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The Cambridge Guide to OET Nursing is a definitive

pathway to test-day success from a team of highly
experienced writers – experts in language teaching and
OET. It provides valuable practice in all four language skills
required for the test. Backed by strong pedagogy and a
hands-on approach to language learning, with content
approved by OET, the book is your complete guide to

• Detailed introduction to OET with test overview
• Extensive task-based learning and practice for each
part of the test
• Preparatory tasks offering bite-sized learning
• ‘Tips for scoring’ in all the sub-tests
• Two complete Practice Tests
• Audio, audio transcript and answer key available online

Suitable for What’s inside?

• Nurses and trainee nurses who need OET to • Introduction to OET
work in English-speaking countries like the UK, • Listening
Ireland and Australia • Reading
• Classroom or self-study students • Writing
• C1-level students who need to prepare for • Speaking
the test • Two Practice Tests
• B2-level students who would like to work • Audio, audio transcript and answers online
towards taking the test • Teacher’s resources online

OET background info

OET is a high-stakes test of English for medical professions which is produced by CBLA (Cambridge Boxhill
Language Assessment – majority-owned by Cambridge Assessment English with Boxhill Institute). The test is
used extensively to ensure doctors have a minimum C1-level in all skills, and nurses B2-level of English in Writing
and C1-level in the other skills. OET can be taken every month in over 40 countries.

Catherine Leyshon is the director Gurleen Khaira has a post- Virginia Allum (MA, BA, Grad.
of Pass Your English Limited, a graduate qualification in Cert TESOL) is a Registered
Premium Preparation Provider TESOL, and her company, Nurse and Medical English
for OET. She has been an English Khaira Education, is a Premium author of course books and
language teacher and examiner Preparation Provider for OET online courses for doctors and
for 25 years in Japan, India, training. She has received four nurses. She is Head of Medical
Germany, Australia and the UK national awards in India for her English at Specialist Language
in a wide range of contexts. work in the education sector. Courses (SLC) with extensive
experience of writing OET
resources for several groups of
healthcare professionals.

Experts together
Our aim is to deliver the materials you tell us you need. Exclusive insights
from test development and candidate performance guarantee expert
content. The result is a unique Exam Journey in each course, ensuring
every student is ready on exam day. From skill development to exam
tasks, language discovery to real world usage, we create better learning
experiences, together.