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Support System in the University

Attending a university for you to study is one of the exciting moments in our life. However,
being a university student is not that easy, we all know that this is the time where you will deal with so
much stress in your academics and other curricular activities and this is the time where you will realize
the importance of having a good support system. Support system is one of the important things that you
should have especially when you are studying because you can vent out to them the things that bother
you everyday, the things that hinder you from moving forward. As a student, I have what you called “go
- to person” and I can say that these people are my family and friends. They are the ones who help,
motivate, and remind me the purpose of why I even started entering college with this course and why
did I choose this university. Having a strong support system like them makes me stronger to face all the
challenges and stress being a student. “Go to person” is like my break or rest after having a long day. It
is proven and tested that having this kind of people in your life can help you to lessen your stress. They
may not have the power to take away our stress but at least they can help us lessen this by making sure
or giving the assurance that they will not let us feel that we are alone to fight with this battle. One
example of a having a good support system is my younger sister, she taught me that always give
yourself a credit. Every achievement that you will receive deserves a simple reward so don’t deprive
yourself on things that you want because you deserve it after doing hard work in your academics.
Sometimes you will feel the stress when there are tasks or requirements that you need to pass with the
same time of deadline or maybe when you got a low score on the test but despite of this struggles you
will remain positive because you know to yourself that you have a very strong support system with you
which are your family and friends.

Entering a university may be hard at first especially if you know to yourself that you are shy to
approach and be friends with other people. Some got culture shocked because of the new environment
that they have but sometimes there are people who can adapt easily even if they are shy and this is
because of the support system you have. They may not be physically present by your side but with the
words of wisdom and encouragement they give you, you have the guts to go out of your comfort zone.