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1 READ the book review of Polar Obsession.

Paul Nicklen’s Polar Obsession.

For most people, the Arctic and Antarctica are strange places that we know very little about. Paul Nicklen’s
collection of photographs and stories, Polar Obsession, offers an excellent introduction. Nicklen grew up on an island
in Northern Canada, where he learned all about the outdoors from his Inuit1 neighbors. Ever since that time, he has
loved animals, cold weather, and adventure. As a photojournalist, Nicklen has spent a lot of time in icy polar waters.
He has followed sea lions, dived with whales, and studied polar bears. One of the most exciting parts of the book
covers Nicklen’s unforgettable encounter with a leopard seal in Antarctica. As the photographs clearly show, leopard
seals are very large—up to 12 feet (4 meters) long and weighing over 1000 pounds (450 kilograms). They have huge,
sharp teeth, and they move quickly through the water searching for food such as fish and penguins. Leopard seals
can be dangerous, but this didn’t stop Nicklen from trying to photograph one. When a huge seal approached his boat,
Nicklen got into the water. He was shaking with fear, but much to his surprise the seal treated him gently. She even
tried to feed him! The seal brought him penguins to eat, and he photographed her. Nicklen says it was the most
incredible experience that he has ever had as a photographer. In Polar Obsession, Nicklen shows us the beauty of
the polar world and his passion for it. He also helps us to understand the importance of protecting it.

CHECK. Write the letter of the phrase that completes each sentence.

1. Nicklen’s neighbors taught him all about a. leopard seals can be dangerous
2. Nicklen has spent a lot of time working in . b. a leopard seal
3. Nicklen’s most incredible experience was with . c. its food
4. He was frightened because . d. the outdoors
5. The leopard seal offered Nicklen . e. icy polar waters

GRAMÁTICA (40 pts)

2. Choose the correct answers:

1. The earth existed/has existed for more tan 4,000 million years.
2. Dinosaurs have lived/lived on earth for 160 million years.
3. Humans have been/ were on the planet for just 50,000 years.

Fecha de
Gestión de Docencia
(Segunda Lenguas)

4. In the past, people thought/have thought that the world was flat.
5. The first Australians, the aborigines, have lived/ lived there for about 40,000 years.
6. For many years, the USA has been/was a British colony.
7. The USA has been/was an independent country foro ver 200 years.

3 Circle the correct form of the verb to complete each sentence.

8. a. She has dreamed / dreamed about going to the North Pole since she was young.
b. She has dreamed / dreamed about going to the North Pole last night.

9. a. I have never photographed / never photographed animals in the wild before.

b. We have not photographed / didn’t photograph animals when we were in Alaska.

10. a. Last year, my grandfather has gone / went to Iceland on business twice.
b. My grandfather has gone / went to Iceland on business twice since 2005.

11. a. They haven’t seen / didn’t see any bears on their trip so far.
b. They haven’t seen / didn’t see any bears on their trip last month.

4 Choose The best Word to complete the phrase.

12. It_________ veru cold yesterday.

13. I ___________ drive a car at six years old but now i drive all the time.
14. _________ you fly to France last year?
15. Last night I ________ spaghetti.
16. My t.v is old. I ________ buy another one.
17. you don’t____________ buy a dictionary. I have one.
18. At the end of the course, we_________have an exam.
19. What are you _______ eat tonight?
20. I have never_______that film.
21. _________ you been to Spain? A. Do b. will c. are d. have

12. A. is b. are c. was d. were

13. A. can b. could c. can’t d. couldn´t
14. A. did b. was c. were d. do
15. A. eat b. eaten c. ate d. eating
16. A. should. B. would c. could d. couldn´t
17. A. should b. have to c. could. D. will
18. A. do b. willl c. not Word write ᴓ d. are
19. A. going B. have C. will D. going to
20. A. see b. seen c. saw d. sees

Fecha de
Gestión de Docencia
(Segunda Lenguas)

21. A. Do b. will c. are d. have

5 Complete the conversations with the words in parentheses. Use the present perfect.

Bev: How is your class going?

Ken: Great. (22) ________ (I / learn) a lot about the Arctic and polar explorers.
Bev: That sounds interesting. (23)____________ (you / see) that book by Paul Nicklen?
Ken: No, (24)__________ . Who is he? (25)_________(I /never/ hear) of him.
Bev: He’s a photographer. (25)_________ (he / live) and (26)___________(work) in polar climates for
many years. (27)__________ (he / take) amazing photos of all kinds of animals.

6 Complete the text with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use the present perfect, simple
past and will.

Next year in june, the world students games 28________(be) in Bangkok. There 29___________(be) 11
students games and the last one 30_________(be) in Izmir, 15 countries 31_________(send) over 2,000
students to the game. This means that in 11 games, over 20,000 students 32__________(play) a sport or
33_________(do) an athletic event. Next year again, many people 34_______(win) gold, silver or bronze
medals. This is very expensive. The games in Izmir 35___________(cost) over 2,5 million pounds and the
International University Sports Federation 36__________(spend) over 25 million pounds of all 11 games.
Next year, more tan 15.000 students 37_______(attend) the games and the cost 38________(be) higher tan
any other games. FISU 38 __________(not decide) what to do yet but, i’m sure they 39
_________(increase) the Price of the tickets. We hope there 40_________(be) a discount for students.

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Gestión de Docencia
(Segunda Lenguas)


1. Write a text about 100-120 words. Write your answers on the answer sheet.


A. Wirte about a good film you have seen, or a good book you have read this year.
B. Write a letter to a friend about your holidays (Write your letter in 80–100 words) You should:
• include a suitable greeting.
• talk about where you went on your last holiday, and what it was like. (past events), (compare
• say where you are going to go this year, and what you want to do there. (intentions going to)
• ask your friend about his/her plans for the holidays.
• include a closing phrase.


PART 1: Listen to the dialogue between Abby and Diana, and choose the correct answer, true (T) or false (F)
1 The webcam is working well T F
2 Diana is coming out to California in October T F
3 Diana and Steve have decided to spend 4 weeks in California T F
4 Diana is going to rent a car T F
5 it takes two hours to get to Monterey from San Francisco T F
6 The weather is 20 degrees Celsius T F
7 Diana wants to go to the beach T F
8 Diana would like to stay for four months in San Francisco T F

PART 2: Listen again and organize the summary conversation, write from 1 to 8 according to the order you hear:
A Diana and Steve can't wait to see Joe and Abby
B The weather condition is great to go to the beach.
C Abby greets Diana
D Abby asked Diana to give her a ring. 
E Diana and Steve are arriving on the sixth of October
F Diana is coming out with her new man.
G Abby is going to take Diana to Santa Cruz
H Abby is working at home at the moment.

Fecha de
Gestión de Docencia
(Segunda Lenguas)


Prepare a short presentation about a national or international bussiness company, use different gramar tenses to talk
about history, important achievements and failures, projects for the future.


(40 PTS)
(20 PTS) (20 PTS) (10 PTS) (10 PTS)