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TO : Telephone Operator

Rc : Receptionist

G : Guest

Rs : Reservationist

B : Bellboy



TO Good morning, Edotel Laing here, Hana speaking. May I assist you?
Calle Yes, can I speak to Anne Janet?
TO May I know with whom I’m speaking?
Calle I’m Agustina Paul
TO Alright Mrs. Paul, please wait a moment. I will call the room (TO call the room of Mrs
TO Forgive me Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Janet is not in the room right now. Do you have any
Calle Yes, please tell her that I invite her to come in the meeting at Amsterdam restaurant
r tomorrow night at 07.00 p.m. in order to fundraising of disaster with dressing code
TO (catat isi pesan pada message form sertakan no telpon si penelpon, waktu telpon dan
tanggal serta nama penelpon)
Alright Mrs. Paul, I will repeat the message. Your name is Mrs. Agustina Paul, you invite
Mrs. Anne Janet to come in the meeting at Amsterdam restaurant tomorrow night at
07.00 p.m. in order to fundraising of disaster with dressing code casual. Is that right
Calle Yes, that’s right.
TO Is there anything I can do for you mam?
Calle No, it’s enough. Thank you
TO You are welcome


Tamu datang menghampiri meja receptionist

Rc Good morning in edotel laing, with Yola, may I help you sir?
G Yes, I want to stay in this hotel
Rc Do you have any reservation before sir?
G Not yet
Rc May I know your name sir?
G Yes, my name is Gordon Ramsay
Rc How long will you stay in the hotel sir?
G 3 nights
Rc How many persons sir?
G 2 person
Rc May I borrow your identity card sir?
G Sure, it is
(isi ID card : nama lengkap, TTL, alamat, kewarganegaraan dan agama)
Rc I will help you to fill your registration form.
What types of room do you want sir?
We have 4 types of room:
1. suite room, the price Rp. 800.000 per night
2. superior room, the price Rp. 600.000 per night
3. deluxe room, the price Rp. 500.000 per night
4. standard room, the price Rp. 300.000 per night
Which one you like sir?
G I choose one suite room in the second floor
Rc Where do you come from sir?
G I’m from Jakarta
Rc Where do you go after here sir?
G Bali
Rc May I know your phone number sir?
G Sure, it’s 0852-7407-2755
Rc What time will you check out sir?
G 10.00 a.m.
Rc Do you have any special request sir?
G No, I don’t
Rc How about your payment sir?
G I pay by cash
Rc May I take your room deposit sir?
G Sure, how much?
Rc 1 million Rupiah
G Alright
Rc Alright Mr. Ramsay. I will repeat your register information. Your name is Mr. Gordon
Ramsay. You choose 1 suite room in the second floor for 3 nights and for 2 person, you pay
by cash. Is that’s right sir?
G Yes, that’s right
Rc Would you like to sign here sir?
G Sure
Rc Sir, our bellboy will escort you to your room no. 201. This is your key, guest card and meal
coupon. We hope you enjoy to staying in our hotel. Have a nice day
G Thank you



Rc Bellboy please
B Yes (datang menghampiri receptionist)
Rc This is Mr and Mrs Ramsay. Please escort them to the room no. 201. This is the key, meal
coupon and guest card
B Alright Mr and Mrs Ramsay, are you ready to go to your room?
G Yes, we are ready.
B Do you have any luggage?
G Yes, they are
B (bellboy memberikan luggage tag pada setiap barang dan mengisi bellboy errand card,
kemudian meletakkan pada trolley sesuai dengan jenis barang)
(Barang tamu: 1 suitcase, 1 vanity case, 1 travelling bag dan 1 briefcase)

Please follow me sir…

(sambil mendorong trolley, terjadi komunikasi antara bellboy dengan tamu)

How about your trip sir?

G Fun
B Is it first time for you come to west Sumatra?
G No. it’s second time
B This is your room sir, please wait here, I’ll check the room.
(knocking the door) bellboy please… 3 x
(buka pintu perlahan, hidupkan lampu dan buka tirai)

After you please sir…

(letakkan barang tamu pada luggage rack)

B Sir, let me explain the facilities of room?
G Yes please
B - This is wardrobe, there are hanger, sajadah and laundry bag
- This is electricity kettle, you can cook hot water with this
- There are mineral water, coffee, tea and sugar. It’s free for you
- This is mini bar, there are some meals and soft drink but it’s charged
- This is television. We have 50 channels local and international. You can use this
remote control to change the channels
- This is remote of air conditioner to control the temperature.
- We have a beautiful view, you can look from the window. They are swimming pool
and mountain’s view.
- This is a Telephone, you can dial 1 for receptionist, 2 for housekeeping, 3 for laundry
and 4 for food beverage service.
- And last this is a bathroom, there is bath tub, pull the red one for hot water and the
blue one for cool water. Then there are some guest supplies.

Is there anything else I can do for you sir?

G No, thank you
B Sir, this is your key, guest card and meal coupon. We hope you enjoy to staying in our hotel.
Have a nice day
G Thank you
B (bellboy menutup pintu perlahan dengan posisi menghadap ke tamu)