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Always on my mind Words and Music by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Thompson oe > ape Em amin id-n’t treat dié-n’t hold © 1971, Screen Geme-EMI Music Inc, USA, Sub-published by Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd, London WC2H OEA. quite a good ad May-be I did-n't all these lone = ly, lone-ly times. And Tguess I ne-ver 2 a love you quiteas of-ten as I could. Tm so hap-py that you're (1.3. Little things IL should have said and done,— I nev-er took the (Q) If J made you feel, sec-ond best,— I'm so. sor-y 1 was ai Sa always on my mind, ag you were al-ways on my. ha eo. ~ eS — a ie ===> = ? Tae, ‘aime iar gourwwee lve hase ded Give me fone more chance to keep you satis. - fied, satis =