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Temporary Access During COVID19 Closure 


BrainPOP Videos & Quizzes 
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PebbleGo Learning Modules 
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Capstone Interactive eBooks  
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Scholastic ​BookFlix 
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Temporary Instant Access eBook & audiobooks 
ABDO eBooks ​PK-8 ENG​ ​5-12 ENG​ ​Zoom​ | Audible Stories ​Audiobooks 

Junior Library Guild ​Elementary​ ​Middle​ ​High​ | Follett ​Lightbox 


Extended Trials for Teachers 

Preapproved Apps - see ​TTSD Digital Learning Menu  
Newsela​ | ​IXL​ | ​Epic  

Everyday Access Tools on ​121Library 


World Book Online  

Encyclopedia​ & early learning - available in ENG & SPA 
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Infographics & ​reports​ on 200 cultures of the world + state info.  
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Animated, talking ​eBooks​ - picture books and chapter books.   
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All GALE & OSLIS Databases 

InfoBits​, ​NatGeo​, ​PowerSearch​ | username = ttsd 
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eBook​ collection for during the day usage - Guest Account 
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Destiny Discover​, Student View & Gmail 

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High School Resources 

eBooks for student & teacher use  
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Kindle Cloud Reader 

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