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Dr. N, RAMESH KUMAR, IAS (Retd.) Dh.

State Election Commissioner '" 0866-2970023
Andhra Pradesh

Letter No. 212/SEC-8U2020-1 Date: 15.03.2020

The, Chief Secretary to Government
Andhra Pradesh,
ltt Block,ltt Floor, A.P Secretariat,


Sub: Ordinary elections Local Bodies - Elections process stopped

forthwith due to COVID-l9 * Process will continue after six
weeks or threat of spread of COVID-19 recedes, whichever is
earlier - MCC shall continue to be on force - Reg,

I am enclosing a copy of the Notification No.6B/SEC-81/2020, dated

15.03.2020 issued by me stopping all further election process in connection
with conduct of elections to MPTCs/ZPTCs and Urban Loqal Bodies with
immediate effect for a period of six weeks or till the threat spread of
COVID-19 recedes, whichever is earlier. The Gram Panchayat elections will
be notified later. The reasons for taking this decision to postpone election
process are clearly explained in the Notification.

The District administration may print the ballot papers for

MPTC/ZPTC election and preserve them in safe custody, so as to use them
for conduct of poll whenever election process is re-notified for continuation
from the stage at which it is stopped now on 15.03.2020. Similarly, the
election process of Urban Local Bodies will also start from the stage at
which it is stopped now'

The Model Code of Conduct for Local Body elections shall continue to
remain in force during this six weeks period or till the threat of spread of
COVID-19 recedes, whichever is earlier. The Commission will review the
situation from time to time and take a decision on continuation of election
process. As the Model Code of Conduct is in force, any request for
exemption from MCC by the Government on any issue will be examined on
merits and as per the guidelines followed by ECI and necessary orders will
be passed.

I request you to bring this to the notice of all the concerned and
Yours faithfully,

State E lection missioner

Encl: As above.

Copy to:
The Superintendents of Police / Commissioners of Police.
The Collectors and District Election Authorities,
The Commissioner of Panchayat Raj,
The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration.
The Secretary to Government, MA & UD Department,
The Principal Secretary to Government, PR & RD Department.