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1985 [Wonderful Life iE Words © Musiby Clineamcombe With a steady beat 4 = 106 Em pyre G DFe Em ae me (a SS é == G and dreams hang the air, ate as 4 6 and in mybiue ye you know it fels un i G Dre Em 3 aloe EmG = a + $ 4 = = SS 5 SSS SaaS whe Look at me stand — ing here on my Am Em Deadd 9 pe EmyG oo # = —s oe ee own again, Up sight inthe Am en 6 ‘ : ‘ =a Z ————— No need 1 nun and hide, Sa wonder fal, wom der = fa To Coda D Em G ra Amc 4 oo} ef} a <— SI BTS a wonder fk won r= fl DyrF prt Em Dre se need a friend to Not soa Tone “The Great British Songbook 87 ® Coda Oo beet S I ge ere rt ae D —3—4 e555 SS pes Won-der - ful life I's a wonder ful lite in your eyes, the heat is in your bai, ‘They seem to hate you because you're ther. eae Ee ee oe oerer And I need a friend, ob, I needa friend Black, a punk trio fro who reached number "Wonderful ite'in 987. To make me happy, not stand here on my own. pore UN hide, it'sa wonderful, wonderful life. 288 The Great British Songbook