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Being a civil servant in the current era of government reform brought me to be a

person that able to adapt to rapid changes and create new innovations. Received in the
formation of Trainers at the North Sulawesi Provincial Cooperative and SME Education
and Training Center gave me the opportunity to take part in the Train of Trainers
carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Training Agency in collaboration
with the Indonesian State Administrative Agency. This training gave rise my skills to
teach and train others in developing their capability.

With the experience of Train of Trainers training, I was entrusted to teach at the
training held at my office. In the teaching process I applied my skills as a trainer and
combined it with my academic background in International Business Administration and
also work experience as a Bank Marketing Officer before becoming a civil servant.

I teach entrepreneurship training which aims to increase the capacity of SME’s

managers through training in line with the Government Program of the Indonesian
Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs. More specifically, I teach about how to build an
entrepreneur's motivation, generating business ideas and marketing strategies. Through
this learning class some new businesses are born from the trainees and even they are
motivated to continue to innovate in their products and marketing strategies.

Furthermore, I initiated the Entrepreneurship Training for Church Youth at my

congregation with me as Chair of the Committee. I give a new perspective on the role
of the church not only to make people obedient to worship but also how to take an
active role in empowering the economy of the congregation through the creation of
new business ventures started from youth. This training opens new thinking for church
youth to later not become job seekers but create jobs. This also opens up opportunities
for church youth to have access to government programs for new entrepreneurs. And
some of them got the fund for new entrepreneur’s government’s program at the time.

As a leader, I am passionate about creating something new. Recently, the proposed

training with a new topic that I offered accepted and run by my office. We carry out
Digital Marketing training for SMEs in three districts of North Sulawesi Province, which
had never been carried out before. I am the person who designed the curriculum and
the material that will be given, including looking for expert speakers in the field of
Digital Marketing. I also designed the online registration and training evaluation form
via Google docs. This gives a new system procedure for conducting training on an
online basis that was previously done conventionally.

To sum up, leaders create changes to change their society and country, influences group
towards the goal achievement. With the Chevening Scholarship I will move forward,
broaden my knowledge and competencies, which I bring back to my country to develop
capacity of SME’s industry for the sustainability of our economic.