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Deh vieni, non tardar

(Delightlul ioy, o come)
from *Le Nozze di F i g a r o "
Act IV Susanna'sRecitative and Ari&

EDglish translation by Nathan Haskell Dole Wofgang A. Mozat!'

?he Coun: has been pu.suing Susarna and refusing !o sanction FiSaro's _mafIia8e to his wtfe's maid-in-waiting.- fn this scene the-
Countess anit Snsanna have conceiv€il the iilea of excianging clothing anal idefltity, inviting the Count to a supposeal meeiing with S
sanna and thereby exPosing the Count's persistent infidelity to his wtfF'

Recit. tranquiUo ed espress.

Giun - se_alfin il mo-men- to, go - drd sen-zej.f'fan . no, tll b r a c - c i oa l l ' i - d o l mi-o!
Now st last comesthe mo-ment uhen,uiah- out ap - pre - hen- sion, mane afms ma|. hold, mI d,ar-ling!


Ti - mi - de cu - ie! sci - te dal mio - to! a tur - bar non

Ye faint fore - bocl- ings, in tuI heart re - -bling Ceaseto tise, sueet

@ copyright 1956 by fheodore Presser Co.

cun anulut

Oh co -me
Oh, uhere the

Dar. che all' a - mo - ro - so - c o lb - me-oi - ti del 1o - co, la ter - ra e il ciel ri -

heafl uttn LoDesmtld fa)' ls bright - en1tl, hou is the beau-t1, height-en|L or na - tufe Ln aLL nef

crn cal?re

spoo - da! Co - me la not - te i frut-ti miei se-con-dal

phos - esj Night loo my hap-p! .mys-ter- J' aid,s and prais- es!

Deh vie - ni. non tar - dar' o gio - ja bel - la! Vie-ni o-Ye a - mo - re
De - t\ht -ful joy, O comewlth-out-de ' lay - ing. Come niw, ihe t:oice of

4 t t - 4 1 0 0 5 -t 4 s
Fin - chd nonsplen-dQin ciel not-tur - na fa - de,
Vhile dark the gol.d. - ei torch of*ni9ht rc - maitu-eth,

fin - che lbria d ancor bru-nae il mon - tlo ta - ce.

Vhih the shad,)6ws are dense ind, si - lence reigl-eth!

mor-mora il- ru - scel. oui scher- fau che col dol- ce su-
gen - t tJ, purLs_Ihe ofooh,tne zeph - yt - lies, Eo - et cheer-ing the

suffo il cor ri stau - ra, qu1 r1 - oo - na-i - ret -

neaft. wtth joc - und, sol - Iies, Here I smile- the sueet - est Jl,ou'rs chatm, lhe

fre - sca, a i 'in

oia-ce-ri d'a - m-r-qui tut - toa-de - sca. Vie - ni, ben
seD - ses, Here -io1t-ance of love- a heovh c-om-men - ces. Come, - my-!,e


tra- que - ste piao - tq-a - sco - se!

loa - ed., where- spring her weallh dis - clo - ses,

^ p

ni! ti vo' la fron - te in - co -ro - nar di ro

looed, one! Round lhy fair brou.>- I'll tuine-fro - grant ureaths of ros -

S9r ti vo' la fro[ - te in - co - ro - oar, in - co.- ro -

Rounil thy fait brou I'll twine fta - gront wrcaths

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