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Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew

Chapter name: The Best Christmas Present in the World No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard works
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Working with Text
The Roll-Top: The author found a
roll-top desk in a junk shop. He There are some dates or 1: For how long do you think Connie had
kept Jim’s letter? Give reasons for your
thought that he could restore it. So periods of time in the history
he bought it and began to work on it of the world that are so
on Christmas eve. The Letter: He significant that everyone Ans: Connie must have kept Jim’s
letter for a long time. This is because she
pulled out the drawers. He found knows and remembers them. told the narrator how she read it quite

that these had been badly damaged Echoes of Christmas 1914 in often every day so that she could feel

that Jim was near her.

by fire and water. The last drawer the trenches call to the present

stuck fast. When it opened, it day when a letter found by 2: Why do you think the desk had been

sold, and when?


revealed a secret space. In it he chance in an antique desk


found a small tin box. Over it he brings one soldier's experience Ans: The desk must have been sold when
the house in which Connie Macpherson
found a notice which read “Jim’s hauntingly to life. It is the lived had caught fire. She was taken to a
last letter.” There was a letter inside story based on the World War nursing home. All the burnt up things
must have been sold after that.
addressed “12 Copper Beeches, I. It highlights the peaceful
Bridpot. The date was given celebration of Christmas 3: Why do Jim and Hans think that
games or sports are good ways of
December 26, 1914.nJim and between enemy armies. It also resolving conflicts? Do you agree?
Connie: The author read the letter. describes affection of a wife
Ans: Jim and Hans thought that games or
The owner of the desk might have towards her husband who is sports are good ways of resolving
put it in. The letter had been written out for a war. Heart-warming conflicts because nobody dies in
matches. No children are orphaned and
by a captain of the English army, and spine-tingling, this is a no wives become widows.
Jim McPherson. He had written it to perfect story to curl up with on Due to these reasons, games are good
ways for resolving conflicts. Wars only
his wife Connie. A wonderful a winter's night. lead to death and devastation.
incident had happened on the PREVIOUS
4: Do you think the soldiers of the two
battlefield on the Christmas eve. KNOWLEDGE TEST: Do armies are like each other, or different
from each other? Find evidence form the
Jim McPherson had narrated it in you have heard about war ? story to support your Ans.
his letter. What happens with soldiers Ans: The soldiers of the two armies were
like each other. Below are some
Unforgettable Moments: The in the war ?
instances from the story to prove:
English and Germans were at war. Do the soldiers are enemies
→ Both the armies celebrated Christmas
The two armies stood in their to each other ?
respective trenches. Suddenly Can you imagine friendly → Both the armies shared their food and
McPherson saw someone waving a match between two war spent time together in smoking,
laughing, talking, drinking and eating.
white flag from the enemy side and
running army soldiers ?
heard Christmas wishes. The → They played a football match and
METHODOLOGY: agreed that conflicts and disputes may be
English too responded them and
Discussion, demo and resolved by football match
wished them from their side. Then, → They agreed about the negative
lecture aspects of war and longed peace.
they thought it was all over.But, to
their surprise……nHans Wolf and
→ They exchanged carols and hoped to
Jim chatted about their lands. Hans Roll-top desk – A desk unite with the families again.
told that he knew Dorset very well with a flexible sliding cover 5: Mention the various ways in which the

to where Jim belongs to. He has Restore – Repair British and the German soldiers become

friends and find things in common at


never been to England but he spoke Christmas.

Christmas Eve – The day

English very well. His favorite

before Christmas Ans: The British and the German troops

writer was Thomas Hardy and celebrated Christmas with each other.

favorite book was ‘Far from the Stuck fast – Shut tight They enjoyed each other’s food. All of
them were smoking, laughing, talking,
madding crowd’. They shared many Trenches – Deep holes in drinking and eating. Hans Wolf and Jim
thoughts and food . Hans Wolf and the ground Macpherson shared the cake Connie had
baked. They talked about Bathsheba,
Jim chatted about their lands. Hans Fritz – A name for German Gabriel Oak, Sergeant Troy and Dorset.
told that he knew Dorset very well They even talked about the books they
soldier liked. They agreed about everything.
to where Jim belongs to. He has Both the troops played a game of
No man’s land – An area football for which both Hans and Jim
never been to England but he spoke
cheered, clapped hands and stamped feet.
English very well. His favorite between armies which no They also exchanged carols at night. In
writer was Thomas Hardy and one controls this way, they celebrated Christmas
together, finding a lot in common
favorite book was ‘Far from the Tommy – A name for between them
madding crowd’. They shared many English soldier
6: What is Connie’s Christmas present?
thoughts and foodWar or Football;
Reached out – Extended Why is it “the best Christmas present in
Then a soldier brought out a the world?
the hand
football. The soldiers played in the
MAIN POINTS: Ans: When the narrator came to see
Connie and gave her the box, she
no mans land while the captains VIDEO LINKS FOR THE mistook him for her husband Jim. She
thought that Jim had come home for
clapped and cheerednHans Wolf LESSON:-
Christmas. This was Connie’s
suggested that the world would be Christmas present. It was the best
much better if the problems are Christmas present in the world for her because Jim had written in the letter that
solved by football matches rather he would come home on Christmas. She
than wars. Because, in a football had read that letter several times every
day to feel that he was near her. Now
match the winner and the loser are that he was finally there with her, she
chosen without any bloodshed.The was extremely happy.
Students will listen to the
Celebration: After the football 7: Do you think the title of this story is
match, all the drinks and food were teacher carefully and follow suitable for it? Can you think of any
other title(s)?
consumed. Now it was time to part. the instructions given to
Both the armies saluted each other them. They will note the Ans: Yes, the title of the story is suitable
for it. The spirit of Christmas is the
and the Germans walked away Blackboard work and theme that prevails throughout the story.
slowly. Jim bid farewell to Hans in question answers in their The message of Christmas peace and
good will to all is brought out so clearly
moist eyes. In the night both the note-books. They will through the story. It was on a Christmas
day, in the middle of a raging war, that

armies were heard singing carols.

follow the homework two warring troops made peace. The

And, the peaceful celebration of moment of peace that the soldiers shared

related instructions as

Christmas came to an end. The with each other was the best Christmas

desired by the teacher present for them. Again, it was on a


Hope: McPherson ended the letter Christmas day that the narrator went to

hoping that the war would end see Mrs Macpherson. He went to return
her husband’s letters to her. The letter
soon. He wrote that both the armies was precious to her, but even more
longed for peace and he was sure precious was her delusion that the
narrator was her husband Jim, who she
that they would be together again. believed had returned as promised on a
Having read the letter, the author, Christmas day. This was the best
Christmas present in the world for her.
put it back in the envelope. He
decided to give the letter back to Suitable titles could be “A Christmas
wish comes true!”, “Someday at
whom it belonged. The address was
Christmas…” “The Christmas
of Bridpot, Dorset. So he drove to Message”.
that place.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Ant and the Cricket No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the Poem Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
Blackboard and other
materials and plan of
activities to achieve the
OBJECTIVES:- My heart, was so light That I sang day and
Once upon a time... one night, For all nature looked gay." "You sang,
In the presentation ,
hot summer, a cricket Sir, you say ? Go then," says the ant, "and dance
we enjoy and learn – the winter away."
sang cheerfully on the
What a fable is?
branch of a tree, while 1. Whose heart was light ?
Who the ant and
down below, a long line (a) the poet's (b)

the cricket were ?

the ant's

of ants struggled gamely What the poem (c) the Cricket's (d) a

under the weight of their suggests ?



load of grains; and PREVIOUS Ans:(c)


2. What did he do out of joy ?

between one song and KNOWLEDGE TEST:

(a) danced (b) laughed

the next, the cricket Do you know how the (c) sang (d) slept.
spoke to the ants. "Why ants collect food before Ans:(a)
winters to survive during 3. Why did all nature look gay ?
are you working so (a) because it was so. (c)
hard? Come into the winters? because it was spring.
Do the cricket also stores (b) because he was gay. (d)
shade, away from the
food for winter? because it was summer.
sun, and sing a song Ans:(c)
with me." But the 4. The phrase 'dance winter away' means
Demo, Poem recitation (a) make the winter dance (c)
tireless ants went on and explanation dance all through the winter
with the work... "We NEW WORDS: (b) dancing in winter (d)
can't do that," they said, accustomed to - forget dance and enjoy winter.
"We must store away addicted to, in habit of A silly young cricket, accustomed to sing
food for the winter. He is accustomed to sit Through the warm, sunny months of gay
When the weather`s idle. summer and spring, Began to complain when he
a crumb -a found that, at home, His cupboard was empty,
cold and the ground and winter was come.
white with snow, there's piece 1. The stanza is taken from
nothing to eat, and we'll The dog grabbed a crumb (a) Geography Lesson (b)
On the Grasshopper and Cricket
survive the winter only of bread. (c) The Ant and the Cricket (d)
shelter - The Duck and the Kangaroo.
if the pantry is full." Ans.:(c)
home 2. The two qualities of the Cricket described
Our basic needs are here are
"There's plenty of food,clothing and shelter. (a) foolish and singer (b)
starvation - wise and singer
summer to come," (c) foolish and writer (d)
replied the cricket, "and hunger intelligent and speaker
Starvation made him Ans.:(a)
lots of time to fill the
very weak. 3. The weather in the poem is
pantry before winter. I'd (a) warm and gay (b)
quoth -
rather sing! How can cold and dry
quoted (c) rainy and stormy (d)
anyone work in this heat He quoth ,"All that hot and sunny.
and sun?" glitters is not gold." Ans.:(b)
gay - 4. 'Accustomed to' means
(a) happy (b)
happy unhappy
And so all summer, the Many people are gay on (c) used to (d)
cricket sang while the Sundays. irritated.
ants laboured. But the MAIN POINTS: Ans.:(c)
Not a crumb to be found

days turned into weeks The poem tells us the On the snow-covered ground ;

and the weeks into story of a careless cricket Not a flower could he see,
m ar

months. Autumn came, who was busy in singing Not a leaf on a tree.

only and never thought "Oh ! what will become," says the cricket, "of
the leaves began to fall

me ?"
and the cricket left the and did anything for his

1. Who was looking for the crumbs ?

bare tree. The grass too future and an ant who (a) the ant.
was very sincere to his (c) the poet.
was turning thin and (b) the Cricket.
work and thought and
yellow. One morning, (d) none of the above.
did for the future . The Ans.:(b)
the cricket woke ant lived with self- 2. What did the Cricket usually do ?
shivering with cold. An respect even in harsh (a) searching food
early frost tinged the (b) playing
time while the cricket
(c) dancing
fields with white and had to beg and could not (d) singing.
turned the last of the survive harsh hour of Ans.:(d)
green leaves brown: winter. At last by starvation and famine made bold, Ail
dripping with wet, and all trembling with cold,
winter had come at last. VIDEO LINKS FOR
Away he set off to a miserly ant,
THE LESSON:- To see if, to keep him alive, he would grant 1. Who was suffering from starvation and
The cricket wandered, famine ?
c (a) the Ant
feeding on the few dry (b) the Cricket
stalks left on the hard (c) the poet
(d) a man.
frozen ground. Then the
snow fell and she could k 2. Why was he 'dripping with wet' ?
(a) It was raining hard.
find nothing at all to eat. (b) He had dived in a pond,
Trembling and (c) He had no shelter.
famished, she thought (d) He had taken a bath.
sadly of the warmth andStudents will listen to the 3. What did he expect to get from the miserly
her summer songs. One teacher carefully and ant ?
evening, she saw a follow the instructions (a) good advice
given to them. They will (b) food
speck of light in the (c) shelter
note the Blackboard
distance, and trampling (d) food and shelter.
work and question Ans.:(d)
through the thick snow,
answers in their note- 4. What does the word 'grant' mean ?
made her way towards (a) kind
books. They will follow
it. the homework related
(b) generous
(c) take
"Open the door! Please instructions as desired by (d) give.
open the door! I'm the teacher Ans.:(d)
Him shelter from rain,
starving. Give me some And a mouthful of grain.
food!" An ant leant out He wished only to borrow ;
of the window. He'd repay it tomorrow ;

If not, he must die of starvation and sorrow.


"Who's there? Who is 1. Who is 'him' in the first line ?


(a) the ant


(b) the Cricket


(c) the poet

"It's me - the cricket. I'm

(d) a man.
cold and hungry, with Ans.:(b)
no roof over my head." 2. What did he want ?
(a) rain
"The cricket? Ah, yes! (b) grain
(c) food and shelter
I remember you. And
(d) money.
what were you doing all Ans.:(c)
summer while we were 3. From whom did he hope to borrow ?
(a) the Ant
getting ready for (b) the Cricket
winter?" (c) a man
(d) an animal.
"Me? I was singing and Ans.:(a)
filling the whole earth 4. The word 'borrow' refers to
(a) lending money
and sky with my song!" (b) giving money
"Singing, eh?" said the (c) spending money
(d) taking money
ant. "Well, try dancing Ans.:(a)
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Tsunami No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- short questions and answers
In tsunami
Ignesious , the • Students will know about Q: How did Sanjeev loose his life?
a natural calamity causing A: Sanjeev was a policeman. When he heard
manager of a
huge destruction and loss cries for help from the wife of his cook, he
cooperative society,
of life and property. jumped into the water to rescue her. But they
lost two of his
Alongside the story of were both swept away.
children, wife and
father-in-law as he deep sorrow are

reassuring details of Q: What is Tsunami? How it is caused?


could not get

courage survival and A:. A Tsunami is a very large and powerful

alarmed by the

resilience wave caused by earthquakes under the sea. It


• The students will realize is caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and

Sanjeev was a the importance of doing landslides.


policeman. He whatever possible to save

jumped into the human and animal life, to Q: Why was Tilly awarded?
water to rescue his participate in relief work A: Tilly was awarded because she had saved
cook’s wife, but and to understand the the lives of many tourists after remembering
they were both concept of disaster the video of a Tsunami which was shown in
swept away. management. her class.
Both Meghna’s • Students will learn values long answers
and Almas’ such as courage, care and Q: When he felt the earthquake, do you think
families were compassion in the bitter Ignesious immediately worried about a
washed away. Both struggle for survival and tsunami? Give reasons for your answer.
of them kept rehabilitation. Which sentence in the text tells you that the
floating in the sea • Students will know about Ignesious family did not have any time to
for days. Meghna tsunami, its cause and discuss and plan their course of action after
floated in the sea results the tsunami struck?
holding on to a TEST: A: No, Ignesious did not suspect a tsunami
wooden door. She METHODOLOGY: when he felt the tremors. He put his television
was brought to the NEW WORDS: set on the ground so that it would not fall and
shore by a wave. Archipelago-A group of many break. This shows that he was not get worried
Similarly, Almas islands and the surrounding sea of a tsunami immediately. Otherwise, he
climbed on to a log We can see archipelago at the would have rushed out of the house
of wood and south of India. immediately. The sentence in the text which
fainted. She woke shows that the Ignesious family did not have
up in a hospital. Tremor- A slight shake, Earth any time to discuss and plan their course of
Both the girls were tremors; the earth's shakes during action after the tsunami struck is: ‘in the
traumatized after an earthquake. At the time of chaos and confusion, two of his children
the incident. While tsunami people felt tremor, caught hold of the hands of their mother’s
Meghna was seen rushed out of their houses father and mother’s brother, and rushed in the
walking on the Relief helicopters- Helicopters opposite direction.’
seashore in daze, bringing help to people (e.g.
Almas does not talk during floods) Relief helicopters Q:How are Meghna and Almas’s stories
about the incident paid important role in the rescue similar?
to anyone. Both of operation in Uttrakhand A:Both Meghna’s and Almas’ families were
them were not washed away. Both of them kept floating in
noticed by relief Resort- a place where people go the sea for days. Meghna floated in the sea for

helicopters. on holiday. We stayed in a resort two days holding on to a wooden door. She

at Patnitop. was brought to the shore by a wave.


Tilly Smith (a

Similarly, Almas climbed on to a log of wood

British school girl )

Whirlpool -Anything that and fainted. She woke up in a hospital. Both

was able to save

revolves in water. Whirlpools the girls were traumatized after the incident.

many lives when

alarms people about coming of While Meghna was seen walking on the
the tsunami struck
tsunami or other natural seashore in daze, Almas does not talk about
Phuket beach in
calamities. the incident to anyone. Both of them were not
Thailand as she had
MAIN POINTS: noticed by relief helicopters.
seen the sea
Q:Which words in the list below describe
behaving in the
• How the people and Sanjeev, in your opinion?
same way in a
animals behaved before, cheerful, ambitious, brash, brave, careless,
video in her class of
during and after tsunami. heroic, selfless, heartless, humorous
a tsunami that had
• The sea slowly rise and Ans.:The words that would describe Sanjeev
hit the Hawaiian
start to foam, bubbles and are brave, heroic, and selfless.
islands in 1946. She
form Whirlpools; gives (i) I don’t know if Sanjeev was cheerful,
had won a number
warning to the local ambitious or humorous.
of awards. The
people. (ii) I think that he was very brave, heroic and
tourist thanked
• Tsunamis can be caused selfless.
Tilly and her
by earthquakes, (iii) Sanjeev was not heartless, brash or
geography lesson
volcanoes, and landslides. careless.
that had warned
• It seems either animal Q: Go through Part - I carefully, and make a
possess a sixth sense and list of a many words as you can find that
Before tsunami in
know when the earth is indicate movement of different kinds. (There
India and SriLanka,
going to shake or have is one word that occurs repeatedly — count
wild and domestic
more acute hearing power. how many times!) Put them into three
animals fled to
Not many animals died in categories
safety, elephants
tsunami then people. fast movement, slow movement,
ran for higher
neither slow nor fast
grounds; dogs
Can you explain why there are many words in
refuse to go
VIDEO LINKS FOR THE one column and not in the others?
LESSON:- A:Fast movement :Earthquake, Rushed,
flamingoes Tremors, Ran, Fell, Climb
abandoned their
Slow movement: Floating , Recede
low-lying breeding Neither slow nor fast : Walking
areas as seemed to Q: Fill in the blanks in the sentences below
know what was
(the verbs given in brackets will give you a
about to happen.
Students will listen to the teacher clue).
It is believed that carefully and follow the
animals either instructions given to them. They Ans. :(i) The earth trembled, but not many

posses a sixth sense will note the Blackboard work people felt the trembling.

or have more acute and question answers in their (ii) When the zoo was flooded, there was a lot

hearing that helps


note-books. They will follow the of confusion and many animals escaped into

them to hear or feel homework related instructions as the countryside.


earth’s vibration. desired by the teacher (iii) We heard with relief that the lion had

Near about 150,000 been recaptured.

people killed in (iv) The zookeeper was stuck in a tree and his
tsunami in a dozen rescue was filmed by the TV crew.
countries but not (v) There was much excitement in the village
many animals when the snake charmer came visiting.
reported dead.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: Geography Lesson No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson
Gist of the Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and Question Answers Oral and written
Poem other materials and plan of activities to achieve the LOs works
OBJECTIVES:- what is the logic of geography about
Poet watches
i. Literary aptitude is developed. the populated land?
the land from
ii. Knowledge of certain new words. Ans. The logic is that the land and
the sky. He
iii. Conveys a good message a humanity through water attracted man. So the country is
finds it
simple words. populated.
discovered the
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: Why the ground from the sky looked
Do you have travelled in aeroplane ? haphazard?
spread in non
Have you seen the cities from heights or hills ? Ans. it looked haphazard because all
Are the cities in proper order ? the houses, factories and woods are
way. As he
METHODOLOGY: Poem explanation and scattered on the ground unplanned
reached more
recitation, demo from internet and disordered.
higher he saw
NEW WORDS: what were the facts which the poet
the populated
Inevitable: that can’t be avoided. watched from the six miles height?
valleys and

Death is inevitable. Ans. there are two facts;


cities spread
Haphazard: without plan or order. (i). The earth is round.
all over the

I found your room in a haphazard way. (ii). the earth has more water than

country. The

Valleys: deep areas on land between mountain and land.

reason was

hills. Textual Questions Answers

simple that

Man lives in valleys more than hills. Find three or four phrases in stanzas
the land and
Delineated: shown one and two which are likely to occur
States are delineated in a political map. in geography lesson?
attracted the
Ans. (i) the city land developed the
people. Then MAIN POINTS:The questions arises in poet’s
way it had.
he went up to mind about the geographical placement of the cities
(ii) Why the country had cities
six miles and which he saw from the sky.He noticed that all over
there was disorder. When he reached higher he was where the river ran.
the round
attracted to the natural beauty of earth. He (iii) And way the valleys were
appeared to concludes that both land and water are necessary.
Mention two things that are
have more He saw that the earth has more water than land.
(i) Clear from the height
Ans. (a). Why the city had developed
land. From
the it had
that light it
(b). Why the country had cities
was not easily
where river ran.
visible that
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and (ii). not clear from height
the hatred
Ans. (a) Why do men hate each other
among made follow the instructions given to them. They will
note the Blackboard work and question answers in (b) Why do men on earth build
them in
walls across cities and but find
different to their note-books. They will follow the homework
related instructions as desired by the teacher human beings causes to kill.
each other
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: Glimpses of the Past No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Who is an artisan? Why do you think the
During 18th
To enable the students to thumbs of expert artisans were chopped
century, British
understand the British reign off?
east India
in India An artisan is a person who is skilled in an
Company was
extending its applied art; a craftsman. The expert
Learner gets the knowledge artisans of India worked so well that there
power in
about some freedom fighters was no parallel to their creation. The
worldwide. That

from the given text. British feared that the goods which they

time Indian princes


were importing from their country to sell

were fighting each

other. East India To enable the students to in India would not stand competition in

Company subdued write the events in order. quality with the goods produced by these

expert Indian artisans. So to make them

Indian princes one
The learner gets the incapable of doing their work the British
by one. During the
period of 1765 to knowledge to narrate the used to chop off the thumbs of artisans.
events in chronological order.
1836 India had to
Do you think the Indian princes were
witness many
The learner feels the love and short-sighted in their approach to the
respect for the country and events of 1757?
patriots. Indian princes were indeed short-sighted
child marriage and
in their approach to the events of 1757.
other social evils
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE They fought against each other and sought
existed in Indian
TEST: the help of the British. They could not see
society. The people
Have you read about British that this will eventually make the British
were superstitious
rule in India ? most powerful. This happened and they
also. The British
imposed heavy Was British rule good for had to suffer for their short-sightedness.
India ?
taxes on farmers so
Why did Indians make How did the East India Company subdued
that farmers had to
abandon their freedom struggle ? the Indian princes?
fields. The east Indian princes were divided and fought
India Company’s METHODOLOGY: Lecture- one another. Very often they sought the
law began to cum- demonstration and help of East India Company to do so. As a
cripple Indian discussion. result they became weak. By this divide
industries. Ram NEW WORDS: and rule policy the Company subdued
Mohan Roy, a Martyr : Person who them all one by one.
learned person undergoes death or suffering
from Bengal for his or her belief. In what ways did the British officers
understood what Ex. Bhagat singh was a great exploit Indians?
was wrong with martyr. The British exploited Indians in several
this country. ways. They passed a resolution according
Destiny: Power believed to to which an Indian could be jailed without
control events. trial in a court. British goods were
He was attracted Man is the maker of his own imported in India tax-free. The English
by science and destiny. prospered on the company’s loot while
the Indian industries began to die. Even

knowledge. He

Untouchability : Restrictions the British Governor-General Bentinck

went to England

on touching. reported to England, “The bones of


and fight for the


Ex. Untouchability is a sin cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of

justice of India.

against society. India.”


But the British

continued to Name these people.
Misery: Great suffering .
oppress Indians. In (i) The ruler who fought pitched
Ex. He is living in misery and
1818 they had battles against the British and died
passed regulation MAIN POINTS:
III, under it, an (ii) The person who wanted to reform
It is the history of our
Indian could be the society.
country during 1757-
(iii) The person who recommended
jailed without trail 1857.India was under British
the introduction of English education in
in a court. During rule during this period.
1835-56 Thomas India.
India princes were dethroned
Macaulay (iv) The popular leaders who led the
by the British East India
suggested some Company.Indian people led a
change in Indian miserable life during this
Education. They (i) Tipu Sultan
period in every fieldMany
taught Indians their (ii) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
learned men gathered and
(iii) Lord Macaulay
language. By 1856, together the people of India (iv) Nana Sahib Peshwa, Kunwar
British had and told them to against the Singh, Tatya Tope.
conquered the British raj.In 1857 , a revolt Mention the following.
whole India. Some out broke and the (i) Two examples of social practices
Indian soldiers in consequence of the revolt prevailing then.
east India paved the way to the first (ii) Two oppressive policies of the
Company were ill freedom fight against British British.
pleased with the rule in India. (iii) Two ways in which common
attitude of East VIDEO LINKS FOR THE people suffered.
Indian Company. LESSON:- (iv) Four reasons for the discontent
A soldier named that led to the 1857 war of independence.
Mangal Pandey
attacked the (i) Untouchability and child marriage
adjutant of his (ii) (1) The British passed a resolution
regiment and according to which an Indian could be
executed. In 1857, jailed without trial in a court. (2) The
a violent revolt Students will listen to the British supported the British industries. To
was out broken. teacher carefully and follow do so they made imports of British goods

The rebellion to this country tax-free as a result of which

the instructions given to

spread wider. the Indian industries started to die.


them. They will note the


Many landlords (iii) (1) The British did not care about

lost their lands, Blackboard work and the needs and feelings of Indians. (2) The

because of the farmers were heavily taxed and the

question answers in their
British policies . thumbs of the artisans were chopped off.
Many rulers like note-books. They will follow (iv) (1) Santhals had lost their lands.
Begum Hazrat the homework related They became desperate and started to
Mahal of Lucknow instructions as desired by the revolt against British and kill them as well
were bitter. as their supporters. (2) The salaries of the
Popular leaders teacher British soldiers and the Indian soldiers
like Maulvi were not at par. This caused a lot of
Abenedulla of discontentment among the Indian soldiers.
Faisabaad, Tantya (3) Hazrat Mahal of Lucknow was bitter
Tope aroused the as she had lost her kingdom to British. (4)
people of India to Many landlords were sore. They had lost
fight against their lands because of the British policies.
British Raj.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: Macavity: The Mystery Cat No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the Poem Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and works
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
The poem deals
To inculcate the emotional attachment ANSWERS
with a master
in the students to the pets.
criminal, who can Who is Macavity?
defy and break Ans.:- Macavity is a myster
To communicate with their pet and
any law. The criminal in the shape of a cat.
understand their feelings.
poet calls him a
mystery cat and
To be familiar with the different How does the poet describe
the Hidden Paw.
actions and reactions of pets. Macavity?
The poet says that

Ans.:- The poet describes


he defies law
To enable the students to share their
again and again Macavity as- a master criminal, a

personal experiences.

but he is never mystery cat and the Hidden Paw.


caught. Even the


To enable them to express themselves

police force and

in grammatically correct language. How does the Macavity the British

Flying Squad of
England have police?
To enable the learners to extrapolate
failed to arrest Ans.:- Macavity outwits the
from the given text.
him. When the British police-slipping away from
Flying Squad the scene of crime before the
To sensitize the students to the feelings
reaches the
scene(place) of
of an individual. police arrives there.
crime, Macavity
To enable the students to think of an How does he move?
is not there. So,
alternative ending to the story.
the Scotland Yard Ans.:- Macavity moves fast like a
is puzzled. snake.
To enable them to use new words and
phrases in their own language.
In committing
How does he dodge people and the
crimes no one is PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: police?
like Macavity, he Which animal steals milk from houses? Ans.:- He befools the people and
Is the criminal cat caught red handed
is matchless in his the police. When they think he is
field. He can do stealing milk ?
Do the thieves make similar style to get half asleep, he is always wide
any impossible awake.
task. He can away from spot ?
METHODOLOGY: Poem recitation,
disappear , he can explanation and demo TEXTUAL QUESTION
break Newton’s NEW WORDS: ANSWERS
law of gravity and Scotland Yard : the head quarters of
Ans. 1(i):- Macavity is a
float in the air the London police force
without support. Basement : underground space imaginative cat who is very
Even the fakir Ginger : noiseless, cunning mischievous.
and the magician and cautious
are surprised to Sunken in : deep in (ii) If not, Macavity can be a
see his feats. He Whiskers : hair on the cheeks notorious and expert criminal or a
will outwit you. Fiend : devil
mysterious creature.
You may look for Feline : relating to a cat
him in the MAIN POINTS:
basement and in 1.The present poem is a beautiful poem Ans. 3:- Macavity is breaking
the air, you will on a mischievous cat named Ma cavity. Newton’s law of gravity.
have no access to
him. 2.Though all the pet cats are not so
Ans. 4:- Macavity is a very
mischievous Ma cavity is so and it is a
Macavity is a tall cunning and cautious cat. He is
mystery cat for the poet.
and thin cat, his tall and thin, his eyes are sunken
eyes are sunken
3.In this poem the poet has used in, his head is highly domed. His
and his head is
personification as he used ‘he’ for the coat is dusty and he never combs
highly domed. He

cat instead of it.


sways his head his whiskers.


from side to side


4.This poem is an account of the crimes

like a snake. His

committed by the mischievous cat Ans.5:- Yes, the poet is fond of

coat is dusty and

Macavity. cats but he hates Macavity who is

his whiskers are

VIDEO LINKS FOR THE big criminal because he dodges

LESSON:- the police every time. So, he calls
ity is a devil in him a fiend and monster.
cat’s shape he is
morally corrupt.
When you think Ans 6:- Yes, the poet has used
he is sleeping, he
Students will listen to the teacher exaggeration for special effect and
is wide awake in
carefully and follow the instructions to show that Macavity has
fact. You may
given to them. They will note the supernatural power. For example-
meet and see him
Blackboard work and question answers
everywhere but
in their note-books. They will follow
whenever his 1. He breaks the law of gravity.
the homework related instructions as
crime is
desired by the teacher
discovered you 2. His powers of levitation
will not find him
would make a fakir stare.

3. A fiend in feline shape, a

monster of depravity.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: Bepin Chaudhary’s Lapse of Memory No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and works
other materials and plan of activities
to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Short questions
In the vey begning
of the story it told 1.To create interest of book Answer the following questions in
about the habit and reading among students. short:
2.To enable students to read the
work of Bepin 1.Which types of Books, did Bepin
books with correct pronunciation. told that Babu used to read ?
3.To enable students to increase
on every Monday Ans. Crime stories, Ghost stories and
their vocabulary
he used to stop on
4.To enable students to solve the Thrillers.

a book shop to

comprehension 2. Who meet Bepin Babu in book

purchase the books

5.To enable students to solve the shop ?


of his interest.

Questions. Ans. Parimal Ghose.


encountered with 3.Which incident did Bepin Babu


Parimal Have you forgotten some answer forget ?
Ghose,who had in exams ? Ans. Ranchi incident.
recognised Mr. Have you forgotten any important 4. To whom Bepin wants to ring up ?
Bepin Babu.but work given by school or parents Ans. Dinesh Mukerji.
Bepin refused to anytime ? 5.Who was Chunni Lal ?
identify him. What will happen if you lose your Ans. Friend of Bepin Babu
As proof, memory ?
6. Bepin Babu went to Ranchi by ?
Mr.Ghose narrate How our friends will react if we
don’t help them in the hour of Ans. Train.
him Ranchi
need ? 7. What did the servant brought ?
incident but Bepin
replied that he had METHODOLOGY: Ans. A letter
never been to Lecture-cum-discussion and 8. What was the name of Doctor ?
Ranchi and told elaboration Ans Dr. Paresh Chanda
that I don’t know NEW WORDS:
9. Ranchi is the capital of ?
Ghose also.Laterc Ans Jharkhand
• Stepped out-come forward
Ghose described
• Symptoms-signs 10. who is the writer of this lesson ?
him his personal
• Desperately-hopelessly Ans Satyajit Ray.
details as family-
wife and • Asylum-shelter
kids ,Dinesh • Clamped-bounds with Answers of the text book
Mukerji,his clamps Why did the man stare at Bepin
bunglow etc. • Affluence-abundance
Babu IN Disbelief ?
• Retribution- as a
But Bepin Babu Ans. The man reminded Bepin Babu
punishment for
was not ready to about his trip to Ranchi but he
• Thriller- Exciting stories
• Argument-Reasoning refused about it. this made the man
Bepin think over • Deliberate- well stare at him.
it.he was confused considered
whether he Ghose
Where did Bepin Babu say he went
was telling lie or MAIN POINTS:
he was losing his Bepin Babu’s meeting with in October ‘58 ?
memory.then he Parimal Ghose Ans. Bepin Babu told that he had
decided to ring up In the beginning of the lesson it is gone to Kanpur In October 58.he
Dinesh Mukerji. told that every Monday,Bepin stayed with his friend there.
So that he could Babu used to stop on a book
confirm the matter. shop.he used to buy some books Mention any three things that
He talked to as Crime stories,Ghost stories and
Parimal Ghose know about Bepin

Dinesh.but he also thrillers.


One day,he met Parimal Ghose Babu ?

replied in positive

but he did not recognize him . Ans. Parimal Ghose knew that- (i)

and recollected all


other events Parimal Ghose has already He did not like hotel food. (ii) his

also.hearing all his identified him and also narrate wife died ten years ago. (iii) his

head began to spin. Ranchi Incident.he told about brother had died insane.
every thing-Bungalow,Dinesh
Next day when he Mukerji and pain his knee.but
reached home from Why did Bepin Babu worry about
listening whole story he refused
office,his servant to accept these things. what Parimal had said ?
told him that But Parimal Ghose again told him Ans Bepin Babu worried about
Mr.Chunni Lal about his personal things such as Parimal Chose who knew great deal
Wanted to meet family including wife,kids and of him. he seemed to know even
with Babu for death of his brother After meeting
economical intimate details.his wife’s death.his
with Parimal Ghose ,Bepin Babu
help.but Bepin began too ponder over the brother’s insanity.
Babu refused.he incident of Ranchi,he was
wants to confirm thinking,why he was not able to How did he decidewho was right-his
the reply recall the incident .whether it was memory or Parimal Ghose ?
Chunni also untrue or he was losing his
positively replied. Ans. For this Bepin Babu decided to
Now he called for call Dinesh Mukerji.
He also thought about the man
Dr. Paresh Chanda, who knew everything about
who gave him for confirmation he saw Why did Bepin Babu hesitate to visit
remedy. his right knee. Mr. Mukerji ?Why did he finally
Then he thought about Dinesh decided to phon him ?
At the end of the
Mukerji.he also thought to ring Ans. Bepin Babu hesitate to visit Mr.
lesson ,Bepin
up him. At last he talked to
himself went to Mukerji because he wanted to avoid
him.he also confirms there
HudrooWhen he embarrasment.moreover he thought
incident of Ranchi After office
reached Hudroo , thatt Parimal Ghose might not think
work Bepin Babu returned
he felt
home.he laid down on the bed that he had lost his wits . This is why
and again began to think about he decided to phone him.
there . when he
that incident.
opened his eyes ,
he found himself in At seven thirty Bepin Babu ‘s What did Mr. Mukerji say ? Did it
Calcutta . Few servant told him that Mr. Chunni comfort Bepin Babu or add to his
minutes later Lal wants to meet you which is so
worries ?
Bepin's servant urgent.Chunni asked him for
money but Bepin Babu Ans. Mr. Mukerji, after checking his
brought a letter
refused .besides he began to diary ,said that he visited Ranchi in
which was
describing confirms about the incident of October’58. he also added that he
Chunni’s revenge . Ranchi and his last job just to was also there .it added to Bepinb
now Bepin verify.If he was losing his
Babu’s worries.

understood all the memory or not .But Chunni Lal


matter .when Dr. also replied positively.


who was Chunni Lal what did want


Chanda again Then Bepin Babu called Dr.


came to treat him, Paresh Chanda for treatment from Bepin Babu ?

he was totally VIDEO LINKS FOR THE Ans. Chunni Lal was old friend of

surprised when LESSON:- Bepin Babu. He wanted Bepin Babu

Bepin told him that
to help to find a job.
he was better now.
He just needed a
pain killer as he
has fallen in Students will listen to the teacher
Ranchi. carefully and follow the
instructions given to them. They
will note the Blackboard work
and question answers in their
note-books. They will follow the
homework related instructions as
desired by the teacher
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Last Bargain No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Poem Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
daily wager Literary aptitude is developed. ANSWER
he wanted to What is the bargain and why is
be hired then Knowledge of certain new words. it the best?
a king come Ans. the bargain is that the
near the daily The message of the poem is that no child hires the labourer with
wager with power, money and beautiful thing of nothing and it is the best
his chariot the world can win us happiness. It because the child gives nothing

just the simplicity and innocence to him and enslaves him easily.

and said that

which reigns supreme.

he would hire


him with his

TEST: Why does he accept the

power but his


power Which is most beautiful and attractive agreement of child?

counted for job ? Ans. he accept the agreement of
naught so he Is childhood a real treasure of life ? child because no power, money
disliked his Can we work for children’s help and beautiful thing in this world
agreement. without wages for one day ? can win us. So he accepts the
At mid-day METHODOLOGY: Poem agreement of child.
an old man elaboration and discussion
came with NEW WORDS: what do you mean by
gold coins Chariot: an open vehicle pulled by “chariot”?
and said that horses. Ans. An open vehicle pulled by
he would hire Hedge: a row of buses or trees horse chariot.
with money planted close together at the edge of a
but this garden.
agreement Hence forward: from now
also denied. Bargain: it is an agreement in which Answer of the text book
In the both promise to do something for who is the speaker in the poem?
evening a fair each other. Ans. The speaker is the poet
Wandered: not straight
from garden When the labourer was walking on TAGORE”.
and said that the road, then king called the author
he would hire and said that he would hire him with “The king sword in the hand”
him with a his powers but he did not like his suggests?
smile but agreement. i. wealth ii. Power iii. More
smile of lady At mid-way author was wandering power than wealth.
couldn't along the crooked lane than an old Ans. ii. Power
attract the man came out with gold coins and The old man offered the speaker
daily wager said that I would hire you with my a lot of money. Why did turn
so this was money but his money not important down the offer?
also refused for author so he dislikes his Ans. The speaker turned down
by the daily agreement. the offer because he does not
wager. At last In evening a fair lady come out from like his offer.
a child garden and said that I would hire you Find in the poem lines that
playing with with my smile but smile of lady match the following read both
shells and couldn’t attract the author so this one after another.
said that he agreement also refused by author. i. I have nothing to give

would hire When author passed through the sea a


him with child was playing with shells and he

Except good will and


nothing and raised his head and said that he would


he was won hire him with nothing but author was

over the attracted by the flawless character of Ans. I hire you with nothing.
child’s the child so he accepted the
behavior and agreement of child. ii. Her happiness was no
innocence so VIDEO LINKS FOR THE more
he accept the LESSON:- then sorrow in disgnice.
agreement. Ans. her smile paled and melted into tears.
iii. The king’s might was
not worth much.
Students will listen to the teacher
Ans. but his power counted for
carefully and follow the instructions
given to them. They will note the
How did the speaker feel after
Blackboard work and question
talking to the child on the
answers in their note-books. They
will follow the homework related
Ans. the speaker was happy was
instructions as desired by the teacher
never before.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Summit Within No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- 1. Answer the following questions.
‘The Summit
Within’ is a story To make the students learn to develop the
of experiences of ability to understand the difficult situations
(i)What are the three qualities that
Major H.P.S. in their life. played a major role in the author’s
Ahluwalia, a climb?
member of the To help them to cope with the problems of Ans: The three qualities that played a
first successful life.
Indian expedition major role in his climb are- endurance,
to Mount persistence and will power.

To enable the students to share their


Ahluwalia was personal experiences. (ii) Why is adventure, which is risky,

full of humility also pleasurable?


when he stood on To sensitize the students to the feelings of Ans: An adventure presents great

the summit of an individual. obstacles to the man. It is human nature


Everest. He
thanked God for to endure all pains to cross those
his physical To enable them to use new words and obstacles. It provides physical,
success. It was phrases in their own language. emotional and spiritual experience. It is
the highest of the always risky. It results in victory and a
goals for To enable them to express themselves in sense of fulfilment. Therefore, it is
him.While getting grammatically correct language. pleasurable since it changes the
down from the
Summit he asked
himself why he
climbed Everest Do you know the names of some persons (iii) What was it about Mount Everest
and what made who have climbed on Mount Everest ? that the author found irresistible?
him to do so. The Can any physically weak person can Ans: Author was always fond of
people climb conquer Mount Everest? mountain climbing. Mount Everest is
mountains Is high self-confidence in self is prime the highest, the mightiest and has defied
because they need before proceeding to such task ?
present great many previous attempts. It takes the last
difficulties. Man METHODOLOGY: ounce of one’s energy. It is a brutal
takes delight in Lecture-cum-demo, discussion struggle with rock and ice. The passage
overcoming NEW WORDS: up and down is difficult. Its climb gives
obstacles. A Summit: the highest point one the sense of victory. Therefore, the
climb to a Panorama: view of a wide area author found it irresistible on account of
summit means the Jubilant: very happy because of its challenge and difficulties.
demonstration of
endurance, Fade: disappear gradually (iv) One does not do it (climb a high
Persistence and Brutal: very cruel, without mercy peak) for fame alone. What does one do
will power. Since MAIN POINTS: it for, really?
childhood, the Ans: One does not climb a high peak
narrator has been • Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia was a for fame alone. On the other hand, the
attracted by member of the first successful sense of fulfilment and eternal love for
mountains. For expedition to Mount Everest in adventure in man urge a climber to do it.
him mountains
1965. Reaching a peak means witnessing the
are nature at its
best. They have a • The author H.P.S. Ahluwalia has communion with the God.
challenging narrated his experience of climbing
beauty and the summit of Everest. (v) “He becomes conscious in a special
majesty. They are • As the author stood on the summit manner of his own smallness in this
a means of many emotions surged through him.
communion with large universe.” This awareness
• Of all the emotions, the dominant
God.Everest is defines an emotion mentioned in the

one was humility. first paragraph. Which is the emotion?

the highest and

the mightiest and • Climbing the summit of Everest Ans: The emotion mentioned is

has defied many provides a deep sense of joy which

‘humility’. It means a sense of being

previous attempts. lasts a lifetime and changes the

small and mortal.

On climbing its climber completely.


summit, one has • According to the author, there is

the sense of (vi) What were the “symbols of
another summit- the summit of
victory and of reverence” left by members of the
happiness. Its mind that is more difficult to climb.
• After getting down from the team on Everest?
view brings a
spiritual change summit, the author questioned Ans: The members of the team left the
in his mind. It himself as to why people climb following ‘symbols of reverence’ on
poses a challenge mountains. the Everest to make their obeisance to
before him which • The mountain presents great God. The author left a picture of Guru
was difficult to Nanak. Rawat left a picture of Goddess
resist. One feels
connected with • Man takes delight in overcoming Durga. Phu Dorji left a relic of the
the supernatural obstacles. Buddha. Edmund Hillary had buried a
element on • There are three qualities that played cross under a heap of rocks and stones
reaching the a major role in climbing- in the snow.
Summit. One endurance, persistence and will
becomes power. (vii) What, according to the writer, did
conscious of his his experience as an Everester teach
• From childhood the author has been
own smallness in
this large attracted by the mountains. him?
Ans: The act of climbing the Everest
Universe. It • Mountains are nature at its best. taught the author to face life’s ordeals
provides physical, • Mountains are a means of resolutely and to conquer another
emotional and communion with God. summit that is within the mind. It is
• Adventure is risky but pleasurable. fearful and unscalable. One must climb
• It is a brutal struggle with rock and it to seek fuller knowledge of oneself.
Climbing a
mountain is a ice.
highly risky job • It gives the sense of a battle fought 2. Write a sentence against each of the
and needs others’ and won and a feeling of victory following statements. Your sentence
help also. The and of happiness. should explain the statement. You can
fellow climbers • It provides physical, emotional and pick out sentences from the text and
prove to be a
spiritual experience. rewrite them. The first one has been
source of
inspiration. They • The climbers left some symbols to done for you.
remember their make their obeisance.
Gods to feel • The author left on Everest a picture (i) The experience changes you
confident. It is far of Guru Nanak. completely.
more difficult to • Rawat left a picture of Goddess
climb the summit Durga. One who has been to the mountains is
within oneself
• Phu Dorji left a relic of the Buddha. never the same again.
than to climb the

summit of a • Edmund Hillary had buried a cross.


mountain. One • There is another summit that is in (ii) Man takes delight in overcoming

can get a fuller your mind. obstacles.


knowledge of • The physical act of climbing to the The obstacles in climbing a mountain

oneself merely by summit of mountain outside is akin are physical. Overcoming them gives

climbing one’s
to the act of climbing mountain lifelong joy.
personal and
internal mountain within. (iii) Mountains are nature at its best.
peak. It is fearful • It teaches us much about ourselves. Mountains are unique in beauty and
and unscalable • It gives us inspiration to face life’s majesty.
like the climb to ordeals with determination. (iv) The going was difficult but the
the summit of a after-effects were satisfying.
mountain. Both VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- You look back at pains you underwent
the climbs teach
one much about while climbing a mountain and get a sense that it was worth taking those
the world and
about oneself. pains to attain your goal.
The internal Students will listen to the teacher carefully (v) The physical conquest of a mountain
summits are much and follow the instructions given to them. is really a spiritual experience.
Higher than They will note the Blackboard work and It provides a sense of fulfilment and
Everest. The question answers in their note-books. They
climber gets the satisfies one’s eternal love for
will follow the homework related
inspiration to face adventure. It gives you a sense to be in
instructions as desired by the teacher.
life’s ordeals with communion with the God.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The School Boy No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the Poem Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and works
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
Students will be able to know
school boy speaks. the feeling of a boy that he had 1. Who is the speaker of the
in school environment in poem?
He is an unhappy academic area .
Ans.: A school going boy is the
• To invoke among them the
child .The boy likes
habit of reading literature. speaker in the poem.

• To develop the habit of


the morning. He is 2. What is the cause of child’s


enjoying poetry and rhyme.



pleased to see the • To enrich their English


language. Ans.:The school and the teac


trees and the

• To encourage them to have hers are the cause of a
birds .The pleasure a love for nature. child’s fear.
• To instill among students
3. What is the poem written
of childhood is in the aesthetic sense.
being free and TEST:
Ans.: It is written about the
If you were not admitted in
happy like a bird . school going small children.
school, would you have more
4. Who is the poet of the poem?
But a child is put freedom and joy like vacations
throughout life ? Ans.: William black is the poet
in the school just METHODOLOGY:
of the poem.
Poem elaboration and discussion
as a bird put in NEW WORDS:
I love to rise : I am happy to
the cage . The get up 1 The following phrases
Drooping : To hang down as in stanza 1
parents should from exhaustion
reflect the child’s happiness a
Shower:Volley/ shouting of a
understand their
words is rapid succession nd joy
fault. Depriving the Blown away - Taken :
away by the wind
A. Skylark sings wit
child of joy and MAIN POINTS:
A child is put in the school h me
freedom means a just as a bird put in the cage .
* The parents should understand
world without the B. Oh! What sweet company.
Ans.2 The following word
spring .The world is *Depriving the child of joy and
freedom. /phrases reflect the
a sorrowful place * He is pleased to see the trees
changed the mood: A. drives
and the birds.

without happy VIDEO LINKS FOR THE all joy


LESSON:- away

childhood. In the

absence of a happy


B. Singing and
child, we shall a dismay.
Ans.3 The dull / uninspiring
winter of sorrow.
life at school
with lots of work and no pla
Students will listen to the teacher
carefully and follow the y .
instructions given to them. They Ans.4 Nor can I learn anything
will note the Blackboard work
at school though.
and question answers in their
note-books. They will follow the
homework related instructions as
desired by the teacher.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: This is Jody’s Fawn No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
Jody’s father Question 1: How did Jody bring the fawn back home?
To develop the sympathetic
was bitten by attitude towards animals. Answer: Jody did not want to scare the fawn away. That is
why he first stroked its neck slowly, and then put his arms
To develop sharing spirit. around it. Then, he picked it up and carried it through the
a rattle
To develop their comprehension thick bushes. He tried to shield its face from the sharp vines.
snake, A doe skill. He stopped to rest on his way home. On walking a little, he
To develop their vocabulary . saw the fawn following him. After this, he would either carry
was killed to
To develop reading skill. the fawn, or put it down so that it would follow him by itself.

save his life, PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE When they reached home, it refused to climb the stairs. He

TEST: then picked it up and took it inside the house.

fawn is left

Do you have seen any fawn ?


Question 2: Jody was filled with emotion after he found the


unnoticed, If a fawn becomes alone in

fawn. Can you find at least three words or phrases which

jungle, how it will survive ? show how he felt?

Jody was

How do orphan animals survive

very concern in jungle ? Answer: Jody was filled with emotion after he found the
METHODOLOGY: Deductive fawn. When he stroked its neck, the touch made him
with the ‘delirious’. When he realized that it was his fawn now, he
method, discussion and lecture,
fawn. He explaining facts was ‘light-headed with his joy’. When he finally brought the
NEW WORDS: fawn into the house, Penny thought that “the boy’s eyes were
decided to as bright as the fawn’s”.
Ungrateful :- Not to show
bring it at concern toward any body Question 3:How did the deer drink milk form the gourd?
home. He Jody was not ungrateful Answer: The deer drank the milk from Jody’s hands. When
visited the towards fawn. Jody gave milk to the fawn in a gourd, it butted it suddenly,
Mounted :- To sit high smelling the milk and not knowing what to do with the milk
forest when Rahim mounted his horse. in the gourd. It was then that Jody dipped his fingers in the
milk and pushed them into the fawn’s soft wet mouth so that
it Was left Disappointment :- State to it would drink the milk.
and searched unhappiness
Jody did not want to show his Question 4:Why didn’t the fawn follow Jody up the steps as
for fawn with he had thought it would?
facing a great Vanish :- Not to seen Answer:The deer is a wild animal. It is used to a life in the
difficulties. He vanished in crowd. forest. When the fawn reached Jody’s home, it did not follow
Jody up the steps because of the strangeness of the house and
Ultimately Jody’s father was bitten by a the steps and everything. This is similar to its reaction to the
milk in the gourd. It simply did not know what to do.
the fawn was rattle snake. Doe was killed to
save his father’s life. He Question 1:Why did Penny Baxter allow Jody to go find the
found there. fawn and raise it?
pursued his father &mother to
He but the bring the fawn at home. He did Answer: Penny allowed Jody to go find the fawn and raise it
fawn on his not want to leave the fawn to because it seemed ungrateful to him to leave the fawn to
starve. He did not like to share starve. He agreed with Jody that they had killed the doe for
back and their purpose and the fawn was orphaned for no fault of its
his emotion with anyone else if
brought the own. They could not let the fawn starve. They felt a
the fawn is found. He would be responsibility towards it.
fawn at home very happy, If not found he
would be very unhappy so Question 2:Why did Doc Wilson mean when he said,
with great “Nothing in the world ever comes quite free”?
whatever the care if would be
care.He fed it Answer: Penny had killed the doe to save his life. Therefore,
waned like to share it by
by staring the himself. in regard for what the doe had done, its fawn needed to be
taken care of and saved from starvation. This was what Doc
milk of his VIDEO LINKS FOR THE Wilson meant when he said that nothing in the world came
LESSON:- for free.
own slot. He
was very Question 3:How did Jody look after the fawn, after he
accepted the responsibility for doing this?


Answer: After Jody accepted the responsibility for looking


He fawn after the fawn, he cared for it like its own mother would.
Ku While taking it home, he shielded its face from the sharp
vines. He carried it in his arms even though he was tired. On

younger reaching home, he gave it the milk that was meant for him.
Vi When he saw that the fawn did not drink the milk kept in the
started living gourd, he fed it with his own hands. Hence, one can say that
with them Students will listen to the Jody carried out his responsibility quite well.

with great teacher carefully and follow the Question 4:How does Jody’s mother react when she hears
instructions given to them. They that he is going to bring the fawn home? Why does she react
satisfaction. in this way?
will note the Blackboard work
and question answers in their Answer: When Jody’s mother heard that he was going to
note-books. They will follow bring the fawn home, she was a little surprised and asked
the homework related Jody what fawn he was talking about. He then told her that it
was the fawn whose mother they had killed to save Penny.
instructions as desired by the She said they had nothing else to feed it and only the milk
teacher they gave him could be given to it. She reacted this way
because she was not present at the site where Penny had been
bitten, where they had killed the doe. She had not seen the
fawn and therefore, was not as concerned as Penny and Jody.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Duck and the Kangaroo No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Poem Blackboard and other materials and plan of works
activities to achieve the LOs
Two 1. To enable students to appreciate the beauty 1. Who were two friends?
friends ,the rhyme and style of the poem
Ans.:- the duck and the kangaroo.
duck and the 2. To enable peoples to read allowed the poem
2. What were they planning?
kangaroo, are with proper rhythm and into nation.
Ans.:- they are planning to set out a long
about to set 3. To enable students to enjoy recitation
pleasure journey.
out on a long individuals or chorus of the poem.
3. What feel kangaroo comfortable?
pleasure trip. 4. To make students understand the thought and
imagination contained in the poem. Ans.:- kangaroo feel to sit tip of his tail.
5. To develop their aesthetic sense. 4. Who were happy?

Ans.:- the kangaroo and the duck.


Have you heard about world tour ? 5.who ride on the back of kangaroo?
to carry the

What will happen if animals plan the world tour ? Ans.:- the duck.

duck all the METHODOLOGY:


Demonstration and TEXTUAL QUESTIONS

way on the discussion, poem elaboration

1. Do you find the humorous ?

tip of his tall NEW WORDS:

Ans:- the poem ids very humorous when

tail, is wary Good gracious= an opportunity for a journey
the duck and the kangaroo talk about
of her wet Nasty pond= limited water pond
three times trip of the world .
feet what Reflection=shade of something
2. Complete the dialogue:-
will the duck Keep out=abstain from cold
do to make MAIN POINTS: [i] Duck: dear kangaroo! Why don’t
the kangaroo Kangaroo and the duck plans to go the world tour you …….
feel three times .They prepare for their journey .They Ans.:- why don’t you worry about trip.
are ready to go all in the moon light pale. This required a little reflection.
Kangaroo said everyday a cigar I will smoke. So
over land and they went a hope and a bound and they round [ii] kangaroo:- with pleasure my dear
sea? Let us three times of the world. duck though………
find out how VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- Ans.:- though over that completely and I
they go about bought four pairs worsted socks .
it. [ii] Duck: that won’t be a problem .i will……
Ans.:- I will keep out the cold I have
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and
follow the instructions given to them. They will
bought a cloak.
note the Blackboard work and question answers in
their note-books. They will follow the homework
related instructions as desired by the teacher
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: A Visit to Cambridge No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
lesson ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan
of activities to achieve the
The name
To aware the students Q.1 (i) Did the prospect of meeting Stephen Hawking make the
of the
that physical disability writer nervous? If so, why?
lesson is ‘A
is not a hurdle in Ans. Yes, he felt nervous when he went to meet Stephen Hawking
visit to
individual growth. because he was fed up with people asking him to be brave.
To create scientific (ii) Did he at the same time feel very excited? If so, Why?
’ and its
thinking among the Ans. Yes, he felt very excited at the same time because Stephen
students. Hawking was also totally paralyzed, still he had made great
name is

To aware about their achievement. This gave him strength to do so still better.

surroundings and Q.2 Guess the first question put to the scientist by the writer.

Kanga . In
having respect to all. Ans. “You have been very brave, haven’t you?” said the

this lesson

To create curiosity narrator.

the writer

among the students to Q.3 Stephen Hawking said, “I’ve had no choice.” Does the
could move

get information about writer think there was a choice? What was it?
only a
disable people. Ans. Yes, the writer thought that Stephen Hawking had a choice.
PREVIOUS He chose to live creatively despite his paralysis.
KNOWLEDGE TEST: Q.4 “I could feel his anguish.” What could be the anguish.
Do you have seen
his Ans Stephen’s anguish was that he found it difficult to find the
Special Need children ?
disability right words on his computer. How felt frustrated and tired.
Can they achieve in life
as a Q.5 What endeared the scientist to the writer so that he said he was
like other normal
warrior. looking at one of the most beautiful men in the world?
children having no such
He made a Ans. What endeared Hawking to the writer was his frankness.
problems ?
journey all Without being sentimental or silly, he declared that he was annoyed
Do you know about
over the when somebody came to disturb him in his work.
Stephen Hawking ?
METHODOLOGY: Q.6 Read aloud the description of ‘the beautiful’ man. Which is
And he the most beautiful sentence in the description?
Lecture and Discussion
proved his Ans ‘Before you, like a lantern whose walls are worn so thin you
with demonstration
ability is glimpse only the light inside, is the incandescence of a man.’
the greatest
Astrophysicist-One Q.7 (i) If ‘the lantern’ is the man, what would its ‘walls’ be?
who knows about the Ans. The walls of the lantern are formed by the body.
branch of physics (ii) What is housed within the thin walls?
dealing with stars Ans. The eternal soul.
planets etc. (iii) What general conclusion does the writer draw from this
Ambushed- had a comparison?
He went to
surprise meeting Ans. The writer draws the conclusion that each of us is an eternal
Fed up with- become soul, the body is not such an essential thing.
and met
unhappy or sick Q.8 What is scientist’s message for disabled?
Frustrated- Ans. Stephen Hawking’s message for the disabled people is that
disappointed they should concentrate on what they are good at. Olympics for the
Anguish- mental pain handicapped or disabled people are a waste of time.
who is
Eternal- immortal Q.9 Why does the writer refer to the guitar incident? Which idea
Claustrophobic- very does it support?
small and suffocating Ans. The writer supports Hawking’s idea that the disabled people
although he
Embodiment- symbol must not try to overreach themselves. The writer once tried to play
wrote a
MAIN POINTS: a big guitar. He felt defeated. So he destroyed it one night.
great book.
1.To introduce about Q.10 The writer expresses his great gratitude to Stephen Hawking.
He thought
Firdaus Kanga and What is the gratitude for?
that disable
other reputed scientist. Ans. The writer expresses his gratitude to Hawking for giving him
2.To tell the students strength and confidence to be brave and to live creatively.
should not
that interview is the Q.11 Complete the following sentences taking their appropriate
be worried
serviceable parts from both boxes below.
about their
communication which
condition (i) There was his assistant on the line………..
provides information
and always (ii) You get fed up with people asking you to be brave……
about the great

celebrities. (iii) There he was,…………


positive. If (iv) You look at his eyes which can speak………

3.To motivate the


students not to be (v) It does not do much good to know…………

people get

worried about physical A. tapping at a little switch in his hand


disability and Hawking . and I told him


is the best example for . that there are people

their ability
the source of . as if you have a courage account
then they
inspiration. . and they are saying something huge and urgent
can get
VIDEO LINKS FOR B. trying to find the words on his computer
easily their
THE LESSON:- . I had come in a wheelchair from India.
. on which you are too lazy to draw a cheque.
This lesson Students will listen to smiling with admiration to see you breathing still.
motivates the teacher carefully . it is hard to tell what.
the disable and follow the Ans. (i) There was his assistant on the line wheelchair from India I
people also instructions given to had come in a
the normal them. They will note (ii) You get fed up with people asking you to be brave as if you
people. the Blackboard work have a courage account on which you are too lazy to draw a
and question answers in cheque.
their note-books. They (iii) There he was, tapping at a little switch in his hand trying to
will follow the find the words on his computer.
homework related (iv) You look at his eyes which can speak, and they are saying
instructions as desired something huge and urgent it is hard to tell what.
by the teacher (v) It doesn’t do much good to know that there are people smiling
with admiration to see you breathing still.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: When I Set out for Lyonnesse No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and other Question Answers Oral
materials and plan of activities to achieve the LOs and written works
OBJECTIVES:- 1: In the first stanza, find
The poet is a
1. To enable students to appreciate the beauty rhyme and style words that show
young architect
of the poem (i) that it was very cold.
who went to
2. To enable peoples to read allowed the poem with proper (ii) that it was late
Lyonnesse to
rhythm and into nation. evening.
supervise the
3. To enable students to enjoy recitation individuals or chorus of (iii) that the traveller was
renovation work of
the poem. alone.
a dilapidated
4. To make students understand the thought and imagination Ans.: (i) Rime
church. It was 100
contained in the poem. (ii) Starlight
miles away. It was
5. To develop their aesthetic sense. (iii) Lonesomeness
winter season and
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE TEST: Have you gone on any 2:(i) Something happened
snowfall was at the

expedition ? at Lyonnesse. It was


peak. He was in
Was it a religious expedition ? (a) improbable
solitary state and

What makes us to travel long for far destination ? (b) impossible


during his journey

METHODOLOGY: Poem singing and elaboration with videos (c) unforeseeable

he witnessed
demo (ii) Pick out two lines from

starlight. He
NEW WORDS: stanza 2 to justify your

becomes conscious
Lyonnesse-The mythical birth place of Sir Tristram in England, Ans.
about what would
believed to have been submerged by the sea, here an imaginary Ans.: (i) (c) unforeseeable.
happen at
place (ii) ‘No prophet durst
Lyonnesse when he
Rime-Frost, Prophet- Priest declare;
would stay there.
The Spray-Branches and leaves of a tree; foliage Nor did the wisest wizard
According to him
Bechance- Happen, durst-dared guess’
no prophet can
Sojourn- Stay, wizard- magician 3:(i) Read the line (stanza
declare this. And
Surmise-guess, radiance- glow 3) that implies the
even a wizard
Fathomless -very deep following.
would not be able
MAIN POINTS:The poem was written in 1869 and was first ‘Everyone noticed
to say what would
happen at published in 1914 in Thomas Hardy’s collection of poems, something, and they made
Lyonnesse. When Satire of Circumstances, Lyrics and Reveries. Lyonnesse is a guesses, but didn’t speak a
he returned from mythical place of the Arthurian legend and the poet’s word’.
Lyonnesse, he had employment of a mythical atmosphere adds a mystical flavor to (ii) Now read the line that
magic in his eyes. the poet’s subsequent journey. refers to what they
All could VIDEO LINKS FOR THE LESSON:- noticed,
understand that he Ans.: (i) ‘All marked
was filled with a with mute surmise’
rare and
(ii) ‘My radiance rare
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and follow the and fathomless’
instructions given to them
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Short Monsoon Diary No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the Poem Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and Question Answers Oral and
other materials and plan of activities to achieve the written works
OBJECTIVES:- (1)Why is the author not able
The writer , Ruskin
The students should know about a diary . to Bijju ?
Bond, in this diary
They should know to make a diary. Ans. The author could not see
tells about the nature
They should know about some world famous diaries. Bijju because of the mist that
of miracles and life’s
They should make a record of their personal experiences to concealed the hills . So he
little joys and regrets.
enhance their knowledge. could hear the voice of Bijju
June 24 was the first
day of monsoon mist.
Have you seen monsoon days ? Did you ever made diary to (2)What are the two ways in
The mist was
note the changes of weather ? which the hills appear to
saddening. It
METHODOLOGY: change when the mist comes
concealed the hills

Lecture-cum- demo, discussion up?


and spread silence.

NEW WORDS: Ans. When the mist comes
The birds stopped

•Bobbing moving up and down up , it covers the hills and


singing suddenly.

•Upright straight spreads silence as well as

June 25 brought early
•Crevices stillness.

monsoon rain. It narrow opening

(3)When does the monsoon

became warm and •Burrows holes

season begin and when does it
humid . The mist •Blunders commits a mistake end? How do you prepare to
afforded some •Admonish scolds face the monsoon?
privacy also. A boy .Altitudes heights Ans. The monsoon season in
asked him to describe MAIN POINTS: Mussorie begins from June
the hill station and Introduction 24/25. By August 2, the
the valley . Ruskin These are a few extracts from Ruskin Bond's diary. They peoples are fed up with rain. It
only said that it could show the silent miracles of nature and life's little joys and ends by August 31. The water
have been a paradise regrets. They are about author's experiences during the ends by late march . We take
The rain marked the monsoon months in Mussoorie. Monsoon starts in the last our rain coats and umbrellas
arrival of animals like week of June and continues till the end of August. to face the monsoon
leopard and June 24 (4) Which hill station does the
thousands of leaks . It is the first day of monsoon mist. The mist has concealed author describe in the
The leopard lifted a the hills. It has also silenced the birds. The author hears diary? .Mussories. (5) For how
dog from the Bijju calling to his sister. He can feel that Bijju is running. many days does it rain without
servant’s quarter However the mist doesn't let him see Bijju. The mist stopping ? What does the
below the school . appears to change the hills in two ways. It conceals the hills author on these days
Since the rains were from view. It also makes them silent. It is so because the . It rains non stop for eight or
there , the insect birds fall silent in the mist. nine days. The author keeps
eating birds had no June 25 pacing the room and looking
dearth of food. All The rain is warm and humid. So it is not as uncomfortable out the window.
night on August 2, as the rain in winter. The flowers are coming up. The (6)where do the snakes and
the rain drummed on author describes the hill station and valley in one sentence. rodents take shelter? Why ?
the tin roof . But It is: 'A paradise that might have been.' The rodents and the snake take
there was no shower, June 27 shelter in roofs attics and
no thunder. The monsoon has brought leeches. A leopard has also been godowns .it rains so heavily
seen. It has been stealing dogs and other animals. Some that their holes are flooded
•On August3 , the
seasonal flowers also appear. More importantly new birds with water.
rain stopped . The
appear. Among them are minivets. These are brightly (7)What did the author
whisking thrush sang.
coloured (birds). They sit silently among the leaves. received in the mail?
On August 12, there
August 2 He received a cheque in the
was endless rain and
It has rained all night. The sound of the rainfall on the tin mail.
permanent mist . The
writer had nowhere to
roof pleases the author. One is untouched and yet in touch •Complete the following
with the rain. sentences.
go . He only looked
out of the window. •i. Bijju is not seen but his
August 3 voice is heard------------
On August 31, snakes
The rain stops. There is sunshine. People, animals and birds •ii.The author describes the
and rodents rushed
are out in the open once again. The song of a whistling hill station and valley as--------
out of their flooded
thrush coming from a distance pleases the author. ------------------------------------
holes . They took
August 12
shelter in roofs and •iii. The leopard was
It has been raining non-stop for more than a week.
godowns . The successful in----------------------
Everything is damp. One can go out only with an umbrella.
grandmother told the -but had to flee when
But it is not cold. The hills are covered with flowers.
children not to kill
August 31 •iv. The minivets are easily
the chuchunders, i. e. noticed because-------------
Monsoon growth is visible everywhere. The seeds of the

moles because it • looks like a fashion

cobra lily are turning red. This is an indication that the

brought•Brought display on the slopes when-----

rains are coming to an end. All holes are full of rainwater.

money.•By October3, -----------------------


So snakes and rodents have taken shelter in roofs, attics and

the monsoon rain

godowns. •Vi.During the monsoon

made way for the season ,snakes and rodents are

October 3
winter rain andsnow found in the roofs and the

This year monsoon rain continued much longer than usual.

at higher altitude . A attics because---------------------
Now there is winter rain. A hailstorm has cleared the sky.
hailstorm in the ----------
January 26
evening hit the place .
The author wrote a poem about winter rain. The winter rain •A1 dense mist covers and
The poet was quite
makes the author more lonely. A friend who had been hides the hills.
alone in the house .
He was very lonely
staying with him has left. Unlike the monsoon rain, there •A2.A paradise that might
are no flowers in the winter rain. have been
and quiet. He heard
March 23 •A3. killing a dog but had to
only the rhythm of
It is the end of winter. After a hailstorm, there is a rainbow flee when Bijju’s Mother
rain . It enveloped the
in the clear sky arrived crying curses.
house . The trees
looked not green but •Iv. Of their bright colours
dreadful. •By March •V. they are covered by a
end , the winter also variety of flowers
ended. Mussories had •vi. their holes are covered by
black clouds over it. water and these places provide
Students will listen to the teacher carefully and follow the
It hailed half an them convenient shelter
instructions given to them. They will note the Blackboard
hour . When it
work and question answers in their note-books. They will
cleared the sky , a
follow the homework related instructions as desired by the
rainbow was formed
across it.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Great Stone Face -I No. of periods required: 04
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard and works
other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- Q. 1. What was the great stone face?
One afternoon , a
To enable the pupils to develop the Ans. An embodiment of wonder, the
mother with her son, skills of reading, writing, listening Great stone face was a work of nature. It
Ernest , was at the door and understanding. was naturally constructed on the
To expose the students to the new
of their cottage. They perpendicular side of mountain by some
terms and their uses.
immense rocks which as if had been
were talking about the To make the students draw
comparison between the good and
precisely put together. And when viewed
great stone face. It was from a proper distance, they resembled

bad persons

clearly visible in the To motivate the students and to and unfolded the very features of a

human visage.

learn how to become a really great

bright sunshine.

persons. Q.2. What did young earnest wish


Thousands of people PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE when he gazed at it?


lived there. Everybody TEST: Ans. Gazing at the great stone face,
Have you seen big rocks ? earnest was elated. He wished if it could
there, was familiar with So some rocks make shape like speak. Ernest fancies that as the face of
the great stone face. It human ?
the great stone face is very pleasant and
What will happen if you see a rock
was the work of the amiable, his voice must be equally sweet
having acquainted human
nature. One day the matching face ?
and pleasant. He added that, if he ever
METHODOLOGY: saw a man with such a pleasant face, he
great stone face smiled would love the man very much.
Lecture and discussion, Story
on Ernest and looked Telling method Q.2. What gave the people of the
kindly . He wished to NEW WORDS: valley the idea that the prophecy was
lack - haven’t about to come true for the first time?
hear its pleasant voice.
Shweta lacks common sense. Ans. A rumor went throughout the
He longed to see a man Uttered -spoke valley that the man of prophesy, the
He uttered a cry fear. great, nobleman with the exact face of
with such a face in order
Audience - listeners the great stone face would arrive to the
to love him dearly. The audience clapped at the
valley. His name was Mr. Gather gold.
There was a man called performance.
When he was younger, he left the valley
Shelter - refuge
and settled at a distant seaport. He was
gather gold he had left He took shelter in a near by very sharp in business. He earned
house. immense wealth from mere a shopkeeper.
his native many years
Awaited - waited His wealth was so huge that it would take
ago he had became quite They awaited the result. him hundred years to count. At his age of
rich man there. He faith -belief
superannuation, he decided to return to
Some people don’t have faith in
decided to return to his his native land. People believed him to be
the man of prophesy.
native valley. There was
The story opens in a spacious Q.4. i) Did Ernest see in Gathergold
a rumour that gathergold valley between several large the likeness of the stone face?
looked like the great mountains. The valley contains Ans. No, Ernest understood at a glance
several villages and thousands of that Mr. Gathergold did not have affinity
stone face. Gathergold
residents. Among them is a young with the great stone face. His yellow skin
had the face of an old boy named Ernest, who lives in a with wrinkled shrewdness did not
man with yellow skin. humble cottage with his kind approve the features of the Great stone
mother. On one of the mountains is face.
The people considered a natural rock formation that
ii) Who did he confide in and
him the image of the resembles a human face. It is
how was he proved right?
called the Great Stone Face, and it
great stone face Ernest Ans. He confided in the great stone
is prophesied that one day,

gazed up the valley. The someone born in the valley will face, the one he believed solely. When

grow up, achieve greatness, and Ernest first glimpsed the Mr. Gathergold

great stone face seemed


will distinctly resemble the Great he found an unpleasant face with


to reject Gathergold as Stone Face. Ernest is a kind, gentle shrewdness and presumed that the belief

its likeness. boy who admires the Great Stone of the people of the valley was wrong.

face and its apparent expression of When he looked at great stone face, as if
Ernest had grown up to kindness and serenity. He hopes to the great stone face said him “He will
one day meet the man of the
be a young man. come! Fear not Ernest; the man will
Everyday, he would go come!” Ernest was apt in his thought. In
the course of time Mr. Gathergold died
off by himself and gaze One day, a man named Mr.
Gathergold arrives in the valley. and was buried. He lost his gold i.e.
upon the great stone He was born in the valley, left, and wealth before his death. As his body and
face. He wondered why became a very wealthy merchant. spirit of his existence had been his
Many of the Valley’s residents wealth, when he lost his wealth, every
its likeness was delaying
believe that he could be the man of one believed that Mr. Gathergold did not
its appearance. By his the prophecy. However, when bear any resemblance with the great
time Gathergold had Ernest sees Mr. Gathergold, Ernest stone face and was not the man of
notes Gathergold’s selfish prophecy.
become poor and died personality and the shrewd 5. Q. (1) What made the people believe
without establishing his expression on Gathergold’s face,
general blood-and-Thunder was their
likeness with the stone which does not resemble the Great
Stone Face. Years pass, and as a
Ans. The inhabitants of the valley of
young man, Ernest continues to be
face. After son of the kind and gentle. One day, a prophesy believed Blood –and- Thunder
famous general called Old-Blood- to be the man of prophesy. They said he
valley had joined the
and-Thunder arrives in town. He was from this valley and at a young age
army as a soldier many was born in the valley. However,
he left the valley and became a soldier.
years before. He had be when Ernest sees him, Ernest He fought a lot of battles, earned fame
realizes that he could not be the
come a general by then man of the prophecy, as his face is and was named as ‘Blood – and’ –
and came to be known warlike and strong-willed and does Thunder.” Lately, he expressed his
not resemble the serene Great desire to return to his motherland. People
as blood and thunder on Stone Face. More years pass, and
of the valley believed that at last the man
the battled. In his old Ernest becomes a kind preacher. A of prophesy has finally arrived. When
famous politician, who was born in
age, he desired to return they saw him they found the likeness of
the valley, returns to the valley for
to his valley. The people a visit. However, his face is dour the great stone face in him. They
believed that apart from the similarity in
considered him as the and full of cynicism, and it does look, he was the greatest man of all times
not resemble the Great Stone Face.
likeness of the great VIDEO LINKS FOR THE which was even prophesied.
stone face. On his ii) Ernest compared the man’s
LESSON:- face with the stone face. What did he
return, he was
welcomed warmly. The

Ans. Ernest could not agree with other

gathering mistook him people of the valley. He did not find any

as the greatest man of all resemblance with the Great Stone Face.
Students will listen to the teacher When, he saw Blood – and – Thunder

time. Ernest failed to


carefully and follow the he felt as the Great Stone Face

recognize any likeness whispering to him. “Fear not. Ernest he
between Blood and instructions given to them. They will come.”
thunder and the great will note the Blackboard work and
stone face. His heart question answers in their note-
assured him that the real
books. They will follow the
face had still to come.
homework related instructions as

desired by the teacher.

Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: The Great Stone Face-II No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of lesson Pedagogy and use of Question Answers Oral and written works
ICT/TLM/ABL/ Blackboard
and other materials and plan of
activities to achieve the LOs
Ernest still lived OBJECTIVES:- Q.1. How was Ernest different from others in the
in his native To enable the pupils to develop valley?
valley. He was the skills of reading, writing, Ans.: Apparently Ernest had no difference with other
simple hearted listening and understanding. people of the valley, but, he was different in his
man. He always To expose the students to the thoughts which were not of others, but his own and
worked for the new terms and their uses. filled with serenity, honesty, and simplicity. With the
betterment of the To make the students draw advancement of his age his wise thoughts made him
world. Though he comparison between the good famous beyond valley. College professors and active
was considered to

and bad persons. men of cities came to converse with him. He accepted

be an ordinary To allow the students to learn all with sincerity and talked with them on whatever

man yet he was

how to become a really great they liked. He had noble thoughts. Those not were of

humble and rich


in thoughts. With persons. different books but his very own experience of life.

the passage of PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE People of the valley agreed to his thoughts for his

time , Ernest TEST: thoughts had power to influence them.

became old. He Did Ernest found anyone Q.2. Why did Ernest think the poet was like the
had wise whose face was resembling stone face?
thoughts in his with the great stone face ? Ans.: There was no one who understood the great
mind. He had How Ernest improved his stone face as Earnest did. When he came across the
become famous personality ? poems of the poet, he felt as if, he had a deep
all over the Do you think that anybody will understanding of the great stone face. His poems
world. Men came come whose face will be acclaimed highly about the latent characteristics of the
from distant
similar to Great Stone Face ? great stone face. Earnest development a notion that the
places to see and
speak to him. A METHODOLOGY: Story poet with apt understanding of the great stone face,
new poet had telling method, lecture and must be the man of prophesy, the much awaited noble
appeared on earth discussion man.
while Ernest had NEW WORDS: Q. 3. What did the poet himself say about his
been growing Ceased- stopped thoughts and poems?
old. The poet was They ceased to see the injured Ans.: The poet declared himself as a hypocrite. He
a native of person. said that his thoughts poured in his poems had been
Ernest's valley Unsought - unasked grand and heavenly, but his own life could never
but had stayed in Nobody likes unsought correspond to those thoughts. His dreams had only
distant cities for a advices. been dreams; he could not transform his dreams into
long period. The
Worthy- able reality. Above all he himself did not have faith over
poet had heard of
The audience welcomed the his grand thoughts.
Ernest's worthy guest. Q.4. What made the poet proclaim Ernest was the
character. One Gazed - starred stone face?
day, he came to Palak gazed at the stars at Ans.: As a daily chore, Ernest went to meet the
his door. Ernest night. people of the valley to share his own thoughts. The
was reading a Hospitably - friendly poet accompanied Ernest. While Ernest was sharing
book and
They received them his thoughts, the poet conceived that life and character
glancing lovingly
at the mountain hospitably. of Earnest had been a nobler strain of poetry than his
from time to Correspond- matched poems. At the same time he could behold the Great
time. Ernest gave His actions did not correspond stone Face which was covered with white mists which
him shelter for with views. astonishingly matched with Ernest. To add to that
the night. The MAIN POINTS: Ernest’s face suddenly reflected a heavenly
great stone face Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 expression which prompted the poet to proclaim as the
looked kindly at short story ''The Great Stone man of prophecy.
the poet. The Face'' is a story about nature, Q.5. Write ‘Ernest’ or ‘poet’ against each
poet found divinity, and a prophecy. It
Ernest ,wise ,gent statement below
begins with a mother and her (i) There was a gap between his life and his words.
le and kind.
young son, Ernest, who live in (ii) His words had the power of truth as they agreed
Ernest used to a prosperous valley. What sets with his thoughts.
speak to his this place apart is a local (iii) His words were as soothing as a heavenly song
neighbors every mountainside with rocks that
evening. The poet but only as useful as
strongly resemble a wise and a vague dream.

also accompanied
benevolent face. The mother

him the poet (iv) His thoughts were worthy.

tells her fascinated son of the

listened to his (v) Whatever he said was truth itself.


talk. He felt that local legend, that a man whose (vi) His poems were noble.

Ernest's life and appearance matches the Great (vii) His life was nobler than all the poems.

character were a Stone Face will return to the (viii) He lacked faith in his own thoughts.

far nobler kind of valley. That man is destined to (ix) His thoughts had power as they agreed with the
poetry than his be, ''the greatest and noblest life he lived.
own poems just personage of his time.'' Young (x) Greatness lies in truth. Truth is best expressed in
then ,the poet Ernest is drawn to the tale and
saw the great
one’s actions. He
hopes fervently that such a was truthful, therefore he was great.
stone face . He man will appear in his lifetime.
declared Ernest Answer-
VIDEO LINKS FOR THE 1. Poet 2) Ernest 3) Poet 4) Ernest 5) Ernest
as the likeness of
the great stone LESSON:- 6) Poet 7) Ernest 8) Poet 9) Ernest 10) Ernest
face every body
Q.6.1) Who, by common consent, turned out to be like
agreed with him. the Great stone face?
Ernest still hoped Ans.: Highlighted and rationalized by the poet,
that someone Students will listen to the Ernest turned out like the Great stone face.
wiser and better teacher carefully and follow Q.6. 2) Did Earnest believe that the old prophecy
than himself the instructions given to them. had come true? What did he say about it?
would appear They will note the Blackboard
sometime, Ans. Ernest did not concur with what the poet and
work and question answers in others thought. He did not consider himself as a man
bearing a likeness their note-books. They will
to the great stone of prophesy. He rather hoped that in the course of time
follow the homework related someone wiser and better man than himself would
instructions as desired by the emerge bearing prior resemblance to the Great stone
teacher. face.
Class: VIII Subject: English Book: Honeydew
Chapter name: On the Grasshopper and the Cricket No. of periods required: 02
Date of commencement : As per the teacher diary schedule
Focused Skills and Learning Outcomes: As mentioned below in the objectives of the lesson

Gist of the poem Pedagogy and use of ICT/TLM/ABL/ Question Answers Oral and written
Blackboard and other materials and works
plan of activities to achieve the LOs
OBJECTIVES:- 1.What is the theme of the poem?
It is a symbolic
To enable the learners comprehend Ans.:- The theme of the poem is that
poem in which nature is always happy. Nature is
the topic / poem locally and
the grasshopper never sad. It is always singing
is a symbol of globally.
through the medium like grasshopper
To make them enjoy the beauty of and cricket since the grasshopper
hot summer and
the poem. sings in summer and cricket in cold
the cricket is of
To make them enjoy the beauty of winter.
very cold
the poem.


To enable them to know about the 2.When does a grasshopper sing?


Every poet has Ans.:- A grasshopper sings on a hot


significance of the symbolic title


been attracted summer day. When the birds hide in


towards the cool shades, the grasshopper runs


from hedge to hedge creating a sound

beauty of nature. Do you know that insects and birds which is called the nature’s poetry
John Keats is no also sing ?Which is the best season by the poet.
exception to this for this singing ?
and finds nature METHODOLOGY: 3.In what atmosphere, according to
beautiful in all Poem singing and elaboration Keats, does one hear a cricket’s
seasons not NEW WORDS: song?
excluding the Faint : She got fainted due to Ans:- The cricket’s song is heard in
hot summer and winter. When it is very cold and
prolong illness.
cold winter. quiet, the winter silence is broken by
Hide : The thief hid himself
a shrill sound. This is cricket’s
He says that the behind the curtain. song.
earth is always Delights : He gets delighted in Answers of Text Book Questions
singing. When playing cricket.
the birds stop Shrill : The children shrilled by 1.Discuss with your partner the
singing in the seeing snake in the garden. following definition of a poem.
Drowsiness : Some students feel A poem is made of words arranged in
hot summer
a beautiful order. These words, when
finding cool drowsy after having their breakfast.
read aloud with feeling, have a music
place, we find MAIN POINTS: and meaning of their own.
the grasshopper 1. The earth is full of poetry.
singing and 2. On summer season all the Ans. The statement is true. Poetry is
really the magic of words and sound.
flying from birds hide themselves in the cooling
So when these words are read, they
hedge. He sings shades. give a music of their own. This is
tirelessly and 3. But the grasshopper sings in there not only in rhythm and rhyme,
when tired, rests the hot summer season. it is there in the order of the words
beneath some 4. He enjoys the hot summer too.
weed. season. 2.The Poetry of earth’ is not made
5. The poetry of earth never of words. What is it made of, as
stops. suggested in the poem?
When the birds Ans. The poetry of earth is made of
6. The shrill sound is heard in the
are silent in very sounds.
very cold winter season. 3.Find in the poem lines that match
cold the earth 7. This is the sound of cricket. the following.
never stops and 8. Even the drowsy person when (i) The grasshopper’s happiness
expresses its hears the sound feels it as the never come to an end.
pleasure through grasshopper’s sound. (ii) The cricket’s song has a

different beings warmth that never decreases.



like the cricket. Ans. (i) he has never done with his


It sings the delights.

Ku (ii) The cricket’s song, in

beautiful songs
jay warmth increasing ever.


from the stones. 4.Which word in stanza 2 is opposite

It seems to be Students will listen to the teacher in meaning to ‘the frost’?
increasing in carefully and follow the instructions Ans. The word is ‘warmth’.
warmth every 5.The poetry of earth continues
given to them. They will note the
moment and Blackboard work and question round the year through a cycle of two
half-asleep answers in their note-books. They seasons. Mention each with its
human being representative voice.
will follow the homework related
feels it to be a Ans. The seasons are summer and
instructions as desired by the winter. The summer’s representative
grasshopper’s teacher. voice is – grasshopper’s. The
song coming
winter’s representative voice is –
from grassy
cricket’s. voice.