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Chapter 1

Project Background
Livestock and poultry are the strongest sources of growth in Philippine Agriculture. It is
considered as a source of livelihood at rural level, helping to reduce disparity in income, and
provides security in case of any outward eventuality of crop failure. It plays an important role in
poverty improvement and can uplift the socioeconomic conditions of the rural masses. Livestock
raising becomes a major activity in rural areas causing large increase in hog production to
527,210 metric tons within three months higher than the 499,890 MT in the comparable las year
(tomacruz, 2017). As the demand for meat increases, the livestock production grows. Based on
the result of the statistics on the top 10 of the fastest growing meat consuming nations, PH has
one of the highest continuing growth rates in terms of of meat consumption.

 Info about livestock and poultry in PH

 Meat consumption of PH (OECD)
 Public market (supply of meat)
 Population of malvar (current)
 Municipal’s purpose on building a slaughterhouse
 Facilities
 Type of SH (meaning)

The municipality aims to offer an industry for animal business that will serve Malvar and

other nearby cities and municipalities for their livestock needs and also provide a school which

will help locals from Malvar to learn about butchery. The project comprises the design of

Slaughterhouse where all the hogs and animal butchering activities are happening, also a Meat

Processing Compound where by-products of meat processes are made, a Two-Storey School for

Butchery that will offer butchery courses and other design components that will make the

compound fully-functional as well. All the structures to be built will be established on a modern

standard and also the standards set by National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) to ensure that the

product of all the processes are hygienic and clean.

The structures including the Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Compound will be

technically equipped for hogs and large animal processes and will also have the potential for

further operations such as by-product processing/utilization, meat preservation and meat

processing. The facility of each is equipped with state of the art machinery enabling it to carry out
these processes and making sure that all the products to be produced reach the standard for

livestock product. It will give a range of meat-related services such as

___________________________. In some school in the Philippines, the school for burchery was

offered mostly by the _________________ TESDA and that is the target course to be offer in the

school of butchery to be built. It will be big help to learn about slaughtering processes since a

great call of opportunity for butchers is up overseas in countries like.

The slaughterhouse, and processing compound and the school for butchery will all be

beneficial in terms of animal slaughtering service needs of Malvar Public Marker and other

interested meat processor including nearby public markets such as Lipa, Tanauan and Sto. Tomas

and it will also help the citizen of Malvar that will be working and studying in the said project

and people whose business is related to meat and its product.

This project will apply modern engineering methods and will use the skills gained from

Reinforced Concrete Design, Steel and Timber Design, Geotechnical Engineering,

Transportation Engineering, Construction Methods and Project Management, Water and

Hydraulics Engineering in doing the project.


Figure I: Vicinity Map of Malvar
Figure II: Site Vicinity Map ( San Pioquinto)
Figure III: General Land Use Plan
C. Objectives of the Study

The overall objective of the study titled “Proposed Design of Slaughterhouse and

Meat Processing Compound in Brgy. San Pioquinto, Malvar, Batangas” is to provide a

detailed engineering design of structures like Slaughterhouse, Meat Processing

Compound and a Two-Storey School for Butchery, an Elevated Water Tank, a Perimeter

Fence and Parking Space, Water and Sewer Lines, a Road Network connecting the

proposed structures to the main road.

Specifically, it aimed:

1. To prepare a detailed design and layout of the proposed project will include

a. Architectural Design

b. Structural Design

c. Electrical Layout

d. Plumbing and Sanitary Layout

2. To present design computation for structural component which complies with the

primary requirement stipulated by the National Structural Code of the Philippines

(NSCP), National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP) and National Meat

Inspection Service (NMIS)

3. To promote a complete project management plan that may include:


b. Man Power Schedule

c. Equipment Schedule
d. Project Cost Estimate