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Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened

Chapter name: How the Camel Got its Hump No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and
Blackboard and other materials and plan of written works
activities to achieve the LOs
The world was new. OBJECTIVES:-
Animals had begun to • To enable the students to their - What did Man ask the three animals
personal experiences. to do at the end of the day?
work for man. The
Ans: Man told them to work double
Camel refused to
time to make up work. The Camel
work. He lived in the • To enable them to develop didn’t work. He told them that he was
middle of the expression skills. leaving the Camel alone.
Howling Desert He
- How did the animals react to man
said “Humph” to • To enable the learners to develop a about working double time? What did
anyone who spoke to
taste for wide reading. they do?
him The Horse went
Ans: The animals got very angry.

to the Camel on

Monday morning. He • To enable them to develop They held a Panchayat in the Desert

for solving the problem.


asked him to trot like knowledge of vocabulary.


- What did the Camel do when he

as he did. “Humph”

came before the Panchayat?

said the Camel to the • To enable them to use new words

Ans: The Camel came chewing cud.

Horse. The Horse and phrases in their own daily life. He laughed at them. He said
told the man about it.
“Humph” and went away.
In the same way the • To enable them to differentiate -How did the Horse complain against
Dog and the Ox came
between tame animals and wild the Camel without naming him?
and went away. They
ones. Ans: The Horse told the Djinn about
too got the same
• To enable them to think of an Camel’s long neck and long legs. He
alternative ending to the story. also told that such an animal didn’t
The Man called the work. The Djinn understood it.
Horse, the Dog and - Where did the Djinn find the
Have you seen a camel ? Camel? What was he doing?
the Ox. They were
asked to work double Have you heard its voice and seen its Ans: The Djinn found the Camel near
time in order to make hump ? a pool of water. The Camel was
up the Camel’s work. How the camel would have got it ? looking at his own reflection in it.
very angry. Story-telling & demonstration ANSWERS
NEW WORDS: .Q1. What tasks, do you think, were
They complained to
the Djinn against the The camel said “Humph” to anyone who assigned to the dog and the ox?
spoke to him. Ans. The dog was assigned the task of
Camel. The Camel
Trot=running on two legs fetching and carrying things .The ox
did not work. The
was given the task of ploughing
Djinn, master of all The horse asked the camel to trot.
Deserts assured them Djinn=a spirit Q.2. Why did the camel live in the
that he would set the The Djinn was the master of all the deserts. middle of the desert?
camel right. The Fetch =to go and bring Ans. Camel lived in the middle of the
Djinn found the The dog was assigned the task of fetching desert because he did not want to
Camel looking at his and carrying things. work.
reflection in the pond Plough =till Q.3. what made the dog, the horse
water in the Desert. and the ox very angry?
The ox was assigned the task of ploughing
The Djinn asked him Ans. The dog, the horse and the ox
to work but the the fields. were very angry because man asked
Camel said “humph” Make up = compensate them to work double-time. It was to
only. The man asked the three animals to work compensate for the camel who did not
double -time to make up the camel’s work. work.
The Djinn puffed up
MAIN POINTS: Q.4.How did the Djinn know the
the Camel’s beautiful
In the poem How the Camel got his Hump, horse was complaining against the
back which turned to
Rudyard Kipling compares man with a camel?
be very ugly. It was
camel. Or precisely, he compares man’s Ans. The Djinn was the master of all
his own hump which
posture with that of a camel’s. The poetic the deserts. He knew about all desert
the Camel had
voice expresses here the notion of laziness, animals.When the horse spoke of long
brought upon him by
legs, the Djinn knew he was talking
not working. The and what it eventually does to a man. The of the camel.
Djinn ordered the camel’s hump is absolutely not a pleasant Q.5.The camel was looking at his
Camel to work. He sight to see is what the poet infers. And the own reflection in the pool. What does
refused to work. sight of such a hump is visible to the it suggest to you about the camel?
His hump was a big spectators at a zoo. The poet here Ans. It suggests that the camel loved
associates the hump with inaction. A camel his own image. He considered himself

hurdle. The Djinn


told the Camel about stuck in a cage does not have anything charming.

the purpose of the fruitful to do apart from engaging in Q.6. the camel said “Humph”

hump. The Camel leisurely actions. The poet then goes on to repeatedly .How did it affect him?

would always be able say that the sight which is uglier is that of Ans. The “Humph” ultimately

to work for three days became his ‘Hump’.

us having to carry a hump, for we have
without eating. He Q.7. What according to the Djinn,
“too little to do”. Here, like a camel bound was the use of the “Hump”?
could live on his
hump. The Djinn in zoo having nothing productive to do, we Ans. According to the Djinn,the hump
asked the Camel to too like the animal might develop a hump had a purpose. It was full of food
behave properly. The when we engage ourselves in simply doing material. With its help,the camel
Camel went away to nothing. Hump is thus a symbol for could survive without food for three
join the three lethargy. days.
animals. The Camel VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- Q.8. “------he has never yet learnt to
always has a hump behave”. In the light of this, what is
from that day. He has the writer’s opinion about the camel?
not caught up with Ans. In the opinion of the writer, the
his three days. He camel is still a very arrogant animal.
had missed them at
the beginning of the
world. He has not yet Students will listen to the teacher carefully
learnt to behave. and follow the instructions given to them.
They will note the Blackboard work and
question answers in their note-books. They
will follow the homework related
instructions as desired by the teacher.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: Children at Work No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and

ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard written works
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
Velu was an eleven year old boy
The children will be able :- 1.Velu stood on the platform but
who had run away from home. He
reached Chennai Central in the • To understand the he felt “as if he was still on a
message of the lesson. moving train.” Why?
Kanyakumari Express without a
ticket. He had no money for the • To know the use and Velu was tired and hungry and
meaning of new words. he had no idea where to go. So
ticket but luckily the ticket
collector didn’t come to the • To get the message that looking at the large crowd he
running away from stood on the platform.

unreserved compartment. He tried


to sleep on the floor near the door home will lead to many

unexpected 2. What made him feel miserable?


but the group of men playing cards

Velu saw the crowd and

and shouting made him sleepless. experiences.


After getting off, he sat on a bench • To know that they have understood that nobody is giving
to do many undesirable any notice to him. He do not
on the platform, putting his small
works after running know what to do and where to go.
bundle down. In all his eleven
years, he had never seen so many away from their homes.
• To be aware of the 3. Velu travelled without a ticket.
people. He watched them very
world and its bitter Why?
carefully and he felt the noise
experiences Velu travelled without a ticket
miserable. He was feeling
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE because he had no money to buy
miserable and exhausted. He had
TEST: a ticket.
eaten nothing but some peanuts
and a piece of jaggery in these two Have you seen any child
labourer ? 4. How did he escape the ticket
days. He carried a shirt, a towel
Why do the children are forced collector’s attention?
and a comb in his bundle.Velu was
to child labour ? He escaped the ticket collector’s
awakened by a rough voice. When
What will happen if any child attention because he didn’t come
he turned around he saw a girl of
runs away from home to to the unreserved compartment.
his own age, wearing a long
banian that reaches her knees. Her unknown place ?
METHODOLOGY: 5. Why had Velu run away from
hair was stiff and brownish and
Lecture and discussion, video home?
she had a huge sack on one
shoulder. She was picking up dirty demo Velu had run away from home
plastic cups from the floor and NEW WORDS: because he couldn’t stand his
stuffing them into her sack. She Pulled in – arrived father beating him for one more
asked his name and inquired wobbly – unsteady day. His father would snatch
whether he had run away from Terrible – causing great fear, away all the money he and his
home? But Velu didn’t want to sorrow or discomfort sisters earned and spend it on
share his secret with this strange Exhausted – tired drink.
girl that he ran away home stuffing – filling
because he couldn’t bear his father Stare – look fixedly 6. Why did he decide to follow
beating him for one more day. His glumly – sadly / gloomily the ‘strange’ girl?
father would snatch all the money mutter – speak in a low voice He decided to follow the
Velu and his sisters earned and Grimace – twisted expression ‘strange’ girl because she had
spend it on drinks.The girl asked on the face promised to find some food for
about his plan but he didn’t MAIN POINTS: him. He was very hungry and
answer. When he felt hunger • Velu, an eleven year knew no way to get the food for
pinching him, the girl told him that old boy, runs away himself.
she can find some food if he from home.
wants. • He wanders around for 7. Can Velu read Tamil and
hours and gets on a English? How do you know?
It was still morning but Velu’s

train to Chennai Velu can’t read English because

bare feet burned as the sun blasted

without a ticket. he failed to read the signboards in


down on the tar and he was soaked

• He got off the train at English. But was able to read the

with sweat. He was thinking about


Chennai Central and sat Tamil sign on the Central Jail.

the food and after an hour they
on a bench on the 8. “ If you are not careful, you
stopped in front of a big building
platform. will soon be counting bars there,”
which was an auditorium. He read
the names of the groom and the • Tired and hungry, he the girl said.
doesn’t know where to (i)What is she referring to?
bride and he saw big cars parked
go. (ii)What does she mean when she
outside. When the girl told him to
• He met Jaya, the rag says, “If you are not
come, looking at the huge hall and
the people inside, he asked “Are picker, who called him
(i) The girl is referring to the
we going to eat here?” She led him roughly.
• Velu thought that she Central Jail.
behind the hall where a huge
was his only hope and (ii) She means that doing wrong
garbage bin was overflowing with
followed her. is not important because
rubbish. Two goats were standing
sometimes innocent people can
on the pile, fighting for a banana • They walked through
also be arrested by the police.
leaf. She picked up a squashy the busy streets and
9. (i) Where did the girl lead Velu
banana and held it out to him and saw the Central Jail and
told, “Here’s your food.” reached an auditorium
(ii) What did they get to eat?
where a wedding was
Velu remarked that those houses (i) The girl led Velu to a big
going on.
are strange because in his village • Velu and Jaya got a building with the sign Sri
the houses are made of mud and vada and a squashy Rajarajeshwari Prasanna Kalyana
palm leaves. banana to eat. Mandapam which was a marriage
Jaya went around to one of the • They walked for half hall.
an hour and reached (ii) They got the leftover food
huts and dumped her sack outside
near a row of strangest from the garbage bin like two
and picked up an empty one and
huts he had ever seen. bananas and a vada.
told, “Let’s go.” She threw him a
pair of old shoes without laces and • Jaya went around to 10. What work did she do? Think
one of them and of a one word answer
pushed a sack and a stick into his
dumped her sack of Ragpicking.
hands and told to go with her.
paper, plastic and 11. What material are the
Velu was confused and thought
bottles and picked up ‘strange’ huts made out of?
about the work which she wanted
an empty one. The strange huts are made out of
him to do with those things. The
only work he had ever done was • She threw a pair of old all sorts of things like metal
shoes and pushed a sheets, tyres, bricks, wood and
on the landowner’s farm, weeding
sack and a stick into his plastic.
and taking cows out to graze. So
hands. 12. Why does Velu find the huts
he asked her, “Are there any farms
• In confusion he asked strange?
in the city?” She laughed at this
her “Are there any Velu finds the huts strange

and told him that there are no


farms in the city?” and because in his village the houses

farmers there and they were

got the answer that are made of mud and palm leaves.

ragpickers. Velu had never heard a

13. What sort of things did Jaya

thing that people collect things there are no farmers


here. and children like her collect and

from rubbish bins. She clarified
• He decided to be a what did they do with those
the fact that it is not rubbish they
ragpicker thinking that things?
are collecting but only paper,
he will do it till he Jaya and children like her
plastic, glass and such other
finds a better job. collected paper, plastic, glass and
things. He was puzzled when he
VIDEO LINKS FOR THE such other things. They sold these
heard that they sell it to Jam
LESSON:- things to Jam Bazaar Jaggu who
Bazaar Jaggu. He asked her who is later on sold them to a factory.
he and why is he buying all these 14. Is Velu happy or unhappy to
because he had heard of only
Students will listen to the find work? Give a reason for your
people throwing away rubbish not
teacher carefully and follow answer.
buying them. She explained him
the instructions given to them. Ans. Velu was not happy to find
that after buying this he sells it to a
They will note the Blackboard work. He had to accept it because
factory. Jaya told she had no time
he had no other choice. So he
to waste like him but Velu didn’t work and question answers in
their note-books. They will scratched his head and sighed
move from there. He was thinking
before accepting the work.
that he hadn’t run away and come follow the homework related
to this new place to dig through instructions as desired by the
garbage bins. teacher.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: The Selfish Giant No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and works
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- 1. Why is the Giant called selfish?
A giant had a beautiful
garden. It had soft • To enable the students to Answer: The giant did not want to
green grass and twelve think of an alternative share his happiness with anybody. He
peach-trees. School ending to the story. wanted to enjoy his garden all alone.
children used to visit it • To enable them to use That is why the Giant is called selfish.
to play there in the new words and phrases in
evening when they their own language.
2. On one occasion the children said:
• To enable the students to
came from school. “How happy we are here!” Later they
learn the four fold skills of

Once, the giant went said: “How happy we were there!”


out to see his friend, English Language i.e.

What are they referring to in both the

Carnish ogre. He Listening, Speaking,


Reading, Writing. cases?

stayed at his house for

• To enable the students to Answer: In the first case the children


seven years. After this ,

he returned to his own share their personal were referring to their joy when they
castle. To his surprise, experiences. were playing in the Giant’s garden.
he found the children • To enable them to express When the Giant returned after a long
playing in the garden. themselves in gap he shooed away all the children
grammatically correct and erected a wall around his garden.
“My garden is my own language.
garden”, he said to
Now children had no place to play.
• To enable the learners to So, they were fondly remembering
himself.So,he built a extrapolate from the given their old happy days.
high wall around text.
it.Then he put up a PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE
notice board declaring 3. (i) When spring came, it was still
that “TRESSPASSERS winter in the garden. What does
Do you like gardens and love to
WILL BE winter stand for or indicate here?
play in it ?
PROSECUTED”.It was Answer: The spring is a symbol of
Have you seen any gardener
clear that he had happiness. The harsh cold winter is a
stopping you from playing there ?
become selfish. symbol of suffering. The way there
Does the flowers and trees like
Now the Children felt the company of playing kids ? was no flower in the Giant’s garden
very sad. They had no METHODOLOGY: shows that the happiness was nowhere
place to play. So, they Story telling and moral finding to be seen in the garden.
played outside the deductive method
garden around the NEW WORDS: (ii) Winter has been presented like a
wall.Time went on. In Giant: Demon; Ravana was as tall story with its own characters and their
the spring, flowers and big as a giant. activities. Describe the story in your
grew all over, but in the Cornish Ogre: A Giant of own words.
Giant’s garden, there Cornwall in the U.K. Answer: The snow was as cold as an
was no spring. There Ogre: ( In legends and fairy
enemy. The frost was a perfect
was no summer also. It stories) Acruel giant who eats
was always winter people;in common usage a very companion of the snow. Both of them
there. Neither birds nor frightening person. added to the overall gloomy
flowers could be seen Gruff: Rough; The surface of the atmosphere of the garden. The north
there. Only snow and road connecting this village is wind created the haunting whooshing
frost covered the trees. gruff and harsh. sound to give the perfect audio effect.
The Giant wondered as Trespassers: Those who enter It played a haunting music by dancing
to why there was no somebody’s land/property in the garden and on the rooftops.
spring in his garden. without his/her permission. This When all of them invited the hail to
boy is the trespasser of the join the party, it was too much. It
Once the Giant lay in
premises as he has entered the made the situation even worse.
his bed awake. He
boundary without permission of 4. Was the Giant happy or sad over
heard a sweet music. A
the owner.
little linnet (A bird) the state of the garden?
Prosecuted: tried in a court of
sang outside his Answer: The Giant was wondering for
law(here, Punished).The person
window The music the no show by the spring. He was
who is involved in the crime shall

appealed to him. The


be prosecuted in the court of law. feeling sad for the winter in


sweet smell of flowers


Snow, Frost, North, Wind, Hail: perpetuity. Now he was craving for a

passed through his

All these have been presented as pleasant weather.

nostrils. He saw the

characters or persons. North wind 5. What effect did the linnet’s song

most wonderful sight.

is the chilly wind, and Hail is the have over Hail and the North Wind?
Children had crept in
through a hole.
hailstorm. Answer: The linnet’s song frightened
Linnet: A brownish songbird the hail and the North Wind. They
Children sat on
found in Europe. The little linnet took refuse in one corner of the
branches. The trees
sang a song in a melodious voice. garden.
were covered with
Casement: window that opens on
flowers. In the farthest
hinges like a door. Open the
corner of the garden a 6. (i) The Giant saw a most wonderful
casement to get fresh air and light
little boy was sitting. sight. What did he see?
of outside.
He was too small to (ii) What did he realize on seeing it?
Stole up: came quietly without
climb on the branch. Answer: The Giant saw that through a
being noticed.
He cried bitterly. The
Feeble: weak. The boy has not hole in the wall children had crept in
giant went up to him
eaten anything for the whole day the garden. Because of their arrival
and kissed him. He
and has become feeble and weak. flowers blossomed and birds started to
picked him up and
Slay : kill. The cruel king in his sing. It made the spring to come back
placed him on a branch.
judgement ordered to slay the to the garden. The happiness returned
Now the Giant knocked prisoner. finally to the garden of the Giant.
down the garden wall. MAIN POINTS: He realized that it was him who kept
He felt sorry for A Giant had a large beautiful
building it. When
the spring away from the garden. He
garden. He was selfish. While he
wanted to rectify his mistake, by
children saw him, they was away to visit a friend, tearing down the wall and allowing
ran away. The garden children used to play in the children to play in his garden.
became winter like garden. When the Giant returned, 7. Why was it still winter in one
again. He called out the he was angry to see the children corner of the Garden?
children and said, “It is playing there. He built a high wall Answer: The isolated corner was to
your garden. Come and around the garden so that the
remind the Giant that he also needed
play freely.” In the children could not come in. As a
evening, when they result, the trees refused to bear to take some steps to keep the
came to him to say flowers and fruits. Spring refused gloominess away. The presence of
goodbye, he asked to visit his garden. Only the Frost, symbols of winter in that corner is to
them about the little the Hail ,the North wind and symbolize the past deeds of the Giant
child. They said they Snow danced there the whole which led to overall unhappiness in
did not know. The year. Once the selfish giant the garden.
Giant loved him the helped a little boy to sit on a tree 8. Describe the first meeting of the
most. Now due to branch, he noticed the miracle. little boy and the Giant.
children’s frequent The tree was laden with flowers Answer: The little boy was unable to
visits the spring even in winter. The boy was climb a branch of the tree and crying.
returned. Many years Christ himself. The Giant lifted him and put on a
passed. The Giant had He bore nail marks on his palms
branch. The little boy was so happy
become old. He could and feet. He kissed the giant
not play anymore. One whose heart was changed. that he kissed the Giant. This gesture
day suddenly he saw He let the children play freely in touched the Giant’s heart.

the little child he had his garden. 9. Describe the second meeting of the

loved. He went At last, the little boy took the little boy and the Giant.

downstairs and walked giant to his own garden, the Answer: When the little boy appeared

near him. However, he Paradise as a reward. after a long gap the Giant ran to meet

felt angry to see his VIDEO LINKS FOR THE him and to ask his whereabouts. On
wounded palms and LESSON:- seeing injury marks on little boy’s
feet. On asking who hands the Giant became restless. On
had wounded him, he the assurance of little boy that they
replied, “These are the were not injury marks but marks of
wounds of love.” At love the Giant could be pacified.
this, the Giant fell on
his feet, “I’ll let you 10. The Giant lay dead all covered
play in my garden Students will listen to the teacher with white blossoms. What does this
which is paradise” said carefully and follow the sentence indicate about the once
the little child, instructions given to them. They selfish Giant.
“Because you let me will note the Blackboard work Answer: Death is like freedom from
play in your garden and question answers in their all the worldly pains. White flowers
once.”In the evening, note-books. They will follow the
are signs of purity. The once selfish
when the children homework related instructions as
desired by the teacher.
giant was changed now. Even the
visited the garden, they Gods accepted his new found virtue
saw the Giant lying so they called him to heaven with all
dead. the respect which is due for a kind
hearted soul.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: The Treasure Within No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- 1. What did Hafeez Contractor
“The Treasure
Within’ is a • To encourage the learners to share their have nightmares about?
Ans. Nightmares about appearing
lesson based on a personal experiences.
Maths test where he didn’t know
conversation • To sensitize the students to the feelings of anything.
between Ms.
an individual.
Bela Raja, editor
of the • To enable the learners identify their strength 2. What did the Principal say to
him, which influenced him deeply?
newsletter- & weakness based on areas of their aptitude
Ans. That he should act as a

‘Sparsh’ and Mr.


& interest.
responsible grown up person and


• To help the learners in making decisions for take his studies seriously.

Contractor, one

the future, regarding their choice of

of India’s

subjects, courses and careers. 3. “…….that year I did not step

out onto the field”. What was he
architects. • To enable them use new words and phrases
busy doing that year?
Hafeez in their own sentences.
Ans. He would go for prayers,
Contractor was • To enable them express themselves in would eat and study. He read all the
good at drawing grammatically correct language. books, starting right from the 5th
sketches. But as class.
a school boy he 4. What ‘distraction’ did Hafeez
didn’t do well in What is your aim in life ? create one day?
academics. He What will happen if you do not achieve that aim ? Ans. One day, Hafeez did not want
passed his exams Do you wish to select a profession as per your to study. So, he created a
only by copying. ability and choices than parents’ dreams ? ‘distraction’ by playing ‘Chor-
Architect Hafeez METHODOLOGY: Police’ for an hour.
Contractor is full 5. Hafeez wanted to join the
Lecture-cum- discussion and guidance police force. Why couldn’t he?
of surprising and
revolutionary NEW WORDS: Ans. Because his mother didn’t like
ideas. He looks Nightmare - an unpleasant & frightening dream so. She wanted him to do his
at the face & graduation.
clothes of a Psyche - mentality, the deepest feelings &
client and learns attitudes 6. In the architect’s office,
about his habit Hafeez Contractor was advised to
Pranks - naughty jokes, mischiefs
and tastes. This drop everything and join
helps him to Bring up - to support life, nurture architecture. Why?
design for the Offbeat -unusual or unconventional Ans. Hafeez Contractor had a
client. natural talent of drawing sketches.
Rise to the occasion - to take advantage of the
The architect asked him to design a
His designs are
opportunity, house. He did so immediately
stimulating and
MAIN POINTS: which impressed the architect. Then
spontaneous. His
he asked Hafeez to drop everything
famous designs Hafeez was an unhappy but carefree school boy who
and join architecture.
are Lake castle loved doing things but not interested in mechanical
7. (i) What was Mrs. Gupta’s
Building, learning. When he reached his 11th Class, the advice to Hafeez Contractor?
Imperial Towers,
Principal advised him to act as a responsible grown- Ans. Mrs. Gupta was Hafeez
MP Compound
up boy and take his studies seriously. The Contractor’s teacher in 3rd Standard.
Mill, etc.
Principal’s advice had a deep influence on Hafeez.
Her advice was to become an
At present, he is architect on growing up.
a member of the He scored 50% marks in his SSC exam. Hafeez
(ii) What made her advise him so?

Bombay Contractor was destined to be an architect, though Ans. Mrs. Gupta saw that Hafeez

Heritage he never tried to be one. It was by chance that he Contractor’s sketches were very

Committee and good which is a quality possessed


became a famous architect.

New Delhi

The lesson highlights the key idea that every child is by an architect.
Lutyens 8. How did he help his fellow
Bungalow Zone talented and a potential achiever and is different
students who had lost a button?
Review from other children in his/her style of learning and Ans.- Hafeez Contractor would cut
Committee. area of interest a chalk piece in the shape of a button
Hafeez explains: VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- and fixed it in the shirt. It looked
“Architecture like a real button.
can give form to 9. Which rules did he break as a school boy?
beliefs, and can
make building Ans. Hafeez Contractor used to
into a real and copy in every test, it was against the
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and
arresting symbol rule of the school.
follow the instructions given to them. They will 10. What is Hafeez Contractor’s
of brand intent.”
note the Blackboard work and question answers definition of Mathematics?
in their note-books. They will follow the Ans. Putting design, construction,
psychology & sociology together
homework related instructions as desired by the
and making a sketch from all these
teacher. is Mathematics.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: Princess September No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and works
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs

The King and queen of Siam OBJECTIVES:- Question 1: How many daughters
· To make the students did the royal couple have?
and their nine daughters.
more nature friendly, Answer: The fact that the names of
Queen finds it confusing with
freedom the royal couple’s daughters started
the names of them. So King
decided to call them by the friendly(taking responsib with January and ended with
names of the months. The ility of their own), and September indicates they had nine
music(natural)friendly. daughters.
youngest one was named
Question 2: Why were they named
· To make the students to after the months of the year?

The King’s gifts: the king


familiar with the stories Answer: Because of large number of


had a peculiar habit of gifting outside the country. daughters they found it convenient

others on his birthday. One to name them after the months of the

year he gifted his daughters · To inculcate the habit of year.


each with a green parrot in a reading among the Question 3: The King had a peculiar
golden cage. They were happy students. habit. What was it? Why is it called
in spending with the parrots · To illustrate the peculiar?
who can sing “God save the importance and meaning Answer: The king had a peculiar
King” and “Pretty Polly” in of freedom and its value habit of giving gifts instead of
seven languages. in the life. receiving them on his birthdays.
But Princess September was · To encourage the Normally, people get and enjoy
sad because she found her students to think critically getting gifts during their birthdays.
parrot died one day morning. · To understand the The kind was the opposite in this
However the queen and her importance of freedom sense. So, his behaviour is called
maids tried to console, she was and how it is linked to the peculiar.
not. And crying without eating development of the Question 4: What was Princess
her supper. talents. September’s reaction to the loss of
· To know the importance her parrot? What was her mother’s
That night Princess of music, value of reaction to it? What do the reactions
September saw a little bird freedom, beauty of nature indicate about the nature and
come into her room. It began to that forms and shapes the temperament of each?
sing. character of a good Answer: The princess became very
It sang about king’s garden, human being. sad after the loss of her parrot. She
the gold fish, the willow tree PREVIOUS was so sad that she cried
etc. the princess forgot about KNOWLEDGE TEST: inconsolably. Her mother was angry
her supper. Do you have any pet at her behaviour. She said her to be
bird ? left at that state because she thought
The little bird was very
Have you seen the birds that hunger and isolation will put
courteous to the princess.
in cage ? her mental state in proper shape.
Though it was not looking
Do the birds love freedom The princess’ reaction says that she
pretty it sang well. The
than cage life ? is an emotional girl. She became so
princess was delighted and
METHODOLOGY: emotionally attached to the parrot
went to sleep.
Story telling and moral that she couldn’t think of anything
The next morning, the bird finding else after the parrot’s death. On the
was taken to her eight sisters. NEW WORDS: other hand the queen is practical but
The bird sang different Peculiar : strange somewhat rude. She doesn’t know
melodious songs to them. The e.g. Raju’s behavior is how to console a child.
king and the queen were peculiar. Question 5: What pulled the
surprised and delighted to see Siam : now Thailand Princess out of her gloom?
the bird. Handy : immediately Answer: The arrival of the little bird
The king praised that the bird available and its pleasant song lifted the
sang much better than the e.g. Dogs are handy pet princess out of gloom.
parrots, who reminded of his animals in India. Question 6: How did the Maids of

councilors speaking in seven Oriental : of the east Honour come to know that the

languages. e.g.India is an oriental Princess and the bird had become


country. intimate friends?


The eight sisters of the Burst into tears : wept Answer: When the Maids of Honour

princess September were bitterly brought breakfast, they saw the bird
jealous of this. The parrots also e.g. When Rita failed in eating rice from princess’ hands.
looked sad. But the bird flew her exams she burst into After savouring the rice the bird
round. It sang like a lark and a tears. sang a beautiful song. This was
nightingale. Supper : late evening enough for the Maids of Honour to
So they went to her and told meal know about the new friendship of
her that they would buy, with e.g. The students went to the princess and the little bird.
their pocket money, a beautiful night study soon after the Question 7: The new bird was full
parrot for her in the place of supper . of new songs but the old parrots
her dead parrot. But she Glided : (here) always repeated themselves. What
refused and said that she has a swam( swim) did they say?
pet bird who sings melodiously e.g. Fish glide in the clear Answer: All the old parrots said the
for her. The bird has gone to waters of River Godavari. same things, “God save the king,”
her father-in-law. MAIN POINTS: and “Pretty Polly” in seven different
Princess September is a languages.
They said, she cannot call story of a princess of Question 8: What is the King’s
that bird as hers because it can Siam, now a day Siam is opinion about his Councilors? Why
fly away at any time, as it is known as the Thailand. did he form that opinion?
not inside the cage. They told Princess father, the king Answer: King’s councilors always
her “safety first”. of Siam had a strange idea sang praise in the name of the king.
about naming his All of them were sycophants
The Princess started
children. When he had because the king could observe there
worrying about her little bird.
only two daughters, he was no emotion involved in the
It might have been caught in
named them Day and councilors saying. They parroted
the snares. The hawks could
Night, when two more everything like machines.
have caught it. Or it must have
were added, he named Question 9: The eight Princesses
forgotten her.
them Spring, Autumn, made an offer to Princess
When the bird came back and Winter and Summer. September. What was it? Why, in
told her that its father-in-law Then three more your view, did they do it?
was giving a party and all daughters were born. He Answer: The eight princesses
wanted it to stay. So it stayed named them again by the offered to purchase a new parrot out
there. Princess took and put it days of the week. When of their pocket money for the
inside the golden cage. The the eighth daughter youngest princess. They were
bird couldn’t believe it. It arrived he named them jealous of the real happiness on the
asked what that joke was. again by the months, and youngest princess face. They were
The princess told it was not a when the ninth daughter also jealous the way the King
joke. Cats were roaming in the was born, he named the appreciated the little bird’s song.
night. The bird would be safe child by September. Thus, Question 10: What did the sisters
in the cage. she was called the advice the Princess to do about her

Princess September. She bird?


When the princess asked it to


was the last daughter of Answer: The sisters scared the


sing, the bird started to sing but the king of Siam and Princess about safety of the little

it stopped in between. thereafter the Queen gave bird. They advised her to keep the

The next day the bird asked birth only baby boys. little bird in a cage instead of letting
the princess to let it oput of the The first eight daughters it roam freely everywhere.
cage. But the princess told it had bitter mood as their Question 11: In the following
that it was much better where it names were changed sentence elaborate the parts given in
was. The bird tried to come out more than once. Also the bold. Under the circumstances it
but it couldn’t go out. The king had another habit of was a very unfortunate remark for
other princesses came and told giving birthday presents. the bird to make.
her that the bird would soon On one birthday, he gave Answer: The princess was worried
get used to the cage. But the the present of green about the little bird’s safety as she
bird asked to open the cage. parrots in a beautiful was under her sister’s influence. On
When the princess asked the golden cage to each of his the same time the bird said that it
bird to sing, the bird it could daughters. When Princess might not have returned on that day.
not sing. It wanted to see the September’s parrot died This statement was enough to
trees, the lake and the green and she wept bitterly. provoke the princess to put the little
rice growing fields. It did not Then a tiny bird came to bird in the cage. The mental
eat food. Princess was worried her and sang musical condition of the princess was further
but her sisters told her to be songs, she became very aggravated by the bird’s statement
firm. happy; but her sisters leading to its imprisonment.
advised her to cage the Chances of the bird losing its
The next day when the bird into a golden cage, freedom increased after its
which has been gifted by statement. So it was an unfortunate
princess came to the cage to
her father. And when the statement under those
see the bird, she cried to see
bird was caged, it stopped circumstances.
the bird as it looked dead. The
singing, and did not eat Question 12: What persuaded
bird said that it could not sing
food and drink very well. Princess September to give the bird
unless it was free. And if it
The little bird was his freedom again? How did the bird
could not sing, it would die.
suffocated into the golden react to it?
Then Princess set the bird free.
cage. The bird wanted to Answer: The falling condition of the
She promised would not put it
freedom from this bird and danger of its death
in a cage again. The bird
beautiful golden cage. convinced the princess to give
replied that it loved the
Finally princess freedom to the bird. The bird was
princess. It come to her. It
September made it free, happy and thankful to the Princess.
would sing the loveliest songs
for her. It would also never and then she was married She promised to come every day
to King of Cambodia and and sing for the Princess.
forget her. The bird flew away.
lived a happy life with Question 13: Princess September
The princess was sad to leave him. kept her window open day and
the bird. The other princesses VIDEO LINKS FOR night. How did it help the bird?
made fun of her for leaving the THE LESSON:- How did it help the Princess herself?
bird like that. But the princess Answer: The open windows helped

had a hope. So she kept her


the bird to come to meet the princess


windows opened day and


as and when it wished. The princess


night. The bird returned. It sat could get nature’s nourishment


on her shoulder. It ate out of which enhanced her beauty. It


her hands. It sang for her. The brought a beautiful glow on her
bird could come and go any face.
time it like. The princess grew Question 14: The eight sisters kept
very beautiful. The king got Students will listen to the their windows shut. How did it
her married to the king of teacher carefully and affect them?
Cambodia. She was carried all follow the instructions Answer: The eight sisters couldn’t
the way to the city on a white given to them. They will get nature’s nourishment. They grew
elephant. note the Blackboard work pale and ugly. It is common
and question answers in knowledge that natural air and
But her sisters never slept their note-books. They
with their windows open. They will follow the homework sunshine helps keep you in beautiful
grew very ugly. The king got related instructions as and cheerful shape.
them married to his councilors. desired by the teacher.
They were given a pound of tea
and Siamese cat each.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: The Fight No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson
Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other
materials and plan of
activities to achieve the
OBJECTIVES:- 1:In what way is the forest pool different from the
The story is about a
one which Ranji knew in the Rajputana desert?
boy named Ranji who • To make the students
had just shifted to a
new place. It was a to familiar with the Ans.: The forest pool was clean, cold and inviting,
hot summer day and whereas the Rajputana desert had sticky, muddy
stories of our country.
he was walking in the pools where buffaloes wallowed and women
forest as usual in his • To inculcate the habit washed clothes.

vest and shorts. Then

of reading among the 2:The other boy asked Ranji to ‘explain’ himself.

one day he

(i) What did he expect Ranji to say?


discovered a pool in students.


the forest with (ii) Was he, in your opinion, right or wrong to ask

translucent water, • To illustrate the this ?

smooth pebbles at the Ans.: (i) He expected Ranji to apologize to him
bottom. He was importance and
and immediately leave the pool.
seeing such a clean meaning of good (ii) He was wrong to ask this because the pool
pool for the first time
so he jumped in to relationship and was in the forest. It was not his personal property.
swim. Next day when 3: Between Ranji and the other boy, who is trying
avoiding unnecessary to start a quarrel? Give a reason for your Ans.
he was swimming in
the same pool, he fights in life. Ans.: Between Ranji and the other boy, the other
noticed a boy staring boy was trying to start a quarrel. When Ranji saw
at him in a quite • To encourage the
him, he did not say anything. It was the otherboy
angry way. The boy students to think who asked Ranji to explain himself. Ranji was
was taller and more
broad in comparison. critically prepared to be friendly, but was taken aback by the
He enquired what he boy’s hostile tone. He even asked the boy to come
was doing there in his • To understand the and swim with him. However, the boy said that it
pool. He also told he importance of freedom was his pool, and started a fight by calling himself
was a warrior and a ‘warrior’.
would not entertain and how it is linked to
4:”Then we will have to continue the fight,” said
such villagers. Ranji
the development of the the other.
also told he was a
fighter. Both skills. (i) What made him say that?
involved in an (ii) Did the fight continue? If not, why not?
argument and at a • To know the
Ans.: (i) When even after a lot of fighting Ranji
point, the toleration importance of music, refused to leave the pool, the other boy said that
limit was crossed and
the warrior slapped value of freedom, they would have to continue their fight.
hard on Ranji's face. (ii) No, the fight did not continue. After they
Ranji too punched beauty of nature that decided to continue the fight, neither of them took
him in return. Then forms and shapes the the initiative. Then, the other boy said that they
they got involved in a would continue the fight the next day if Ranji
full fight. They character of a good
dared to come back to the pool.
grabbed throat,
human being. OTHER QUESTIONS:-
tumbled, rolled,
cursed, struggled. 1: What is it that Ranji finds difficult to explain at
They fought even in home?
the pool. It continued PREVIOUS Ans.: At home, Ranji found it difficult to explain
for few minutes but KNOWLEDGE TEST: the cuts and bruises that showed on his face, legs
nobody won actually. and arms. It was difficult to hide the fact that he
They were exhausted Have you seen any had been involved in a fight.
and breathing
heavily. They both wrestling match ? 2: Ranji sees his adversary in the bazaar.
decided to continue (i) What does he wish to do?

Do you remember class


the fight the next day. (ii) What does he actually do, and why?

Ranji went home and 6th lesson A Strange Ans.: (i) When Ranji saw his adversary in the

could not explain the bazaar, he wished to turn away and look

Wrestling Match ?
bruises on his body to

elsewhere. Then, he wished to throw the lemonade

his mother. He went Should we fight with bottle at his enemy.
to bazaar for a
lemonade and jalebis others without any big (ii) He actually stood his ground and scowled at
when he saw the reason ? the other boy. He did not throw the lemonade
warrior coming
towards him. They Can we end fights and bottle because he did not want to start a fight in the
both stared each other bazaar.
and the warrior be friendly ?
went.Next day Ranji 3:Ranji is not at all eager for a second fight. Why
was tired from last does he go back to the pool, then?
day's fight but he METHODOLOGY:
found the warrior Ans.: Ranji left home on the second day rather
Story telling, lecture-
sitting on the other unwillingly. His body still pained again. Yet he
side of the pool oiling cum- discussion
his body. The warrior could not refuse a challenge. To gain his respect,
asked him to come to MAIN POINTS: he had to defy his enemy. As long as he fought, he
the other side and It is a story of two boys had a right to the pool in the forest.
fight. The same
challenge was given showing their fighting
4:Who was the better swimmer? How do you
by Ranji. Then again talent by fighting and
warrior challenged showing off they fight know it?
him. Ranji took a like anything making Ans.: Ranji was the better swimmer. When the
dive into water and
reached the other themself dirty . They other boy made fun of him by saying that he
side. The warrior was become miserable, they
would not be able to swim across the pool, Ranji
surprised by the way also show altitude
he dove. Ranji towards each other . dived straight into the water and surfaced at the
offered him to teach
him how to dive. The
then the understand other end in a flash. The boy was amazed at how
warrior took a failed their potential of doing well Ranji had dived, and later, at how he had
attempt. Again Ranji things they are master
swum underwater. He said that he did not know
dove and circled him of that is swimming
inside water. The how to dive or swim underwater, and asked Ranji
and wrestling and they
warrior again took an
become good friends to teach him both.
attempt to swim
under water but VIDEO LINKS FOR 7: Ranji’s superiority over the other boy is obvious
failed. Ranji told he
THE LESSON:- in the following:
could teach him if he
liked. They both sat physical strength, good diving, his being a fighter,
on the rock and
sense of humor, swimming under water, making a
introduced each other
for the first time. The good point, willingness to help.

warrior's name was Students will listen to


Underline the relevant phrases.


Suraj. Ranji informed the teacher carefully


Suraj that he is strong Ans.: good diving, swimming under water and

like pahelwan. Suraj and follow the


willingness to help.
wished to become the
instructions given to 8:What, according to you, makes the two
world's champion
wrestler. He told them. They will note adversaries turn into good friends in a matter of
Ranji that he is strong
but lean and he needs the Blackboard work minutes? Explain it as you have understood it.
to have good food and question answers Ans.: The two adversaries admired certain skills in
with him and drink
milk. He told if Ranji in their note-books. each other, which they themselves lacked. When
taught him
swimming, he would They will follow the the other boy saw how well Ranji dived and swam
make him a homework related underwater, he forgot about the fight and asked
pahelwan. They both
became friends from instructions as desired him to teach him these skills. Ranji’s willingness
that day. to help the other boy made their friendship
by the teacher.
possible. Noticing Ranji’s thin body, the other boy
promised him that he would turn him into a
wrestler like himself. As a result, in a matter of
minutes, the adversaries turned into good friends.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: The Open Window No. of periods required:
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson
Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and other Question Answers Oral and
materials and plan of activities to achieve the LOs written works
OBJECTIVES:- 1. Why had Framton Nuttel
Saki’s “Open-
Chance usually plays a leading role in the drama of come to the “rural retreat”?
Window” is a
life. Answer: Framton Nuttel
story about a man
named Framton It is always the best policy to speak the truth—unless, was suffering from some
who was nervous of course, you are an exceptionally good liar. neural disease. He had
All truths are easy to understand once they are come to the rural retreat to
about everything,
discovered; the point is to discover them. recuperate from his disease.
so he got away
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: 2. Why had his sister given
from the city and
METHODOLOGY: him letters of introduction
stayed a week in
Lecture and active discussion on lesson to people living there?
the country to

NE—PHRASAL VERBS & ADVERBIAL Answer: Framton’s sister


calm his nerves.

PARTICLES lived there about three

He went to Mrs.

Sappleton ‘s went off: left away years ago. She knew some

house where he came back: returned people over there, so she


gave way: collapsed gave letters of introduction.

met her niece,
went out: left Letters of introduction were
Vera. Vera told
broke off: trembled with fear or excitement to help him establish some
Framton about the
accident Mrs. rattled on: went on talking rapidly IDIOMATIC identity for himself.
EXPRESSIONS & GENERAL GLOSSARY 3. What had happened in
Sappleton ‘s
husband, her two warm for the time of year: you would not expect it to the Sappleton family as
brothers and the be so warm at this time of year narrated by the niece?
to a day: exactly Answer: Mrs. Sappleton’s
dog had. She said
moor: wild, uncultivated land husband and her two
that they went to
treacherous: because the green grass made the surface younger brothers went for
hunting and never
came back, so look firm shooting in summers about
Mrs. Sappleton hesitatingly human: the girl's voice broke off, as if she three years back. They got
were overcome by her human feeling of pity for her trapped in muddy ditch and
always kept the
aunt died.
french window
creepy: a word used by children, meaning frightening 4. What did Mrs Sappleton
open every day,
(as if something unpleasant were creeping up one's say about the open
because she
back) window?
believed that they
I hope Vera has been amusing you: an example of Answer: Mrs. Sappleton
would come back
Saki's irony said that her husband and
some day. Ten
minutes later, directly: immediately her younger brothers had
Mrs. Sappleton a fine mess: a sarcastic expression for a lot of-dirt been on a shooting spree
came down and duck: hunters speak of ducks collectively in this way and she was expecting them
started talking (snipe always has the same form in the singular and to come back through the
about hunting, plural) window. They always came
which made IRONY: amusing and strange aspect of a situation that by that route only. She was
Framton feel is very different from what you expect; the use of waiting for them to come
dreadful and words that say the opposite of what you really mean. and spoil the décor of the
nervous. So he MAIN STORY: house.
tried to changed Mr. Framton Nuttel has just moved to a new town. 5. The horror on the girl’s
the conversation, While visiting one of his sister’s acquaintances, Mrs. face made Framton swing
but it didn’t work. Sappleton, he spends some time with the woman’s around in his seat. What did
Suddenly, three niece, Vera. Vera recounts a story about how her aunt he see?
figures were lost her husband and two brothers in a tragic hunting Answer: When Framton
walking across the accident. She warns Framton that her aunt never swung around he saw a
lawn. Framton accepted their deaths and believes that some day the silhouette of three men and
was afraid, hunting party will return. In anticipation, Mrs. dog in the evening light.
because he Sappleton leaves the window in the front room open Then a hoarse voice was
thought the three so that they may re-enter the house. When Mrs. heard shouting at the dog.
figures were Sappleton enters the room and discusses the hunting 6. Why did Frampton rush

ghosts, so he ran party, Framton is deeply disturbed by her delusion. out wildly?

away. Later, Mrs. However, his concern turns to pure horror when he Answer: On seeing three

Sappleton ‘s sees three male figures dressed in hunting gear men approaching the house

husband, her two approaching the house. Believing he has seen ghosts, he must have thought of

brothers and the Framton bolts from the house. Spinning another tale, seeing the ghosts of three
little brown dog Vera explains to the newly arrived hunting party and dead men. He was too
was back. But her aunt that Framton fled when he saw the hunting afraid to stay there. So he
Mrs. Sappleton dog because of his severe fear of dogs. fled from that place.
had no idea why VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- 7. What was the girl’s
Framton had run explanation for his
away. And Vera lightning exit?
had explained to Answer: The girl said that
Mrs. Sappleton, Frampton was afraid of the
he was afraid of dog. Because he had bad
dog. But Framton experience, of being chased
will never knew by dogs on the banks of the
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and follow
that Vera was a Ganges. There he ended up
liar and she loved the instructions given to them. They will note the spending his night in a
to make up graveyard with ferocious
Blackboard work and question answers in their note-
stories. animals scaring him
books. They will follow the homework related throughout the night.
instructions as desired by the teacher
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: Jalebis No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson
Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other materials and
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q1. Why did not he pay the school fees
The school-going boy
in this story is in fifth • To make pupils know the on the he brought money to the school?
innocent mind of a Ans. The boy could not pay the fees at
standard . He is an
school boy. school because the teacher Master
obedient and
meritorious student • To enable them Ghulam Mohammad was on leave .
from a well-to-do understand what is write Q2. (i) What were the coins ‘saying ‘ to
and what is wrong. him ?
Muslim family . One
• To help them recollect Ans. The coins in the boy’s pocket
day he goes to school
their previous urged him to buy hot and fresh jalebis .
with four rupees in his

experiences. (ii) Do you think they were misguiding


pocket in order to pay

• To him?

encourage them

the school fee. As the

Ans. Yes , the coins are misguiding him

teacher -concerned is narrate their silly and


funny mistakes done in because the money was meant for

on leave that day , the

boy spends all the four the past. paying school fees .
rupees in buying and • To enrich their minds Q3. Why did not he take the coin’s
with practical aspects of advice ?
eating jalebis . Actually
life. Ans. Initially the boy did not take the
the boy is not interested
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE advice of the coins seriously for a
in the jalebis sold in the
bazaar . But the coins TEST: couple of reasons. He could not spend
Have you eaten jalebis ? the money meant for paying school fees
in his pocket persuade
If anyone buys jalebis from on jalebis . Secondly , the boy knew the
and get him excited to
school fees and did not pay harsh nature of the master and the
buy and eat jalebis with
school fees in time, what will punishment .
the fee money . The
happen ? Q4. (i) What did the oldest coin tell
coins suggest the boy
Will anyone help in such him ?
that he could pay The
situation ?
fee with his scholarship Ans. The oldest coin convinced him
money that is to be Does God help by lending that they were telling him for his own
money to needy in such good . He can pay his fee next day with
received the following
situations ? his scholarship money . So he would
day .
METHODOLOGY: not suppress his desire for jalebis .
The next day in school (ii) Did he follow his advice ? If not ,
Story telling and discussion
he is asked to pay the why not ?
over the problem
fee and it is informed NEW WORDS: Ans. He did not follow his advice . He
that the scholarship Jalebis-coiled sweetmeats with was a promising student . He was from
money would be given syrup a good family of repute .He did not
the following month . we ate fresh and juicy jalebis in want to defame for it .
With this shocking the hotel. Q5. He reached home with the coins in
news he feels confused Crisp - pleasantly hard and his pocket . What happened then ?
and defeated . He is fresh Ans. After reaching home he could not
afraid of his class The newly printed notes are suppress his temptation for fresh
teacher and tries to crisp. jalebis . He rushed to the shop of
escape from school Misguide(verb)=To show the halwai . He bought jalebis and enjoyed
without being noticed wrong path them .
by anybody . He goes The child is spoiled as he is Q6. (i) Why did not he eat all the he
to the Railway station misguided. had bought ?
only to spend time till Clamor-a loud confused noise. Ans. He had bought jalebis for one
the evening . Don’t make clamor. Keep quiet. rupee . But he could not eat all of them
because of their quantity .
Sitting under the tree
Passers-by : persons who (ii) What did he do with the remaining
the boy prays to God to
happen to be walking past jalebis ?
send four rupees for
someone or something. Ans. He distributed the remaining
him by His Farishta .
The passers-by helped him jalebis among the boys from the

He admitted his wrong


and promises that he when he met with that road neighborhood .


Q7. “The fear was killing me .” What


will not repeat the same accident.


MAIN POINTS: was the fear ?

again in future . But he

1.Jalebis are central to this Ans. He had eaten so many jalebis that

receives nothing from

story . there was the problem of digesting
God .
them all . His fear was that one jalebi
The next day also the 2. The school boy in this story or two would come out with a burp .
boy comes to the same carries four rupees to school in Q8.“ Children’s stomachs are like
spot near the Railway order to pay the fee . digestion machines .” What do you
station . The starts understand by that ? Do you agree ?
requesting God only 3. The coins in his pocket Ans. It means that children have the
for four rupees . He persuade the boy to go wrong . capacity to digest a lot of things that
tries his best to prove they overeat . I agree with the statement
before God that he is 4. He spends all the four rupees but partly .
God – fearing , in buying jalebis . Q9. How did he plan to pay the fees the
disciplined , hard 5. He repents his foolishness next day ?
working and obedient and prays to God for the help Ans. He planned to pay the fees the
one . He goes on of four rupees in vain. next day when he would get his
persuading God till the 6. However this bitter monthly scholarship .
evening in vain . Then experience teaches the sweet Q10. When it is time to pay the fees ,
he decides to come to boy a valuable lesson. what does he do? How is he disobeying
the same place the next MORAL OF THE STORY the elders by doing so ?
day in order to observe Ans. When the time draws near to pay
Namaz to Allah Miyan The moral of the story is , the fees , he ticks the bag under his arm
very strictly after “Look before you Leap “ .It and slips out of the school . He had
washing his body and means whatever we want to do disobeyed his elders by crossing the
changing clothes . in life we must be very careful railway track .
about the future consequences . Q11. What was the consequence of
Meanwhile his parents
If our plans fail we will suffer a buying jalebis with the fees money ?
get the news of his
lot and sometimes our future Ans. As a result of spending his fee
continuous absence in
may get spoiled if we are not money on jalebis , he had to be absent
school . We can
careful and mindful of what we from the school for the first time in his
imagine what happens
are doing and what we want to life .
afterwards .But the
do . Q12. His prayer to God is like a
boy , up to his class
lawyer‘s defence of a bad case . Does
VIII , is not able to
One must be confident about he argue his case well ? What are the
understand as to why
God has not given him ones success but one must not points he makes ?
be over confident . When we Ans. He tries to please God with his
a single paisa . What
knowingly or unknowingly requests and the recitation of the entire
loss He suffers from
commit a mistake or do wrong Namaz . He admits that he made a
with the help of only
somewhere , our reputation may mistake . He wouldn’t have spent his
four rupees to an
get damaged and we may suffer money on jalebis if had known about
innocent and devoted
from a great loss . That is why the delay in scholarship . Thus he

child like him When


the boy gets his one should look before he/ she argues his case like a lawyer .

maturity he finally leap . We must not count the Q13. He offers to play a game with

chicks before they are hatched . Allah Miyan . What is the game ?
understands that if

And we should be aware of the Ans- The game is that he will go up to


Allah Miyan were to

fact that God helps those who the signal , touch it and come back .
provide all for the
asking , then man help themselves. And in the mean time God should put
would even today be VIDEO LINKS FOR THE four rupees under a big rock .
LESSON:- Q14. Did he get four rupees by playing
living in nests like the game ? What did he get to see
vultures and crows and under the rock ?
would not have learnt
Ans. No, he was hoping against hope .
the art of making Students will listen to the
When he lifted the rock , he saw worm
jalebis .This interesting teacher carefully and follow the
instead of coins .
story reveals us how instructions given to them. They
Q15. If he granted his wish that day ,
an obedient boy is will note the Blackboard work
what harm would it have caused him in
easily excited to do and question answers in their
later life ?
something wrong note-books. They will follow
Ans. If god had granted his wish that
innocently . It also tells the homework related
day he would not have learnt a lesson
us to be responsible instructions as desired by the
to do no wrong in future . He would
and kind enough teacher.
have been like a bird and learnt no skill.
towards small
children .
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: The Comet-I No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson
Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and
Blackboard and other materials and written works
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Why does Indrani Debi
Manoj Dutta lived on the
• To enable the students to dislike Duttada’s
outskirts of Kolkata. He had hobnobbing with dibya?
a secret ambition to discover get knowledge of science
Ans.: Indrani Debi dislikes
a comet. When he retired, he her husband’s hobnobbing
bought an 8-inchc telescope. • To enable the students to with dibya because she
He named it ‘dibyachakshu’. get knowledge of looks upon dibya like a
His wife called it simply comets. designing woman.
dibya. Duttada, as he was • To enable them to

She is complaining and


popularly known, spent many express themselves in

smiling. Why is she

nights looking at the stars grammatically correct



through dibya. Ans.: She smiles to think of

• To enable the learners to

childlike forgetfulness of
one moonless night, Duttada
extrapolate from the her husband. she has to take
detected a new faint star. in care of his needs.
given text.
fact, it was a new comet.
• To make conscious the
after watching it for two i. What was Duttada’s
students about pre-
nights, he informed the secret ambition?
existing superstitious
indian institute of
beliefs. ii.What did he do to achieve
astrophysics at Bangalore.
• To enable the students to it?
They confirmed that Duttada
think the power of Ans.: i. Duttada’s secret
had discovered a new comet. ambition was to discover a
The comet was called ‘comet new comet.
Dutta’. • To enable them to use ii. After his retirement, he
new words and phrases bought an eight inches
Duttada liked to lead a quiet in their own language. telescope and set it on the
life. but his discovery made PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE roof of his house. He
him famous. He was invited TEST: regularly gazed at the sky
to a number of functions. Do you what is a comet ? on dark nights.
Duttada was fed up. He Do you have passion for
wished he had not discovered watching stars and comets ? What is the difference
the comet. His wife also What will happen if any comet between a planet and a
agreed with him. but her comes to collide with Earth ? comet, as given in the
reasons were different. She METHODOLOGY:
Ans.: both planets and
was unhappy because her Lecture and discussion, demo comets orbit round the sun
husband was associated with NEW WORDS: but the orbit of a comet is
the discovery of an evil Hobnob –to spend a lot of time highly eccentric. It comes
object. with somebody from remote corner of the
Repress – to try not to have or solar system. It has a
Duttada told her that comets longish tail that is lit
were harmless. Like planets show an emotion, feeling etc. he
brilliantly when it comes
burst in, making no effort to
they orbit the sun. But their nearer the sun.
repress his fury.
orbits are too eccentric. They
Precautions - preventive Why was Duttada hopeful
come from afar. They have a
longish tail. When they come measures that he would discover a
near the sun, they shine Tete-a-tete – private meeting new comet soon?
Ensnared – trapped Ans.: Duttada had a tiny
brightly. After sometime, telescope. Still he hoped to
Amateur – a person who is not
they disappear again and do discover a comet soon

skilled. this work was done by a


not appear again for years. because the professionals


bunch of amateurs.

with gigantic telescopes

Dr. James Forsyth was a

Eccentric – unusual/strange. had pre-assigned


professor at king’s college, most people considered him a programmes. They hardly

Cambridge. He learnt about harmless eccentric. took notice of the

comet Dutta. He made his Orbit – path of revolution appearance of a new comet.
calculations. he found that in and indeed, he saw a
Gigantic – huge
ten months’ time, comet stranger among the known
MAIN POINTS: stars. he hoped that it was a
Dutta was going to collide Comets are like small planets comet.
with the earth. He wrote a and they revolve round the sun.
paper and sent it to a But they come from afar, and so Why does Duttada say –”I
scientific magazine, ‘nature’. they appear after years, and almost wish I had not
He wanted to have his paper even after centuries. Then they discovered this comet?”
published immediately. Ans.: Duttada was an
disappear. That is why; you can
introvert. His discovery of a
Taylor, the editor of ‘nature’, always discover a new comet. comet brought in
was a friend of sir john Duttada is an amateur scientist. unwelcome publicity. He
Macpherson, who was He has a small telescope. his was often invited to
defense science advisor to the secret ambition of life is to receptions which he did not
British government. Taylor discover a comet. He watches like. He was so fed up that
the dark night skies. One day he he wished he had not
showed the paper to sir john
discovered the comet.
for his opinion. Sir john did discovers a new comet. It is
not want the paper to be called ‘comet Dutta. Why is his wife unhappy
published immediately. He Many people, like Dutta’s wife, about the discovery?
Ans.: Indrani Devi believed
sent for Dr. Forsyth. Indrani Devi, cherish
that comets brought in
superstitions about comets. calamities in the world. She
A special messenger went to
They think that comets bring wished her husband not to
Cambridge to bring Dr.
calamities in the world. But the associate with such a
Forsyth to Macpherson’s
scientists do not believe that sinister object.
office at night. the visit was
comets have any harmful effect.
kept secret. Sir John gave Dr. How did sir john get hold
Forsyth’s manuscript to him. But ‘comet Dutta’ is surely of James’ original
He said that he had verified dangerous. it is calculated that manuscript?
his calculations and the in ten months time it is going to Ans.: James sent his
collision between the earth be collide with earth. And if it manuscript to ‘nature’ for
and comet Dutta was does, it will mean the end of life publication. Nature’s editor,
Taylor, was sir john’s
imminent. He insisted that on the earth
friend. He gave it to sir
this prediction should be
VIDEO LINKS FOR THE john to give his opinion
made known to the whole about it.

world. But Sir John said that LESSON:-


if this information reached What is the important point


the people, they would be the paper makes?


Ans.: the important point in


panicked. The collision

the paper is that comet
meant the end of all living Dutta is sure to collide
beings on the earth. so he against earth in ten months’
advised Dr. James Forsyth to time.
rewrite his paper. He wanted Students will listen to the
it to tone it down. He should teacher carefully and follow the Why does sir john say that
say that there was a instructions given to them. They James’ paper should not be
probability of the comet will note the Blackboard work
Ans.: Sir John realizes that
colliding with the earth. But and question answers in their if James’ paper is published
collision was not certain. note-books. They will follow as it is, it will create panic
Then sir john decided that a the homework related
all over the world.
secret meeting of experts instructions as desired by the
from all over the world teacher.
should be held.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: It So Happened
Chapter name: The Comet-II No. of periods required:
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson
Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- . “For a moment James wondered
The conference of experts: if he had done his sums right.”
James was surprised when • To enable the students to
share their personal Why was James doubtful about
he went to attend the his sums and calculations?
conference.All the experts experiences.
Answer: James was not doubtful
who were invited were • To enable them to express about his calculations. He wished
present Sir John had also themselves in grammatically to find some wrong calculations
invited Duttada. correct language. so that he could heave a sigh of
• To enable the learners to relief that the world would not
Scientists plan to save the extrapolate from the given end. Deep in his mind he, like all
earth. At first the scientists

text. others did not want the life on the


checked James • To sensitize the students to earth to end.


calculations and found that the feelings of an individual. 2. What did the scientists at the

they were correct. Comet

• To enable the students to conference say about James’s


Dutta was sure to collide

think of an alternative
with the earth on Answer: After rechecking James’
ending to the story. sum for the umpteenth time the
December 15.Some
• To enable them to use new scientist arrived at the horrifying
suggested a defensive
words and phrases in their conclusion that James was right.
action. They suggested
own language. There was just a feeble chance of
that underground bunkers
• To enable the students to the comet scraping through the
should be constructed for
learn the fourfold skills of earth’s atmosphere. Even then
everyone to live in. But also it would have caused great
English i.e
this suggestion was not damage.
LSRW(Listening, Speaking,
practicable. It was not 3. Immediate action was needed,
Reading & Writing)
accepted. Then the the scientists decided. Give one
scientists suggested an example each of ‘defensive’ and
TEST: ‘offensive’ action mentioned in
offensive action. They
What will happen if comet the text.
intended to give the comet
a push to change its discovered by Duttada will collide Answer: The Defensive Option: It
with earth ? was planned to prepare
course. For this they
Can Yajna organized by Indrani underground bunkers to hide
planned to send a
Devi will help in reducing bad everybody for safety.
spaceship with nuclear
effects of comet ? The Offensive Option: To deflect
power. The ship would
Is scientific effort superior to the path of the comet by using
intercept the comet at the
right time and then it will religious mythological soloutions ? nuclear explosion. This was
be exploded by remote METHODOLOGY: preferred as nobody was sure
control. This project was Lecture and discussion, debate and about the size of the comet.
named the Charge of Light demo 4. “I am not buying any
Brigade. A time- table was NEW WORDS: Christmas presents till December
15.” What did Sir John mean by
drawn for the action. Deliberations: Discussions;
Deliberations and dialogues were
Will the action succeed? Answer: There is a saying that the
held between India and Pakistan in Earth is like a small speck of dust
Duttada and Sir John had New Delhi to solve the problem of in this universe and we are a
become good friends. Jammu & Kashmir. minute part of that small speck.
Duttada asked Sir John’s Star Studded: Full of stars. Tonight, Against the powers of the
opinion about the success the sky is star-studded. universe human beings are simply
of the project. He said he Calamity:Disaster, Misfortune. powerless. Sir John was aware of
could not say anything There was a great loss of life and this fact and, like everybody else,
with certainty but he property after the calamity of was not hundred percent sure of
would not buy his Cyclone Phallin. the success of the offensive
Christmas presents before Dispelled: Removed; The Debris measure planned in the meeting.
December 15. So he was postponing all
and Garbages were dispelled from
celebrations till the D-day.
Duttada returns home: the town. 5. What is Duttada expected to do
Duttada stayed in England Respite: It was a great respite for on his return from London?

for another week. He the state of Odisha as the cyclone Answer: After his return from

visited observatories and changed its direction. London he discovered that


met astronomers. Then he Deflected: The cyclone Helen Indrani Debi had arranged for a

deflected from its path due to yajna to be performed. She, along


came back to Calcutta.

western disturbances. with other family members,
Preparations for a yajna: Detonating: Exploding. Detonating planned it to ward off the evils of
There was a big crowd at bombs were kept in the motor the comet’s visit.
his house.His wife Indrani cycle for explosion. 6. What is his reaction to the
Debi had consulted Guruji. Rendezvous: Meeting place; The proposal?
He had advised performing Answer: Duttada did not believe
pre-arranged Rendezvous was held
a yajna to bless Duttada, in such superstitions. So he
in a secret meeting place. refused to participate in the yajna.
and to pacify the evil MAIN POINTS: 7. (i) What does ‘Project Light
spirits behind the comet. Sir John Macpherson proposed to Brigade’ refer to?
But Duttada was call a meeting of experts from all (ii) What does Sir John say about
displeased. He refused to countries in a week’s time. James the Project in his letter to Duttada
have anything to do with agreed with him though he thought in October?
the yajna. He explained it almost impossible to call the Answer: ‘Project Light Brigade’
that there was no meeting at such a short notice. Sir referred to the plans to deflect the
connection between the John dropped James at his hotel. comet’s path by nuclear
The Conference of experts: All the explosion.
appearance of a comet and
Experts who were invited were In October Sir John wrote about
the misfortunes of the the timely launch of the spaceship
world. present. James was surprised when
which was carrying nuclear
he went to attend the conference.
Sir John had also invited Duttada. materials for explosion near the
The charge of Light comet.
Comet Duttada was sure to collide
Brigade is successful:
with the earth. Scientist’s plan to 8. Did Sir John buy Christmas
Comet Dutta came very presents on December 15? How
save the earth.
close to earth. Millions of did Duttada get to know about it?
Scientist’s suggested an offensive
people admired it. But they Answer: When the scientific
action to change its course by
didn’t know how community observed that the
sending a spaceship with nuclear
dangerous it was. Duttada comet started going away from
power. This project was named – the earth they were relieved that it
had been worrying. Then
Project Light Brigade. Will the did not do any harm. So Sir John
he received an urgent
action succeed? Duttada & Sir John decided to buy Christmas present
TELEX from Sir John. It
had become good friends. Sir John on 15th December. He sent an
said that he was going to
said he could not say anything urgent message in this regard to
buy his Christmas presents
about the success of the project Duttada through the British High
on December 15. No one Commission in India.
could understand what it with certainty. But he would not
buy his Christmas presents before 9. Why, according to Indrani
meant. But Duttada was Debi, had the comet not been
December 15th. Duttada returns
extremely happy. He knew disastrous? Do you agree with
home. Preparations for a yajna to
that the charge of Project her?
bless Duttada & to pacify the evil
Light Brigade has been Answer: According to Indrani
spirits behind the comet.The charge
successful. The earth had Debi it was the effect of the yajna
of Project Light Brigade is which did not allow the comet to

been saved from complete


destruction. successful. The earth had been create disaster on the earth. For

saved from complete destruction. somebody who is as rational as


Who saved the Earth? Who saved the earth? Duttada Duttada this is impossible to

After the comet had wondered that even in this age the believe. I belong to that category.

disappeared, Duttada said rational & superstitions exist For those who believe in comets
to his wife, “Now you see together. bringing bad luck this is
that there is nothing VIDEO LINKS FOR THE believable.
harmful about a comet.” LESSON:- 10. Is Duttada’s general outlook
But she smiled. She said (i) rational (ii) moral (iii)
that the comet did not traditional Choose the right word.
harm because the yajna Say why you think it right?
was performed. Duttada’s Answer: Duttada’s general
grandson had performed outlook is rational. He is a
the yajna on behalf of Students will listen to the teacher
scientist and he has a scientific
Duttada. Duttada was carefully and follow the
instructions given to them. They outlook.He knows what the
shocked. He wondered that Comet are.
even in this age the will note the Blackboard work and
question answers in their note- He knows that there is no
rational and the
books. They will follow the connection between the
superstitions exist
homework related instructions appearance of comets and
together, though the gap
given by the teacher. misfortunes of the earth.
between the two was too
r He