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Discussion Text about Korean Fever

Nowadays, there are many phenomenon happen because the globalization, which many culture

spread out and known of many people in the world. One of them is Korean fever, which have reached


Korean fever spread very fast in Indonesia and many people like it, importantly the teenagers.

This condition spread in Medan too, we know as one of metropolitan city in Indonesia, it makes the

Korean culture known easily. It is not only gives positive impact but also the negative one. It doesn’t

mind if just about the positive impact but for the negative we must give some attention, because it gives

disadvantages for the teenagers and also for Indonesia.

There are some aspect that show us the advantages and the disadvantages from the Korean fever,

such as;

A.    Positive side

1.      Entertaining people

This is the teenagers’s basic purpose have for their reason why they watch the Korean drama and listen to

Korean music. At first, Korea just spread their effect by unique and touching dramas. And there is also

beautiful soundtrack which attracts teenagers. Besides clothing culture and the accessories are attracts

people too.

2.      Motivation

There is thinking from the teenagers that they want to act and show up their selves. It also inspiring them

to make their own girl band or boy band, own fashion and own creation like hair style, accessories,

clothes modification, etc.

3.      Mix the different culture

The phenomenon also enriches our knowledge about Korea like their tradition, language, foods, etc. And

make a mixing culture between Indonesia and Korea.

B.     Negative side

1.      Identity lost
The emerging of Korean drama shows the wealth, happiness and prosperity, which make teenagers think

that everything in Korea is much better than Indonesia. This can make Indonesian culture can’t grow

faster. The other problem is about plagiarisms in Indonesia make Indonesian morale get worse.

2.      Addicted

Addicting for all Korean product and a strong ambition to be same as Korean people make teenagers use

all product and have style like Korea. For these young people need to buy the stuff and it makes them be


From the aspects above, there are some people or teenagers can do:

a.       Try to balance the entertainment between Korea and Indonesia cultures.

b.      Try to be creative with our own culture.

c.       Try thinking more nationalistic and selective.

Finally the teenagers importantly in Medan can be the best generation to continue the struggle for