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The Impacts of Korean Hallyu For Indonesian Society

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A. Introduction.
Korean Hallyu is the term given to the spread of the Korea culture globally in different
countries in the world since the 1990s.Trend of Korean culture started in Republic of China and
Southeast Asia, the term, hallyu is adopted by the China’s media, after music album of ‘H.O.T’
in 90’s was released in China. In Indonesia Korean hallyu be a trend from the children to adults
especially teens, Korean hallyu in English usually called Korean wave. In another hand,
American Political scientist Joseph Nye interpret the Korean Hallyu as The popularity of
everything about Korea, start from fashion and film up the music and cuisine. So, Korean
Hallyu includes various aspects on it.

There are factors why people especially in Indonesia like these things. First, about Korean
movies or dramas, in their filmography the plots are more details and easy to follow. Moreover,
the one that is very interesting are the actors because the characters and characterization is
admirable. Second, are about the music. Many girl band and boyband in Korea produce great
music, and those factors make people accept their work easily. Thus, the ultimate factors of
their music are the visual of the members which excellent that make people like it very much.

Korea, with all the culture has interesting aspects gain more attention from the people outside
Korea. Those make people from Korea itself expand their industries in other countries.
Generally, hallyu trigger many people to learn Korean language and Korean culture, serial
Korean drama start playing in the China and spread to other countries such as Hongkong,
Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, United States, America Latin, and the Middle East.

B. Problem formulation.
What are the impacts of Korean Hallyu?

C. Discussion
In this section we will discuss the impacts of the Korean Hallyu.

1. Positive impacts
 Fashionable dressing style
Korean style does look more fresh and charming in pattern, color etc. In Korea they love
mix and match something like accessories, clothes and pants etc. Their braveness to match
the style is bolder. Moreover, many artists in Korea have their own stylist that makes them
looks great when perform in public. In Korea there are good quality fashions with low
prices. Many Indonesian people use Korean style, because they think Korean style is simple
than others, even though they are brave to mix and match something and the fans from
Hallyu lovers are following the idol’s dressing style.

Many moslems love Korean, they are not confidence if they are wearing hijab because they
think hijab style is ancient. With some models showing off the fashionable hijab style that
becomes role model for muslimah to wear more fashionable hijab style.

 Increase foreign exchange

Many Korean artists come to Indonesia to hold concert and fan signing. This aspects,
indirectly promoting Indonesia as a destination for foreign tourist such as, Indonesia also
receipt trading diplomacy from Korea. So, products from Korea like cosmetics, clothes,
merchandise, food ,etc easy to get from there.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received a cooperation visit from President of South
Korea in an independent palace. Both of the countries agreed to increase cooperation in
tourism, and creative industries such as Kpop.

SBY said “Di industri kreatif, Indonesia bekerja sama, korea sangat maju di bidang
perfilman dan musik. Kpop menjadi favorit. Kami senang kalau kita bekerja sama karena
pasar Indonesia juga tinggi untuk industri kreatif.” (

 People are interested to learn Korean language, and Korean culture.

In this case, the knowledge held about other countries will also grow. Learn Korean
language also have benefits, such as, first we can learn Korean for career and business,
able to speak foreign is one of criteria sought by company in this era. Moreover, if the
company do cooperation with the Korean company of have Korean customers, certainly
requires workforces who can speak Korean. With the ability that is main point when you
registering work, second build and develop the connections, one way to float
connections and make new friend is to speak the same language. If you want to get
acquainted and build relationships with Korean people, you are encouraged to
understand the basics of Korean language. That way, you also can establish

2. Negative impact
 More like Korean culture than Indonesian culture.
Because of people think Indonesian culture is monotonous they prefer to like Korean
Hallyu. They often to listen Korean music, watch Korean movies, use Korean stuffs and
it makes them proud of their ‘Korean’ identity and indifferent to Indonesian culture.
Even thought Indonesia has a wide range of songs, movies, customs, cuisine with the
good quality but, cause of the entry of Korean hallyu in Indonesia, overtime make the
pride of Indonesia replaced by the pride of Korea.

 Too fanatical.
Fans who are too fanatical they forget their obligations, such as praying, studying, and
helping their parents. Example a student was skipping school only to attend an idol for
concert. Another effect is, if you are too fanatical, you will lose your identity, for
everyone who are too fanatical. All things and done of their idol always considered
something as cool, great, and the best. Then they do not hesitate to imitate everything
about their idol celebrity, start from the dressing style, haircut, and style of speech that
was exhibited by the idol. The downside is if fans imitate the idol’s behavior in full
without any filters.

 Less sociable with the outside world.

If there is an individual less socializing with the surrounding environment then the
individual person is difficult to get to know the community, the person will not be united
with the surrounding community, it is difficult to adjust to social values, norms and
structures in society.
deficiency of socializing with the community, the personality of a person is difficult to
form and not in line with the values and norms that made the guidelines and potentials
owned by someone will not develop properly so that will not be a whole person and a
good member of society
Some of Hallyu lovers are too focused on their enjoyment, so they are feel indifferent
to the outside conditions, the impacts is bad because if we do not socialize we do not
have friends and feel lonely. Is not we as a human are social beings? Yes, human are
social beings who need others in their lives.

D. Conclusion and suggestion

With the inclusion of Korean Hallyu in Indonesia bring big impact for Indonesia, both of
positive and negative impact. Korean Hallyu have recently begun to enter and expand in
Indonesia. Korean Hallyu is loved by indonesian people from child to adults. Start from
drama, film, music, cuisine and fashion. Korean artist made attention from the physical
aspect can make Indonesian people admire to them. This is make the Indonesian people
became more interested in Korean culture, and the thing that is feared is the fade of
Indonesian culture.
Based on the impact, we as Indonesian society must sort the impacts, we can take the good
impacts and leave the bad impacts. For the example we can learn of their work hard, even
thought we can stay away from the idol’s bad habit.
E. References