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12-Strand DNA Morphogenetic Engineering Via

Holofractal Morphogenetic Reprogramming of
Genetic Information
Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D.

Abstract - Today’s genetics and genomics science is based upon the crude, archaic method of splicing and replacing (ZNF, CRISPR/Cas9, etc.)
however this eventually produces the breakdown of the genome. In order to turn on or off a specific gene and prevent the collapse of the genome, one
must communicate to the DNA in their natural, organic language of scalar energy. We live in a holo-fractal (holographic-fractal), morphogenetic cosmos
therefore it is possible to affect specific genes via transmitting resonant frequencies into the morphogenetic field of the cell utilising the language of our
DNA – magnetic, scalar-plasma energy. A chromosome has a magnetic field in between the double-helix known as the major groove, as well as a
surrounding morphogenetic field comprised of scalar energy, which contain the holo-fractal, morphogenetic blueprint of that physical chromosome. If a
chromosome is carrying a mutation that causes shortened lifespan or disease, then it is possible to reverse that mutated condition by reprogramming
new resonant frequencies utilising scalar-plasma energy and low frequencies magnetic sound waves.

Index Terms – genetics, genomics, DNA, morphogenetic, scalar

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Morphogenetic Fields
Atomic, cellular communication between introns
occurs when one cell transmits information and imprints A morphogenetic field is comprised of the primal
those instructions onto the receiving intron via the substance, units of consciousness energy called the “Source
magnetic vector of a scalar wave. According to Professor Particle”, which exist as omni-polar points of static
Dr. Konstantin Meyl, the DNA generates a scalar wave vibration. Source Particle units are the minutest units of
that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field consciousness energy or the assembling sections of matter
vector. Hydrogen bonds hold together through Coulomb that create the patterns upon which consciousness in all
forces electrically polarized base pairs in a DNA strand. To manifest and un-manifest forms enters materialization.
gain access to this polarization, the hydrogen bonds must Source Particle units are omni-polar (holding the
be separated, requiring radial outward electric field lines potentiality for all polarities or none) units of vibrating
or, a vortex field. Since the magnetic field vector is energy that continuously rotate backward and forward
perpendicular to the electric vertical field, a resulting axial between a state of bi-polar light radiation (scalar standing
direction to the DNA strand is a logical consequence. The wave) and omni-polar sound vibration.[2]
motion of the vortex field in the direction of the magnetic
field results in a longitudinal wave forming a magnetic A scalar wave is a transharmonic
scalar wave. [1] (multidimensional), spherical standing energy array that
radiates out of a static point of sound-light vibration within
the morphogenetic field of the greater cosmic Unified Field
of consciousness (energy). While scalar waves appear to
move from point to point, they are spherical, fixed points of
sound-light that are sequentially threaded together within
the cosmic fabric of the morphogenetic field. The
appearance of the scalar wave movement is created
through the sequential flashing-on (light) and flashing-off
(sound) of scalar wave points that emanate the effect of a
Figure 1. Electric ring vortices form a magnetic wave. flashing linear series of light bulbs. A prime example is
———————————————— imagine viewing an electronic billboard in Times Square,
• Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. received his masters and PhD degree in New York City. Although it appears as if the contents of the
natural medicine at the International Quantum University for Integrative
Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. He is currently working on his electronic billboard are moving, in reality it is the row of a
Genetics and Genomics Certificate Program at Stanford University, USA. synchronized series of flashing light bulbs that appears as if
PH-+1-775-391-4645. E-mail:
the light moves from one point in the row to another. Scalar
waves embody static points of perpetual fission and fusion
ISSN 2229-5518

that radiate from the fabric of morphogenetic fields. [3]

Epigenetic Overlay

The Epigenetic Overlay (EGO) is the biological,

chemical control sheath that covers and controls the DNA
strand function. In the current homo sapien-2 species
(modern human), the epigenetic overlay is mutated due to
the fact it is affected by electromagnetic and cosmic
radiation, which causes the introns to remain inactive.

Stationed within the light-body seed atom located

Figure 3. 12-Strand DNA Blueprint
at the base of thymus gland, there exists the quantum
blueprint that regulate the biorhythms and space-time
relationships of the finite-life, physical atomic body. These
quantum, morphogenetic instructions are biochemically
encrypted as the genetic master instructions within the
DNA/RNA and epigenetic overlay. The epigenetic overlay
must be reprogrammed in order affect the gene code. When
the epigenetic overlay is reprogrammed via perpetual-life
frequencies to its organic, perpetual-life function, the
introns sequentially turn-on and restore the perpetual-life,
biochemical developments intrinsic to the physical-atomic,
finite-life body. [4]

The 12-Sphere Perpetual-Life Fractal Grid

Figure 4. Distorted 12-Sphere Grid

The cosmos is built upon the original 12-Sphere

Subsequently, the magnetic base codes of present-day
Perpetual-Life Fractal Grid, which contains the electro-
human DNA strand blueprints 1-2-3-4-7-10-11 presently
magnetic, scalar-wave sequencers upon which the 12 DNA
operate in reverse, making DNA strand-interlacing, and
strand blueprints are arranged. Presently, expressed base-
thus interstellar gateway (star-gate) passage via
magnetic, 12-sphere Perpetual-life fractal grid spheres 4-7-
“Transmutative Transharmonic Accretion” and Perpetual
10 of the “left body pillar” and the magnetic aspects of
life potentiality, impossible. [5]
electro-magnetic 12-sphere Perpetual-life fractal grid
center-1 and base-electrical 12-sphere Perpetual-life fractal
grid spheres 2 and 11 on the “central body pillar” are
operating inverted fire-letter sequences.

Figure 5. Present-Day Human DNA Distortions

12 Double-Helix DNA Strands and 12 DNA

Figure 2. 12-Sphere Perpetual-Life Fractal Grid
ISSN 2229-5518

The original, celestial human DNA blueprint, the

sub-strand DNA matrix, embodies the scalar-grid
blueprints for 12 “double-helix” DNA strands not 12 single
strands as the Anunnaki-influenced, modern university
science will deliberately misinform us to believe.

Anunnaki disinformation teachings instilled in all

levels of the modern educational system endeavor to depict
the “12-strand DNA” as six (6) sets of two (2) strands,
which in truth is a six (6) strand DNA blueprint
configuration. However, twelve (12) sets of two (2) strands
or 12 double-helix strands is the original, authentic 12-
Strand DNA blueprint. [6] Each strand blueprint
Figure 7. The DNA/ fire-letter 36-Chromosome Blueprint
encompasses twelve (12) DNA/fire letters that are intended
to chemically transmute into 12 large chromosomes per Each of the 12 natural chromosomes per strand is
strand blueprint, for a total of 144 full chromosomes (12 produced by one primary DNA blueprint/fire-letter. The
scaylons = 12 chromosomes per strand x strands). chemical conversion of the natural chromosome is designed
through the energetic interconnection between the one
magnetic particle base code, the one electrical antiparticle
acceleration code and the 12-minute vector codes that
create the structure of one DNA/ fire-letter in the DNA

Each of the 12 DNA strand blueprints contains a

set of 12 scaylons/fire-letters, a set of 12 base-acceleration
code pairs (one pair per scaylon) and a set of 144 vector
codes (12 vector codes per scaylon). [7]

Figure 6. The Celestial Human DNA-Strand

The 12 natural chromosomes distinctive to each

strand of 12-strand celestial human chemical DNA is built
upon a genetic alphabet of twelve (12), not four (4),
nucleotide base chemicals. Our physical bodies should
contain a total of 36 full chromosomes: 12 for Strand-1, 12
for strand-2 and 12 for strand-3 totaling 36 full
chromosomes. Presently, we as the current homo-sapien-2
species only have 23 chromosomes somehow missing 13 Figure 8. The Celestial Human 12-Strand Blueprint

The Mother-Father Genetic Imprint

The 12 magnetic base codes in each strand

materialize from the “mother-line” (mother’s genetic
imprint) and the 12 electrical acceleration codes per strand
arise from the “father-line” (father’s genetic imprint). The
ISSN 2229-5518

base code-acceleration code pair that creates one scaylon in

the DNA blueprint, through which one natural chemical Figure 9. Scaylon (Source Particle)
chromosome will emerge, forms the two (2) sugar
(deoxyribose) phosphate molecule groups that translate
Merkaba: Energy Vortex Spirals
into the two (2) handrails or helix of the chemical DNA
Everything in manifest creation perpetually and
continually expands outward and returns back to Source.
In its natural condition, one helix would contain
A merkaba is a set of counter-rotating, electromagnetic
the sugar-phosphate blueprint inherited from the mother-
energy vortex-spirals, which perpetually expand and
line genetic code and the other helix would contain the
contract the Perpetual supply of renewed energy radiation
sugar-phosphate blueprint inherited from the father-line
out from and back into Source (or into and out of manifest
genetic code, generating a magnetic particle mother-helix
and an electrical anti-particle father-helix, as the handrails
of the chemical DNA ladder.
Mer = Source Movement
Ka = Source Expression
In the present-day mutated condition, many of the
Ba = Vehicle
base codes and acceleration codes that generate the
scaylons have been electromagnetically polarity-reversed,
Therefore, merkaba literally means the expression
which confuse the natural mother-father line chemical
of Source movement. They are the primal cosmic lungs
interconnections within the sugar-phosphate handrails.
and circulation systems of First Creation Process, breathing
Within the mutated homo sapien-2 chemical DNA, gene
primal currents from Source via the electric, clockwise
sequences inherited from both the mother and father will
rotating, male merkaba (into) and out of, via the magnetic,
appear in both helix, as a result of polarity-reversed base
counterclockwise rotating, female merkaba manifestation
codes and acceleration codes within the DNA blueprint.
with harmonic precision.
This portion of the grid mutation creates the primary
sustainable malfunction in the natural function of the
celestial human 12-strand DNA.

A scaylon is a synthesis of infinitesimal, light-

sound, fission-fusion energy units known as a “Source
Particle”. Scaylon encryption codes are sophisticated
collective of scaylons that form a crystalline template of
light spectra, sound frequency & electro-magnetism that is
the morphogenetic field crystal body (the blueprint upon
which mater and density manifest and materialize).
Mutation of the base code and acceleration code pairs in
select scaylons of the DNA blueprint disrupts the natural
function and projected electromagnetic interconnection Figure 10. Merkaba Spiral and Field
between the mother-helix (magnetic-particle) base codes
Merkaba fields are the energy engines and
and the father-helix (electrical-anti-particle) acceleration
consciousness carriers through which consciousness
codes, and their chemical sugar-phosphate chains, within
circulates between the internal, Perpetual-life 12-sphere
every gene and chromosome in the DNA ladder.
fractal grid scalar blueprint and the five (5) transharmonic
density veil as they circulate into and out of external
manifest creation. The merkaba field also receives its
instructions for energy circulation from the 12-Sphere
Perpetual-life, fractal grid and DNA blueprint.

When the original, celestial human 12-strand

DNA blueprint is operating naturally, each base code-
acceleration code pair forms their own set of counter-
rotating electromagnetic energy vortices or merkaba fields.
The electrical acceleration code portion of one (1)
scaylon/fire letter/chromosome generates a minute clock-
ISSN 2229-5518

wise rotating vortex-spiral of electrical anti-particle energy

and the paralleling magnetic base code generates a minute
counter-clock-wise rotating vortex-spiral of magnetic
particle energy within the DNA blueprint. [8]

Angular Rotation of Particle Spin

The angle of the axis upon which sub-atomic

particles rotate is known in quantum morphogenetic
physics as the angular rotation of particle spin. This is
determined by the core rate of the internal fission-fusion
(merkaba field speed and axis angle) with the source
particle units, which form the spherical, standing scalar
energy blueprint of the trans-dimensional frequency fields. Figure 11. Perpetual-Life Merkaba 45 Spin Ratio
The rate of particle fission, oscillation and merkaba field
spin rate amplifies vertically via the transharmonic scale
The inorganic, finite and self-consuming merkaba
generating increasingly less-dense matter. [9]
spin ratio is 34 counter-clockwise (CCW) and 21 clockwise
(CW) that generate an electromagnetic anti-particle/particle
Perpetual-Life vs. Finite-Life Merkaba Spins balance of 34 parts base-magnetic particles (contracting
energy) to 21 parts base-electrical anti-particles (expanding
The organic, Perpetual-life merkaba spin ratio of
energy). Simply stated, it is 34 magnetic-vibrations to 21
Transharmonic Density-1 is 33 1/3 clockwise (CW) and 11
electrical-oscillations per one (1) merkaba rotation within
2/3 counter-clockwise (CCW). This organic, natural
the Transharmonic Density-1 matter base
merkaba spin ratio creates an electromagnetic anti-
particle/particle equilibrium of 33 1/3 parts base-electrical,
Inorganic, death science merkaba technologies
anti-particles that is a masculine, expanding energy to 11
utilize the inorganic spin-speed ratios of 34: 21 in relation to
2/3 parts base-magnetic particles, which are feminine,
two separate same-spin, fixed vortex sets; four vortices
contracting energy. Simply stated, it is 33 1/3 electrical-
instead of the organic two, placed in counter rotation to one
oscillations to 11 2/3 magnetic-vibrations per one (1)
another quickening and merging to a common spin of fifty-
merkaba rotation within the Transharmonic Density-1
five (55) when initiated.
matter base.

Organic, Perpetual-life merkaba vehicles originate

with the organic 33 1/3: 11 2/3 spin-speed ratio of a single
set of two (2) counter-rotating spiral vortices that develop
energy thrust and spin-speed to greater than light speed via
internal, quantum self-generation. The numerical ratio
relating to organic merkaba vortex spin-speeds over a
period of time measured in increments can be compared to
one rotation per trillionth of a billionth of a nanosecond
(RP-TBN). This follows the mathematics of the Perpetual-
life Source Spiral sequence and expansion formulae.

Figure 12. Finite-Life Merkaba 55 Spin Ratio

Chemical DNA and The Sub-Strand Blueprint

The base code, magnetic vortex spirals generally

contained in the mother-line, magnetic helix accrete particle
morphogenetic, scalar frequency from Earth’s planetary
morphogenetic grids into the DNA blueprint. The
ISSN 2229-5518

acceleration code, electrical vortex spirals typically pairs, and one equal and paralleling set of 12 primary
transmitted in the father-line, electrical helix accrete anti- intron sequences, which are the non-coding DNA.
particle morphogenetic, scalar frequency into the DNA
blueprint from the paralleling DNA Template of the Perpetual-Life DNA Sequences and
physical body’s anti-particle duplicate (in the parallel Earth, Celestalline
anti-particle universe).
Between each nucleotide base pair that created each
In the middle of the base code-acceleration code pair in gene is the area known as the hydrogen bond. Here the
each scaylon/ fire-letter of each strand of the DNA hydrogen molecules form a weak link between the
blueprint, there is a set of 12 smaller vector codes. The 12 nucleotide bases of each helix and join the two helices
vector codes flanked by each base code-acceleration code together in the ladder configuration. Normally, there would
pair operate as the receivers, integrators and transmitters of be a set of chemical nucleotide base pairs called “Perpetual-
the particle and anti-particle morphogenetic, scalar Life DNA Sequences” that could be deactivated and
frequency that accrete into the strand blueprint via the base activated. Presently, these are not functional within the
code-acceleration code pair. current homo sapien-2 species.

When functioning properly, the vector codes accrete In the DNA blueprint, the Perpetual-life DNA
the particle/anti-particle morphogenetic, scalar frequency sequence is inactive, and its potential suspended within the
until a critical mass is attained. As soon as critical mass of vector code blueprints until the DNA blueprint accretes
particle/anti-particle morphogenetic, scalar frequency is specific types of transharmonic, frequency spectra, such as
achieved within the vector codes, the 12 vector codes those contained in interstellar gateways (star gates).
transmute and convert the morphogenetic, scalar frequency Integrating with higher 12TH dimensional sphere (DS-12)
blueprints of the base code-acceleration code pair into the frequency via specific scalar energy techniques (e.g. The
chemical array of the sugar-phosphate molecules that Eckasha Maharic Seal technique), triggers the
construct the handrails of the chemical DNA ladder. electromagnetic polarity in certain vector codes to naturally
reverse, initiating the vector code blueprints to merge, at
At critical mass accretion, each vector code DNA which time the Perpetual-life DNA sequence is chemically
blueprint transforms chemically convert into the nucleotide activated.
bases and nucleotide base pairs that form the chemical
DNA ladder rungs of which the gene and chromosome
sequences of the human genome are composed. When the
12-Strand DNA blueprint was operating correctly, the
recurring set of 12 vector codes essential to each scaylon/
fire-letter in each strand blueprint would generate the 12
nucleotide base chemicals of the natural “Base-12” celestial
human genetic alphabet. If functioning properly, the 12
vector codes are operational, permitting the full spectrum
of 12 sub-frequency spheres from each dimensional sphere
to flow between the base code and acceleration code in each

Chemically speaking, when the DNA blueprint vector

code are unlocked there is a natural channel of
electromagnetic, morphogenetic scalar frequency streaming
within the properly sequenced chemical channels of the Figure 2. 15-Dimensional Time Sphere
nucleotide base pairs that make up the genes and
chromosomes. The “Perpetual-Life DNA Sequences” in each
nucleotide base pair of each gene within every chromosome
As a result of this projected natural order, one full, permits for the particles and anti-particles within the 12
natural chromosome would be comprised of 12 primary vector codes in each scaylon/ fire-letter to fuse. When the
gene/exon sequences, which are the coding DNA sequences Perpetual-life DNA sequence activate in one group of 12
or chemical blueprints that assemble protein and amino corresponding nucleotide base pairs (12 ladder rungs), the
acid. Each are comprised of millions of nucleotide base base code and acceleration code within the paralleling
ISSN 2229-5518

scaylon/ fire-letter unite to form an infinitesimal micro- transmuting the smaller gene into a copy of the larger gene.
merkaba field. This process allows the 12-primary exon/gene sequences
and 12 corresponding intron sequences in a single, natural
As a result of activating the Perpetual-life DNA chromosome to fuse into one long exon-intron/gene
sequence, this micro-merkaba field (a set of interwoven, sequence that is the duplicate of the exon-intron/gene
counter-rotating electromagnetic field) triggers in the DNA sequences of the next largest chromosome. Exon and
blueprint scaylon/fire-letter. Subsequently, the Perpetual- Intron/gene sequences 1-12 of chromosome-1 combine into
life DNA sequence merges together in fusion into the one sequence that is the replica of the exon and intron/gene
hydrogen bonds of the 12 nucleotide base pairs to which it sequences of chromosome-2, etc.
Interface DNA Sequence and Bonded
By means of the hydrogen bonds, the 12 nucleotide Chromosome
base pairs combine to create a new, transient, composite
that is a silica-based, chemical-elemental compound, found When the DNA blueprint is functioning correctly, as
only on the concealed, 144+ table of organic elements soon as the first sector of Perpetual-life DNA is triggered
known as celestalline. Celestaline is the chemical element of and the first set of 12 paralleling nucleotide base pairs fuse
atomic, cellular transmutation and is an organic, perpetual, to form celestalline within the nucleotide base pair
stable element found within perpetual-life systems and hydrogen bonds, an extremely quick chain reaction occurs
Perpetual-life beings (O2He3WH2). However, it is a in the DNA blueprint and chemical DNA.
temporary, unstable and short-lived element within this
finite-life system and finite-life beings (H2N3AUO2). The exon-intron/gene sequences in chromosome-1
transmute to replicate those in chromosome-2, triggering
Celestalline first materializes within the areas of the chromosome-2 to initiate the same process with
hydrogen bonds that link the nucleotide bases of each helix chromosome-3, etc. Once the set of 12 natural chromosomes
to create the nucleotide base pair ladder rungs, which relating to one (1) DNA strand blueprint (and one-
assemble the two sugar-phosphate helix into the double dimensional frequency sphere) triggers, a sufficient amount
helix configuration. Celestalline is the chemical of quantum of celestalline is accreted in the chemical DNA, to trigger
morphogenetic cellular transmutation. It is the natural the same process within the next DNA strand blueprint.
chemical by-product that materializes in the chemical DNA
through activation of the Perpetual-life DNA sequences Triggered by the production of celestalline from the
within the hydrogen bonds, when the particles and anti- chromosomes of the prior DNA-strand, as each segment of
particles in the DNA blueprint vector codes fuse to convert the Perpetual-life DNA activates in each chromosome,
the base-acceleration code pair of each scaylon/ fire-letter DNA strand blueprint and chemical DNA ladder, a new
into an electromagnetic micro-merkaba field. [10] kind of chemical DNA sequence called “Interface DNA
Sequence” materializes. When a sufficient amount of
Quantum Morphogenetic Cellular celestalline is produced by activation of the Perpetual-life
Transmutation DNA sequences in each gene and chromosome of the first 3
DNA strand blueprints, these new sequences of chemical
This is the process of “quantum morphogenetic cellular interface DNA sequences materialize primarily between
transmutation” in which the hydrogen molecules transform each chromosome.
and release the element Celestaline for the intention of
biological, cellular transmutation. When the introns are Celestalline production maintains and accelerates in
activated to a certain level, this grants your DNA the the DNA and cell nucleus as the interface DNA sequences
temporary ability to create celestalline, which opens the progressively connect together and blend the 12 natural
neutron aperture, the nucleus of your atom. Additionally, chromosomes from each of the first 3 DNA strand
re-introducing nitrogen into the water correspondingly blueprints. This creates what is called a “bonded
triggers hydrolase conversion. chromosome”, which is a group of 12 specific full
chromosomes bonded together via the activated interface
Celestalline activates the intron DNA sequences (non- DNA sequence, to produce one super-chromosome known
coding “potential DNA” sequences between active exon as the “bonded chromosome”. [11]
sequences in individual genes) in individual genes,
allowing the intron sequences in the smallest gene to
duplicate the exon sequences in next largest gene,
ISSN 2229-5518

the brain and body. As the celestalline blueprint enters the

DNA Strand Interlacing and Compound blood and hormonal systems, a rapid sequence of
Morphogene biochemical modifications occurs within the glands, organs,
nervous system, brain and blood. Momentarily, the
As the 12 previously separate chromosomes from
celestalline blueprint produces chemical-elemental
each of 3 DNA strand blueprints fuse to form 3 bonded
interactions to occur within the nucleus of red blood cells
chromosomes (one for each DNA strand blueprint 1-2-3),
and within certain fluid and hormonal secretions.
the second sequences of interface DNA sequences
The chemical-elemental interactions between specific
materializes between each of the 3 bonded chromosomes
body fluids and the celestaline blueprint in the body cells
initiating the process called “DNA strand interlacing”.
initiate the temporary materialization of minute blood
crystals, hormone crystals and transfiguration and
In DNA strand interlacing, the two (2) helix of the
manifestation of fragments of the physical body’s water
chemical DNA sequences relating to double helix DNA
molecules into a silica-like, radioactive, crystalline element
strand blueprint-1 de-polarize and combine into a transient,
called “celesma”. [12] Celesma, or celesmaic crystal, is a
singular, electrical-antiparticle helix called a “compound
transient super-luminal, transharmonic element. The spin
morphogene”. The term “compound” refers to the passing
rate of celesma atoms is much faster than light speed,
of a chemical DNA sequence that emerges from one strand
rendering the substance super-luminal and it cannot be
blueprint into interlacing or bonding with a paralleling
chemically cleaved into simpler substances, which qualifies
DNA sequence materializing from the strand blueprint,
it as an element. Celesma can only be produced through the
which is next in sequence within the dimensional scale.
process of internal, nuclear fusion between specific particle
and anti-particle pairs from two separate 3-dimensional
The term “morphogene” refers to the fact that in
systems, matter density levels or “trans-harmonics” of
this process of DNA strand interlacing, or “strand fusion”,
matter density, consequently the element celesma is trans-
the DNA sequence being transported appears to untangle
in structure as it depolarizes to form a single, anti-particle
helix. As the DNA sequence de-polarizes and de-manifests
from its original position in the DNA chain, it leaves behind Morphogenetic Residue & Blood, Hormone
a transient, morphogenetic imprint or “morphogene” of its and Celesmaic Crystals
prior structure within the chemical DNA sequence from
which it transferred. The element celesma itself is short-lived in that it
fractures into unsteady, sub-atomic fragments shortly after
Once materialized, the compound morphogene its creation during the cellular transmutation process
(single de-polarized, electrical helix) then however, it leaves behind a “morphogenetic residue” after
electromagnetically binds to the hydrogen bonds of the a biological form has completed its physical transformation
magnetic particle helix of the chemical DNA sequence out of transharmonic-1 density. The formation of the
relating to the strand-2 blueprint. As the chemical DNA minute blood, hormone and celesmaic crystals within the
sequences relating to DNA strand blueprints 1 and 2 fuse, body indicates that the quantity of celestaline blueprint
the same process is set in motion between DNA strand transported by the chemical hormonal “celestaline carriers”
blueprints 2 and 3, etc. has reached a maximum accretion within the body cells,
through which the processes of inner cellular fusion and
The Super-Luminal Element Celesma molecular transmutation will begin.

As celestalline levels continue to increase, a critical

As the celestalline blueprint reaches maximum
mass of celestalline is produced within the hydrogen bonds
accretion within the blood, fluids and hormonal systems,
to sufficiently transmit the celestalline chemical blueprint
and a maximum accretion of blood, hormone and celesmaic
from the cell nuclei into the cells via messenger RNA as
crystals form, the atomic structure of the body enters a
chemical instructions for production of new, highly
phase of transmutation. The infinitesimal, interdimensional
complex amino-acid chains and proteins.
atomic structure of the chemical celestaline is composed of
a set of complex, alternated particle/anti-particle sub-atomic
The new protein chemical building blocks produce a
units that, at different stages of the chemical’s very brief
variety of numerous chemical-hormonal “celestalline
life, simulate both waves and particles. In both stages, the
carriers”. Due to the chemical-hormonal celestalline
molecular units that celestaline is composed have rates of
carriers, the celestalline blueprint is transported into the
spin that are greater than the light-speed in this
bloodstream and all of the chemical-hormonal systems of
dimensional sphere making the atomic structure of
ISSN 2229-5518

celestaline super-luminal. [13] order within each body cell, the protons and electrons of
the cells fuse in a very specific sequence with their
Considering that celestaline has an atomic corresponding anti-particles, as their own charge and axis
structure that moves faster than the speed of light, the spin angle and rate reverse to duplicate that of their anti-
chemical itself cannot be detected by public sector particles. When particles and anti-particles merge within
technology, however the effects of its existence upon each cell they do not destroy each other, as would be the
identified atomic structure can be physically observed case without the presence of celestalline and its inherent
under the appropriate conditions. When an adequate fusion-sequencing directives.
quantity of the super-luminal, celestaline blueprint is
transported into the internal organ systems of the body via
chemical-hormonal celestaline carriers, the physical, atomic Modulating Cell Signaling and Magnetic
structure of the body changes. Energy

Due to the super-luminal interaction between the In 2004, a group of scientists at the University of
electromagnetism intrinsic to celestaline and the positive Bologna, Italy headed by Carlo Ventura, MD, Ph.D.
and negative electrical charges characteristic to the protons published a research paper that turned on stem cell
(positive charge particles in cell nucleus with neutrons) and cardiogenesis with extremely low frequency magnetic
electrons (negative charge particles outside of cell nucleus fields. [14] In the research, magnetic fields in the 2.4 GHz
corresponding to protons within nucleus) of cells, the Wi-Fi band range were used with a radio electric
normal behavior of protons and electrons is transformed asymmetric conveyer (REAC) to modulate the ability of
upon interface with adequate quantities of celestaline. stem cells to differentiate or even make the adult non-stem
cells behave like stem cells. The REAC technology utilizes
Negative to Positive Neutron the interaction of two oscillating magnetic fields; the first is
generated by cells or the entire organism, and the second is
The neutrons in the cell nucleus, which usually a weaker electromagnetic field produced by the REAC
exhibit no charge, take on a momentary negative charge system. A resultant electromagnetic field induces the cells
that corresponds to the sound-wave spectrum of the to respond with endogenous self-generated micro-currents,
dimensional sphere above that in which the interface is likely ensuing from cellular ionic fluxes. These currents
taking place. The momentary “negative-neutron” charge is were detected and conveyed back to the cells with a
greater than the collective positive charge of the protons in conveyer probe.
the nucleus, which causes the protons to reverse their
charge and transform into electrons within the nucleus of
the cell. These exchanges within the cell nucleus produce
the negatively charged electrons outside of the nucleus to
reverse their charge to positive, becoming protons, which
are drawn into the nucleus via the negative neutrons.

Figure 15. Turning on Stem Cell Cardiogenesis with Low Frequency

Magnetic Fields (2004)

In 2019, the scientists tested an advanced, vortex

electromagnetic coil to observe the effects on stem cells and
Figure 3. Negative to Positive Neutron the results were even more promising than the previous
REAC technology.
Simultaneously, celestalline enters its transitory
super-luminal particle phase, causing the negative-neutrons
to reverse their own charge to a positive charge. As these
electrical connections are transpiring in a synchronized
ISSN 2229-5518

relaxation in order to reclaim its innate ability to self-heal. This

is achieved via harmonization of the autonomic nervous
system, brain hemisphere synchronization, emotional trauma
release and systematic chakra realignment.

The RASHA combines the brilliant technologies

of Nikola Tesla, Antoine Priorie' and Dr. Royal Rife into one
integrative quantum self-healthcare system. In addition, as per
Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl’s published research and
experiments in magnetic scalar waves being the
communication language of the introns (potential DNA), our
RASHA technology transmits vital information via the
magnetic vector of the scalar field to the magnetic, major
groove in between the double helix of our DNA.
Figure 16. Testing Advanced Vortex Electromagnetic Coil on Stem
Cells (2019)
The RASHA is controlled by one of the most
advanced scalar and Rife frequency generating
software technology, RASHA Base-12 Frequencies. When
Holofractal Morphogenetic Cellular operated and activated via the software, selected frequencies
Reprogramming (transverse waves) are transmitted through the dual scalar
spiral coils that are then pulsed causing excitation of the
My theory on “Holofractal Morphogenetic Cellular proprietary customs gas blend in the plasma gas tube creating
Reprogramming” proposes that specific scalar-plasma a powerful, magnetic scalar field. Plasma can transform
technologies along with resonant frequencies transmitted transverse waves into longitudinal, scalar waves. Additionally,
into the introns via scalar, plasma magnetic waves can: plasmas can also create phase conjugate waves or time-
1) reverse the present day electromagnetic polarity- reversed waves.
reversal mutation within the natural mother-father
genetic imprint, The RASHA was utilized successfully in reducing
2) reset the merkaba spin of every atom to the stress and prompting relaxation in the following
organic, Perpetual-life merkaba spin ratio of pathologies including but not limited to: psycho-emotional
Transharmonic Density-1 is 33 1/3 clockwise (CW) trauma, opioid addiction, depression, suicidal tendencies,
and 11 2/3 counter-clockwise (CCW), anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism Spectrum
3) activate celestaline to materialize in the chemical Disorder, stroke, cardiovascular disease, Lyme Disease,
DNA. The chemical access DNA sequences within sports-related injuries, stress related to sports-work-daily
the hydrogen bonds as the particles and anti- life.
particles in the DNA blueprint vector codes merge,
convert the base/acceleration code pair of each
scaylon into an electromagnetic micro-merkaba
field. Simply stated, celestaline can be
manufactured within the DNA as it materializes
within the hydrogen bonds that connect the DNA

The RASHA Scalar-Plasma Technology

The RASHA is the only D.A.R.P.A-inspired, Tesla

Quantum Access Technology available in the public sector. It is
an authentic scalar-plasma-sound system designed to assist
the biological, human organism to achieve stress release and
ISSN 2229-5518

Figure 17. The RASHA-20 Series Model RASHA sessions. At the end of the first week, the client’s
medication was titrated down by fifty percent (50%). By the
Protocol end of the twelve weeks, the client was completely taken off
his medication as per his physician’s orders.
The following RASHA protocol was utilized in the
subsequent case studies:
Case #2: 23-yr, Male, opioid addiction, depression, suicidal

▪ Clients were scanned with the HeartQuest HRV

(Heart Rate Variability) assessment tool on day one
and on the last day.
▪ Clients experienced at least 90 minutes per day for
the following:
▪ Trilateral Binaural Sine Wave (TBSW) (stress
relief, relaxation)
▪ Chakras (ALL, MULTI)
▪ Source Tones
▪ RASHA PRO – DTM, Cardiovascular, etc.
▪ Combined with the RASHA sessions, some clients
integrated nutraceuticals for detoxification purposes.

Client sat within three to six feet of the RASHA during each
90-minute session.

Regarding the autism spectrum disorder cases studies, the Figure 19. The RASHA-20 Series Model
ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) was utilized to
measure treatment effectiveness. Results: The entire RASHA Protocol lasted twelve (12) weeks
and comprised of a total of twenty five (25) ninety-minute
CASE STUDIES RASHA sessions. At the end of the first week, the client only
experienced one 24-hour withdrawal phase. By the end of the
Client sat within three to six feet of the RASHA fourth week, the client was free from suicidal thoughts and
during each 90-minute session depression.

Case #1: 24-yr, Male, bi-polar, depression, suicidal, insomnia

Case #3: 79-yr, Female, diabetes mellitus Type-2, Aortic
Valve stenosis

Figure 18. The RASHA-20 Series Model

Results: The entire RASHA Protocol lasted twelve (12) weeks Figure 20. The RASHA-20 Series Model
and comprised of a total of fourteen (14) ninety-minute
ISSN 2229-5518

Figure 22. The RASHA-20 Series Model

Figure 21. The RASHA-20 Series Model
Results: The entire RASHA Protocol lasted eight (8) weeks and • Dropped 54 ATEC points since beginning the
comprised of a total of forty (40) ninety-minute RASHA RASHA protocol
sessions. At the end of the two months, the client lowered • Increase in level of awareness
stress index, balanced the autonomic nervous system, • Potty trained
increased vital force, lowered actual versus biological age by • Decrease in aggression and tantrum behaviors
fourteen (14) years and finally, increased peak performance • Emerging social referencing
condition by twenty-four (24%) percent. • Initiating engagement with parents
• Maintains eye contact during
Case #4: 5-yrs, Male, Autism Spectrum Disorder interaction
Diagnosis/Symptoms: • Increase in speech and language
• ABA, Speech, OT, PT skills
• Age: 4, Biomedical approach with little to no • Increase in facial expression and affect, as well as
progress intonation while speaking
• Does not attend school • Overall increase in immune system health
• Main challenges • Frequency, severity and duration of illness
• Non-verbal has decreased drastically
• Compromised immune system • No longer needs regular use of inhaler or
• Aggression nebulizer
• Self-Injurious behaviors • Normalized sleep patterns
• Constant tantrums • Weight gain
• First introduced to scalar wave therapies at 4 • Regular bowel movements
years of age • Emerging interest and engagement in peer
• Utilized the ATEC to monitor progress over interaction.
the time • Was able to attend school in Fall of that year

Case #5: 7-yr, Male, Autism Spectrum Disorder

• Series of high fevers (103 - 104 degrees) off and on for
approximately 4 weeks at 16 months of age due to
unknown illness (lost vocalizations, eye contact)
• Began Speech, OT, PT and Early Intervention at the
18 months of age
• Began intensive 35hr/wk. ABA program at 2 years of
ISSN 2229-5518

• Formally received Autism diagnosis at 3 years of age Results:

• Main health challenges • Dropped 154 ATEC points over the span of four
• Compromised immune system (~3/yr. avg years.
hospitalizations) • According to ATEC, the child is no longer considered
• Asthma on the autism spectrum.
• Constipation
• Poor weight gain CONCLUSION
• Irregular sleep patterns (including night
terrors) In order to reverse mutate the finite-life, DNA
• First introduced to scalar wave therapies at 3 years, 9 mutation encryption within our current homo sapien-2
months of age species gene code and reclaim our innate ability to achieve
• Utilized the ATEC to monitor progress over the time “Holofractal Morphogenetic Cellular Reprogramming”, we
must reprogram our epigenetic overlay with the perpetual-
life merkaba spin encryption. This is achieved via scalar,
plasma, magnetic sound frequencies containing the 33 1/3
(CW or right), and 11 2/3 (CCW or left) counter-rotating
spin ratio as this creates an electromagnetic force field for
self-healing. This conclusion has been verified with 100%
efficacy in the five (5) different case research studies that
was performed and observed for this research study.

Figure 23. The RASHA-20 Series Model

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