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Time: 30 min
Total Marks: 55 + 3 (Bonus)

1. Bhagavad Gita was first spoken to -------------whose name is ---------------,

who explained it to --------------, who further explained it to ----------- [4]

2. Devotee can establish relationship with Supreme Personality in one of the five different ways. State
them (in 1-2 sentence) [5]

3. Explain (in 2-3 sentences) what is 'svarupa' and how can it be revived? [3]

4. Give the meanings of the following terms: [4]

a. ajam:

b. vibhum:

c. divyam:

d. sasvatam:

5. Choose the correct option (multiple correct) [4]

a. The jiva is equal in every respect with paramesvara

b. jiva is the supreme controller

c. jiva is superior to prakrti (material nature)

d. Both paramesvara and prakrti are superior to jiva

e. jiva is part and parcel of paramesvara

f. parmeshwar is part and parcel of jiva

6. Choose correct one [3]

a. Prakrti is female and jiva is male

b. jiva is female and prakrti is male

c. There is no such concept as male and female because everyone is a soul

d. Prakrti is female and isvara is male

e. Ishvara is female and Prakrti is male

7. Explain the term 'Mukti' (Answer in 1-2 sentence) [3]

8. Give the meaning of following terms (in one word): [4]

a. sat:

b. cit:

c. ananda:

d. vigraha:

9. A person of the mundane world is infected with four kinds of defects. What are they? [4]

10. Match the following [4]

General characteristics of the Modes:

a. Ignorance 1. Conditions one by a sense of happiness and knowledge

b. Passion 2. Continual devotion to the Supreme Person

c. Goodness 3. Delusion, madness and sleep

d. Transcendental 4. Unlimited desires and longings

Ans: a- ____, b- ____

c- _____, d- ____
11. What are the nine different processes of executing devotional service? [8]

(The answer should be given in the following format)

Eg. 1. sravanam-hearing

12. The five basic truths explained in BG are ______, _______, ________, ________ and ______ [5]

13. What is the svarup (constitutional position) of the jivas as per Chaitanya Mahaprabhu [4+3]

(Bonus marks for quoting the relevant popular verse from Chaitanya Charitamrita)