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Alexander Nawiko


The effective way to communication

Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals

through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. There are two types of
communication, . there There is face to face communication, and there is communication by
other types, in this case by intermediary (texting, email, etc.) . However, for me face to face
communication still remains the most effective way of communication between people. In this
essay I would’d like to give explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of
First, for the advantages of communication by other types, for example texting, email,
etc. The main reason for people to use this type of is that communication, such as by telephone
or by e-mail, is because it is more easier (more practical). There is no need to make appointment
with friends before meetings; all you need to do is just to remember their email address or phone
numbers. Wherever you are at that time, communication is as easy as face to face talking.
Moreover, it is more efficient for people to communicate. Another important reason is that the
way people connect by email can make more friends. We can make many friends on the Internet
and we communicate each other regularly, so we can have gained more information and
knowledge in many other ways.
Next, the disadvantages of communication ofby other types. Even if we can hear words
of our friends through from a telephone conversation, from our friends but we don’t always
know if they really mean it. For example, Police inspectors can judge whether athe suspect is
telling the truth through his or her body languages. T, that wayerefore, they can get new clues
and solve a criminal case more quickly. Thus, face-to-face communication is more perceptible
and can help us understand a speaker's true feeling better than other ways of communication.
After discussing the disadvantages of communication by other types, now we will talk
about the advantages of go to fFace- to- face communication advantages. Firstly, in face-to-face
communication people can get direct response from the others. When we talk with our friends,
we can get feedback immediately from their verbal response, body language and facial
expressions. Based on these responses, we can know what's the next step we need to do, such as
how to carry on the conversation, and change the direction or finish the conversation if
necessary. Sometimes, spokeneaking words and body languages may not mean the same thing.
AsAnd for the disadvantages of face-to-face face to face communication, this type of are
face to face communication may not be suitable for people who are nervous or poor
communicators. Second, face-to-face Face to face communication does not allow is not us
possible to establish a proper rapport with a large group, through face to face communication.
Lastly, And for the last disadvantages is face to face communication it is unsuitable for large
organizations that as they have branch offices located at different places and even in different
Alexander Nawiko

For me iIn my opinion, face-to-face communication will always be better than other types
of communication. However, even though But while face-to-face communication is better, newer
methods cannot be ignored. The latter se methods have helped people to communicate arry
communication over through loing distances around the world; thereby expanding the world we
live in and bring everyone closer together.