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Assignment - FTW



Student: Anita Villamar

Group: 2019-02

Unit: Final task: writing

The correct files name would be: 2013-06SLópez_FTW

Assignment - FTW

Assignment: Observation and research

Read the following text and the information provided in this link about the topic of Observation and

`Research` is the process of collecting and analyzing data with the purpose of
proving a hypothesis (or a theory) which may eventually lead on to new
insights. In a way, we are all unofficial researchers due to the fact that we
observe events of our daily lives, analyze them, try to understand them, ask
questions, adventure hypotheses and even come out with our own conclusions.
It is assumed that teachers can improve their knowledge and skills, not
necessarily by following a particular method or the results of an `official´
research, but rather by questioning their own everyday teaching contexts.
Teachers` theories or ideas come from a variety of sources.

 The teacher`s education

 The teacher`s experience as a learner
 The teacher`s classroom practice
 The teacher`s personal beliefs

However, even though we may find a close connection between `scientific

research` and our `daily life research`, there is an important difference, and it is
the fact that scientific research is usually expressed by concepts such as
`organized`, `structured`, `methodical`, `systematic`, `testable`, and specifically
by the notion of disciplinary inquiry, compared to our daily life research which
deals more with common sense and intuition. It is also important to differentiate
between different types of research:

 The theoretical research (or basic): provides abstract theories which

explain L2 teaching-learning.
 The applied research: applies the abstract theories to different fields of
study (e.g. education).

Assignment - FTW

 The practical research (or `classroom research`): uses the abstract

theories and the applied research when testing a hypothesis. It explains
what actually happens in a particular scenario (e.g. a classroom) taking
into account the direct and indirect influence of internal and external

Since very little is known about what goes on in our classrooms and all the
variables that play a role in it, research becomes an important tool for
examining the relations between variables that continually interact. The
classroom has long been considered one of the most difficult places to do
research. The connection between the input (what the students receive) and
the output (what the students produce) is often characterized as a black box`,
reflecting the idea that what actually goes on in this process is dark and

As you have read “teachers can improve their knowledge and skills, not
necessarily by following a particular method or the results of an `official´
research, but rather by questioning their own everyday teaching contexts”.
Following the information you have read, write an essay on how you could
improve your practice as a teacher or your performance as a student.

As you know, this unit aims at reviewing all the information studied since unit 3.
So, great attention must be paid to following the instructions seen in subjects
studied there:
 Unit 3_Spelling, vocabulary and grammar
 Unit 4_Style guides and punctuation
 Unit 5_Sentences and paragraphs
 Unit 6_Characteristics of academic texts and formal requirements
 Unit 7_Introduction, conclusion and understandability
 Unit 8_Description, explanation and academic grammar
 Unit 9_Argumentation and academic vocabulary

Assignment - FTW

Also, remember that you must use the personal experience, but always justifying
it with the theory studied during the units 3 to 10. The extension must be from
300 to 600 words. You can seek and use additional bibliography if you want.
Remember that you have to use the concepts learnt in the past units to write the

How teachers can improve their knowledge and skills

English teachers can understand and have a lot of information about education but if
the teachers cannot transmitter their knowledge to the students, the teaching process
will not successful for the students. For this reason it is important to understand how
every concept learnt in past unit can help us in our work as an English educator and
help our students to develop their knowledge. In addition, I will mention three aspects
that teachers need to improve in the education; teachers need improve their strategies,
becoming a researcher for professional development and make learning English an
enjoyable experience for students.

Firstly, teachers need improve their strategies in the classroom, as an educator the
concepts from the units provide us the opportunities to discover new potential factors
that enrich us our teaching process in the classroom. There are many strategies,
methods and techniques that help us in the learning process but it is necessary that our
students can understand the subject. They have different way to learn and we need to
discover them. For instance, we can use Classroom Ecology, Phases of Teaching &
Learning, Cooperative Learning, Comprehensible input and CALLA. I consider
meaningful to mention that everyone has relevant procedures to develop the teacher‘s
capacity to connect, engage and encourage the different theories with the application in
the classroom.

Secondly, teachers need to become in a researcher for their professional development,

According Jean McNiff indicates in his journal:

Assignment - FTW

Action research is a term which refers to a practical way of looking at your own
work to check that it is as you would like it to be. Because action research is
done by you, the practitioner, it is often referred to as practitioner based
research; and because it involves you thinking about reflecting on your work, it
can also be called a form of self – reflective practice.

It important to investigate how improves our role in the classroom and develops
student’s skills. On the other hand, the theories provide us information about how the
family, community and school influence in the students learning, and how influence the
performance of the students in the classroom. As a result, a teachers need to be better
and learn more every day in their teaching practice

Thirdly, students do not feel comfortable learning English because teachers do not
create enjoyable activities for them. As teacher we need understand that student not
only needs to know about the curriculum, they need understand the content with
meaningful activities. In this way, they are able to work in a collaborative environment
interact among students in a learner community. For this reason, I think that the
teachers have to provide opportunities in the classroom to create a good atmosphere in
where the voice, feeling, cultural background, the prior knowledge that every student
has should be considered in the classroom. As a result, we need to create a
comfortable environment for improving students’ knowledge in this way we make
learning English an enjoyable experience for them. Johnson, D.W., & Johnson, F.
( 2018), indicate “the degree of emotional bonding that exists among students has a
profound effect on students’ behavior. The motivation and persistence in working
toward goal achievement”

In addition, the theories learnt, researcher teachers and a good environment, all of
them create a great interaction among students in where they can share their ideas,
and connect with motivate strategies are significantly to get in the students a
comprehensible input and develop their skills.

Assignment - FTW

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