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Dispensing Booth


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I.General Information

II.Technical Features

III.Structure Character and Working Principle

VI.Installation and Commissioning

V.User Operation Manual

VI. Maintenance

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Appreciation for your selection to use this device, in order to get

this machine’s best performance and prolong the lifetime, please

read this manual in advance carefully.

I. General Information

1. Character and Usage

This negative-pressure type dispensing booth is widely used in

the industries, like Pharmaceutical, Institute of Microbiology,

Science Laboratory and so on, it supplies the vertical type air

flowing in one direction, one part of clean air is recirculated in

the working zone, and one part air is discharged out of working

zone, which makes the working zone to generate the

negative-pressure, to prevent from the cross contamination

and ensure the working zone’s high cleanness.

The Powder/Dosage’s weighing/dispensing can be carried under

this dispensing booth, it can control the powder/dosage’s

overfalling, preventing from sucking the powder/dosage to damage

the human body, also avoid to the powder/dosage’s cross

contamination, protecting the outer surrounding and staff’s safety in

the clean room.

This dispensing booth’s operation zone is in 100 Class ISO 5

(NF,EN,ISO14644-1) in the vertical laminar flowing

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2. Environmental Condition:

Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Relative Humidity: Less than 85%(non-condensation)

Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

Power: AC220V / 60Hz / 3Phase

3. Safety Terms:
(1)Basic Safety Items
l This device should be installed indoor room, not available to
install outside;
l Please select to fix the booth on the enough strong
ground/wall structure, the ground should be plain fully;
l The device should not be installed on the inclined status,
otherwise, it will be shaped and have the other fails;
l Forbidden to use under the following places:
low-temperature, high-temperature, high-humidity,
condensation, dust, oil-frog, chemical corrosion and other
poor facility;
l This device has no explosion proof character, forbidden to
run under the flammable and explosive surroundings;
l Forbidden to wash in water avoid to damage this device’s
electrical components or other risk on the human body;

(2)Electrical Safety Items

l Before running, this booth must be positioned well; all

cables connection and testing should be done by the

professional engineer.

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l Before startup, please ensure the rated voltage, phase and

input power exactly as accordingly, to prevent from the

electrical components broken, even firing;

l The cable earthing must be set well to ensure the safe


l Please ensure all cables correctly to connect into the

groove joints and attention to the power’s phase;

l The cable circuit changed by the user is forbidden strictly;

l Don’t put the heavy object on the power cable, don’t clamp

the power line, avoid to the power cable’s broken to cause

the fire, electrical shock; please cut off the cable if it’s

stopped for long time;

(3)Running Safety Items

l Forbidden to start on/off each switch repeatedly within a

minute, avoid to damage these controlling parts;

l Forbidden to put any goods at the air’s inlet and outlet,

avoid to the air flowing volume;

l If the device happens any abnormal status, stop running

and cut off the power firstly, then contact the engineers to

l When the lamps are requested to exchange, please cut off
the power firstly, awaiting the lamps cool down to put on
the new one.
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II.Technical Features

1.Model: GT WR-1700

2.Technical Parameter:

Negative-pressure Dispensing Booth

Overall Dimension: 1700(W)×2100(D)×2500/2550(H)

Working Zone Class A Grade CGMP@3μm99.995%

Air-feeding Flowing 0.36-0.54 m/s

Noise ≤ 68 dB(A)

Illumination: ≥ 300 LUX

Power 1.5/2.3 KW

Voltage 220V

Controlling Intelligent PLC Controlling

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III. Structure Character and Working Principle

1. Structure Features

This device consists of working zone, recirculation chamber,

fan chamber, air-exhausting chamber and outer chamber; the

control panel is settled down the working zone inner-wall side,

it’s in touch screen controlling type, can control the fan

ON/OFF, adjust the fan’s working status, adjust the working

zone’s air flowing as request (after this device is installed

completely, all data is to be changed to finish by the

professional staff only).There has an air-exhausting adjustable

plate placed into the air-feeding chamber, which could adjust

the air-exhausting volume to reach the reasonable range

during the testing for the Filters’ resistance (after this device is

installed completely, all data is to be changed to finish by the

professional staff only).

2. Working Principle

This device adopts the vertical air flowing in one direction, the

recirculation air will be passed the pre-filter, to filter the big

dust granulate of the air flowing firstly, then the filtered air will

be passed the second filtering, to protect the coming the HEPA

filter, under the pressure from the centrifugal fan, the air will be

passed the HEPA filter, to reach the clean air; the clean air will

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be sent to the air-feeding chamber, the 90% clean air will be

passed the average flowing membrane plate, coming into the

uniform vertical flowing, 10% air will be discharged from the

air-exhausting adjustable plate. All air-flowing will be passed

the HEPA filters so that the feeding air and exhausting air is no

pending dust, avoid to the continuation again. As the stable air

flowing in one direction at the working zone, the scattering

dust will be collected by the pre-filter and medium filter with

the air flowing under the effect of the one-direction air flowing;

the device will exhaust 10% air, which will come into the

relative negative with the outer surrounding, so, it can ensure

no dust scattering to the outer, to protect the environment well.

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IV. Installation and Commissioning

This dispensing booth divides into three systems:

HEAP Filter Chamber, Air-feeding Chamber, Maintenance Wall

1. After the wooden case removed, set up the air-feeding

chamber, put the side wall to connect with the air-feeding

chamber with the pins, fix with the screws tightly.

2. Lift the HEPA Filters to put on the already connected

frame, bolt on the frame punched hole in screws; to its

connecting side-wall, use the screws to reinforce; to the front

edge of the side-wall and the front edge of the HEPA filters,

use the Triangular support to reinforce, use the M8 Screw to

connect and reinforce.

TIP: during the chambers assembly, because of the

chambers in metal heavily, all staffs should pay

attention on it.

3. The fan power cable connecting to the outer power

joints should be noticed, ensuring each line to its correct

marked number, the outer power cable is located on the top of

the HEPA filter’s corner, so that the user can connect it with

the outside power easily.

4. The lamp and its inner cables should be connected to

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the right joints as the marked number while the cable of the

air-feeding chamber connects with the HEPA Filter chamber,

then use the silicone to seal at each joint.

5. After cleaning up the chamber inner and outer well, use

the silicone glue to seal each connection joint.

6. Startup the booth under No load status, remove the

chamber’s inside dust, clean up the edge of the air-feeding

unit and air recirculation unit, put on the HEPA Filter units,

attention the arrow-marking on the filters and the each corner

gap averagely, at last, use the special block to press the

HEPA filters tightly and use the screw nut to reinforce, during

the pressing, please attention to make it stably.

7. To connect with the main power, do the testing running

with the electricity, before the electricity connection, please

ensure the in-site power same as the requested power


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V. Operation Step

1. Operation Tip for the Operator

In order to keep the working zone’s class grade, startup 30 minutes

in advance before each running. After the in-site commissioning

finished, each system is set as the standard running status, please

operate the controller as follows:

Touch Screen Operation Step: Operation Manu

Touch Screen System Manu:

Select or , enter into the load page,

User:ADMIN, Initial Password: 123456;

Relative grading of authority:

Admin – Managing Supervisor (amend the data, Grade 9)

QA. QB. QC – Operator (Only check the data, Grade 2)

OQ. OB. OC – Basic Operator (Only operating, Grade 1)

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Tip: Please remember the password well after re-set.

After loaded, enter into the following page:

Touch the key to enter the relative page and operate/control the

relative function and its interface.

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VI. Maintenance

1. During the running period, all filters reach the end of its

lifetime (the terminal resistance reaches the 1.5 times of the

initial resistance), the pre-filters, the medium filters and then

HEPA filters are requested to change.

(1)Pre-filter and Medium Filter to be changed:

l Loosen the screws of the air recirculation plates, take down

the pre-filter’s pressing frame, then take out the pre-filters.

l Mount the new pre-filter and its frame. During this

installation, need the gap to reach the front pressing frame

4 sides equally, fixing plainly.

(2)Medium Filter to be changed

l Loosen the screws of the air recirculation port, take away

the pre-filters, lift the medium filter to separate the

down-groove, take away the medium filters, then put on the

new one.

(3)HEPA Filter to be changed

l While the HEPA pressure difference gauge data over the

initial data 1.5 times (the HEPA is blocked, reaching its end

of the lifetime), it should be the time to change the HEPA

Filters, and attention to the following items during this


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l During the HEPA filter’s changing, specially attention to

remove the carton, moving and keep the filtering paper side

well. Forbid to use the hand to touch the paper to be broken.

l Before installing, put the new HEPA filter to face the light,

vision-checking if the filter was broken or not during the

transportation, if broken, it’s no useful.

l Put the NEW HEPA filter as the Arrow tip to fix on the

original site, keep the 4-side gap timely with the screw-bar,

pressure to tight with the nuts.

l During the pressing, the strength should be evenly

distributed, to ensuring the HEPA Filter positioned and

sealed well, avoid to be shaped to cause the leakage. After

changing, use the Particular Counter to test the clean


2. Air-exhausting Adjusting

The 10% air volume of this device should be exhausted,

which could adjust by the button on the from top panel.

Tip: once the air-exhausting volume was set and positioned,

need not adjust again. If need to adjust, please try to contact

the manufacturer or local agent.

3. Use the Particular Counter to test the class around 1-2

month, while the testing result is not qualified, it must change

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the HEPA Filters; while the HEPA filter was broken or leaked, it

must change immediately. As the different working condition

and different operation frequency, the changing period is also

different, usually, it should be changed while the testing

resistance reaches 1.5 times than the original.

4. The daily cleaning should be done, after running each

time, the chambers, walls and ground should be cleaned. The

fan should not do any special maintenance, just suggest to

check its running status, cables joints and screws per 6


5. The electrical parts exchanging and maintenance

should be done by the engineers, after changed, please take

photos or do the relative marking, arrange the cables as the


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Product Name Negative-pressure Dispensing Booth

Type GT WR-1700


Appearance Surface smooth and cleaning, no spoor

Controller Control Panel screen clearly, each part

Air velocity 0.36-0.54 m/s

Noise ≤ 68 dB(A)

Illuminance ≥ 300 Lux

Cleanliness Class A grade @0.3μm99.997%


QA Department:


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Maintenance Record

Date Maintaining Item and Content Recorder

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