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Youth of India 2047

Envisioning 100 Years of Independence

Bharat, the oldest civilization of the world, the land with immense diversity, the culture of
liberation, needs to regain and revitalize its strength and emerge as Vishwa Guru once again.
Despite several years of slavery and tyranny, the cultural roots of the country are intact, though
a subtle layer of slavery still persists in the form of truncated psychological, social, economic,
and physical aspects which tend to impact the citizens of this nation even today. However,
enormous efforts and initiatives have come up since August 1947, in order to make this great
nation establish its essence once again.
In year 2047, India shall be celebrating its 100 years of independence. The nation has already
experienced 72 years of independence, and several landmarks have been achieved in the
context of education, health, employment, technology, etc., yet a lot is still to be managed so that
every individual residing on this land prospers. The National Youth Awakening Festival YUVA
2020 with the theme Youth of India 2047 - Envisioning 100 Years of Independence, aims to
brainstorm, analyse, strategize, and implement on issues of national importance with specific
focus on role of youth in all these aspects.
The National Youth Awakening Festival YUVA 2020 will be organized from February 20-28,
2020 and will have the following 5 events:

 Manthan, The Youth Conclave

 Udbhav, The Inter-University National Debate Competition
 Netritiva 2.0, The Leadership Workshop
 Bharat Ko Jaano, The Inter-School Quiz Competition
 Orator of the Zone, The Zonal Oratory Competition

Manthan, The Youth Conclave

The Youth Conclave is a platform to discuss, disseminate, and deliberate on the possible
solutions, targets, and plans which must be generated and implemented by our youth in order
to enhance their effective participation and role in nation building. There shall be four
subthemes for the Youth Conclave including the significant areas of education, agriculture,
technology, and entrepreneurship. The Conclave participants shall get an opportunity to either
participate in oral paper presentation or poster presentation or as delegates.

 Evolving Education
The ancient Indian education system which had once produced learning institutes like
Takshila and Nalanda, now predominantly follows the system laid in the colonial era by
the Britishers which needs to be transformed in order to lead India in the contemporary
world. This subtheme invites papers addressing the interventions which can be
introduced in the Indian education setup at various levels and what should be the role of
youth such that the reach, effectiveness, and outcomes of education are strengthened.

 Advancing Agriculture
The concept of agriculture in India is not just limited to being a livelihood option, rather
it denotes a symbiotic relationship with nature. To connect this deep rooted approach
with current agricultural technologies and market system, it is important to introduce
need based reforms in agricultural education, practices, and technology dissemination.
Agriculture needs to emerge as a lucrative avenue for Indian youth given its vast
untapped potential. This subtheme invites papers suggesting the measures and
interventions to mainstream agriculture, enhance youth interest in agriculture, and
strengthen policies such that Indian agriculture even emerges as a demand driven
enterprise till 2047.

 Tackling Technology
In the present context of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world,
technology is the key enabler. The rapid advancement in technology, especially
information technology, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, will have a
significant impact on the nation’s economic, social, and cultural profile. However, to
mitigate the negative consequences of technology we need to manage technology and its
usage. This subtheme invites papers with plans and ideas, for inculcating an attitude of
senseful, judicious use of technology especially among youth. Also, the possible impact
of emerging technologies on industry, consumers, government may be included along
with strategies to channelize this technology for mass scale benefit.

 Embracing Entrepreneurship
The innovation ecosystem of the nation has definitely gained some pace in the last
decade, given the number of entrepreneurial ventures that were initiated and the policy
level support that was provided. Yet, based on the population pressure of India and the
varying demands and requirements of the citizens, there is immense scope for
furthermore innovative entrepreneurial ventures to flourish. The bottlenecks however
are existing at various levels such as education, financial support, and attitudinal
glitches. Despite all challenges, as a nation we need to embrace entrepreneurship and
strive for creating a better ecosystem. This subtheme invites papers on aspects that
must be included, improved, and invented in order to encourage youth to accept
entrepreneurship as a viable livelihood option as well as a mode for national