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Exposing S.I.E.C.U.S.
Sex Information and Education Council of the United States
A Publication of the Oregon Citizens Alliance - Educational Foundation

Oregon Citizens Alliance brings you the facts about sex education
Who is pushing "alternative signed to inform with facts, syn- Report to the thousands of parents
lifestyles" and "condomania" at thesize the factual across America who have endured
our kids? What do these self-ap- knowledge into understanding, ridicule when they have stood
pointed "sexperts" believe? How and motivate with emotion. courageously to question the content and
are they promoting the "sexual We ask responsible citizens to methodology of liberal sex education
revolution"? What are their read it carefully and be prepared programs imposed upon their children in
goals for you and me and our to act upon its contents. public classrooms.
children? We at OCA dedicate this Special
This Special Report is de-

An organization you never heard

of targets children
New York was the birthplace of sexual matters through a clearing- rector of SIECUS in 1964.(8p14)
Mary Calderone - Co-founder of S.I.E.C.U.S in 1964
Wardell Pomeroy: Co-author those who effect public policy-
the Sex Information and Educa- house and resource center." Rev. William Genne: Board of the 1948 Kinsey Male making, with the ultimate goal of
tion Council of the United States (28p123) consultant for Sexology maga- Sexuality study. (17p14) reaching America's children and
in 1964. Shortly thereafter, the Funded largely by foundation zine, Dir. of National Council of Deryk Calderwood: first male changing the social mores of our
Saturday Evening Post said: grants, SIECUS works closely Churches Commission on Mar- staff person of SIECUS, student country. "...major role of SIECUS in
"Among the organizations shap- with the U.S. Departments of Edu- riage and Family Life (8p19) of Lester Kirkendall. Deryk held the future will be in the area of
ing the structure of American sex cation and Health and Human Ser- Harriet Pilpel: V. Chairman gay oriented view of sexuality advocacy. With changing
of education, by far the most influ- vices, which gave them a $99,341 National board of directors of the and worked as a consultant for ethical...political climates, there
ential is SIECUS." (27) grant in fiscal 1989. (17p14) Ma- ACLU. (8p26) Workedforlawof- committees establishing sex is...need for a public voice which
The National Education Assoc. terials authored by their sexolo- fice where one of the partnerswas education programs. (28p126) supports social policies, legisla-
described SIECUS as a volunteer gists are distributed widely an ACLU founder. This law firm Serving as the sex education tion, and individual rights related to
agency providing "assistance to through public and private orga- prepared the SIECUS Certificate arm of the Kinsey Institute, human sexuality." (43p6)
communities and schools wishing nizations. of Incorporation. (8p29) SIECUS converts Kinseyan ide- SIECUS stated purpose to promote
to embark on sex education pro- Looking at persons who Lester Kirkendall:1966 direc- ology into sex education "human sexuality as a health entity,"
grams." (27) founded SIECUS gives strong tor of Am. Humanist Assoc.Staff programs. Planned Parenthood, (41) seems to be a front to lead well-
SIECUS defines itself in loftier clues about SIECUS ideology: of Sexology magazine. Prof. of in partnership with SIECUS then meaning citizens into rallying
terms as "the only organization in Mary Calderone: She left her Marriage and Family Life at Or- moves these "model" programs behind their cause of erasing moral
the U.S. that acts as an advocate 11-year position as medical direc- egon State Univ. Active in into American classrooms(43p.5) Judeo-Christian sex mores and
for human sexuality and provides tor of Planned Parenthood-World Planned Parenthood and Temple Main SIECUS goals are to replacing them with "situation
information and education in Population to become the first di- of Understanding. (8pp32-35) reach those who train teachers and ethics" and erotica.

AIDS Crisis: Springboard for liberal sex education

"The Kinsey Institute, in cooperation staffing and popularity in the mous, continues to escalate the What kind of sex
with the Society for the Scientific Study rush to provide 'AIDS number of AIDS infected
of Sex (SSSS)-- specifically, its AIDS Education.— (28p42) from1 6 , 0 0 0 in 1 9 8 5 ( 4 5 p 1 1 ) to
Task Force—and several other profes- William Yarber of Kinsey 100,000 in 1989 (28p99) to
sional groups, is currently mobilizing Institute's Indiana University 160,000 in 1991 and to a projected
to influence the direction of social policy comments on a U.S. Domestic 400,000 in 1993. (CDC statistic SIECUS materials repeatedly claim that 85-95% of American parents
and sexuality education in what is now Policy Council memorandum reported in Pat Robertson's want schools to provide sex education. However, the type of sex educa-
the 'AIDS Era."' (28p197) which says that AIDS information, Perspective. Jan/Feb 1992 p 4.) tion to be provided is never defined. Parents trust the educators, assum-
Ann Welbourne Moglia, former The spread of deadly AIDS, as well ing their children will be instructed in traditional morality, disease pre-
developed by the federal govern- vention and to "save sex for marriage." But, in fact, SIECUS-style sex
director of SIECUS, in the Jan/ ment should place "sexuality as other devastating sexually
Feb 1987 SIECUS Report, says it transmitted diseases, is a disgraceful education is teaching children just the opposite.
within the context of marriage All sex education curricular materials today derive from the Kinsey-
like this: ”A time of rare and...teach that children should consequence of the liberal K i n s e y - prevent and P l a y b o y - S I E C U S Planned SIECUS-Planned Parenthood network, unless they are clearly labeled
not engage in sex...." Yarber otherwise.
educate about AIDS, it is essen- complains that "many educators Parenthood sexual revolution.
Because over 70% of the AIDS This chart compares the two major philosophies vying for for
tial to be able to communicate will object to the moral tone of the hearts and minds of our children.
this approach." He continues: infection is carried within the
and teach about sexuality in
"Most educators and healthcare homosexual community, it could be Family-Style sex Ed SIECUS-Style sex Ed
general...Let us hope that as we personnel disagree with the expected that the number one priority
are doing everything we can to 'marriage-only' stance." (46) warning to students would be to avoid Sex for reproduction, making Sex for hedonistic pleasure
Nicholas Freudenberg of City homosexual behaviors, which families.
stop AIDS, we are also educat-
Univ. of New York, questions the compose the highest risk category Marriage is not important
ing the public about what sex for spread of AIDS. But not so. Marriage is important for short/longterm "committed
right of the Center for Disease family/social stability.
education is really all about." Control to set guidelines for Across America, AIDS programs are relationships"
Elena Levine of Center for funding which say: "Messages being turned into a lobbying forum Healthy population growth Population control
Population Options declares that must...emphasize the ways for homosexual rights. and maintenance. and reduction
the way to get public acceptance of by which individuals can fully A 1986 teacher training session in a
school-based clinics is by Pro-Life "dignity of the Pro-death "disposability of
protect themselves from acquiring New York city school listed these individal": abortion & the individual' ; abortion &
"riding in on the coattails of the virus...They include "do's" and "do not's": euthanasia not acceptable. euthanasia useful
AIDS." (1) abstinence from the illegal use of • Homosexuals should not be blamed
Debra Haffner, current SIECUS IV drugs and from sexual for the spread of AIDS. Pluralistic sexual behavior
director, formerly with Center for intercourse except in a mutually • Infants infected with AIDS should Heterosexuality, male-female acceptable, including
Population Options, writes in the monogamous relationship not be referred to as "innocent" sexual activity normal & only homosexuality, bestiality,
July/Aug 1988 SIECUS Report: children as that implies someone else acceptable form. "cross-generational" bisexuality programs shall not is guilty.
"Because of the 'AIDS crisis,' be designed to promote or • Teachers should not be squeamish Parents are primary State is primary caretaker of
more schools, community orga- encourage, directly, intravenous about using explicit terms to caretakers of children "human resources":
nizations and national agencies drug abuse or sexual activity, describe gay sexual behaviors. "confidentiality" & no parental
“Parental consent." notification/consent
have called for sexuality educa- homosexual or heterosexual...." • Stress safe-sex behaviors. Don't make
Freudenberg goes on to chastise an issue about the number of sex "Values-based": Emotional,
tion than ever before proponents partners. Knowledge-based: Know
those who would use the AIDS spiritual. How to use sex for physical facts about all sex
of AIDS education ...have called crisis to "advance a moral agenda" • Teachers should stress to children individual health and stability
that they should protect the civil and how to do it
for comprehensive health but concludes by saying: "The of society.
AIDS epidemic provides the op- rights of homosexuals. (28p136) Explicit
education programs for all Modest.
portunity to fight for... the right to Researchers Reisman and Eichel
school-age children." call it "one of the greatest
know about sexuality, drugs, and Goal: To reduce unwed Goal: To reduce
Ronald Moglia, New York hypocrisies of our time — the pretense promiscuous, risky,
Univ. professor, raises the eco- AIDS, and the right to protect pregnancy and/or
one's health. What could be more of providing safe-sex instruction to sexual activity. childbirth
nomic issue: (45) "The need for
extra money...many sexuality pro- moral than to use this terrible epi- children while in reality advancing Supports teens
demic as an opportunity to win an agenda that encourages them to Targets sexually-active teens
grams are being forced to cut ser- choosing
this new right?" (47) be sexually active, including in- h i
vices. However, there is appar-
In other words, according to Teaches virtue, right and Teaches "choice"—all
ently one exception to that na- dulging in high-risk lifestyles and options equal in value.
Freudenberg and Yarber, "vocal wrong. Encourages
tional policy...appropriating the behaviors." (28p218) highest values. "values clarification"
funds needed to combat the poten- minorities" are not to push a AIDS is first a public health issue,
tial spread of AIDS." "moral agenda" but it is fine for not a civil rights issue; therefore it is
the SIECUS tribe to push what of necessity a moral issue. Will we
Reisman and Eichel summarize most Americans would call the
for us: "Today, at the end of the choose AIDS education which truly
"immoral agenda." protects human life or will we let the
1980's, Kinseyan philosophy has
In our current society, over- SIECUS crowd use the AIDS crisis to
been given new life as the basis abundant sexual activity with nu-
of a new wave of sex education propagandize for their sexual
merous partners, known or anony- revolution?
programs finding sudden funding,
Page 2 OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S.

The Humanist connection

"...secular humanism, which
in fact does not even exist."
Parenthood Federation
of America (PPFA)
in 1967 was abortion law reform.
Prominent Humanist-Feminists
teens, continue to be maneu-
vered into public classrooms.
tion contains Humanistic phi-
losophy." (8p97)
(Mary Calderone. SIECUS Re- The Society for Ethical Culture have included Betty Friedan, (26) Humanism replaces "God"
port. Sept. 1981. p. 7) founded in New York City in Gloria Steinem, Gina Allen, Today, Dr. Wm. Coulson, a with "Science" as the solution to
Dr. Kirkendall, who co- 1876 was the parent organiza- Alice Rosse, and Margaret former colleague of humanists mankind's problems, hence the
founded SIECUS with tion of the AHA. Led by Dr. Mead, with younger feminists Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, current emphasis on science in
Calderone, signed Humanist Felix Adler, this society assisted now continuing to lead the Lester Kirkendall, and Joseph "Education 2000." If the public
Manifesto II. in the founding of Free Kinder- movement.(8p79) Fletcher, tours the country can be taught to accept science
The atheistic cartel of Kinsey gartens, City Club, Child Study Euthanasia became the official apologizing for his part in pro- as a basis for values, then master
disciples would have us believe Association of America, Na- project at the 1966 annual con- moting humanistic thinking, planners can control the moral
that "secular humanism" is but a tional Association for the Ad- ference. The acceptance of both prevalent in sex and drug educa- climate by providing simulated
figment of "the righteous, right- vancement of Colored People, abortion and euthanasia will ulti- tion, which has led to untold "scientific" data. It appears that
wing" imagination. If this were American Civil Liberties Union mately result in the "mercy kill- physical and emotional injury SIECUS has used the pseudo-
true, who runs the office of the (ACLU), and numerous Planned ing" of any person regarded by for America's children. Dr. scientific data of Kinsey to bring
American Humanist Association Parenthood centers. (8pp60-1) the governing State as expend- Coulson was a featured speaker America the devastating results
which produces such documents The American Humanist Asso- able —economically, socially, or at the OCA 1991 Value of Life of a "new morality", more accu-
as "Humanist Manifest I & II, ciation was incorporated in 1941 politically. Coupled with the Conference in Portland, Oregon. rately called, the "same old im-
and a (bi)monthly magazine, after writing its Humanist Mani- anti-God, anti-American mental- A 1958 AHA Guide to Action morality."
"The Humanist"? festo I in 1933. In 1973, the ity, this anti-life mentality should stated: "We steadfastly oppose What is the strategy? Force
Enough Humanists have AHA updated with Humanist alarm sensible Americans, espe- the use in any public school of opposing ideologies out. Move
been found within the SIECUS Manifest II. This document de- cially religious Americans. any religious ceremony, pageant, into the vacuum. Write the
camp to understand why hu- nies the existence of a Creator (8p72) monument, symbol, costume, programs. Control the training
manistic philosophy pervades saying: "...traditional theism, es- Humanists support the sex textbook, or system of instruc- and certification of teachers.
SIECUS literature. In fact, of pecially faith in the prayer-hear- education movement led so well tion which favors or promotes "Enlighten" the parents. Op-
the twelve original SIECUS i n g G o d . . . i s a n o u t mo d e d by the pied pipers of promiscuity any religion." (8p77) Several pose notions of "right" and
Study Guides, seven were writ- faith...." Paul Kurtz, author of — SIECUS and Planned Parent- Supreme Court cases have up- "wrong." Let society reap the
ten by three identified Human- the document goes further: "...we hood. The National Education held Humanism as a "religion." negative social crises. Use
ists—Kirkendall, Reiss and reject the divinity of Jesus....We Association has adopted a 100% Therefore " would appear these crises to plan reform.
Rubin. (8p57) do not accept as true the literal Humanist political agenda. that the SIECUS program is in Ask for tax money to fund
Each year the A.H.A. (Ameri- interpretation of the Old and Preaching that evolutionary conflict with the principle of more programs. Harass or sue
can Humanist Association) New Testament, the Koran, or change is progressive, the hu- separation of church and state" the opponents. Does this sound
awards the title "Humanist of the other allegedly sacred docu- manist philosophy leads educa- and the above declaration of the familiar?
Year" to one of its members who ments." (18) tional reform — open, non- AHA because SIECUS charter
has achieved distinction. (49) SIECUS persons signing Hu- graded classrooms; Parent/ members expressed a "religious"
Kinsey-SIECUS-Planned Par- manist Manifesto II included: Teacher Effectiveness Training intent and SIECUS sex educa
enthood names regularly receive Lester Kirkendall, Jerome (to modify the adult, not the
this award: Nathanson, Albert Ellis, B.F. child); separation of church and
1957 -Margaret Sanger, Skinner, Joseph Fletcher, and state in public schools (Madalyn
founder of Planned Sol Gordon. (8pp82-3) O'Hair, a board member of AHA
Parenthood Humanist Manifesto II en- 1965-1977, acted with the assis-
1962 -Julian Huxley, brother dorses sexual freedom, birth tance of AHA and ACLU in at-
of Aldous, author of control, abortion, divorce, eutha- tempting to remove prayer from
BRAVE NEW nasia and suicide. This document schools); and "21st Century Pro-
WORLD represents the "One World" ac- grams" which promise to allow
1964 -Carl Rogers tivists: "...we look to the devel- further erosion of school curricu-
1966 -Eric Fromm opment of a system of world law lum with humanistic and New
1967 -Abraham Maslow, and a world order based upon Age philosophy, along with non-
psychologist and transnational federal govern- academic outcomes driven by
author ment" — meaning universal dis- "political correctness."
1971 -Albert Ellis armament and the removal of na-
1972 -B.F. Skinner Highly relevant to our concern
tional boundaries with the world about Humanism's influence on
1974 -Mary Calderone, co- "protected" by a U.N. security
founder of SIECUS and public education is their support
Joseph Fletcher -"father force. The 1969 annual meeting for drug use. In the Nov/Dec
of situation ethics" called all affiliates to "undertake 1966 issue of "The Humanist",
1983 -Lester Kirkendall, co- activities to help bring about a AHA executive director Tolbert
founder of SIECUS and world community." (Editor note. McCarrol predicted that human-
author e.g. non-patriotism) (8p69) ists of the future "would be users
1984 -Isaac Isamov The Jan\Feb 1970 "The Hu- of LSD, mescaline, peyote and
1986 -Faye Wattleton, manist" named worldwide popu- marijuana." (8p81) And so drug
immediate past Presi- lation control as an urgent prior- programs such as Quest, known
dent of Planned ity. AHA's top social action issue to increase drug abuse among

Humanist - SIECUS camp repeals anti-abortion laws

A safe assumptiom is that Humanist Manifesto II and biog- versity); Lawrence Lader (Hu-
SIECUS was instituted by the rapher of Margaret Sanger, manist); Betty Friedan (signer of
Humanist Complex for the ex- (founder of Planned Parent- Humanist Manifesto II founder
press purpose of bringing about hood.) This conference formed of NOW);
a climate the the nucleus of what later became Lana Rhelan (AHA, NOW);
population control scheme." NARAL (Nat. Assoc. for Repeal Stewart Mott (SIECUS, Planned
(8p232) of Abortion Laws). Parenthood); Helen Southard
Among the groups attending (AHA, SIECUS,, YWCA); Pat
Dr. Kirkendall, SIECUS co- FNCAL were: American Civil Maginnis (AHA); Robert
founder and signer of Humanist Liberties Union (ACLU); Ameri- McCoy (AHA); Joseph Fletcher
Manifesto II, believed that sex can Humanist Association; Na- (signer of Humanist Manifesto II
education was a prerequisite for tional Organization for Women SIECUS recommended author);
public acceptance of population (NOW ); American Ethical Dr. Alice Rossi (AHA, SIECUS
control—as well as for the modi- Union; and Unitarian-Universal- author, NOW).
fication of laws governing sex ist Association. SIECUS persons This ad appeared in Jan/Feb
crimes, pornography and abor- listed on the letterhead as spon- 1989 SIECUS Report. p. 12;
tion. (8p232) sors included: (8pp234-5) MARCH FOR WOMEN'S
In 1966, the American Hu- Sophia Kleegman, Wardell EQUALITY/WOMEN' S LIVES
manist Association annual con- Pomeroy, Stewart Mott, Marya April 9, 1989 Washington D.C.
ference passed a resolution fa- Mannes, Vance Packard. "SIECUS is co-sponsoring this
voring elective abortion. NARAL opened its office in national demonstration to sup-
In February of 1969 the Na- March 1969 and drew many of port reproductive rights. Come
tional Conference on Abortion its leaders from the SIECUS-Hu- show your support for keeping
Laws (FNCAL) was convened manist camp: (8pp236-7) abortion safe and legal."
by Lawrence Lader, signer of Maurine Neuberger (Unit. Uni- These words of admission belong to Aldous Huxley, au-

"Bill of Sexual Rights"

thor of BRAVE NEW WORLD, grandson of agnostic
Thomas Huxley and brother of Julian Huxley who signed
Humanist Manifest II. (24)

by Lester Kirkendall
"I had motives for not wanting the world to have a mean-
ing, consequently I assumed that it had none and was able
without any difficulty to find satisfactory reasons for this
In 1976, Lester Kirkendall, co- turbation, homosexuality, bi- Vern and Bonnie Bullough, assumption....The philosophy of meaninglessness was essen-
founder of SIECUS drafted "A sexuality, abortion, sterilization, Deryk Calderwood, Albert Ellis, tially an instrument of liberation. The liberation we desired
New Bill of Sexual Rights and pornography, decriminalization Sol Gordon, Lester Kirkendall
of prostitution, and access to was simultaneously liberation from a certain political and
Responsibilites" to supplement (OSU), Paul Kurtz, Daniel
the sexuality statement found in sexual realtions for person in Labby (OHSU), Judd Marmor, economic system and liberation from a certain system of mo-
Humanist Manifesto II. Pub- mental institutions and prisons. John Money, Ira L. Reiss. rality. We objected to the morality because it interfered
lished as a booklet, its pages ad- Among the sighners of the "bill" (8p444) with our sexual freedom."
vocated free love, adultery, mas- were: Gina Allen, Alan P. Bell,
OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S. Page 3

Sex revolution in a nutshell 1966 Masters & Johnson pub- 1977 "The SIECUS Circle"
1933 Humanist Manifesto I
1948 Alfred Kinsey's "Sexual lished "Human Sexual written to expose roots
Behavior in the Human Response" and network of SIECUS
Male" National Organization of 1981 First case of AIDS diagnosed
1953 Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior Women (NOW) founded 1986 Bowers v. Hardwick Su-
in the Human Female." First 1969 Stonewall riots in preme Court decision up-
Issue of "Playboy" Greenwich Village held sodomy laws
1961 School Health Education launched gay rights 1990 SIECUS forms National
Study (SHES) in Wash- movement. "Report of Coalition to Support
ington D.C. National the Task Sexuality Education
Education Association Force on Homosexuality" 1991 22 states require sex
(NEA) building. SHES by National Institute of education; 24 states rec-
developed 3M concepts for Mental Health (NIMH) ommend SIECUS pub-
family life/sex education. 1970 Federal Title X Family lishes "Guidelines for
1964 SIECUS founded as sex Planning Program estab- Comprehensive Sexuality
education arm of Kinsey lished Education: K-12"
Institute 1973 Roe v. Wade legalized 1994 30th anniversary of
abortion on demand SIECUS
Humanist Manifesto II

The Playboy connection

According to
Hefner, in the 1960's the
Christie liness depended on the total
number of experienced orgasms
with children — mixed in with
photo stories of rape and pain.
necrophilia to nude Satanism and
are frankly beyond description
In spite of all of this, SIECUS
claims to "deplore violence, ex-
Playboy Foundation made the or "outlets." Coitus with a variety Playboy features "child mag- by a normal human being." (27) ploitation, human degradation...
initial grant to establish an of people of all ages of either nets" referring to the perverted SIECUS "stars" that have con- and objects to the use of sexually
Office of Research Services of gender was natural. Children use of classic characters such as tributed to Sexology magazine explicit materials that condone
SIECUS.((28p4) Hugh also needed these "outlets" and Santa Claus or Snow White to at- include: Isadore Rubin, Lester or promote these...." (SIECUS
Hefner was named as one of early sexual experimentation in tract the readership of children. Kirkendall, William Genne, John Position Statements 1991) How-
the sponsors for the second order to be sexually healthy. Sexologist Dr. John Gagnon (au- Money and Wardell Pomeroy. ever, SIECUS "affirms adults'
annual dinner held by Kinsey's theory ridiculed man- thor of SIECUS Study Guide Photographs of men and women right of access to sexually ex-
SIECUS. (27) woman heterosexual intercourse, #11 "Sexual Encounters Be- in intimate positions mix with plicit materials for personal use."
The SIECUS 1970 Book List and touted masturbation and ho- tween Adults and Children" such articles as: "Can Humans Their 1991 Position Statement
included: "The Playboy Philoso- mosexuality as superior to mari- (28p129) recommends Playboy Breed With Animals?" "Witch- opposes legislative or judicial ef-
phy" by Hugh Hefner — a work tal love. (29p25) for children, describing the craft and Sex-1968," "The First forts to prevent the "production
blaming Christianity for crimes Max Lerner, a friend of Hugh magazine as a "Boy Scout Sadists," "Wife Swapping in and/or distribution of sexually
against humanity. (8p48) In turn, Hefner, claimed: "Alfred Manual" of sexual etiquette. Naples," "Why I like Homo- explicit materials...." because
Hefner's "Playboy Advisor" col- Kinsey...gave Hefner the re- (29p13) sexual Men," and "Unusual Sex "such actions could... restrict the
umn of December 1968 recom- search base for the...Playboy Hundreds have become ad- Demands." (27) appropriate professional use of
mended SIECUS sex ed materi- Philosophy." (29p25) Kinsey's dicted to this "drugstore pornog- William Masters, a SIECUS such materials by sexuality edu-
als to parents. (8p48) research has since been discred- raphy" and have been influenced director, teamed up with Virginia cators, therapists and research-
While SIECUS was estab- ited and shown to be "unscien- by it to commit violence against Johnson to study human sexual ers."
lished as the sex education arm tific." And so for 40 years, since women and children. intercourse by auto-manipulation It appears that SIECUS and
of the Kinsey Institute, it was its first issue in 1953, Playboy Playboy is not the only por- of 694 persons in front of cam- Playboy have enjoyed a comfort-
Playboy magazine that carried has been convincing American nography connection of SIECUS eras. The resulting study - "Hu- able relationship over the years.
Kinseyan sex belief into the boys to abandon morality to pur- which has run ads in Nude Liv- man Sexual Response." (27) Meanwhile, Kinsey-SIECUS-
popular media. Hugh Hefner, sue swinging sexual conquests, ing magazine published by Materials of SIECUS recom- Planned Parenthood- endorsed
the captain of Playboy, says and anonymous guilt-free experi- Elysium Institute. Elysium's mended author, Sol Gordon, authors continue to move ex-
that as a young college student mentation, including sodomy. magazines contain "photographs were judged to be pornographic plicit language and pictures into
he was "indelibly impressed by More than being just a girlie of nude men and women in sick- by a Canadian judge. (31) His books and audio visual materials
the famous Kinsey report on magazine for quick stimulus, ening sexual positions, photo- major customers for Zing Sex targeted to children and teens.
American sexual behavior." Playboy has used cartoons to il- graphed from angles clearly de- Comix were Planned Parent-
(29p30) lustrate sadosexual behaviors— signed to attract the pervert. hood, New Jersey Dept. of
Kinsey's study recorded in sex with animals, gang rape, sex They promote everything from Health, and the U.S. Army. (13)
"Sexual Behavior in the Human
Male" (1948) claimed that man


SIECUS prepared a transition prehensive School Health Edu- funds from the present 31% of
Meanwhile, back on the ranch sence of any proven research
paper to outline policy priorities cation: School-Related Health their budget to a whopping 70%. in Oregon, Gov. Barbara Rob- base showing that SBC's actually
for the Clinton Administration. Services." (pp627-667) The bill (Christian American July/Aug erts' Teen Pregnancy Task Force reduce teen pregnancy. The
Reprinted in the January 1993 requests $100 million a year for 1994) presented "Sex, Teens and public message is to encourage
SIECUS Report, this document school-based clinics, increasing In the Clinton plan, "compre- Oregon's Plan" (1994), an action "postponement of parenthood,"
calls for "respect for the diver- to $400 million a year in 1999. hensive" means programs must plan for cutting Oregon's teen not necessarily sexual activity.
sity of values and beliefs about (Ed. If these clinics will reduce serve "all students every year pregnancy rate in half by the (Abortion postpones
sexuality." SIECUS asserts that the problem, why the increased from kindergarten through Grade year 2000. The goal to give parenthood.) Middle school
"sexuality is a natural healthy funding?) Also requested is $50 12" and must include "Family "children a chance to be born to students are to receive
part of living" and each indi- million a year for "School Health Life," a euphemism for explict parents ready and able to care information on "postponing
vidual must have the right to Education" meaning SIECUS- sex ed. for them" is highly honorable. sexual involvement" but
ma k e " r e s p o n s i b l e s e x u a l style sex education. Debra Furthermore, S 1757 provided However, "teen pregnancy pre- "until marriage" is not
choices." Interpreted, this means Hauser of Center for Population funds "to reduce barriers to the vention" is a favorite handle mentioned. Oregon's Task Force
"any sexual activity is acceptable Options has declared, "The num- implementation of comprehen- used by slick sexperts to move wants to provide SIECUS-style
for any person at any age." bers of (clinics) are just going to sive school health education." SIECUS "comprehensive sex sexuality information via a toll-
These generalizations belie the f l y " i f t h e C l i n t o n p la n i s Since objecting parents are the education" into public agencies free hotline and video outlets
fact that SIECUS lacks respect adopted. main "barrier," this tax money, and schools. Oregon's "Plan" is statewide.
for religious, traditional sexual Language on p. 657 of the provided by the parents, will be no exception. Grant money is requested to
beliefs and is actively trying to "Act" refered to "local commu- used to outmaneuver parents "Sex, Teens & Oregon's Plan" "expand existing metworks of
destroy them. "Respect" is re- nity partnership" with those or- challenging "technical assis- calls for expanded access to birth family planning providers",
served for SIECUS beliefs only. ganizations already providing tance," "curriculum models," control (Ed. condoms in meaning more tax dollars to
Months later in November youth services. This obviously and "program strategies" which schools); accurate sexuality in- Planned Parenthood. And who
1993, Clinton unveiled "Health greases the way for the SIECUS- S 1757 wanted to fund. formation (Ed. explicit SIECUS- served as Gov.Roberts' senior
Security Act" (S 1757) which de- Plannned Parenthood camp to Goals 2000, the "Education style, of course); more school- policy advisor on "teen preg-
votes 40 pages to "Title G-Corn- celebrate an increase in federal Reform" signed into law by based clinics (Ed. for contracep- nancy prevention?" None other
Clinton on March 31, 1994, also tives and abortion, not sprained than Oregon Planned Parenthood's
SIECUS identified five policy areas for the provides ample funding for ankles); Teach the teachers (Ed. Allie Stickney.
SIECUS clinics and curriculum. indoctinate in politically-correct Another leader in this new
Clinton administration to act upon: Neither SIECUS/PP, nor immorality); and make "compre- "beg for tax dollars" was Donna
Clinton care that Article X of the hensive" Family Life/human Noonan of of Oregon's Health
1) Support for comprehensive sexuality education. U.S. Constitution reserves au- sexuality education a Division. In the true SIECUS
2) Implementation of straightforward and explicit HIV/AIDS thority over education to the R E QUIRED subject in spirit, both Gov. Roberts and
states, and the General Educa- Oregon schools (Ed. K,1,2,3,4- Noonan publicly opposed a 1994
prevention education. tion Provisions Act forbids the citizen initiative designed to pro-
12). Gov. Roberts suggested
3) Support for reproductive rights, including the freedom to federal government from "exer- doubling the number of school- hibit the promotion of homo-
choose abortion and access to family planning information, cising any direction, supervision, based clinics to 28 at a cost of sexuality in public classrooms. If
and services for all, regardless of gender or age or ability to pay. or control over the curriculum" $150,000 each per year it looks, believes, and acts like
4) Elimination of bias based upon sexual orientation. of any school, public or private. ($4,200,000 total per year). SIECUS, it must be SIECUS!!!
(Schlafly Report. Jan. 1994) This, in spite of the ab-
5) Opposition to censorship of art and sexually-explicit materials.
Page 4 OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S.

The Communist - Socialist connection

SIECUS members with communist ties
While the vast majority of from these organizations feature
Sex revolution - world revolution
those promoting SIECUS-style Rubin's writings. Famed historian, Nesta Webster, quoted in "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements": "For the
sex education are loyal Ameri- (Ed. The following individuals final goal of world-revolution is not Socialism or even Communism, it is not a change in the existing
cans, many individuals with are cited as active in Communist economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense; the revolution desired by the
backgrounds of subversive ac- front organizations. Organiza- leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout
tivities have been involved in the tions starred below were named nineteen centuries shall be reversed, all honoured traditions trampled under foot, and above all, the
sensitive field of sex education. "subversive" and "Communist" Christian ideal finally obliterated." (52)
We present a partial list of by House Committee on Un- "The revolution foreshadowed by Mrs. Webster is already well under way. Only the dedicated and
SIECUS officials, recommended American Activities.) (8p100) concerted action of all citizens will enable America to survive its onslaught. For if a whole generation of
authors, or supporters with REV. WILLIAM GENNE, one American youth can be turned away from God to self-worship and reduced from spirituality to carnality;
known Communist ties. of the original founders of if it can be persuaded to turn its back on eternal truths and to become preoccupied with the search for
ISADORE RUBIN: former di- SIECUS has been cited in con- 'pleasure' through drugs and animalistic sex; and if its will to resist can be finally broken, it is doubtful
rector and long-time treasurer of nection with these Communist that our nation will long endure. When the season arrives for that generation to assume the guardianship
SIECUS and editor of SIECUS fronts: (8p108) *Committee for role in our society, and nothing of value is left to preserve, we will already have reached a point where
newsletter.(27) Paul Putnam, of Peaceful Alternatives to the At- we can be ordered and enslaved." (52) (written in 1967.)
the National Education Associa- lantic Pact *National Committee
tion stated: "Dr. Rubin has never To Repeal the McCarran Act. Socialist Party. He worked with
been charged with subversion by (Purpose: to defend Communist authored the SIECUS-recom- the National Committee to Abol- large percentage of this
any agency of the U.S. govern- lawbreakers.) *World Peace Ap- mended book, "The Wonderful ish the House Un-American Ac- committee's membership has
ment; he denied membership in peal. Story of How You Were Born" tivities Committee. (8p119) been cited by the U.S. govern-
the Communist Party, under EMILY AND STUART which subtly promotes the con- HARRY AND BONARO ment as associated with Commu-
oath, before the House Labor MUDD: Emily was affiliated cept of evolution and presents OVERSTREET, both Human- nist organizations, Communist
and Education Committee in with SIECUS from inception in "intimate details of sex to young ists, are considered to be the fronts, or subversive activity. A
1948..." (25) 1964, and served on the board of children in adult terminology." experts on "extremism." Their few of the names we might rec-
However, in 1952 Rubin in- directors. Emily, a sponsor of Sidonie was a member of the writings have provided the ba- ognize are: Margaret Banning,
voked the First and Fifth *Cultural and Scientific Conf. Public Affairs Committee and sis for articles prepared by Stringfellow Barr, Ralph
Amendments to evade questions for World Peace. the director of the Humanist- SIECUS, the PTA, and other Bunche, Bennett Cerf, Stuart
on this same charge (see 24). On Emily & Stuart, sponsors of founded Child Study Association groups to deal with opponents Chase, George Counts, Rev. Wil-
May 3, 1955, Mildred Blauvelt fourth anniversary dinner of of America for 25 years. Her of sex education, purported liam Genne, Reinhold Niebuhr,
gave sworn testimony before the *American Youth for Democ- subversive affilations include: to be "extremists." SIECUS Mark VanDoren, etc. (8pp129-
House Committee on Un-Ameri- racy. Stuart signed an open letter *National Council of American recommends Overstreet's 130)
can Activities that Rubin was in- with Committee to Repeal the Soviet Friendship *Congress of "The Strange Tactics of As early as 1954, FBI director
deed a member of the Commu- McCarran Act. (8pp108-9) American Women *Cultural and Extremism" and the PTA- Hoover explained: "The
nist Party. Mrs. Blauvelt, as an EVELYN DUVALL: Author Scientific Conference for World published "Extremist Groups" Communists realize that one
undercover operative within the and SIECUS director, in 1940 Peace *Peoples Radio Founda- while Bonaro was a member of concealed Party member in
Communist Party for the New sponsored Chicago affiliate of tion *Progressive Citizens of the PTA editorial staff. education may be worth a
York police department, had at- the *League of Women Shoppers America. Harry is cited for nine dozen in less strategic fields,
tended the same Red cell as - who supported Communist Her husband, Benjamin, wrote Communist front affiliations. and some of their more
Isadore Rubin. (8pp428-9 & 27) controlled unions receiving aid Public Affairs Pamphlets and (8pp120-21) successful propagandists in
Isadore had also served as editor from "Daily Worker" of Com- had subversive citations. E. FRANKLIN FRAZIER this area have influenced, and
of the N.Y. Teachers News, pub- munist Party. In 1952, the Com- (8pp114-115) authored "The Negro Family in are influencing, the ideas of
lished by the Communist-con- munist "Daily Worker" listed 89 DOROTHY BARUCH: the U.S." Listed on SIECUS thousands of impressionable
trolled Teachers Union of New "prominent Chicagoans" who SIECUS -recommended author 1970 booklist and receiving fa- young people." (8p101)
York.(8p 107) sent a letter to President Truman who wrote "New Ways in Sex vorable reviews in Communist Today, 40 years later, we can
Prior to his death in 1970, requesting clemency for atomic Education" found nationwide publications, "Daily Worker" exercise hindsight to see clearly
Isadore compiled the 1970 spies Ethel and Julius in sex education bibliographies. and "People's World." Also on how the SIECUS sexologists
SIECUS book list for profes- Rosenberg. Evelyn Duvall A sponsor of two Communist book lists from Nat. Council of have been influencing our youth
sionals. Rubin authored five of signed. (8p11 0) fronts. (8p1 16) Churches and National Educa- — away from altruism, patrio-
the twelve original SIECUS MAXWELL STEWART, edi- RUTH BENEDICT: author of tion Association. Frazier scored tism, religious absolutes, and
Study Guides designed to help tor of Public Affairs Pamphlets Public Affairs Pamphlets with 18 citations for connection with personal dignity — toward selfish
structure sex education from 1936 - 1977, published by ten citations in connection with Communist fronts. (8pp124-5) hedonism, disloyalty to family
courses for the entire nation, Public Affairs Committee lo- Communist fronts and causes. and country, situation ethic
from grade school to college. cated at the same address as the (8pp116-117) SIECUS rallied its supporters immorality, and personal de-
(8p107) In Study Guide #2 he Communist-run International ALGERNON BLACK partici- to form the National Committee struction. We now pay the price
promoted homosexuality; Publishers (381 Park Ave. S. pated with SIECUS officials for Responsible Family Life and with teen suicide, abortion, drug
(8p42) in Study Guide #10, N.Y. in 1977). Over half of the Mary Calderone and Helen Sex Education. This group of addiction, and unstable young
"The Sex Educator and Moral pamphlets fall into the category Southard in publishing "Sex 200 members sponsored an ad in families — the legacy left to us, in
Values," he proclaims situation of sex education/home and fam- Education and the New Mo- the October 16, 1969 issue of the part, by SIECUS officials, authors
ethics—published eight ily living and are therefore in- rality" appearing in New York Times affirming that and supporters.
months after his Communist cluded in sex education bibliog- bibiliographies. Algernon cited "enlightened Americans support
affiliation was revealed. Rubin raphies for teachers and students. for at least thirty-one Communist the concepts of SIECUS." A
co-authored with Lester SIECUS officials, Genne and front affiliations. (8pp117-118)

Why the battleground of

Kirkendall "Sex In the Adoles- Emily Mudd, were members of REV. JOSEPH FLETCHER:
cent Years: New Directions in Public Affairs Committee. authored "Situation Ethics-The
Guiding and Teaching Youth." SIECUS directors, Duvall, New Morality." FBI undercover
(8p32). Kirkendall, Mace, Peterson and agent, Herbert Philbrick, ex-
In addition to SIECUS,
Isadore held membership in
American Association of Mar-
Pilpel helped write Public Af-
fairs Pamphlets. Maxwell
Stewart also served as co-editor
plained how church facilities
were used by subversive groups.
Fletcher scored 17 affiliations
adolescent sexuality?
riage Counselors; American As- of "Moscow Daily News." Un- with Communist fronts. "For the first time the monopoly once held by an absolutistic,
sociation of Sex Educators and der oath, Earl Browder called (8pp118-119)
Stewart "one of the reliables of religiously-based sex ethic has now been destroyed," said Dr.
Counselors (AASEC); American ERICH FROMM , SIECUS- Albert Ellis in SIECUS Study Guide #10.
College of Obstetrics and Gyne- the Communist Party." recommended author, held mem-
(8pp113,114) bership on National Advisory Why is the battleground of adolescent sexuality so
cology; National Council on important to the social ist/humanist/SIECUS cartel? Because:
Family Relations. Book lists SIDONIE GRUENBERG Council of the ACLU and in the
• Teaching children different sexual values from those of
How SIECUS school sex education helps their parents drives a wedge between generations, and
encourages youth to accept other foreign ideas as well.
the anti-American cause. • Destroying the sex mores which support marriage destroys
1. The concept of teaching 5. Some of the materials pit the 9. Individualism is discouraged by family stability which weakens a nation, making it
sexual morality on a mass child against his parents, in an emphasis on "group vulnerable to cultural revolution.
scale is collectivistic. The an effort to break down conformity," a concept that trains
American-tradition • Chastity and monogamous marriage are central to most
parental authority and human beings for eventual
reserves this fundamental religions, so those desiring to erase religion from society
right for parents within the redirect the child's obedi subjugation. do so by destroying traditional sexual values in the minds
privacy of the home. ence to the authority of the 10. Birth control is treated in such a of children.
2. Sensitivity training is State. way as to prepare youth for world
employed; this, in essence, is 6. A negative outlook toward population control—another
a form of "brainwashing." traditional family life is collectivist concept. LEGAL ORGANIZATIONS ASSISTING
3. Darwinism is the prevailing promoted. The abolition of 11. Materials designed to stimulate
theme. Most sex education the family as we know it is FAMILIES IN DEFENDING ABSTINENCE
sociological discussion usually
materials consistently speak another anti-American
deride the free enterprise system CURRICULA OR REMOVING OFFENSIVE SEX
of man as an animal, objective.
omitting any reference to him 7. Some family living materials
and promote instead socialistic EDUCATION PROGRAMS INCLUDE:
as a spiritual being. pit race against race, a concepts.
4. The programs blatantly "divide and conquer" (from: SIECUS Circle. written in 1977,
teach students to formulate strategy. pp. 105-6. Now in 1992, anti-
their values on the basis of 8. Often injected into the American mentality operates under
"situation ethics", rather curriculum is pornography, names such as "One World Order"or
than on the laws of God. which ultimately debases "Global citizenship," which require
man. national and individual subservience.)
OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S. Page 5

SIECUS spins a web quietly

SIECUS Organizes "Sexperts"
Most Americans, including gists hold membership in two on this page)
In the SIECUS circle
many educators, have never or more of the networking or- Parents preferring moral sex OF PEDIATRICS: 75% of the TION OF SEX EDUCATORS,
heard of SIECUS. Why? Be- ganizations, appropriately education for their children references in their "Selected COUNSELORS AND
cause these self-appointed sex nicknamed by opponents the will be targeted by the References on Sex Education" THERAPISTS (AASECT): "to
professionals, few in number, "SIECUS Circle." SIECUS goal to "Develop na- have been traced to SIECUS assist those responsible...for
work quietly behind the scenes, In June 1989, SIECUS spon- tional strategies for counter- (8p148) sex education programs in the
moving their philosophy into sored a "one-day colloquium on acting the efforts of those who AMERICAN ASSOCIA- schools." By 1977, ten
America's mainstream through the status and future of sexuality would deny children this TION FOR HEALTH, PHYSI- SIECUS officials had served
organizations more familiar to education for children and youth needed information." CAL EDUCATION AND on AASECT committees. Dr.
us. in the United States." Attending According to "Sex Education RECREATION (Dept. of Na- Lester Kirkendall, SIECUS co-
A high percentage of sexual- this event called: "Sex Education 2000," The coalition will be tional Education Assoc.): Most founder, was keynote speaker
ity education materials pro- 2000: A National Colloquium on formed during the Spring of of the sex education materials at 1969 AASECT annual con-
vided by any one of these the Future of Sex Education," 1990, and will work together dur- reflect SIECUS ideology. This ference — where the get-ac-
organizations will be authored were representatives from "65 ing the next decade to develop organization and SIECUS quainted reception was spon-
by SIECUS officials or influential national organiza- "strategies to assure that by the worked together in 1968 to sored by Ortho and Emko, sup-
SIECUS-recommended au- tions." (11) year 2000 all children and youth write, "A Resource Guide in pliers of contraceptive devices.
thors. Each organization then Participants were presented will receive comprehensive sexu- Sex Educ. for the Mentally Re- In 1971, their Fourth National
refers the public back to with thirteen coercive goals, de- ality education." This, of course, tarded." Numerous SIECUS Sex Institute featured speakers
SIECUS — "For additional in- veloped by SIECUS for discus- means SIECUS-Kinseyan style officials have been members of who used "gutter" language,
formation, contact SIECUS..." sion but not necessarily consen- sex education-whether parents the National Education Asso- and a film of explicit sexual
Many of the SIECUS sexolo- sus. (See: Sex Education 2000 want it or not. (11p25) ciation. activity was shown by a propo-
(8pp149-50) nent of legalizing pornography.

1977, eight SIECUS officials husband of Mary Calderone,
had served as President of has been chief administrator of
from: Haffner. "Sex Education 2000" pp. 34-5. AAMFC, including Wardell W.H.O. in the past. SIECUS is
Pomeroy, chief investigator for a member agency of American
Alfred Kinsey. One of the ma- Association of World Health.
+ Academy for Educational + Columbia University-Center + National Information Center (8p281)
for Children/Youth with jor goals of AAMFC was to
Development for Population& FamilyHealth "...revise state laws pertaining And so the SIECUS
+# The Alan Guttmacher + Education Development Disabilities CIRCLE continues with simi-
# National League for to marriage, divorce, licensing
Institute Center, Inc. of marriage counselors..." lar connections to many of the
+# American Association for # ETR Associates Nursing groups listed in The "Web" on
+# National Lesbian and Gay (8ppI51-2)
Marriage and Family Therapy + Federation Employment and this page.
+# American Association of Guidance Service Health Foundation
School Administrators + Girls Clubs of America, Inc. # National Mental Health
# American Association of *+ Girl Scouts of the USA Association
Sex Educators, Counselors + Healthy Mothers/Healthy # National Network of
& Therapists (AASECT) Babies Runaway and Youth
+# American Home Economics +# Hetrick-Martin Institute for Services
Association Gay & Lesbian Youth # National Organization on
# American Medical + Hunter College Adolescent Pregnancy and
Association + I Have a Dream Parenting
# American Nurses Foundation + National Parent Teacher
Association + Jobs for Youth, Inc. Association
+ American Red Cross + Johnson and Johnson + National School Health
+# American School Health + Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Education Coalition
Association Foundation # National Urban League
+ ASPO-Lamaze + Manpower Demonstration + New York University
+# Association for the Research Corp. *+# Planned Parenthood
Advancement of Health + March of Dimes Birth Federation of America
Education Defects Foundation + Salvation Army
*+ Association of Junior *+ Mt. Sinai Medical Center + Sex Education Coalition
Leagues International # National AbortionRights +# SIECUS: 6 board
*+# Association of Action League (NARAL) members, 5 staff, 3 interns
Reproductive Health # National Association of +# Society for
Professionals Counties Adolescent Medicine
+ Big Brothers/Big Sisters of # National Coalition of # Society for Behavioral
America Advocates for Students Pediatrics
+ Boys Clubs of America +# National Council of Family +# Society for the Scientific
+ Carnegie Corporation Relations Study of Sex (SSSS)
+ Center for Early + National Council of +# United Church Board for
Adolescence Negro Women Homeland Ministries
+# Center for Population +# National Education + United Methodist Church

Who is ETR?
Options Association +# University of Pennsylvania
+# Children's Defense Fund +# National Family # U.S. Conference of Local
# Child Welfare League of Planning and Health Officers
America Reproductive Health # U.S. Conference of Mayors
# Coalition on Sexuality and Association +# Young Woman's Christian Oregon's AIDS curriculum,
Disability, Inc. distributed to every school by the 1989 Conference included Dr.
# National Gay and Lesbian Association of the U.S.A
Dept. of Education and State Carol Cassell, past president of
Task Force (YWCA)
Health Dept., contains numerous AASECT and Debra Haffner, di-
pages attributed to ETR. rector of SIECUS.
ETR teaches teachers values
Sex Education 2000: A Call to action - by SIECUS What is ETR? Education
Training and Research Associ-
ates began as the education de-
clarification which circum-
vents morality; redefines ho-
partment of the Santa Cruz, Cali- mosexuality as normal; under-
SEX EDUCATION 2000: A cation. munity level. mines role of parents; pro-
CALL TO ACTION by Debra Goal Five: By the year 2000, Goal Ten: By the year 2000, fornia chapter of Planned Parent-
hood. (54) motes masturbation as
W. Haffner, Director of SIECUS. all national youth-serving agen- all teachers and group leaders healthy; pushes condoms; dis-
Mission: To assure that all cies will implement sexuality providing sexuality education to ETR busily helps schools respects the concepts of chas-
children and youth receive com- education programs and policies. youth will receive appropriate implement family life education tity until marriage; encourages
prehensive sexuality education Goal Six: By the year 2000, training. curricula, writes AIDS education teen abortion; and claims that
by the year 2000. the media will assume a more Goal Eleven: By the year materials for school students, in- AIDS is everyone's problem
Goal One: By the year 2000, proactive role in sexuality 2000, new methodologies will be structs teachers, and consults but no one's responsibility.
sexuality education will be eduation. developed to evaluate sexuality with health educators. (54)
viewed as a community wide re- Goal Seven: By the year 2000, education programs. Oregon's coordinator for Network Publications is a divi-
sponsibility. federal policies and programs Goal Twelve: By the year HIV/AIDS education, Claudia sion of ETR which receives tax
Goal Two: By the year 2000, will support sexuality education. 2000, broad support for sexual- Webster, has obviously worked funding from Centers for Dis-
all parents will receive assistance Goal Eight: By the year 2000, ity education will be activated. with ETR. Webster is also cer- ease Control, federal Title XX
in providing sexuality education each state will have policies for Goal Thirteen: SIECUS calls tified as a sex educator by funds, U.S. Dept. of Health &
for their child(ren). school-based sexuality education upon national organizations to AASECT, meaning she has Human Services, and California
Goal Three: By the year 2000, and assure that mandates are join together as a national coali- been through the explicit, por- State funds. Foundations funding
all schools will provide sexuality implemented on a local level. tion to support sexuality educa- nographic process AASECT ETR include Ford, Carnegie,
education for children and youth. Goal Nine: By the year 2000, tion. (underling by editor to calls "training." Stuart, and Hewlett-Packard.
Goal Four; By the year 2000, guidelines, materials, strategies highlight coercive language.) (54)
and support for sexuality educa- "Experts" enlisted for ETR's
all religious institutions serving
youth will provide sexuality edu tion will be available at the com
Page 6 OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S.

SIECUS Invades
Teaching the teachers
The Kinsey-SIECUS elite published "Manual for Accredi-
Oregon's HIV AIDS educator
certified by AASECT
tors. (28p130) SIECUS formally (Planned Parenthood of the Columbia / Willamette presented "SAR (Sexual
gained widespread control over tation" which recommended for affiliated with NYU in 1978 and Attitude Reassessment) conferance" in Oregon on Feb. 19 & 20 1994.)
U.S. sex education by setting courses such topics as "sexual later moved its office to the cam- SIECUS created "The graffiti board used as an ice
themselves up as the accrediting variations" and "alternate pus. (28p130) In 1967 they co- American Association of Sex breaker to open up verbal discus-
body for university-based human lifestyles." (28p147) operated on "Experienced Educators Counselors and sion of "dirty words" as part of
sexuality programs which train A half-page SIECUS ad ap- Teacher Fellowship Program in Therapists" (AASECT) in the desensitizing process.(57)
the educators (advanced de- peared in the Spring 1965 issue Sex Education," giving to 20 el- 1967 for the purpose of train- Dr. Albert Ellis, an early mem-
grees) who train the educators of "The Humanist" stating this ementary teachers a master's de- ing and accrediting educators ber of AASECT, spoke to the
(undergraduate) who train the intention: "Using specialized gree program where Calderone and health personnel in human 1973 sixth annual meeting of
children. advisory committees, SIECUS and Calderwood advocated an sexuality. For more than a de- AASECT saying:"... a lot of the
In 1983, the Society for the will develop teaching stan- "experiential thrust." (38p4) cade they have required for early influences are still very
Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS) dards and syllabi for profes- Edward Eichel, co-author of certification a Sexual Attitude bigoted, narrow-minded,
formed a committee assigned to sional schools and public "Kinsey, Sex and Fraud" and a Reassessment (SAR) (origi- absolutistic,....nobody believes
develop accreditation guidelines schools at all levels,...plans to member of AASECT and SSSS, nally "Restructuring") semi- in the Catholic Church anymore,
for University degree programs conduct its own teaching insti- came through the NYU program nar which includes "meaning- but people go to the g-- d --------
in Human Sexuality. tutes for the continuing educa- to gain his masters degree in Hu- ful exposure in a wide range of church and it does officially say
(28pp120,147) Committee mem- tion of physicians, teachers, so- man Sexuality, Marriage and human sexual behavior that that premarital sex is invariably
bers included a former student of cial workers, etc."(8p40) Family Life. He tells that this extends outside their own area bad, especially if it includes
Lester Kirkendall of Oregon The Winter 1967 SIECUS graduate program had sponsored of experience." (28p134) intercourse....Now we better
State University, Deryck Newsletter states: "SIECUS will symposia where featured speak- SIECUS Report March 1974 fight this horse s---! It is not
Calderwood, who was a SIECUS soon link its efforts with those of ers were well-known European tells us: "...strategies are now good at all that early influence."
board member and professor at a large publishing house to de- pedophiles. (28p12.3) used in the education of profes- (58) Hence the SIECUS push for
New York University: Kenneth velop teaching materials of vari- Mr. Eichel wrote a letter to the sionals when explicit erotic films sex education in preschool, kin-
George, an avowed homosexual ous kinds for ...grammar schools, Ethics Commission of AASECT are employed in a process of dergarten and elementary
who headed the Human Sexual- high schools, education." complaining that: gay activists sexual attitude reassessment." schools.
ity program at Univ. of Pennsyl- A June 22, 1970 press re- were using the sex education Wardell Pomeroy describes this "The New Sex Education"
vania; Wardell Pomeroy, Dean lease revealed that a $200,000 profession to attack the hetero- SAR experience: "As part of our (1978) by sexologist Herbert
of the Institute for the Advanced matching grant from Ford sexual norm, especially in intensive courses we project Otto quotes P. Schiller, a founder
Study of Human Sexuality in San Foundation to SIECUS would Deryck Calderwood's courses several films on to a series of AASECT: "This organization
Francisco. All three of these de- be concentrating "on work where class exercises encour- of screens simultaneously. (AASECT) has developed model
gree programs teach Kinseyan with teacher-trainers, clergy, aged heterosexuals to explore They vary in content from 'hard programs and curricula for sex
ideology. (28p120) youth groups, law-enforce- homosexual experiences, and in- porn' homosexuality to milder educators which have influenced
Paul Gebhard, former director ment officers, social workers, cluded a "nude body workshop." loving themes...." (7) Mary the policies and training
of Kinsey Institute also served nurses, and community lead- H e f u r t h e r c o mp l a i n e d o f Calderone claimed an SAR programs...of the World Health
on the committee. Another mem- ers." The Education Office of pedophiles helping in training seminar showing homosexual Organization, leading U.S. pub-
ber, Vern Bullough, wrote a for- U.S. Department of Health, sessions, requirements to attend "lovemaking" helped her get lic school systems, the National
ward for Dutch pedophile Ed-: Education and Welfare funded Gay Day Parades, photographing over sexual hangups. Independent Schools and gradu-
ward Brongersma's book, a Dec. 1966 SIECUS confer- of students in sexually explicit (28p135) The advanced ate inservice training programs
"Loving Boys: A Multi- ence.(32) situations and debriefing of version of SAR is VAR - of leading universities...." Listed
disciplinary Study of Sexual Re- From its beginning, SIECUS seminar activity to maintain se- "Values Attitude Reassess- in Otto's resource addendum is
lations Between Adult and Mi- provided the database in a part- crecy. (28pp150-1) ment." (44) Patricia Shiller, the the San Francisco porno house
nor Males" c. 1986. (28p 121) nership with New York Univer- first executive director of known as Multi Media and Rich-
This "loaded" SSSS committee sity which educated the educa- AASECT, explains the use of a ard Farson's "Birthrights ,"
which proclaims new sexual
Dr. James Dobson exposes "Condomania"
rights for children. (57)
Claudia Webster, HIV edu-
The process of recommending etrated the entire thickness of the cation director of the Oregon
condom usage to teenagers in- glove.' The HIV measures be- Health Division, formerly with

evitably conveys five dangerous tween .1 and .3 microns. Given Planned Parenthood, is one of
ideas: (1) that "safe sex" is these findings, tell me what ra- the many health educators cer-
achievable; (2) that everybody is tional, informed person would tified by AASECT. She pub-
doing it; (3) that responsible trust his or her very life to such (condensed from: "Healthy Sex Education in Your Schools" by Dinah licly brags about her condom
adults expect them to do it; (4) flimsy armor? Richards & Anne Newman. c. 1990. Focus on the Family. All Rights collection. Webster is a major
that it's a good thing; and (5) that I'm sure this explains why Reserved. Internatiomal Copyright Secured. Used by Permission. ) author of Oregon's "AIDS :
their peers know they know these not one of 800 sexologists at a The Preventable Epidemic"
things, breeding promiscuity.
These are very destructive mes-
recent conference raised a
hand when asked if they would
Beneficial Harmful curriculum distributed to all
Oregon public schools in 1988
sages to our kids. trust a thin rubber sheath to 1. Defines "safe sex" and "responsible 1. Defines "safe sex" and "responsible as a model for required AIDS
Furthermore, Planned protect them during inter- sex" in terms of premarital sex" in terms of contraceptive education K-12. Considering
Parenthood's own data show that course with a known HIV-in. abstinence and marital fidelity. usage. the AASECT training received
the number one reason teenagers fected person. I don't blame 2. Presents a complete review of all 2. Covers only a few diseases. by Webster, Oregonians need
engage in intercourse is peer them. They're not crazy, after sexually-transmitted diseases. 3. Mentions famous people who not be surprised at the homo-
pressure! Therefore, anything all. And yet they're perfectly 3. Shows the tragedy of having a have had STDs. sexual-friendly, Planned Par-
we do to imply that "everybody willing to tell our kids that S.T.D. 4. Teaches "protect yourself," not enthood-ETR condom content
is doing it" results in more...not `safe sex' is within reach and 4. Discusses various means of AIDS "just say no." of this curriculum which tells
fewer...people who give the that they can sleep around transmission and teaches avoidance 5. Promotes condom usage by sug- students to "be selective about
game a try. What I'm saying is with impunity. of those behaviors. gesting their use, downplaying your sexual partners."
that our condom distribution Since 1970, the federal gov- 5. Emphasizes the failure rate of failure rate. Mary Calderone says, "I think it
programs do not reduce the num- ernment has spent over $2 bil- condoms in preventing the spread 6. Avoids the words "right" and really is in our interest to include
ber of kids exposed to lion to promote condom usage of STDs. "wrong" when teaching about
a unit of sex education in the
disease...they radically increase and "safe sex." This year alone, 6. Uses principles to teach right "choices."
it! $450 million of your tax dollars 7. Treats adolescents like adults.
training curriculum for all
moral values. teachers." (42)
Want proof of that fact? will go down that drain! (Com- 7. Realizes that teens do not use adult 8. Arouses curiosity.
Since the Planned Parenthood- pared with less that $8 million 9. Defines abstinence as non-pen- In light of this information,
reasoning. Guides teens to right parents have just cause for con-
type programs began in 1970, for abstinence programs, which choices. etration.
unwed pregnancies have in- Sen. Teddy Kennedy and com- 10. Avoids standard of "premarital
cern when they read in "SIECUS
8. Protects natural sexual caution. Position Statements 1991" that
creased 87 percent among 18- pany have sought repeatedly to 9. Defines abstinence as restraint abstinence," saying "wait until
and 19-year olds. Likewise, eliminate altogether.) Is it time to you are ready" or "older."
"Professionals responsible for
from sexual activity. sexuality education must receive
abortions among teens rose to ask what we've gotten for our 11. Discusses contraceptive in
money? After 22 years and $2 10. Uses premarital abstinence as specialized training in human
346,900 in 1988; unplanned standard. context of partner.
births went up 61 percent. And billion, some 57 percent of sexu- sexuality.... SIECUS urges that
11. Discusses contraceptives in 12. Shows kinds, methods, and all teachers from pre-kindergar-
venereal disease has infected a ally active teens still never use how-to's of contraception.
contraceptives during inter- context of marriage-husband & ten through 12th grade receive a
generation of young people. wife. 13. Scoffs at religious views
Nice job, Planned Parenthood. course! Of the remaining 43 per- course in human sexuality."
12. Does not demonstrate contra- objecting to contraceptive use. So continues the aggressive
Good thinking, senators and con- cent, many use condoms improp- 14. Uses terms "monogamy" or
gressmen. Nice nap, America. erly or only occasionally. That is ceptive use. sex education machine into
13. Respects religious views that "long-term relations," not "marriage." schools, health departments and
Having made a blunder that the success ratio of the experts
oppose contraceptive use. 15. Doesn't mention "save sex for youth agencies where it directs
now threatens the human fam- who call abstinence "unrealistic"
14. Uses the word "marriage" and defines it marriage.".Premarital sex is ex- youth in their sexual choices in-
ily, the same people who got us and "unworkable."
as a life-long commitment. pected. dependent of parental values or
into this mess are continuing to There is only one way to pro-
establish our approach to teen tect ourselves from the deadly 15. Presents sexual intercourse in 16. Defines "family" as people the standards of society.
sexuality. When will we recog- diseases that lie in wait. It is marriage in positive terms. living in the same household. Grassroots Americans far out-
nize that they are the problem, abstinence before marriage, 16. Defines family as a blood or 17. Talks about other sources to number questionably-educated
not the solution to it! then marriage and mutual fi- legal relationship. turn to before family. "sexperts." Graduate degrees
delity for life to an uninfected 17. Presents family as a resource to 18. Emphasizes individual prefer- and elegant goals mean very
Viruses are 450 times smaller ences. little when concerned parents
than sperm, and pass easily partner. Anything less is po- turn to in all situations.
tentially suicidal. 18. Teaches respect for family rules. 19. Uses vague, subjective terms in rise to stand against these ped-
through even the smallest gaps. curricula. dlers of promiscuity.
Researchers studying surgical (Excerpted from Dr. James Dobson's 19. Clearly states objectives of
curricula. 20. Does not uphold highest standards.
gloves made of latex, the same February 1992 newsletter. c. 1992, Focus
material in condoms, found on the Family. All Rights Reserved. 20. Upholds highest standards. 21. Considers teacher's moral con-
`channels of 5 microns that pen- International Copyright Secured. Used 21. Insists teacher must be model of duct irrelevant.
by Permission.) high moral conduct.
OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S. Page 7

Coming to your school board: SIECUS guidelines for K-12 sex education
ing pregnancy." (p12 age 9-12) each method of contraception."
What does SIECUS want to
teach your children? 3. A third theme lacing its (p38 age 12-15) "People can
In October 1991, a SIECUS way through "Guidelines" is find creative and sensual ways of
task force published "Guide- Joseph Fletcher's "situation integrating contraception into
lines for Comprehensive Sexu- ethics." "Values should be freely their sexual relationship." (p38
ality Education: K-12" which chosen after the alternatives and age 15-18) "Some religions
has been sent to all U.S. school their consequences are evalu- teach that contraception is desir-
boards, asking for their lead- ated." (p25 age 12-15) able; others do not approve of
ership in promoting sex educa- (Editor:How many Jr. Highers contraception." (p37 age 9-12)
tion "in every grade in every do we know who are able to And then they proceed to
school." (SIECUS Position think like an adult?) Goal: "Ex- teach the entire class the how-to
Statements 1991) press one's sexuality in ways of contraceptives, disregarding
Twenty SIECUS-appointed congruent with one's values." the values of the students taught
sexperts on the Task Force, (p31) (Editor: implies no stan- differently by parents and
funded by Carnegie Corporation dard. What values? Any values? church.
of New York, represented famil- no absolute right/wrong men- ABORTION
iar organizations: U.S. Centers tioned.) Blatant bias and falsehood
for Disease Control, American HOMOSEXUALITY permeates the topic of "Abor-
Medical Association, National We note the politically correct tion." These two statements have
School Boards Association, Na- statement that "People do not it backwards: "A legal abortion
tional Education Association, choose their sexual orientation" is very safe." (p39 age 9-12)
March of Dimes Birth Defects (p15 age 12-15) which is com- "Childbirth is a natural process
Foundation, Planned Parenthood plicated by a statement on the that is usually safe for the mother
Federation of America, experi- next page: "'s sexual orien- and the baby." (p43 age 12-15)
enced sex education teachers and tation may change during life." In truth, legal abortion is very
"national program consultants (p16 age 15-18) The first con- risky, emotionally and physi-
and trainers." (Editor: Sexual At- cept, undocumented by studies, cally. Complications can occur,
titude Reassessment graduates?). is being used to seek minority even suicides afterwards. But
William Yarber, Professor of status for homosexuals. The sec- childbirth is "very safe" due to
Health Education at Indiana Uni- ond statement is essential if ho- its naturalness and advanced
versity and a SIECUS board mosexuals are to recruit hetero- medical technology which has
member, chaired the Task Force. sexuals. Indeed, the final con- made deaths from childbirth
"Guidelines" "...emerged as cept on p. 16 says to 15-18 year practically non-existent.
consensus beliefs of the task olds: "The telephone number of A second falsehood: "Having
force." In other words, twenty the gay and lesbian switchboard an abortion rarely interferes with
Kinsey-SIECUS disciples is..." and then gives the national a woman's ability to become
pooled their "beliefs" to come number. pregnant or give birth in the fu-
up with what they think all Under the topic, "Diversity" ture." (p39 age 12-15)
American children should we find emphasis on "discrimi- Reputable sources put the risk
learn about sex. Noticeably ab- nation" used to automatically re- for sterility and/or future miscar- STD/HIV without parental con- RELIGION
sent from the committee were fer to negative or unequal treat- riages between 4 and 10 times sent." (p41 age 12-15) "People
who have an STD, HIV infec- While the topic "Sexuality and
representatives of traditional ment of persons. The concepts increase for aborted women. Religion" (p48) struggles to be
family beliefs, such as Dr. make no mention of the fact that A clear half-truth: "Abortion is tion, or AIDS need the support
of family and friends." (p41 age objective, other statements in
James Dobson or Phyllis a civilized society, while not not a method of contraception." "Guidelines" cast religion in a
downgrading individual people, (p39 age 12-15) Though techni- 12-15)
Schlafly. Teens are further flooded with negative tone. This should not
Therefore, we expect to see must "discriminate" in favor of cally true, in reality over 95% of surprise us since we understand the
health over disease, right over all abortions are done for conve- "make up your own mind" rather
Kinseyan ideology lacing the en- than "follow moral rules of home underlying motives for the sexual
tire document. And that is ex- wrong, moral over immoral, dis- nience reasons. A large percent- revolution and see the connection
criminate use of sexuality over age of aborting women are not and society." For example: "In-
actly what we find. dividuals need to examine mes- with humanistic atheism.
"Guidelines" consists of 700 indiscriminate sexual expression. using contraception and/or are "Conflicts may result in
MASTURBATION having repeat abortions. sages received from different
declarative statements divided sources and establish guidelines teenagers and adults who have
into "Key Concepts" by age Masturbation has recently EXPLICIT MATERIALS
for their own behavior." (p45 age been raised in a religion that does
level. The statements sound like been added to the SIECUS Posi- According to "SIECUS Posi- not fully accept human sexuality".
tion Statements 1991. The tion Statements 1991: "SIECUS 12-15)
objective facts, but upon closer Many "Guideline" statements (p48 age 12-15) Do we know of any
inspection we find them filled Guidelines define and encourage supports the use of...explict vi- religion which "does not fully
it, beginning with age 5-8. For are highly debatable. By far the
with truth, half-truth, falsehood, sual materials as valuable educa- accept" the reality of "human
age 12-15: "Masturbation, either majority of these "objective"
value-bias, contradiction and tional aids..." statements will take on the ideo- sexuality?" M o r e a c c u r a t e l y
hidden agenda. alone or with a partner, is one s t a t e d , "Many religions do not
With the excuse of "guaranteed logical color of the person teach-
1. One major theme found in way a person can enjoy and ex- accept the Kinsey-SIECUS view of
freedoms of speech and press" ing them.
"Guidelines" is acceptance of press their sexuality without risk- the sex education elite has sexuality."
ing pregnancy or an STD/HIV." For example: "Children some-
all sexual relationships as opposed laws restricting pornog- times have to do things they do Does "Guidelines" subtly suggest
equal in value. We see a diluted (p33) raphy. "Guidelines" reflect this
Encouraging masturbation for not want to do because their par- that children must choose between
definition of family: "A family attitude: "Some people use erotic ents say so." (p28 age 5-8) One religion and sex? Omit-• ted from
consists of two or more people youth is one way to lead youth photographs, movies, or litera-
toward homosexual behavior, teacher may support this as a "Guidelines" is any reference to the
who care for each other in many ture to enhance their sexual fan- truth to be respected and explain fact that people following religious
ways."(p.17 age 5-8) In fact, a and prepare the young for a fu- tasies when alone or with a part-
ture agenda item - pedophilia. that parents are considering the morality have a higher percentage of
family is a group of people re- ner." (p35 age 15-18) "Sexual well-being of the child. Another stable families, lower incidence of
lated by blood or legal contract. (see Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. by
fantasies that involve harming teacher might use the occasion to STD/ HIV infection, and in most
But the looser definition accom- Reisman & Eichel.)
oneself or another person should alienate them from parents by cases, happier sex lives.
modates co-habitation, com- MARRIAGE AND ABSTI- never be acted upon." (p35 age IN CONCLUSION:
NENCE convincing them this is unfair.
munes, homosexual serial part- 15-18) "There is no evidence After all, "Everyone, including The more naive among edu-
nerships, etc. "Two people who Highly praiseworthy is the that erotic images in the arts cators will latch on to "Guide-
mention of the words "marriage" children, has rights." (p28 age 58)
cohabit can have the same com- cause inappropriate sexual be- The teacher must also define the lines," grateful that "sexperts"
mitment and responsibility to- and "abstinence" as major top- havior." (p49 age 15-18) have so kindly given them a
ics. However, of the 34 concepts "right-wrong" of "things they want
ward one another as married Numerous SIECUS humanists to do" before there can even be ready-made outline based on so-
people." (p22 age 12-15) "Ho- under "Marriage and Lifetime write for Playboy, Sexology and called "scientific research." The
Commitments," 12 include the any discussion.
mosexual love relationships can other "art/education" publica- "Many aspects of family life more astute among educators and
be as fulfilling as heterosexual word "divorce." Cohabitation tions. Given their definition of parents will recognize the Kinsey-
and homosexual lifetime com- have changed during the past
relationships." (p15 age 9-12) art, the third guideline above is several decades." (p18 age 15- SIECUS-Planned Parenthood
"Gay men and lesbian women mitments are confirmed. (pp 21- blatantly false. The task force philosophy of indiscriminate sex
22, all ages) "Abstinence" as 18) Progressive or regressive? It
can establish lifelong committed has obviously, not read Ted depends on the teacher's value based upon pseudo-scientific
relationships." (p 15 age 12-15) used, means "no intercourse" but Bundy's testimony or Don opinions.
affirms all other sexual activities, system.
2. A second foundational Wildmon's mail, received from
theme is "sex as pleasure." even though these tend to lead to those devastated in mind, body The newest SIECUS study "Un- refusal skills as sexual
How amazing that after thou- intercourse. "There are many and social relations by such finished Business" analyzed sex negotiation techniques
sands of years of successful hu- ways to give and receive sexual erotica. learned through role-playing
pleasure and not have inter- education programs of 28 states.
man procreation, these sexperts PARENTAL AUTHORITY explicit conversations. SIECUS
course." (p34 age 12-15) We all recognize the need for Funded by the same Carnegie Cor-
think this needs to be "taught." poration that promotes Goals 2000 shows no concern about offending
However: "Both girls and boys Though several of the "absti- teens to become increasingly in-
nence" guidelines are beneficial, dependent in preparation for Education Reform, this study com- the majority of students or
have body parts that feel good
the underlying theme is "sex is adulthood. However, they are plains that state-developed sex edu- undermining the natural modesty
when touched." (p11 age 5-8)
"Both men and women can expe- for adults" rather than "sex is for not yet adults and most still live cation is not yet meeting the "1991" of children.
rience sexual pleasure through- marriage." at home. "Guidelines" for age SIECUS Guidelines." SIECUS SIECUS wants statewide commit-
out their lives." (p12 age 15-18) CONTRACEPTION 12-18 refer teens to "confiden- wants more discussion of sexual tees to create state sex
"Intercourse is a pleasurable ac- While "abstinence" carries 16 tial" services and community identity, abortion, masturbation,
concepts, "contraception" and agencies, rather then parents, curricula based on their 1991
tivity for most adults." (34 age 5- sexual fantasy and sexual dysfunc- "Guidelines." Labeling those with
8) "Sexual intercourse provides "abortion" carry 46 concepts. when they encounter problems.
One wonders just how a teacher Consider these two guidelines, tion. traditional morals as "right
pleasure," (p12 age 9-12) is fol-
lowed up for pre-pubertal chil- might approach a group of 12-15 each true but opposing each SIECUS wants curricula to wingers" obstructing plans for
dren by: "There are ways to have year olds with: "There are ways other: "Teenagers can get confi- present "safer sex" as more realistic "comprehensive" sex ed in every
genital intercourse without caus a sexual partner can help with dential testing and treatment for than abstinence. They reject the U.S. school, SIECUS offers
"just say no" preferred by most "assistance to communities in re-
parents and define sponding to opposition."
Page 8 OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S.

Peddlers of promiscuity promote pedophilia

Organizations of pedophiles are is considered to be one of the ciples Basic to Education for believe it (Ed. children having a that 31% of lesbians and 12% of
lobbying for the legalization of foremost U.S. sexologists. In an Sexuality" states that we need sex life) have the wit to keep a low homosexual males reported be-
sex with children. The Guyon interview with Journal of to accept all degrees of profile and tuck the idea away ing victims of forced sex by their
Society, for example, has as its Paedophilia, Money referred to "heterosexuality, bisexuality, or neatly in a longer, more conven- most recent partner. "You've
motto, "Sex Before Eight or "affectional pedophilia" and homosexuality"; that tional speech or article. The sug- got a lot of angry people in these
Else It's Too Late." As early as claimed that mutual "Children of all ages. have the gestion comes wrapped in the pi- groups and it's frightening to
1972, the Gay Rights Platform consenting sex between a 10- capacity to establish caring, eties of feminism (children, like think of this violence being vis-
called for the repeal of all state year old boy and 30 year old loving relationships with people women, have the right to control ited on a sexual
laws prohibiting private, man, would not, in his opinion, of all ages"; that "sensitive sex their own bodies) and the context."
consenting sexual acts and repeal be pathological. (15p5) education...should begin as children's rights movement (chil- Reisman also warned that
of all age of sexual consent laws. Wardell Pomeroy claims that early as possible." (40pp 8-9) dren have rights versus their pedophiles would increasingly
And so the sex revolution "...incest need not be a perversion Strategies for eliminating this parents)."(28p45) seek young children free of AIDS
continues to chip away at the last ...can sometimes be beneficial." "last taboo" include making it A third approach is to get to the as "safe" partners. (14) Edgar
"taboo"—child sexual activity. (4) respectable by changing the children early with the Richards of NAMBLA confirms
It was Kinsey's supposedly SIECUS sympathy toward semantics. At the SSSS homosexual agenda, through sex her worry: "If an adult has sex
"scientific" work which pedophilia was present in the 1970 (Society for the Scientific education starting in with a child, the adult's possibility
established the idea that Study Guide, "Sexual Encounters Study of Sexuality) 31st kindergarten, before they are of acquiring AIDS would be
children had normal sexual Between Adults and Children." Annual Conference, Dr. affected by social heterosexual greatly reduced, if not eliminated.
desire and gave justificat i o n The 1983 New York University Sharon Satterfield stated that learning. Or befriend them from We should not fear the AIDS is-
for the yet "closeted" summer seminar conducted by pedophilia - a condition where positions of authority. A sue. It. should be our strongest ar-
pedophilia movement. Professor Deryck Calderwood, adults are sexually attracted NAMBLA (North American gument. Isn't it about time we
Author John Leo, in Sept 7, attended by Edward Eichel, to prepubertal children — Man/Boy Love Association) fought for our youth! The time to
1981 Time Magazine stated: featured several speakers may be a sexual orientation supporter advises: "We find that go on the offensive has begun."
"Some researchers openly argue presenting material on rather than a sexual local boys will become friends (23)
`anything goes' for children." He pedophilia. (132) deviation. She then raised with you if you express an Can our minds and hearts escape
named "anything goes" propo- Pedophile involvement in the question as to interest in them. Treat them as the pitiful nature of such calloused
nents: Mary Calderone of SIECUS/New York University whether pedophiles may have friends...gain their respect; then illogic? Indeed, "No society can
SIECUS, sexologist John Money training programs for educators rights. (6) It hardly takes a there's more chance of escape decline once it has
of Johns Hopkins, and Kinsey and health professionals should be doctorate degree to see that a establishing a relationship that abandoned itself to sexual li-
coauthor, Wardell Pomeroy. a grave concern for parents and simple change in semantics has a sexual element to it." (23) cense." (50)
John Money, former educators with children in man- fails to change the nature of the Dr. Judith Reisman raises the
SIECUS board member, and dated sex/AIDS education pro- behavior. serious issue of abuse by
former professor of Medical grams. The "SlECUS/NYU Prin A second strategy is to "sneak pedophiles. She referred to a
Psychology and Pediatrics at it in." A 1981 Time magazine Journal of Sex Research
John Hopkins, article explains: "...most of the statistic
researchers, doctors and
counselors who

SIECUS "Sexologists" tell us their views on pedophilia not yet accustomed to accepting
♦ "Providing today's ( Ma r y Ca ld e r o n e in a 1 9 8 0 our conception of human sexual sexuality, inadvertently gathered the simple fact that children are
society with a 'very deep speech to Association of Planned development and thoughts about what was to remain for many years prediction.... the famous Kinsey
awareness of the vital Parenthood Physicians, as sex education." (Wardell the largest data base with respect to studies of human sexual." (Mary
importance of infant and quoted in source #28 p. 126) Pomeroy. 1978 Speech to Third incest....So far this material remains Calderone "Children, Values, and
childhood sexuality' is now the ♦ ...the idea of childhood Intern. Congress of Medical Sex-
Sexuality." SIECUS Report
o lo g y in Ro me . Q u o te d in unpublished by the Institute, on the
primary goal of SIECUS." sexuality...has forever affected
Reisman & Eichel. p. 120-1) basis that 'the population is not November 1981, p 10)
ready for it.'(Dealing with the Last A book review criticizing

Pedophilia in the News

♦ "What do we know about
situations in which young children Taboo. SIECUS Report May 1979 p KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD by
and older people, stronger people, 1) Reisman and Eichel, appears in
have had a sexual relationship of "Certain values regarding adult the February/March 1992 issue
• "For two years, members of the North American Man-Boy Love one kind or another that has been sexuality are now in various stages of SIECUS Report. The review
Association (NAMBLA) met quietly at a city library. Angry pleasant, and the child feels good of evolution. But we are not yet was written by none other than
residents say they're furious that a group of pedophiles has been about it because it's warm and accustomed to discussing values Vern Bullough, 1991 editorial
meeting there and they want the seductive and tender?" (Mary relating to the sexuality of board member for
controversial organization out." (San Francisco Associated Press Calderone on panel: "Childhood, the
January 1992) First Season: Nurturing Sexual childhood, simply because we are J o u r n a l o f Pedophilia.
• Sept 1, 1990: The mayor of a California city resigned his post after
SIECUS sexperts target children
Awakening" discussion of
pleading no contest to one felony charge of molesting a boy under masturbation, sex play, sexual
the age of 14. He met the boy through the Big abuse, nudity and body image
Brothers program." (Human Events. Oct 27, 1990 "Must D.C. Youth Groups issues. SSSS Eastern Region These sexperts waste no time getting to the subject with 5-8 year
Use Homosexual Advisors?")
• The Oregon Citizens Alliance introduced an initiative to oppose Conference. April 20, 1985. as olds. This design should disturb us, given the strong sympathy by
Special Rights for Homosexuals. The initiative defined as quoted in #28 p. 129) many in the SIECUS crowd toward incest and pedophilia. Consider
"abnormal behaviors" homosexuality, bestiality, ♦ Dutch legislator, Edward the following specified for 5-8 year old children in SIECUS
necrophilia, sadomasochism and pedophilia. The strategy Brongersma, was guest speaker at 1991 "Guidlines for comprehensive sexuality education."
introduced at a meeting of the "No on Hate" committee opposing a 1983 New York University
the initiative, was to defend homosexualityand denounce the othe r seminar taught by Deryck "Sexual intercourse occurs "It feels good to touch parts of
behaviors. However, "The hitch came when some Calderwood. Mr. Brongersma when a man and woman place the the body."
members...particularly gay men, balked at established a foundation to "re- penis inside the vagina."
condemning pedophilia." (Willamette Week. November 7-13,1991 p. 4) search sexual lives of "Touching and rubbing one's
• "The Minnesota'Foundation recently announced a $20,000 grant to children...with emphasis "Most men and women are own genitals is called masturba-
build a gay and lesbian youth center in Minneapolis. Persons in on...sexual relationships between heterosexual..." tion."
opposition say the center will also be a magnet for adult sexual children and adults..." As a legis-
predators." lator he tried to change "Some men and women are "Adults often kiss, hug, touch
• In the 1990-91 academic year the nondiscrimination policy of the homosexual...." and engage in other sexual be-
University of Massachusetts at Amherst forbade "discrimination on pedophilia laws: "contacts which
are freely consented to by the havior with one
the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, "Homosexuals are also known as
national origin, disability or handicap, veteran status, or sexual child should not be forbidden by share sexual pleasure."
law." Brongersma co-edited a gay men and lesbian women."
orientation, which shall not include persons whose sexual "Intercourse is a pleasureable
orientation includes minor children as the sex object." In the 1991- book which included "Man-Boy
92 statement the last 15 words were deleted. George Will asks, "Is Love and the American Gay "Family members can show activity for most adults." "A
pedophilia becoming a movement" by David Thorstad, love for each other in many woman faced with unintended
civil right?" (George Will. Newsweek. December 30, 1991) founder of North American Man/ ways." (What will lesson explain or pregnancy can carry the preg-
• The U.S. House rejected a Senate amendment that would Boy Lovers Association. show?) nancy to baby for
allow private youth groups not to use homosexuals for (NAMBLA) (28pp132-3) The adoption or have an abortion..."
coaching or teaching jobs. (The Washington Times. October 12, 1990) Objectives of the Edward "Some couples who love each
• "Man/Boy love. NAMBLA seeks justice for men and boys other live together in the same home (Editor: e.g. these choices equal
Brongersma Foundation are en- in value?)
interested in consensual relationship. Our monthly bulletin dorsed in the introduction in without getting married."
features news, fiction, letters, pictures. Mailed discreetly. Brongersma's book, LOVING
Subscribe!" (ad in homosexual magazine, March 1991. Portland, Oregon) "Many gay men and lesbian "Love means having deep and
• "...children 'must have the unhindered right to have sex with BOYS. (British Journal of
Criminology. 20:20 1980. p 21) women live in lifetime committed warm feelings about oneself and
members of any age of the same or opposite sex...." relationships..." others."
(Resolution on the Liberation of Children and Youth. adopted by North ♦ "The fact that few investiga-
American Man/Boy Love Association at Seventh Conference. Boston. December tors have examined the sexuality of
4, 1983) people early in the life span has
• Hubert Kennedy, an adjunct professor at San Francisco State been attributed by John Money
University, wrote the cover story for the September 1993 issue to the taboos that surround
of NAMBLA Bulletin (North American Man Boy Love Association). childhood eroticism." (SIECUS
Kennedy admitted marching with NAMBLA in a parade. Report May/July1982. Elizabeth
• The San Francisco Research Center, which employed Allgeier. p8)
Kennedy, was founded with a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. ♦ "Back in 1970, sex
National Institute of Mental Health. The Center's director, research-historian Edward Brecher
John DeCecco, has served on the editorial board of PAIDIKA, a predicted that, after the homosexual
Netherlands "journal of pedophilia." (11-19-93 San Fransisco taboo began to break down, incest
Examiner. "San Francisco State Reasearcher Linked to Pedophilia
Advocates." by Lance Williams.)
as the last social taboo would
• In 1990, ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay Association), passed soon follow suit. At a meeting of the
a resolution titled, "Man/boy, Woman/girl love" that recognized Society for the Scientific Study of
pedophiles as a "sexual minority." When ILGA was given United Sex (SSSS) a f e w m o n t h s
Nations status as a non-governmental organization on July 30, l a t e r , M a r y Calderone, Wardell
1993, it included as members NAMBLA and a Dutch pedophile Pomeroy, Albert Ellis, and I
group. (Lambda report. Sept. 1993) discussed Ed's
OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S. Page 9

The Kinsey Connection

Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud We had my dominance
havior in the Human Female."
(1953) (44) test scores for all of them and
However, Kinsey's original re- then Kinsey gave me the names
search has recently suffered a of the students who had
"death blow." The British "Lan- actually showed up for the
cet" medical journal states: "In interviews. As I expected, the
Kinsey, Sex and Fraud Dr. Judith A. volunteer error was proven and
Reisman and her colleagues the whole basis for Kinsey's
demolish the foundations of the statistics was proven to be
two reports." The investigation shaky. But then he refused to
by Reisman and Edward Eichel publish it and refused even to
Alfred Kinsey mention it in his books, or to
reveals several disturbing reali-
ties: mention anything else I had
Mary Calderone describes written." (28p221.) In other
the division of duty between * False conclusions were words, Kinsey knew his methods tions suggest coercion and
the Kinsey Insitute and her or- based on population samples not abuse, defining his work as ille- into America's schools, gov-
were unscientific, but intention- ernment agencies, churches,
ganization: "...The great li- representative of the American ally presented the data as if it gal, unethical and immoral.
brary collection of what is now population. Twenty-five percent (17,9) and volunteer organizations.
were accurate anyway — in Professor Court expresses it
known as the Kinsey Institute of the 5300 individuals Kinsey short, scientific fraud. Dr. Reisman sent a letter to the
in Bloomington, Indiana, was used were prison inmates, some Kinsey Institute asking how the well: "...The sex education
* The population of movement, and particularly
formed...with one major field jailed for sex offenses, and some interviewees did not match the child experiments were done and
omitted: sex education. This having homosexual experiences by whom. Director Paul Gebhard teaching on AIDS and homo-
U.S. population as a whole. Out sexuality, has taken (Kinsey)
was because it seemed while confined in prison. Kinsey of 5940 women interviewed, replied on March 11, 1981: its major also admitted using "several "Some of these were parents, data as givens for the develop-
3313 had never married, (58%) ment of a Kinseyan philosophy
funding source, the National hundred male prostitutes," in which is three times the number mostly college educated, who
Institute of Mental Health, to order to define "normal" observed their children and kept of sexuality which seeks to
of unmarried women in general make any form of sexual ex-
leave this area for SIECUS to human sexual behavior and U.S. population.(17) 64% of notes for us. A few were nursery
fill....we were approved for a conclude that 1 in 10 is school owners or teachers. Oth- pression both permissible and
sample were college educated possible."(9)
highly important grant from homosexual. Numerous compared to 12% of U.S. popu- ers were homosexual males in-
the Nat. Institute for Mental studies refute the 10% terested in older, but still prepu- The Kinsey Institute continues
lation.(12) 80% were nonreli-
Health that was designed...for figure, placing the figure at bertal, children. One was a man to sponsor, fund, conduct and
gious. (12,17) Only 10 states
SIECUS to become the pri- 1-3%.(28,12,17) were represented in the sampling. who had numerous sexual con- publish research from its offices
mary data base for the area of * Dr. Abraham Maslow tacts with male and female in- at Indiana University, claiming
education for sexuality." (41) warned Kinsey of volunteer error * Kinsey reported the use of fants and children and, being of a
more than 300 children in sex to provide "factual" information
If Kinsey sexology is forming because persons with abnormal or scientific bent, kept detailed for the "sexual scientists and
the core of modern sex education uninhibited behavior are more experiments. Boys as young as records of each encounter. Some
two months old were manipu- practitioners" scattered across
for our youth, it would seem ap- prone to talk openly about pri- of these sources have added to
propriate to examine its source. vate matters. "When I warned lated manually and orally for as the nation but who gather in con-
their written or verbal reports
F r o m 1 9 4 0 's th r o u g h th e him about 'volunteer error,' he long as 24 hours, by self-avowed photographs....The techniques ferences to "share our construc-
1950's Alfred Kinsey conducted disagreed with me and was sure pedophiles to achieve what involved were self-masturbation tions of the meaning of our sexu-
"scientific" investigation of hu- that his random selection would Kinsey researchers described as by the child, child-child sex play, ality." (44)
man sexual behaviors. Collected be okay. So what we did was to "orgasms." (28p30) Kinsey de- and adult-child contacts - chiefly Is Kinseyan sex education
data on approximately 18,000 cook up a joint crucial test. I put scribes reactions by "196 pre- manual or oral." (28,10) what we want for our children
Americans was published in the heat on all my five classes at adolescent boys" who were and our culture? SIECUS in-
sexually stimulated by adults The Kinsey study, assumed to
"Sexual Behavior in the Human Brooklyn College and made a be "scientific" has given tends to persuade us that it is. In a
Male" (1948) and "Sexual Be- real effort to get them all to sign with responses "timed with stop- March 1990 publication "Sex
watch." These explicit descrip- support to the pedophile and
up to be interviewed by Kinsey. homosexual movements. Education 2000" they have for-
Equally disturbing, is its influ- mulated 13 goals to be engi-
ence on the sex education neered to completion by the year
movement, carried by SIECUS 2000. (See "Sex Education 2000
page three of this report.") (11)

"Grand Scheme"
The distillate of Kinsey philosophy The effort to denormalize het-
is that every type of sexual activity is erosexuality and normalize ho-
natural and thus normal, and should mosexuality continues to this
begin as early in life as possible." day. Dr. Richard Green, a gay ac-
tivist and past President of the
(28p117) SSSS, told Jane Brody of The
He created what was called the "Kinsey New York Times, that if anal in-
Scale" on which he placed bisexuality tercourse can be shown to be
in the center, indicating that all sexual practiced more by heterosexuals
choices are equally good and that no one than by homosexuals, then pros-
is truly heterosexual. (Male rep o r t 6 3 9 ecuting gays for sodomy would
F e ma l e 4 5 0 - 1 i n 28pp44-5) He be discriminatory. So the effort
claimed there was no such thing as to attribute anal sex to hetero-
sexual perversion and considered adult sexuals further denormalizes
relations with children as a normal sexual intercourse — part of the
sexual activity. (28p204) broader scheme to denormalize
"Kinsey conjectured that if children heterosexuality. (28pp200-1)
could learn elaborate enough Therefore, parents who object to
masturbation techniques—preferably "multiple partner," "oral sex"
from experienced adults—the "anal sex," "masturbation," lan-
'incidental' ...type of sexual guage in current AIDS education
exploration that is common among programs, have a legitimate con-
adolescents could be turned into a cern. Add to this the fact that
truly homosexual experience." (28p42) pedophiles are crouched on the
sidelines ready to pounce when-
" Hence, the blatant advocacy of ever sodomy laws can be further
masturbation in current K-12 AIDS weakened. And lest we forget,
curricula, (including the Oregon AIDS anal intercourse is the number
curriculum) being generated from the one highest risk behavior for
Kinsey-SIECUS-Homosexual camp. spreading AIDS.
Wardell Pomeroy, a chief in-
vestigator with Kinsey, called it
Kinsey's "Grand Scheme." Its
Gagnon and Pomeroy work for Kinsey and SIECUS development has been acceler-
ated by the AIDS epidemic and
resulting rush to educate chil-
We find a very strong tie between Kinsey Institute and SIECUS in the persons of John Gagnon and Wardell Pomeroy. Gagnon, a SIECUS dren, even at the lowest grade
official, was a research sociologist at Kinsey Institute for over 15 years. Pomeroy has been a prominent director and recommended au- levels, in "the facts" of human
thor of SIECUS. Pomeroy was a chief investigator for Alfred Kinsey, recording 8500 of the 17,000 sex histories for books he co- sexuality — a perfect situation
authored with Kinsey. (39) Mr. Pomeroy, a biographer of Kinsey, claimed that Kinsey hired him because he "...had not picked up all the for widespread dissemination of
taboos...inhibitions...guilts...that his colleagues had..." (28p145) Pomeroy later served as Dean of Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexual- the original Kinsey philosophy
ity in San Francisco,(39) and on the SSSS committee to establish accreditation standards for college degree courses in human sexuality.(28p120) — the ideology of indiscriminate
He was included on the staff of the explicit Sexology magazine.(8p32) In 1983 he opposed the physician-recommended closure of San Francisco sex. (28p118)
bathhouses to prevent AIDS spread.(28p145) Pomeroy, a proponent of incest and bestiality, has authored the books "Boys and Sex" and "Girls
and Sex" found on Planned Parenthood booklists.(28pp112,225,70-73,175)
In 1969 the Kinsey Institute was conducting a comprehensive study of homosexuality, funded by $375,000 grant from NIMH (National Institute
on Mental Health. Humanist Alan P. Bell of SIECUS was principal investigator for the study. (8p285)
FROM 1960 TO 1990, U.S.
population increased 41% while:
• T h e i l l e g i t i ma t e b i r t h r a t e
Cases Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases more than quadrupled from
5.3% to 26%. (#55)
Includes: Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chancroid, Granuloma • Children with single mothers
Inguinale, climbed from 8% to 22%.
• Of children under 6 with
married parents only, 12% live in
1100 poverty: of children under 6
living with Mother only, 66%
live in poverty. (55)
1000 • Number of divorces increased
200%. (55)
• Cases of sexually transmitted
diseases have tripled. (56)
• Teen sexual activity will result
in 1 million pregnancies annu-
800 ally, leading to 406,000 abor-
tions, 134,000 miscarriages,
700 490,000 live births, and 3 mil-
lion teens contracting a sexu-
ally transmitted disease.
600 (American Enterprise Institute
as quoted in #55)
• During the last 50 years,
500 New York City's illegitimacy
rate c l i mb e d f r o m 3 % t o
4 5 % . (Nat. Center for
400 Health Statistics. quoted
in Washington Watch.
FRC. Sept. 24, 1993)
i I

'55 '57 '59 '61 '63 '65 '67 '69 '71 '73 '75 '77 '79 '81 '83 '85

Basic Data from Department of Health and Human Services. the Center for Disease Control, and the Deaarment of Commerce. Census Bureau.

Number of Children
Directly Affected
Teen Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion Rates by Divorce
Year Children
1960 463,000
1965 630,000
1970 870,000
1975 1,123,000
1980 1,174,000
1985 1,091,000
1990 1,005,000
1991 985,000
Source: National Center for
Health Statistics, U.S. Bureau
of the Census,

Open letter to the SIECUS Crowd

Your philosophy of self, sci- Bundy is escorted to the electric copulation bent on self- solve the problems you have cre- school board meetings, on TV,
ence and sex is failing to deliver chair. Planned Parenthood is pleasure outside of marriage, ated, y ou continue to beg for wherever we meet you. You
on its promises. Sensual sexol- traveling the legislative halls and often under the influence public and corporate money to can pack up your sick sexology
ogy is not bringing freedom and begging for more tax money to of alcohol or drugs, stands as escalate sex education to preach and get out of America's
happiness but heartache and teach more of the same. Abor- the number one cause of abuse, that free, promiscuous, unre- classrooms, or we will pack
bondage to thousands of Ameri- tionists are busily investing their depression, broken homes, ne- strained sex for personal plea- it for you.
cans. "blood" money to elect pro- glected children and unwanted sure — at any age, with any gen- We are the youth counselors
Where is your executive direc- abortion officials. pregnancies. der, and in any manner — is not who will stand tall to tell teens
tor when a young girl finds her- Failing on your promises is We watch you standing with only acceptable but a "healthy that sex belongs within the com-
self alone and pregnant, aban- bad enough, but destroying your backs against the wall be- alternative." Balderdash! mitment of marriage.
doned by the male who vowed some of our best human quali- cause your immoral philoso- What is your lofty answer to We are the health teachers who
his unending "love" for her? ties is unforgivable. Used and phy has given America epi- former Playboy bunny, Brenda care enough to explain the differ-
Where is the school principal abused women build a feminist demics of single motherhood M. when she shares: "The Lord ence between "love" and "sex"
who hands out pill prescriptions movement in rebellion against attended by poverty; dead has blessed me with the perfect and the importance of marriage.
and free condoms on campus the Playboy mentality. Tired of preborn babies; pornography husband for me. He is so sup- We are the parents willing to
when both fail, and a teen girl being treated like paper dolls, with its played-out violence; portive of my ministry of sharing model fidelity and fun within
goes for an abortion, and then these women rebel against injurious/lethal venereal dis- with groups all over the country marriage.
commits suicide because she men, negating their own femi- eases; families broken by easy my personal testimony of We are the adults w ho are
couldn't handle the guilt? ninity. Playboy sexology emas- divorce; cohabitations un- Playboy's bondage and true lib- willing to tell youth the truth
Where is the ACLU when your culates men, making them un- stable for longterm emotional eration through following Jesus about sex — that it can heal or
sister is raped by a pornography able to function as mature hus- needs of adults/children; the Christ."(21 p23) hurt, give life or destroy life,
addict sick from the mind-poison bands and fathers. Instead of predatory sex of tragic rape Your lie of "value-free" plural- nurture health or spaw n
they've defended with the First enhancing sexuality, your and abusive pedophilia. istic sex education is disgusting disease, be fun or be
Amendment? sexual revolution is destroying And all you can whimper is: at best. Even now, one of your miserable, bind relationships or
Where is the pert and pretty it. "Use a condom for safe sex." In former disciples travels the na- break relationships.
SI E C U S se x e d t e a c h e r w h e n Another irony dogs your "pro- all of your elaborate intelligence, you tion offering heartfelt apology Young people crave helpful
y our 15-yr old daughter is im- gressive" agenda. As society en- claim that a piece of latex will for his part in giving flight to guidelines. Teens hunger for
pregnated by a young man show- ters a technological age that keep babies from being born and "situation ethics." Dr. William leadership from caring adults.
ered with "responsible sex means depersonalizes our social exist- will keep the sexually promiscuous Coulson understands as we do, We will not stand condemned by
using a condom" rhetoric? ence, people hunger for the from dying. that it has all been one giant mis- them for our apathy, but will sac-
Where are Hugh Hefner and warmth, service and permanent And now you march with the take. rifice time, money and energy to
John Money when an 11-yr boy stability of the family. Marriage pied pipers of perversion. In- Your steamroller of liberal lead them toward wholeness. We
is sodomized on this way home and children are not going out of stead of chastising the subculture sexology had better get are the truly compassionate
from school, or when incestuous style, in spite of your population- who spreads the AIDS disease, ready to apply the br ake s adults who will transform our
abuse splinters a family into control emphasis on contracep- your educators list them as re- a nd he ad for the parking lot. heartache for the needless suffer-
lonely pieces? tive liberation. source organizations in AIDS We will not allow you to ing of our youth into action that
Where are these peddlers of In our society, saturated curricula for our children. continue to run o v e r t h e shows, "I care."
promiscuity? Hugh Hefner is with sex by your grand Kinsey- Under the guise of wanting to h e a r t s , m i n d s a n d bodies of
chauffered to the bank while Ted SIECUS-Planned Pare n t h o o d our children. We care e n o u g h
machine, overabundant to confront you in
OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S. Page 11

Who will win the Baffle?

How liberal sexperts handle parent opposition SIECUS attacks "far right"
"With the current political to show broad-based support for SIECUS Report Feb/Mar 1992 death, and help them prepare for tion. May 1993)
swing to the right, SIECUS has the program. Committee mem- labels Beverly LaHay, Dr. James long-range happiness. SIECUS is so threatened by
begun to feel the bership is manipulated by the Dobson, Phyllis Schlafly, and SIECUS has developed a traditional values that they is-
proponents — members are ap- Dr. Robert Simonds as "cen- Community Advocacy Project, sued a scathing critique of 11 ab-
repercussions....actions of Su- pointed or by invitation only. sors." funded by Ford Foundation, to:
preme Court regarding freedom of Authors Haffner and Mauro It goes on to say, "SIECUS has stinence sex ed programs in Dec
sexual expression, the Meese document community battles re- 92/Jan 93 SIECUS Report.
suggest putting opponents on begun a major project to address garding sex education across the
Commission's recommendations to committees, saying: "Although the 'fear-based' abstinence-only Planned Parenthood has cooperated
nation, offer technical assistance,
restrict even educational material it may seem easier to have only education approaches...." Of by filing lawsuits against "Teen
analyze "fear-based" (absti-
that is sexually explicit, and other proponents on this committee, course, most Americans see that Aid" curriculum in Jacksonville,
nence) curricula, and provide a
equally dismaying decisions... it is one way to diffuse the op- these are really "love-based" FL and against "Sex Respect" in
Community Action Kit to use in
there is afoot an extreme position at an early stage..." (p. programs seeking to protect Shreveport, Louisiana.
countering "Far Right" chal-
antisexual movement which 19) Authors continue their pa, youth from hurt, disease and lenges. (Nat. Monitor of Educa-

Parents can win

threatens our individual tronizing attitude: "Listen to
freedom.... We can only WIN THE them and let them
BATTLE with your help." participate...then make com-
mittee statements using facts
(SIECUS Report Sept 1986 p.9) and data, underscoring the
"Sex Education 2000" by Many organizations which ing to take responsibility for rec- me the written statute or rule.
majority opinion." support SIECUS-style sex ed ommending teens use methods Who is ultimately accountable
SIECUS declares: "Parents are Proponents are advised to re-
the primary sex educators of also provide instructions to edu- that have a significant failure for this program? You are "pass-
spond to parental objections by cators on "how to deal with the rate and carry risk of life-threat- ing the buck.")
their children." SIECUS further saying, "That's not what we're
claims they want K-12 compre- teaching. This is what we are
opposition"—e.g. caring parents ening disease?) •"If you have raised your
hensive sex education in school whom they characterize as igno- -"Yes, abstinence is best. child with high standards, what
teaching" — framing the opposi-
to "complement" what children tion to appear inaccurate, simply rant reactionaries or religious fa- But some teens need to know are you worried about?" (Your
learn at home. by playing games of semantics. natics. With time, a parent can about birth control." (The best teaching should support those
These claims appear to be (p.23) Further, it is suggested tell which educators have been birth control is self-control. standards, not alienate students
90% lip service. Wise parents that one way to deal with oppo- duly indoctrinated because the Birth control has no place from parental values. High ideals
will discern what SIECUS nents of SIECUS sex ed is to de- responses are monotonously among unmarried teens. If you could help those who haven't
knows: 1. SIECUS intends to termine their religious affiliation predictable. But parents can discuss contraception in a class, leaned them at home.)
continue the aggressive engi- and publicize it in order to stig- present these winning argu- you send a mixed message to •"Sex education is reducing
neering of the sexual revolution. matize them. (p. 17) ments: teens and offend families who teen pregnancy." (Show me a
2. Traditional-thinking parents Suggested strategy departs •"You don't really believe do not believe chemical birth valid study that proves it. Actu-
stand as obstacles to behavior/at- from fairness when authors sug- there is a conspiracy, do you?" control is healthy.) ally it is abortion that is reduc-
titude change in the new genera- gest bringing in an outside "ex- (No. Conspiracies occur in se- •"Teens need to know the ing teen pregnancy and child-
tion. 3. SIECUS beliefs do not pert" for media appearances. (p. cret. This agenda is quite open - facts." (Yes, but facts alone birth.)
"complement" but rather "con- 24) But in the local meetings, or - To which conspiracy do you have not reduced teen promiscu- •"You want to impose your
tradict" teachings of most homes "only parents with children in the refer - the communist, Kinsey, ity, pregnancy, abortion or morality on the kids." (Yes, it
and churches. permitted to speak." Playboy, or Humanist connec- AIDS. Giving facts without val- is much better for them than the
Therefore, SIECUS also pub- (p. 26) tions?) ues is like teaching a teen how SIECUS immorality — much
lishes a booklet entitled, "Winning In conclusion, Ms. Haffner •"You don't trust us."(You're to drive without teaching the safer and less costly for taxpay-
the Battle" (c. March 1991) which and Mauro state a "guiding prin- right. Please prove me wrong.) rules of the road.) ers.)
devotes 12 of 58 pages to ciple": "The community has the -"These decisions are best •"Teaching premarital absti- •"We do teach abstinence."
"responding to the opposition" — right to decide what kind of made by trained educators, nence will offend parents who (No, you teach it is one of many
namely, parents and organized sexuality and HIV/AIDS educa- not parents or citizens." (Oh? are co-habiting." (If we accept options, all equal in value. You
citizen groups who care enough to tion program their children We pay your salary and you are that reasoning, we cannot teach
question programs and demand and I both know that some
should have." (p. 27) In several serving our wishes while teach- right or wrong about such things choices are better than others.
that their children receive the previous pages, they had just ex- ing our children.) as stealing, drug abuse, lying,
best in moral teaching. This Immature, vulnerable students
pressed biased opposition to •"A lot of our kids are sexu- because someone might be of- who are not yet adult, want se-
booklet names the following both Teen Aid and Sex Respect ally active so they need this in- fended.) cure absolute values from par-
national organizations as programs valued by their opposi- formation." (What informa- • "The state says we must ents and other caring adults.)
"opposed to sexuality and HIV/ tion. And on p. 28, after pretending
AIDS education." In fact, these tion? How will it help them? provide this education. (Show
"community choice" they conclude: What are your specific goals for.
groups favor traditional family life "By the year 2000, all children and
education, but strongly oppose this program? Explicit information
youth in the United States WILL has probably helped cause their
SIECUS-style propaganda. receive comprehensive sexuality
AMERICAN FAMILY ASSO- sexual activity. Do you cater to Listed here are reputable sources for marriage/family life/abstinence;
and HIV/AIDS education." (e.g. those with lower standards? education materials. However, parents and teachers need to approach all
CIATION, AMERICAN LIFE meaning sex ed SIECUS-style)
LEAGUE,CONCERNED How are you supporting students .education materials with caution because even positive programs May contain
Our response? Don't be too with higher ideals?) negative content or methods. We encourage parents, who know the beautifully
WOMEN FOR AMERICA, sure of that. A growing number of individual personality of each child, to use their God-given discernment in
EAGLE FORUM, FOCUS ON •"Teens won't accept the ab-
parents and moral guardians of our stinence message." (If they leading their children toward health and wholeness.
THE FAMILY, NATIONAL AS- society are ready to insist that
SOCIATION FOR ABSTI- won't accept a clear message of
formal sex education programs be the positive values of absti- American Life League Life Cycle Books
NENCE EDUCATION. deleted or teach moral family- nence, what makes you think Box 1350- Stafford, VA PO Box 792
Authors Debra Haffner, style sex education. School Lewiston, N.Y. 14092-0792
former director of SIECUS, and they will accept a contraceptive 22554 (416)690-5860
districts will either listen or lose message? In fact, teens do want Concerned Women of America (416) 690-5860
Diane de Mauro suggest estab- more and more students to home
lishing a community advisory an abstinence message.) Box: 65453 National Association for
schooling, private schools, and
committee to handle the opposi- educational choice. •"They need to protect Washington; D.C. 20077-0035 Abstinence Education
tion, putting influential profes- themselves." (The best protec- Concordia Publishing House 6201 Leesburg Pike # 404
sional persons on the committee tion is abstinence. Are you will- 35.58 S. Teffetion Falls Church, VA 22044
St. :Louis, MO 63118-3968 (703) 532-9459

Opposition makes SIECUS nervous

Northwest Family Services
Couple To Couple League,
PO Box 11084 - Cincinnati, OH 45211 4805 NE Glisan
Portland, OR 41213-2957
A 1993 SIECUS fund-raising tion is currently before Con- tred that still exists in this (513)661-7612
Focus on the Family Project Realty
letter approaches sensationalism gress, condemning SIECUS' ef- country....We will host the Third
saying: "...communities in crisis National Colloquium on Sexual- PO Box 15506 PO Box 97, Golf, IL 60029
f o r t s t o i mp o s e i t s 's e x u a l
struggling to counter the Far agenda of promiscuity and ho- ity Education to develop strate- Colorado Spring, CO 80935-3550 (312) 729-3298
Right's efforts to teach children mosexuality. '...The fanaticsim gies to promote comprehensive (719) 531-3400 Choosing The Best: (800) 774--2378
that sexuality is a sinful, harmful of the Far Right endangers all of sexuality and HIV/AIDS educa- Human Life International Teen Aid, Inc.
part of life. Attacks on SIECUS our lives. And the bitter dispute tion in a climate of hostile oppo- 7845 Airpark Rd: Sutte E 723 E. Jackson
have reached an alarming rate as over gay men and lesbians in the sition." Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Spokane, WA 99207
opponents desperately attempt to military clearly illustrates the (301) 670-7884 (509)466-8679
discredit our motives...A resolu- profound level of bigotry and ha- Josh McDowell Ministries Womanity
PO Box 1000 1700 Oak Park Blvd. Room C-4
Dallas, TX 75221 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Teens want abstinence message (214) 234-0645 (415)943-6424

Is it possible that teens prefer poster, the survey was taken with message one that you would like
Who really cares?
a message other than immoral the following results: your friends to hear when it Teen-Aid optimistically believes The other attitude pessimist-
"condomania?" The Texas Citi- "Is the message in the poster comes to AIDS?" 87% of middle in teens and their families. -ically believes:
zens for Excellence in Education
conducted a survey of students in
what you would like to hear?"
78% of students surveyed said
school students said "yes," and
81% of the high schoolers
• Teens can abstain. •
Teens can't or won't control
three middle schools and three "yes." agreed. (with support and skills) their sexuality.
high schools in Austin, Texas.
Prior to the survey, they hung
"Do you think saving sex for
marriage is being taught in your
(from: Education Newsline.
October/November 1991. Na- • Parents care about their kids. •
Parents don't do their job
and most don't care.
in each school a poster which
read: "Help Prevent AIDS, Save
school?" 25% of middle school
students said "no." 54% of
tional Association of Christian
Educators. Costa Mesa, CA.) • Society can change for the • Teacher, police, etc. can't
Sex for Marriage." After stu- highschoolers said "no." good. (long term policies may make a difference, so the best
dents had a chance to read the "Is the save-sex-for-marriage need to be reworked) that can be done is to give out
(From: Teen Aid. Spokane, Washington.)
Page 12 OCA-ED Special Report on S.I.E.C.U.S.

(From "Selling Sex: The said. "But then it became really
Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 581
Exemptions 581-22-415
(1) The school district may excuse students from a state required program or learning activity, where
Educational Scandal" in obvious. She started asking necessary, to accommodate students' handicaps or religious beliefs.
us...very personal questions. (2) The district school board may approve and grant credit to a student for an alternative to a state-
GRAND ILLUSIONS BY Like about our feelings. About required program or learning activity:
George Grant. Wolgemuth & sex. And even about...well, (a) Approval of the alternative shall be based upon and shall include:
Hyatt. c. 1988 Used with about...masturbation! It was so (A) A written statement from the student and the student's parent or guardian of the anticipated
Permission). disgusting. All the boys were educational advantages which will result from the alternative.
Set into the midst of an urban kinda giggling. But you could (B) An evaluation of the request by appropriate school personnel (the alternative should be consistent
Negev, the school banked up to tell, even they were embar- with the student's educational progress and career goals as described in OAR 581-22-602 and 581-
an old weather-stained overpass rassed." 22-702), and
in a grimy tangle of narrow ....the speaker didn't stop with (C) Other information as requested by the school district board.
streets and alleyways. It was a mere titillating and perverse con- (b) Following approval by the district school board at one of its scheduled meetings, and upon
preposterous oasis of quiet, sur- versation. She pulled a stained completion of the alternative, credit shall be granted to the student.
rounded by the garish cacophony and mottled screen down over
of the inner city....
Four successive generations
had sent their children through
the old dusty blackboard, closed
the long-tattered shades over the
windows, turned off the bright,
that ill-tempered neighborhood, 1. A.L.L. About Issues. "AIDS, Abortion, and Planned Parenthood." May 1988. p. 21.
humming fluorescent lights, and
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Toleson reflected on that long before," Catherine admitted. 5. Bayer, Ronald. HOMOSEXUALITY AND AMERICAN PSYCHIATRY. p. 146. in Reisman p. 144.
unbroken lineage as she stood at "But this film was worse than 6. Behavior Today. Dec. 5, 1988. p 5 in Reisman p. 113.
her locker between classes. The what I could have ever imagined 7. British J of Sexual Medicine. Jan 1982. pp 37-39 in Reisman p 135.
crowded halls reverberated with hard-core pornography to be."
the wheedling jive of the 8. Chambers, Claire. SIECUS Circle. Western Islands c. 1977
T h e f i l m w a s e x t r e me l y
eighties. But it smelled of explict. An unashamedly brash 9. Court, John H. "Why Kinsey's Sex Fraud Really Matters" News Weekly, Nov. 23, 1991. pp. 18-19. Descriptions found in
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that several layers of repainting body parts rubbing, caressing, 14. Human Events. "Homosexuals Push for Parental Rights" Dec. 7, 1991.
...had failed to erase....Catherine kissing, stroking, clasping, pet-
had always before felt that she 15. "Interview with John Money." Journal of Paedophilia. Spring 1991. Vol 12 #3 p.5,6
ting, and embracing. At the
was participating in a sacred and height of passion, the camera 16. Kirkendall, Lester and Libby. "Sex Education in the Future" Journal of Sex Ed & Therapy. Sp/Summer 1985. in Reisman p 131.
undisturbed continuity when she fixed on the woman's hands, 17. Knight, Robert. "Federal Government Needs to Issue Recall of Programs Using Discredited Kinsey Data." Family Research
heard those sounds, smelled trembling with ecstasy, as she Council. Wash. D.C.
those smells, and saw those tore open a condom package and 18. Kurtz, Paul. IN DEFENSE OF SECULAR HUMANISM. Prometheus Books. Buffalo, NY c. 1983. pp 10 & 18.
sights. It was as if she had been began to slowly unroll its con- 19. LaHaye, Beverly. WHO BUT A WOMAN. Thomas Nelson. c. 1984. p 111.
in the topmost branches of the tents onto her partner. 20. Leo, John. Time Magazine. Sept. 7, 1981.
deeply planted tree of "I wanted to look away or
time....knowing that ...forbearers 21. Nat. Federation of Decency Journal. (now AFA) Feb 1985. p.23.
cover my eyes, but I couldn't,"
had walked the same dim and Catherine said. "I just stared at 22. Obstetrics Gyn News. Dec. I, 1980, p. 10 in Reisman p 112
dingy halls she did, that they had the screen - in horror." 23. OCA. San Francisco Gay Pride Parade videotape.
sat in the same marred 'and When the lights came back on, 24. Peale, Norman V. "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference." Fawcett Crest. N.Y. C. 1967. p. 186 quoting from "Ends and Means."
wobbly desks, and that they had the entire class was visibly 25. Putnam, Paul. Critique of "The Innocents Defiled." Nat. Ed. Ass. Commission on Professional Rights and Responsibilities. p. 2 in
stared out the same tall, double- shaken. With eyes as wide as SIECUS Circle p. 107.
glazed windows, had given her a saucers, the youngsters sat 26. "Quest: Internal Memorandum Reveals More Drug Use After Skills for Adolescence." Research Council on
sense of security and stability. speechless....But their guest was Ethnopsychology. 2054 Oriole St. San Diego, CA 92114.
But that was before. entirely unperturbed.
27. Rarick, Hon. John R. "Sex and Subversion" Congressional Record in the U.S. House of Representatives. Friday, February 7,
Now, Catherine was terribly "....She said that the couple
obviously had a caring, loving, 1969.
unsettled. She was confused.
....She felt isolated and alone. and responsible relationship - 28. Reisman, Dr. Judith and Eichel, Edward. ed. Dr. J. Gordon Muir & Dr. John H. Court. KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD. Lochinvar-
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and easy continuum she had tions against conception and dis- 29. Reisman, Dr. Judith. PhD. SOFT PORN PLAYS HARDBALL. Huntington House. c. 1991.
known. ease." 30. Rueda, Enrique. THE HOMOSEXUAL NETWORK. Devon Adiar. Greenwich, Conn. c. 1982. pp 202-3.
Second period on Tuesdays At that, the speaker passed 31. Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, News Release. May 20, 1984. and "Sol Gordon Gets Slammed" the Life Advocate.
and Thursdays was her "Health" several packages of condoms Aug. 1984 Houston Texas. p. 4.
class....This week, a representa- around the room - one for each 32. SIECUS Newsletter. Winter. 1967.
tive from Planned Parenthood of the girls. She instructed the
33. SIECUS Newsletter. 1970. "Final Report of the Task Force on Homosexuality" pp. 3-12.
had come to talk about sex, con- boys to hold up a finger so that
the girls could practice contra- 34. SIECUS Position Statements 1991.
traception, pregnancy, and abor-
ceptive application. 35. SIECUS Report. July 1974. p. 14.
"I was shocked," Catherine Already shell-shocked, the stu- 36. SIECUS Report. Jan 1975. p. 11.
told me later. "Not by the facts of dents did as they were told. 37. SIECUS Report. Nov. 1978. p. 14.
life, but by the way those facts Afterwards, several of the girls 38. SIECUS Report. Jan. 1979. pp. 4,5.
were presented. My parents had began quietly sobbing, another 39. SIECUS Report. Sept. 1979. "Homosexuality in Perspective"
already had plenty of discussions ran out of the room and threw 40. SIECUS Report. Jan. 1980.
with me about the birds and bees up, still another fainted. Merci- 41. SIECUS Report. May-July 1982. p. 6 in Reisman p. 130.
stuff. I figured I knew just about fully, the class ended just a mo-
42. SIECUS Report. Sept. 1983. p. 6.
all a fifteen-year-old should need ment later.
to know.''.... 43. SIECUS Report. March 1984. pp. 5,6.
"I have never been more hu-
"The woman from Planned miliated in all my life," 44. SIECUS Report. "The Kinsey Institute: From 1947 to the Present" Sept 1985 pp 6-7.
Parenthood was so sleek and Catherine said. "I felt dirty and 45. SIECUS Report. May 1986. pp. 15-16.
sophisticated...She was beautiful defiled after seeing the film. But 46. SIECUS Report. July/Aug. 1987.
and soft-spoken. Her clothes then, when I had to put that thing 47. SIECUS Report. Aug/Sept 1989.
were gorgeous...When she on Billy's finger - well, that was 48. Socarides, Charles. BEYOND SEXUAL FREEDOM. p. 88. in Reisman p. 143.
walked in, whe had our attention just awful. It was horrible. It was 49. The Humanist. Mar/April 1958. p. 108.
immediately--I mean, she was like I'd been raped. Raped in my 50. Unwin, J.D. SEX AND CULTURE. Oxford Univ. Press. 1934 in Reisman p. 116.
so confident and assured and re- mind. Raped by my school.
laxed, the whole class just fell 51. Washington Blade. Dec. 18, 1987. p. 19 in Reisman p. 212.
Raped by Planned Parenthood. I
under her spell." think I was - that we all have 52. Webster, Nesta. Secret Societies and Subversive Movements. Ninth Ed. c. 1967. p 342. in SIECUS Circle p. 139.
With her disarming presence, been - betrayed. 53. Fulton, Wallace. "Why the Need for a Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.?" SIECUS Newsletter. Feb. 1965
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died with them.
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58.___J J ___J
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1 ___J

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