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1. What is meant by the Pancasila Proposal Period?

The Pancasila proposal period is a form of a forerunner to the emergence of an

ideology which is owned by the Indonesian people in which there is a sense of
nationalism which then becomes the beginning of a historical milestone to
open the gate of independence of the Indonesian nation.
This is done by formulating the basis of the state which was carried out by
several prominent figures of the nation at that time such as:
A. The following is a formulation from the basis of the state which was
submitted by Muhammad Yamin and spoken verbally on May 29, 1945.
1. Nationalism fairy
2. Humanity fairy
3. Godhead
4. People's fairy
5. People's welfare

B. The following is a formulation from the basis of the state which Mr.
Soepomo and was spoken verbally on May 31, 1945.
1. Unity
2. Family
3. Inner and inner balance
4. Deliberation
5. People's justice

C. The following is a formulation from the foundation of the country which was
proposed by Muh Yamin.
1. The Almighty God
2. Nationality of Indonesian Unity
3. A just and civilized sense of humanity
4. Democracy is led by wisdom in the deliberative deliberations
5. Social justice for all Indonesian people.

D. The following is a formulation of the basic state which was submitted by Ir.
Soekarno and was spoken verbally on June 1, 1945.
1. Indonesian Nationality
2. Internationalism or fairness of humanity
3. Consensus or democracy
4. Social welfare
5. Culture of God

E. The following is a formulation of the basic state which is a version of the

Jakarta Charter or the so-called Jakarta Charter which was formulated on June
22, 1945.
1. God, with the obligation to carry out Islamic law for adherents.
2. Just and civilized humanity
3. Indonesian Unity
4. Democracy led by wisdom, wisdom in consultation / representation.
5. Social justice for all Indonesian people.
3. period of endorsement of the Pancasila
The State Basic Pancasila and the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution cannot be
separated either in the formulation and endorsement process. History of the
formulation and ratification of the Pancasila Negara Negara and Chronological
Opening of the 1945 Constitution:
1. September 7, 1944

The process of formulating and ratifying the Pancasila and the Opening of the
1945 Constitution began since Indonesia was still colonized by Japan. Seen in
the hearing of the Investigating Body. The background to the formation of the
Investigative Body. Japan suffered defeat, pressure and attacks from allies.
There were demands and pressure from the nation's leaders for the Japanese
Army to immediately liberate Indonesia or at least take action. On September
7, 1944 the Japanese issued the promise "Indonesian Independence in the
future" planned on August 24, 1945.

2. Date April 29, 1945

Gunseikan (governor of the Japanese army in Java) formed Dokuritsu Zyunbi

Coosakai / Investigation Agency for the Preparation of Independence (BPUPKI)
task of investigating everything concerning the preparation for Indonesian

3. Dated May 28, 1945

BPUPKI was appointed by Gunseikan, chaired by Dr. Radjiman Widjodiningrat.

4. May 29 s.d. June 01

BPUPKI Session I, May 29 s.d. June 1, 1945. Preparing the Basic Draft of an
Independent Indonesian State. Prof. Mr. Moh Yamin submitted a proposal
entitled "Basic Principles of the Republic of Indonesia Nationality" consisting
of; national fairy, humanity fairy, godly fairy, populous fairy, and people's
welfare. And there are other figures who contribute to contribute ideas, such
as Prof. Dr. Mr. R. Soepomo, P.F. Dahlan, Drs.Moh. Hatta

5. Date 1 June 1945

Ir. Sukarno made a speech and put forward a proposal on the Basic
Conceptions of Philosophy