insecurity. All things appeared Strange to him.
narrator had influence He was shocked deeply and seemed frustrated.
to go to ✓ Plight: sad story Negative idea and feelings of despair overwhelmed
school ✓ Milling around: moving him.
wearing the around aimlessly Q. The cat and the author are very fond of each

previous ✓ Shove: push hard other .How has this been shown in the story?

day’s dress ✓ Curb: edge of the pavement Where was the cat after the fire? Who brings it

and borrowed ✓ Freaked: behaved irrationally back and how?


✓ Tragedy: mishap

shoes. He had A. The author loved his cat very much. He never
lost ✓ Diminish: fade off considered her far from him .She kept sitting beside
everything in ✓ Gratitude: thankfulness him when he did his homework and other
the fire. He KEY POINTS:- household work. When the author finds his cat
felt o After passing the junior high back, his happiness was beyond the limits. He
embarrassed . school, the author joins a new grabbed her quickly and felt relieved .This proved
The news of high school. He feels isolated that they were very fond of each other. The cat ran
fire soon in his new school. over a mile away when the house was on fire. A
spread in the o He misses his old school, stranger lady brought it back as there was a phone
school. teaches and friends who number written on the collar of cat.
Everyone felt encourage him to take part in Q. What actions of the schoolmates change the
concern for the new school activities and author’s understanding of life and people, and
the narrator make new friends. comfort him emotionally? How does his loneliness
they wanted o His house catches fire and he vanish and how does he start participating in life?
to help him. and his mother run out to the A. His schoolmates bought up school supplies,
They gave neighbors to call the fire notebooks, all kinds of different cloths for the
him all kinds department. Author in order to help him .It was a matter of
of clothes, o His mother runs back home surprise and too difficult to believe for him .He got
books and and brings the metal box and emotional satisfaction. People, who had never
school again runs back home to bring spoken, introduced themselves one by on .All
supplies. pictures, documents and letters things seemed new and created his interested in
Their selfless of his father. life. Now, he had all the things whatever he used to
love and o Fire department arrives and a have. He started enjoying his life as usual.
concern fire man rescues her. The Q. What is the meaning of “My cat was back and so
touched his narrator hugs his mother was I”? Had the author gone anywhere? Why does
heart .Soon he lovingly. he say that he is also back?
had many o He loses everything in the fire A. Here the author wants to point out that life
friends. so they go to the grandparent’s without affection is useless .He was depressed after
The house to spend night. loss in all fields. His old school and teachers were
narrator still Video Links for the Lesson:- always in his mind .The fire had reduced his house
missed his pet to ashes .His cat was also not with him. In such
cat. It was circumstances he considered himself dead and had
missing. After n interest in life. In the end as soon as the
months when conditions took the turn he felt relieved. Now he
he and his had all the things with him. The author had not
friends gone anywhere. It was his state of mind. He
watching his recovered from this gloomy state and started

house rebuilt, enjoying life.


a lady came Homework: The Comprehension check and other


with his cat.


textbook questions will be done in the respective


She brought
periods and the answers will be found by the
back to the
narrator. Now Students will listen to the teacher students with help of the teacher. It will also be
the feeling of
loss and carefully and follow the written by students in their notebooks and they will
tragedy had
instructions given to them. They be checked by the teacher during the week. The
gone. He was
grateful to will note the Blackboard work and students will be given meaning of new words and
life, his new
friends and question answers in their note- also key questions related to the lesson. Weekly test
the kind lady.
He regained books. They will follow the will be taken on Friday/Saturday every week.
interest in life.
homework related instructions as

desired by the teacher.

Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 09 Chapter name: The Accidental Tourist No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and
Engage, Explore plan of activities to achieve the Los Evaluate
Explain and Elaborate
In “The Accidental OBJECTIVES:- Question and Answers
Tourist” the writer ❖ To promote reading habits 1. Bill Bryson says, “I am, in short, easily
narrates the through story reading. confused.” What examples has he given to
incidences where justify this?
❖ To provide variety of language
he acts strangely. A: He gets confused when he forgets his
On various air inputs for spontaneous & room number at a hotel and has to confirm
trips, he spills natural use of language. it from the reception. When at a cinema
drinks on co - ❖ To tell the students that the hall, he is unable to find the toilet and
passengers. Its as needs and problems of a tourist. lands in a lane, on the other end of a self
if his arms work ❖ Students will learn that patience locking door.

on their own, is the plaster of all sorrows. 2. What happens when the zip on his

move towards the carry-on bag gives way?


New Words:-
tray and knock - A. He was trying too hard to open the zip

off the glass ✓ Lavatory: a room or building and when it opened suddenly, all the

without his containing a toilet articles flew out of his bag. They were
directions. He ✓ Alley: a narrow passageway scattered over a large area as big as a
would be unable to between or behind buildings tennis court. He saw all his papers flying
get the air miles ✓ en famille: French, meaning with out, the coins rolled on the floor and the
because either he one’s family lidless box of tobacco rolled as the
could not present ✓ Easter: a festival in Christianity tobacco spilled on the floor.
his card or the religion 3. Why is his finger bleeding? What is his
clerk refused to ✓ Yanked: pulled with a jerk wife’s reaction?
give him the ✓ Consternation: anxiety, distress A. His finger got stuck in the zip. It got
points. Once while ✓ Budge: move cut and was bleeding. His wife was
opening his bag to ✓ Gave way: opened suddenly wondering at his strange behaviour.
get the card, he ✓ Extravagantly: elaborately 4. How does Bill Bryson end up in a
threw all the ✓ Ejected: removed “crash position” in the aircraft?
articles on the ✓ Dumbstruck: shocked A. Bill had bent forward to tie his
floor. Things flew ✓ Fluttery: resembling flapping of shoelace. The passenger on the seat in
here and there and wings by birds front of him pushed his seat in a reclined
there was complete ✓ Cascade: like the step by step position and it hit his head. Thus, he got
chaos. Also, on waterfall stuck in a “crash position”.
another trip, the ✓ Oblivions: being forgotten 5. Why are his teeth and gums navy blue?
ink from his pen ✓ Concourse: the open central area in A. Once on a flight, he was preparing a
a large public building (here, in the
smeared his airport) list and was sucking the end of the pen.
mouth, teeth, gums ✓ Disgorging: discharging After twenty minutes, he went to the toilet
and chin. His face ✓ Gashed: cut and saw that the ink had leaked and his
turned blue and ✓ Lavish: in large quantity mouth, lips, teeth, gums and chin had
would remain like ✓ Exasperation: irritation turned blue. They would remain so for a
that for a couple of ✓ Catastrophes: tragedy, disaster couple of days.
days. Once he ✓ Clawing: grasping 6. Bill Bryson “ached to be suave”. Is he
bend forward to tie ✓ Prop: a portable object used on the successful in his mission? List his
his shoelace when set of a play or a movie ‘unsuave’ ways.
the front seat went ✓ Perch: place A. He was not successful in his attempts
into a recline ✓ Stupefied: astonished, shocked to remain suave. His unsuave ways were
position and his ✓ Urbane: sophisticated as follows-
head got stuck ✓ bons mots: witty remarks 1. He would stain his light coloured
there. Whenever ✓ Suave: polite, sophisticated trousers with ice - cream, motor oil, gum
he ate a meal, the ✓ seismic event: an earthquake and cough syrup
dining table was a ✓ Venerable: respectable 2. The sleeve of his coat would get stuck
complete mess and Introduction:- in the car’s door.
it appeared as if an This is a humorous story where the 3. He would leave the dining table in a
earthquake had writer talks of the incidences where he mess and it would appear as if an
struck the place. acts clumsy. He tries to behave in a earthquake had struck the place.
His family was sophisticated manner but is unable to 7. Why do you think Bill Bryson’s wife
accustomed to it do so and ends up spilling drinks, says to the children, “Take the lids off the

and when they got smearing his face with ink and creating food for Daddy”?

their meal, they a mess on the dining table. A. Bill’s wife asks the children to remove

would get alert to Video Links for the Lesson:- the lids off the food for daddy because

prevent being they could do it better than him. He was


victims of the clumsy and could spill the food while
spillovers. While removing the lids.
travelling alone, he 8. What is the significance of the title?
would not eat, A. The title “The Accidental Tourist”
drink or bend refers to the accidents caused by the writer
forward. He would while he is travelling.
even keep his Homework:
hands under him to The Comprehension check and other
avoid mishaps. He textbook questions will be done in the
never managed to Students will listen to the teacher respective periods and the answers will be
get the airmiles carefully and follow the instructions found by the students with help of the
and would not given to them. They will note the teacher. It will also be written by students
travel free of cost Blackboard work and question answers in their notebooks and they will be
to Bali but that in their note-books. They will follow checked by the teacher during the week.
was good in a way. The students will be given meaning of
the homework related instructions as
He could not new words and also key questions related
remain without desired by the teacher. to the lesson. Weekly test will be taken on
food on such a Friday/Saturday every week
long flight.
Class: IX Subject: English Book: Moments (Supplementary Reader)
Lesson No. : 10 Chapter name: The Beggar No. of periods required: 05
Commencement Schedule: As per teacher diary and review plan for the session.
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and
Blackboard and other materials and plan of written works
Engage, Explore activities to achieve the Los
Explain and Elaborate Evaluate
‘The beggar’ is the OBJECTIVES:- Question and Answers
story of a beggar ❖ To comprehend the gist of the story- 1. Has Lushkoff become a beggar
named Lushkoff. While The Beggar. by circumstance or by choice?
begging, he met an ❖ To provide a platform to the students A. Lushkoff became a beggar due
advocate, Sergei who where they can differentiate between to his circumstances. He had been
gave him work. Sergei natural and unnatural world. a singer in the choir but was
asked him to cut wood ❖ To make the students able to removed due to his drunkenness.
at his house. He asked understand difficult words with help of Left with no other option, he
the cook to show him simple sentence constructions. started begging to fend for
the shed where wood ❖ To make the students able to answer all himself.

was kept. The beggar objective question and short notes on 2. What reasons does he give to

was too weak and was the base of the story. Sergei for his telling lies?

under the influence of ❖ To make the students able to imagine A. Lushkoff told Sergei that he

alcohol. He could another ending of the story. was fired because he was a

barely stand on his feet. ❖ • To improve the reading, listening, drunkard. If he told the truth,
Still the cook, Olga told speaking and writing skills of the people would not give him alms.
Sergei that the wood students with help of this story. Thus, he was forced to lie.
had been chopped. New Words:- 3. Is Lushkoff a willing worker?
Sergei was glad that the ✓ Copecks: Russian coin equal to one Why, then, does he agree to chop
man worked and paid hundredth of a rouble wood for Sergei?
him 50 copecks for ✓ Intrigues: make secret plans to do A. Lushkoff was not willing to
chopping the wood. He something illicit or detrimental to work because he was not fit. He
asked him to come on someone was hungry, felt cold and was
the first day of every ✓ Calumny: the making of false and under the influence of alcohol. He
month for it. defamatory statements about someone agreed to chop wood for Sergei
Sometimes he asked in order to damage his/her reputation because of his pride and shame.
him to shovel the snow ✓ Suppliant: a person making a humble He was trapped in his own words.
or to set the wood in plea to someone in power or authority 4. Sergei says, “I am happy that
the shed or to dust the ✓ Mendicant: beggar my words have taken effect.” Why
rugs. He would pay ✓ obliged to: compelled, forced does he say so? Is he right in
between 20 to 40 ✓ Disgust: a feeling of revulsion or strong saying this?
copecks and once, gave disapproval aroused by something A. When Sergei met Lushkoff for
his old trousers to him unpleasant or offensive the first time, he was reluctant to
too. ✓ Swindling: cheating a person of money work. Gradually, he took to work
When Sergei shifted his ✓ Fiction: falsehood and reformed. Sergei felt that his
house, he employed the ✓ Hastened: walked hurriedly words and deeds had changed
beggar to help in ✓ Perplexity: state of being puzzled; Lushkoff. He is right in saying so
transporting the bewilderment because if he had not offered him
articles. The beggar ✓ Irresolutely: hesitantly; undecidedly work, Lushkoff would still be
had changed as he was ✓ Gait: walk begging in the streets.
sober that day and ✓ Inclination: interest 5. Lushkoff is earning thirty five
Sergei felt satisfied that ✓ toil: hard work roubles a month. How is he
his efforts had paid in ✓ Wrathfully: with hatred obliged to Sergei for this?
reforming a drunkard. ✓ shoved him aside: pushed him A. Lushkoff is obliged to Sergei
As he could read and ✓ Billet: here, a thick piece of wood for earning 35 roubles a month as
write, Sergei asked his ✓ Feebly: weakly a notary. When Sergei noticed that
name, offered him ✓ menial labour: an unskilled, inferior job Lushkoff had given upo drinking,
better work and shook ✓ Waif: a homeless person he offered him a better job due to
hands with him. After ✓ Shovel: remove snow with a shovel (a which Lushkoff became a notary
that day, Lushkoff the tool resembling a spade with a broad one day.
beggar was never seen. blade and typically upturned sides) 6. During their conversation
✓ Hauling: transporting Lushkoff reveals that Sergei’s
After two years, ✓ Pretence: to show something which cook, Olga, is responsible for the
Sergei was buying a actually does not exist positive change in him. How has
ticket outside a theatre ✓ jeered at him: made fun of him Olga saved Lushkoff?
and spotted Lushkoff. ✓ Timidly: in a shy or nervous way A. Olga hated the beggar. She

Lushkoff was well ✓ Notary: a person authorized to perform scolded him, felt pity for him and

dressed and was buying certain legal formalities, especially to even chopped the wood for him.

a ticket of the gallery draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and She would cry to see his pathetic

area. Sergei was glad to other documents for use in other condition. All this had an affect on

see him and called him. jurisdictions Lushkoff and changed him.
Lushkoff was now ✓ Godson: a boy or a man whom one
working as a notary promises to bring up Homework:
and earned 35 Roubles ✓ Roasting: here, scolding The Comprehension check and
a month. He thanked ✓ Sot: a habitual drunkard
other textbook questions will be
Sergei for helping him Video Links for the Lesson:-
out of the pit, for his done in the respective periods and
kindness. Lushkoff told the answers will be found by the
Sergei that it was not students with help of the teacher. It
for him but for his will also be written by students in
cook, Olga that he was their notebooks and they will be
a changed man. She checked by the teacher during the
would scold him, cry Students will listen to the teacher carefully
week. The students will be given
for him and chopped and follow the instructions given to them.
the wood for him. Her meaning of new words and also
They will note the Blackboard work and
behaviour transformed key questions related to the lesson.
question answers in their note-books. They
Lushkoff. With this, he Weekly test will be taken on
went to the theatre. will follow the homework related
Friday/Saturday every week.
instructions as desired by the teacher.
r He