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NO 10? “Dalla sua pace.,, oe Aria. Don Octavio. Dal-Ja sua pa- ce la mia di - pen quel chea lei Shinelights of heav-en, - mor - Shine on my ste P pia - ce vi- ta mi ren-de, quel che lein-cre - sce, mor-te mi da, true— love, Wak-ing or sleep-ing; Sun, moon and star- light, Comfort her woe, nf, te, mor-te mi da. . Sel -la so- fort, Com - fort her woe. bee O— nim-ble stace. fpi- fa, S0-spi - roan-chi-o, @ mia quelli - fa, quel breez-es, O state - ly waters, O-bey a lov-er, —Pro- Og - tog mi-0; non ho be - ne, sel-la nonTha, e non ho her beau-ty And sing her prais-es Where2er you.go. O sing- her — 44917 96 a be-ne, _sél-1a non Tha, e non ho be-ne, sel-lanonTha! —_ praises Where’er you go. © sing her prais-es’ Where’er you go. Wind gh Dal-la sua pa-ce la miadi - pen - de, quel cha lei pia - ce, Shine lights of heav-en, Guard-ians im - mor - tal, Shine on my true — love, - ta mi ren-de, quel che lein-cre - sce, mor-te mi da, mor - te Wak- ing or-sleeping;Sun,moon and star-light, Com-fort her woe, Com = _fort, = ‘str nf; a cm p test mor-te mi da; jal-la sua pa-ce la mia di- pen-de, qlelchea lei Com-fort her woe. While grief be-clouds her I walk in shad- ow, My thoughts are mi ren-de,— quel che lejn-cre - sce, mor-te mi di, with her, Waking or slecp-ing: Sun, moon and star- light, Com- fort our woe, Fi. Wind nf. 44917 mor - - te, mor-te mi da, mor-te mi da, queldhe Ie jn- Com = = fort, Com-fort our woe Comfort our woe, Sun, moon and > — ere - sce, morte mi dil giv) starlight, Comfort our woe. Si» > \ rath. 2 Pee t—~ oe Recit. (enters from the tavern; after him Leporello Don Giovanni, from his villa) ale. a — u i phe: To deggitads-eni pat-to per sempreatbandonar questo bel makto! eo -¢o-lo quij I'm go-ing, got toleavehim and soon,before I learn shocking bad hab-its.Ab,lookat himnow, oe eee _——————————— | Don Giovanni.(Bailyp 2 LL se — 7 guarda -te, conqual in-dif-fe-ren-za se ne vie-ne! Oh, Le-po-rel-lo mi-o! va tutto the ras-cal As_gayasthoughhe’d noth-ing on his conscience.Hail,uppermostofservants!Aretheybe- et é —3— 5 Don Giovanni. Leporelto, Leporello. (crossly) 4 Sas c bene? Don Giostan- fi ~ho mi-o, vatut=to male! Co -me va tuf-to mate? Vadoa hav-ing? Hail,nether ; most of masters! Behav-ing badly. What do you mean by bad-ly? As_ you =—— = — === = Giovanni. ca - 8a, co-ine mor-di - na - ste, con tut-ta quel-la gen-te. Bra-vo! told me I led_on_ those peas-ants got themhere inside the cas-tle___Bré EE Eee ———— 44917