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Annex A




Plaintiff, Civil Case No.___
For: Recovery of Actual Damages,
Versus Moral Damages and Attorney’s


I, ANTHONY LEIGH SIBI, of legal age, single, residing in Salvador

St., Barangay Labangon, Cebu City, after having been sworn to in
accordance with the law do hereby depose and state, that:

Atty. Ron Audrien R. Enriquez is the counsel who conducted and

supervised my examination as a witness at his office at 20/F Ayala Center
Cebu Tower Bohol Street, Cebu Business Park Cebu City;

I am answering the questions herein fully conscious that I do so under

oath and that I may be criminally liable for false testimony or perjury;

PURPOSE: That this affidavit/testimony of witness, ANTHONY LEIGH

SIBI, is being offered to prove the existence of a cause of action against
defendant, IRA JENENA A. BERO, for the case of damages;

Q1: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?
A1: Yes.

Q2: Can you state your personal circumstances for the record, please.
A2: I am Anthony Leigh Sibi, 26 years old, single, residing in Labangon,
Cebu City. I am a law student in the University of San Carlos.

Q3: Do you know of one IRA JENENA A. BERO?

A3: Yes sir.

Q4: What is your relationship with her?

A4: She was my girlfriend

Q5: How did you two meet?

A5: She was my classmate in the USC College of Law.

Q6: When did you relationship start?

A6: We met in June 26, 2016 in our classroom. I started courting her
immediately and we were in a relationship already by July 28, 2016.

Q7: Can you describe your relationship?
A7: At first, it was very sweet and romantic because she was my first
girlfriend. But like any other relationships, we also had problems. One time,
a problem got so big that we almost broke up.

Q8: What kind of problem are you referring to?

A8: One time we at Ira’s and she attempted take of my clothes and I was
shocked. I tried to stop her.

Q9: What happened next, if any?

Q9: She told me this is what couples do and it is normal

Q10: What do you mean when you “it”?

A10: I mean, that Ira wants us to engage in sexual intercourse.

Q11: What happened next, if any?

A11: I wanted to go home, because I was so scared. It was against my
beliefs to engage in pre-marital coitus.

Q12: What happened next, if any?

A12: But Ira prevented me and threatened to inflict self-harm if I would

Q13: What happened next, if any?

A13: So I stayed for a bit to comfort her because she was already crying.

Q14: What happened next, if any?

A14: We cuddled for a bit and she kissed me.

Q15: What happened next, if any?

A15: At the heat of the passionate kissing, for that moment, I forgot about
my beliefs and principles and let myself to succumb to the pleasures of the

Q16: By “succumb to the pleasures of the flesh”, what do you mean

A16: We had sexual intercourse, sir.

Q17: How would you describe your relationship after that night?
A17: I observed that Ira was more demanding of my presence and she would
get mad if I cannot meet her or whenever I come late when we meet.

Q18: What did you feel about that?

A18: I felt uncomfortable to the point that I did not want to see her.

Q19: What happened next, if any?

A19: After a few weeks, Ira wanted to meet. She said that it was an

Q20: What happened next, if any?

A20: We met at her house and then she told me that she was pregnant and
that we should get married.
Q21: How did you respond to that?
A21: I was shocked and afraid. I did not know what to do.
Q22: What happened next, if any?
A22: Without thinking clearly and pressured by the situation, I agreed to
marry her. I proposed to her right then and there. She eagerly accepted it.

Q23: What happened after you agreed to get married?

A23: We started to prepare for the marriage ceremony?

Q24: How did you prepare for your marriage ceremony?

A24: We planned where and when we will get married and the people we
will hire to prepare for the ceremony.

Q25: Who were the people you hired to prepare for your ceremony?
A25: We hired the services of Aton and Velayo wedding services.

Q26: How much did you pay for their services?

A26: I paid 50,000 out of my pocket for their services for a packaged deal

Q27: Do you have a receipt for the payment that you made?
A27: Yes. I have

Q28: What was the date of your intended wedding ceremony?

A28: We intended to get married on September 6, 2019.

Q29: What happened then on such date?

A29: I was waiting for her on the altar for us to exchange our vows.

Q30: What happened next, if any?

A30: While I was waiting for her before the alter, she suddenly ran away
and she went away with a man.

Q31: Do you know the name of the man?

A31: His name is Arnold Abril Aran.

Q32: What happened then after she ran away?

A32: I asked her whereabouts from her relatives.

Q33: Why did you want to know her whereabouts?

A33: Because I wanted her to explain to me why she did it especially when I
have already spent for our wedding

Q34: Where you able to contact her?

A34: Unfortunately, I was not able to contact her. But I kept contact with her

Q35: What did you learn about her from her family, if any?
A35: I found out that Ira was not pregnant and that she had a boyfriend for 5
years that her family knows of.
Q36: So you were unaware of this facts all the time during your
A36: Yes. All this time, she kept this things away from my knowledge.

I am executing this affidavit freely, voluntarily, in good faith, and for

whatever legal purpose it may further serve.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 28 th day of

October 2019 at Cebu City.

Nothing follows.



Subscribed and sworn to before me in Cebu City on October 20, 2019 affiant
showing his competent proof of identity, to wit: PRC I.D. No. 0168888.


Page No. ____; NOTARIAL COMMISSION 281176
Book No.____; Until Dec 31, 2019
Series of 2019. Unit 3b, 2nd floor of ABC Building
F. Ramos St., Cebu City
Roll of Attorneys No 12234
PTR No. 112444
IBP LRN 117366
MCLE Compliance V-2344: Aug 2018 Cebu City


The undersigned RON AUDRIEN R. ENRIQUEZ., of legal age,

married, and with law office address 20/F Ayala Center Cebu Tower Bohol
Street, Cebu Business Park Cebu City, under oath, depose and state:

1. That he is the Legal Counsel for the plaintiffs in the above-

entitled case;

2. That he faithfully recorded or caused to be recorded the

questions he asked and the corresponding answers that the
above-named witness gave;

3. That neither he nor any other person then present or assisting

him coached the witness regarding the latter's answers; and
4. That he conducted the examination of the witness at 20/F Ayala
Center Cebu Tower Bohol Street, Cebu Business Park Cebu City.

February 28, 2019, Cebu City, Philippines.



SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me in Cebu City on October

28, 2019 affiant showing her competent proof of identity, to wit: SSS ID
No: 876251887 issued at on May 26, 2017 at Cebu City and I have
personally examined herein affiant and I am convinced that he is the same
person who executed this Sworn Attestation and that I am satisfied that he
has fully read and understood the contents hereof.


Book No.____; NOTARIAL COMMISSION 281176
Series of 2019. Until Dec 31, 2019
Unit 3b, 2nd floor of ABC Building
F. Ramos St., Cebu City
Roll of Attorneys No 12234
PTR No. 112444
IBP LRN 117366
MCLE Compliance V-2344: Aug 2018 Cebu City