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1. Pocket Wi-Fi
Many travelers nowadays decided to purchase a pocket Wi-Fi during their stay in one or
several countries. Usually, travelers use pocket Wi-Fi when they travel in a group or
family because it is more convenient and cheaper than buying a local sim card for each
person. Pocket Wi-Fi usually last for about twelve hours of full usage. Besides, Pocket
Wi-Fi is usually faster in term of speed and usually bundled with a big number of quotas.
These days, many companies start to add this service, from travel agency to a newly
developed business. For example, Samurai Wi-Fi which is headquartered in Kuala
Lumpur. They provide a daily pocket 4G Wi-Fi rental that covers more than 109
countries, including the most popular ones which are Japan, Korea, Thailand, Europe &
United States. Customers first book their pocket Wi-Fi through the website, then they can
choose whether they want to pick up the pocket Wi-Fi at their outlets or getting the
device delivered to them. After arriving in their destination, customers can turn on the
device, connect with their cellphone, and use it right away. Aside from pocket Wi-Fi
rental, Samurai Wi-Fi also provides power bank rental, translation application called
MagicSay, provides Suica Card and Japan JR Pass—as Japan is their most trended
destination, and Travel Insurance.
However, Pocket Wi-Fi has several disadvantages. First, it is somehow heavy and
burdensome to be carried around because most of the time, pocket Wi-Fi comes up with a
medium yet heavy package. Second, it is easy to heat up and get slower as many users are
using it at the same time. Last, customers who use pocket Wi-Fi may get charged extra
when they call using their home or local phone number if they do not purchase a roaming
combo—which is usually offered by many providers.
2. Local Sim Card
Local Sim Card is handier and more flexible because it does not need to be pre-booked,
customers can purchase it at the destination country. Local sim card fits solo traveler
more, especially those who are always in need of Internet just with a tip and does not
prefer sharing their network. Many providers serve a special tourist plan that usually lasts
for a certain period with a rather affordable price. They also provide some adds-on that
customers can choose, such as free an hour call with a local provider or free global call.
However, local sim card sometimes stirs some confusion for those who are stick up with
their home provider. Also, some providers cannot be used because the phone only carries
a sim card from a certain country.