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Try to solve these problems. They are good training for your midterm and quiz 1
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In example 2 we use trayed column in example 3 we use packed column

The same problem solved using a packed bed
A gas mixture at 1.0 atm pressure abs containing air and CO2 is contacted in a single-stage
mixer continuously with pure water at 293 K. The two exit gas and liquid streams reach
The inlet gas flow rate is 100 kg mol/h, with a mole fraction of CO2 of yA2 = 0.20. The liquid flow
rate entering is 300 kg mol water/h.
Calculate the amounts and compositions of the two outlet phases. Assume that water does nor
vaporize to the gas phase.
The flow diagram,
The inert water flow is L’ = L0 = 300 kg mol/h.
The inert air flow V’ is obtained from, V’ = V(1-yA ).
Hence, the inert air flow is
V’ = V2 (1-yA2 )
= 100 (1-0.20)
= 80 kg mol/h .
A gas from a petroleum distillation column has its concentration of H2S reduced from 0.03
kgmole H2S / kgmoles inert gas to 1 % of its value by scrubbing with a tri ethanol amine with
water as a solvent in a counter current tower of height 7.79 m operating at 300oC and 1 atm. The
equilibrium relation is Y= 2 X.
Pure solvent enters the tower and leaves containing 0.013 kg mole H2 S / kgmole of solvent. If
the flow of inert hydrocarbon gas is 0.015 kgmole/m2S and the gas phase controls the mass
Calculate the overall coefficient for absorption.