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Actor ;
Ananda as moderatos
Aulia as education minister
Tiani as student
Riani as teacher
James as the founder of ruangguru(Belva)
Moderator : “ (enter the stage).”
Moderator: " Assalamu’alaikum WR.WB. Hello ... viewers in the studio or at home meet me again
Ananda on our favorite shows, all of that is 'hot news'. Now on this occasion we will discuss about virtual
learning, virtual learning is a new method in the world of education where the internet dominates the
daily learning systemand. We also invite a number of guest stars, okay ... let's welcome. First James as
one of the founders of paid virtual learning.”
Belva : “ (enter the stage).”
Moderator: “The minister of education Aulia Anggita.”
Minister of Education : “ (enter the stage).”
Moderator: “Tiani as one of the student representatives.”
Student : “(enter the stage).”
Moderator: “And finally there is Riani as a teacher.”
Teacher : “( enter the stage).”
Moderator: " First I will ask Belva, why make Ruangguru one of virtual learning in Indonesia? "
Belva: "Um, of course, I make ruangguru with the aim to improve the quality of education in Indonesia,
especially for students who have difficulty in understanding learning, and also that the Indonesian
education system into good and modern education system."
Moderator: “Is this application very satisfying?”
Belva: “actually I need some criticism and suggestions so I can optimize my application.”
Teacher: “I think you should ask Tiani as the student representative who is the largest virtual learning
Minister Of Eduaction: “yes i agree with your opinion.”
Moderator: “So Tiani, do you have some complaints or suggestions regarding virtual learning that James
Student: “mmmmm, I think there is no problem in its application, in my opinion the only drawback is the
economic problem.”
Belva; “why economy is the reason?.”
Student : “Because not all can enjoy paid virtual learning services, because it can only reach middle and
upper class people.”
Teacher: “I agree, because there are some students who can't enjoy virtual learning like their peers
because they don't have an internet quota, and they feel left behind. "
Minister Of Education : “it affects their psychological, because they feel left behind and can't catch up”
Moderator : “I agree with the Minister.”
Teacher : “they are mostly from underprivileged families, but achievers.”
Minister Of Education : “I think with the existence of scholarships for paid virtual learning can overcome
Belva: (writing on the handphone).”
Moderator : “what you write on the handphone?.”
Belva : “Ohhh, I wrote some opinions and suggestions that just said, I think I should write it down and try
to solve the problem.”
Moderator: " then, according to the mother as minister of education, does virtual learning play a big role
in the world of education?
Minister of Education: " I think virtual learning plays a very important role in the world of education
Moderator : “I also agree.”
Minister Of Education : “ Yes, as created by Belva, it has a positive impact, and also facilitates the
learning system between teachers and students so students do not get bored
Belva : “Will not get bored easily.”
Minister Of Education : “ Yes, easily because of using sophisticated and interesting technology, also
provides new breakthroughs in processing techniques of school work and learning activities of daily tasks
such as using web pages."
Student : “Yes, it was really fun learning to use learning animation.”
Teacher: “Collecting and evaluating tasks can also use the web and that saves a lot of time.”
Moderator: " Furthermore, according to Tiani, how are impressions and messages in research using
virtual learning? "
Student: " In virtual learning it facilitates my learning, especially for learning materials that I do not
understand, so that I can understand it better at home.”
Moderator : “Using a smartphone?.”
Student :” Yes, of course. In some school assignments now using virtual learning to save paper in their
implementation, I think this system helps preserve forests by reducing the use of wood as paper raw
Teacher : “I agree with Tiani's opinion it can help save paper.”
Minister Of Education : “I also think the same.”
Moderator : “ Yes, Me too.”
Belva : “Also me.”(raising his hand)
Moderator: " As a teacher, do you agree with what was said before regarding the application of several
virtual learning resources in education? "
Teacher: " I think it is very good in the learning process which is more modern and follows the
development of technology. However, the role of the teacher will not be replaced by technology.
Moderator : “ (nodding his head)
Minister Of Education : “ Of course.”
Teacher : “The role of the teacher is not only to provide knowledge that is now easily and quickly
obtained in the information age. The teacher also has a role in shaping character, encouraging and
inspiring students to become better people."
Moderator : “(claps the hand).”
Moderator : “that's a very good opinion.”
Belva : “(claps the hand).”
Student : “(claps the hand).”
Minister Of Education : “(claps the hand).”
Moderator : “ (stand up).”
Moderator : “ok maybe that's all we can say about some opinions about virtual learning in Indonesia,
thank you for watching, don't forget to watch us tomorrow only on kawali tv, thank you.”
The Guest : “ (stand up).”
Assalamu’alaikum WR.WB