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22 KILLING ME SOFTLY (WITH HIS SONG) Words by Music by NORMAN GIMBLE a Arranged by DAN COATES Moderately slow Am? 2 Dm? a . = = ¢ Fr Ee ——— ? @ ae —— Co u Strom-ming my pain with hie fin | = gers, singing my We with his word === eS s Kil ing me soft - iy with his F B | Words. Killing me soft} - ly. with is te Aratparaes os by EARLE PO tha NOP GRABLE FORAMMBEE POCUS TIONS. ING. Box 1130, Oreway te, GA GDS eng Ma Soy 3-1 ‘Aa Fgh Peer Verse: Dm o maj? heard he sang. felt all flushed} i if Am? Dm VT 7 And there one was. 1 prayed. ithe a c : : Wan = o iis young boy, would fin - ish, Chorus: Am? Dm 2Q TT Steum- ee pain... with his fin —— sing + ing my Jife___ with his. words, ig Me Sy - 8-2 214 a } ig . f Verse 3: He sang as if he knew me, In all my dark despair. ‘And then be looked right through me ‘As if wasn’t there. But he was there, this stranger ‘Singing clear and strong. (To Chorus:) ray Me Ooty 9-9