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Microsoft: The CSR activities of Microsoft depends on the guidelines of Citizen ship mission of the
company and also it has some traces from the founder’s value .The sense of social responsibility is deep
rooted in its employees also , they are part and parcel of the companies mission of “supporting Local
Communities for which mission they have contributed around USD 185 million. Microsoft IOT
technology provide back up to the Lagos power plants. Microsoft has got program called “4Afrika aimed
for the social upliftment of Africans. Another worth mentioning program is the YouthSpark initiative
which helps to make changes in the lives of around 300 million beneficiaries around the world in
different fields.

Empowering workers is considered as a social responsibility by the organization and they provide ample
working conditions and opportunities for its employees. Microsoft introduced health and wellness
programs for employees and families, they provide paid vacation, paid sick leave and new parents are
allotted with additional paid leaves also. They conduct programs like CARES which aim the stress
management of employees and families. Microsoft believes in Gender equalities they have programs for
LGBT employees and focus on women empowerment and give ample opportunities for feminine
community to the climb corporate ladder. They gave aid around USD3 billion in FY 18 minority, disabled,
veteran, and woman owned businesses empowerment .

Microsoft take care of the environment by depending on the renewal energy sources ( around 44% of
consumption is from renewal sources .They introduces machines which reduce energy consumption
.They concentrate on methods which reduce water consumption, recycling of water , rain water
harvesting etc as part of their responsibility towards the community .They concentrate of waste
minimization through office supply reuse, recycling, and in many cases , etc. They have Global human
rights standards and helping empowering UN and also provide grands to use AI and IOT related
developments and usages.

Eliminating the global digital gap is another socially responsible program. They have programs to provide
coverage to the rural India , They have initiatives to connect Columbia ,helps to Deliver safe, affordable
energy in Africa, US rural broadband strategy to help connect at least 25 million, Working together to
bring connectivity to military veterans, They introduced programs bringing broadband internet to
Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois

Some of the other initiatives include Carbon neutral since 2012 and continue to reduce emissions,
Microsoft Invested $50 million in AI for Earth, a program focused on putting AI in the hands of those
working on the front lines to address sustainability challenges. Committed to a 75 percent reduction in
carbon emissions by 2030 planned through continued carbon neutrality and energy commitments. In
addition, we nearly doubled our internal carbon fee by raising it to $15 per metric ton on carbon

For developing skill and employability they have introduced pathways to 21st-century jobs and around
180,000 teachers are trained. In 10 years almost 75,000 students received CS Education.TechSpark is
another innovative programme with this object.