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NAME: _______________________________ DATE: _________________

YEAR: 8th _____ SCORE: ________/
SUBJECT: Language GRADE: _______/ 26
SKILL: To listen and distinguish the information from a listening.

I. Listen to two managers choose a new fitness instructor. Read the

questions. circle the correct answers. (6.5) (1pt= 4pts)

1. What other job do they talk about?

A) nurse
B) scientist
C) accountant
2. Paul thinks a good fitness instructor should
A) be fit and strong
B) be a good teacher
C) teach tennis
3. Paul likes Lucy because she´s
A) a good scientist
B) Canadian
C) a fitness instructor
4. Emma thinks a fitness instructor has to be
A) friendly and helpful
B) fit and strong
C) kind and polite

SKILL: To correct the mistakes.

II. Correct the spelling mistakes in the days of the week. Write the word
correctly. (1pt= 5pts)
 1. Sanday ____________________
2. Thersday ____________________
3. Fraiday ____________________
4. Saterday ____________________
5. Wenesday ____________________

SKILL: To understand the use of prepositions of place.

III. Complete the sentences with the prepositions from the box. Some
prepositions can be used more than once. (1pt= 4pts)

a in on
1. Amal gets up ________ 7.45 ________ the morning.
2. Yen goes to cinema with friends ________ Tuesdays.
3. My English classes start ________ nine.
4. I prefer to study ________ the evening.

SKILL: To recognize the use of the verb to be.

IV. Unscramble the words to make sentences. (1pt= 4pts)

1. every Monday / plays / tennis / She / .


2. at night / don’t / watch / I / television / .

3. eat lunch / at home / you / Do / ?

4. do / What time / morning / you / get up / every / .

SKILL: To reason and label the use of have to and has to.

V. Complete the sentences with one of the phrases in the box. (1pt= 4pts)

has to        have to        don't have to        doesn't have to

1. I ________ go right now. I'm very late!

2. It's OK - you ________ do anything. Just sit there and wait for me.

3. Wait for Greg. He ________ make sure that the door is locked.

4. A good student ________ be very organized. Organization is very important.

SKILL: To classify adjectives for people.

VI. Write the adjectives from the box in the correct column of the table below.
(0.5pt= 5pts)

clever good-looking fit friendly helpful interesting kind polite

strong slim