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Miriam Vasquez
Global Citizen Essay Description

Attending Ambassador School of Global Leadership we have learned about many global leaders and

what makes a global leader. A global leader is someone who is aware of current events, open minded, and well

spoken among other qualities. When I think of a global leader the first person that comes to my mind is Freda

Kahio. Freda Kahio was a mexican artist who was born on July 6, 1907 and passed away july 13, 1954 at the

age of 47 by pulmonary embolism. Freda was known for doing self portraits and used her painting to talk on the

topics of identity, the human body, death, and politics.

Freda is a global leader for denials since she wasn’t afraid to talk about social issues, sectual identity,

political activism, and nonconformity through her art and inspire others. After her death she started to become

more popular especially in 70s during the feminist movement where she became and icon as a female creative.

Freda was outspoken since an early age and that transfers into her work where she would express herself . Freda

was able to travel and see other cultures and see different forms of art. She loved doing paintings about her

struggles and how she overcame them. This inspired people and she was able to create her own gallery wall

which she attended in her bed.

Freda had a lot of health issues and shared her struggles in her paintings as well as how she overcame

them. Freda had been through a car accident, had her fit amputated, and couldn't have kids as well as having to

stay in bed. Seeing how all of this didn't stop her from becoming something in like and still inspiring people is

what makes her a global leader. Many of her paintings show different techniques she learned from other artists

around the world. One of her paintings that stood out to me is called “ Henry Ford Hospital” where she shows

her emotions on the fact that she can't have kids. The painting shows all of the elements that create a baby

coming out of her stomach while she is laying in bed. Frida’s paintings spoke for themself and I love watching

her paintings and looking for quotes.

Vasquez 2
I look up to Freda because she is Mexican and is a leader who shows us to never give up or be afraid to

speak on our beliefs. I think many females look up to her for her strength and determination. She is an

inspiration to all females for being able to speak about topics you weren't allowed to during her time especially

being a female is admirable. Another reason I see her as a global leader is because she traveled and experienced

different art techniques and perspectives which she recognized used in her life.