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Pio Valenzuela (Cry of Santiago Alvarez (The Gregoria De Jesus (First Guillermo Masangkay
Pugad Lawin) Cry of Bahay Toro) Cry) (The Cry of Balintawak)
Pío Valenzuela y Alejandro, a Filipino Santiago Virata Álvarez was a August 25,1986 •According to him, the first rally of the
physician and revolutionary leader. revolutionary general and a founder Philippine Revolution happened on
and honorary president of the first •This version was written by no other August 26,1986 at Balintawak.
•It has been authorized by no other directorate of the Nacionalista Party. than the “Lakambini of the Katipunan”
than Dr. Pio Valenzuela, who and wife of Andres Bonifacio, •On August 26th 1896, a big meeting
happened to be the eyewitness (August 24,1896) Gregoria De Jesus. She has beena was held in Balintawak, at the house
himself to the event. In his first participant of this event and became of Apolinio Samson, then the cabeza
version, he told that the prime staging •This version of the “Cry” was written the keeper of the secret documents in of that barrio of Caloocan. Among
point of the cry was in Balintawak on by Santiago Alvarez, a well-known the Katipunan. those who attended, I remember,
Wednesday of August 26,1896. Katipunero from cavite and a son of were Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto,
Mariano Alvarez is a relative of •After the Revolution in August 1986, Aguedodel Rosario, Tomas Remigio,
• “The first place of refuge of Andres Gregoria De Jesus, who happened to she lived with her parents in Briccio Pantas, Teodoro Plata, Pio
Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto, Procopio be the wife of Andres Bonifacio. Caloocan then fled to Manila when Valenzuela, Enrique Pachero, and
Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, Auguedodel she was told that the Spanish Franciso Carreon.
Rosario, and myself was Balintawak, Sunday, August 23,1986 authorities wanted to arrest her.
the first arriving there on August 19 •They were all leaders of the
and I, on August 20,1986. •As early as 10 o’clock in the •Eventually, she joined her husband Katipunan and composed the board
morning, at the barn of Kabesang in the mountains and shared of directors of the organization.
•The first place where some 500 Melchora, at a place called adversities with him. In her account, Delegates from Bulacan,
members of the Katipunan met on Sampalukan, barrio of Bahay Toro, the first “Cry” happened near Cabanatuan, Cavite and Morong
August 22,1986, was the house and katipunero met together . About 500 Caloocan on August 25,1896. (now Rizal) were also present.
yard of Apolonio Samson at of these arrived, ready and eager to
Kangkong. Among those who were join the “Supremo” Andres Bonifacio •At about 5 o’clock in the afternoon,
there were Briccio Pantas, Alejandro and his men. while the gathering at Balintawak was
Santiago, Ramon Bernardo, Apolonio •The activities of the katipunan had celebrating the decision of the
Samson, and others. Here, views reached nearly all corners of the katipunan leaders to start the
were only exchanged, and no Philippines Archipelago, so that when uprising, the guards who were up in
resolutions was debated or adapted. Monday, August 24,1986 it’s existence was discovered and trees to watch for any possible
some of the members arrested, we intruders or the approach of the
•It was at Pugad Lawin, in the house, •There were about 1000 katipuneros. immediately returned to Caloocan. enemy, gave the warning that the
store-house, and yard of Juan . . The “Supremo” decided to hold a Spaniards were coming.
Ramos, son of Melchora Aquino, meeting inside the big barn. Under his •However, as we were closely
were over 1000 members of the leadership, the meeting began at 10 watched by the agents of the Spanish •Led by Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto and
katipunan met and carried out o’clock in the morning. . authorities, Andres Bonifacio and other leaders of the Katipunan, the
considerable debate and discussion other Katipuneros left the town after men were distributed in strategic
om August 23,1986. the discussion •It was 12 o’clock noon when the some days. It was then that the positions and were prepared for
was on wether or not the revolution meeting adjourned amidst loud cries uprising began, with the first cry for attack of the civil guards.
against the Spanish government of “Long live the Sons of the Country” Freedom on August 25,1986.
should be started on August 29,1986. (Mabuhay ang mga Anak ng Bayan)!