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Transport Request Form

School Location: Date:

A) Student’s Information (Please fill in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY)

Full Name:
(as per Birth / Bonafide Certificate)

Present Residential Address:

Area: City: Pincode:

Board: Grade: Division:

Enrolment / Application No.: Emergency Contact No.:

B) Pick-up and Drop-off Address

If the pick-up and drop-off address is different from the Student’s Residential Address, then please detail it below.

Pick-up Address :

Drop-off Address :

C) Transport Facility for Kids Club

Please mention Kids Club Batch No. & Timing currently being availed by your ward.

Batch No.:

Batch Timing: Start Time - End Time

Note: Facility will be provided subject to transport timing and seat availability

VB/MKT:FRM/TR/02 05.02.2019
1. Boarding Rules:
1.1 A student using the School bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least 10 (Ten) minutes before the
scheduled arrival of the bus. Buses will not wait for latecomers. The student has to be on the correct side of
the arriving bus.
1.2 Students are allowed to use only their allotted bus and bus stop. No change will be allowed without prior
permission of the school.
1.3 If a student misses her/his allotted bus, she/he should not try to board any other bus. In such cases it is the
responsibility of parents to drop their wards to the School. Such students may, however, return by their
allotted bus.
1.4 Students should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives. No student should approach the entry
door of the bus until it comes to a complete halt.
1.5 Students must use only the front door to enter the bus.
1.6 All students must occupy the seats allotted immediately after boarding their respective buses.
1.7 Parents are not allowed to board the bus for any reasons.
1.8 There are fixed spots for pick-up and drops. The route maps are available with the transport desk for
assistance, if required.
1.9 While boarding the bus, it is mandatory for the students to tap the RFID Card to register their entry. In the
event of non-tapping, the parent will not receive the notification and in such scenario the school cannot be
held responsible for not getting such notification.

2. Alighting Rules:
2.1 Students should not approach the exit door of the bus until it comes to a complete halt.
2.2 Bearer card must be produced to the bus attendant, while picking up the ward. However, in case the parent /
guardian allows the student of Grade V and above to board and / or alight the bus on their own, the parent /
guardian will be solely responsible in the event of any untoward incident. Thus, keeping in view the safety
and security of the student, the School strongly recommends the presence of a valid bearer card holder to
receive the student.
2.3 Students must use only the front door to exit the bus, except in an emergency.
2.4 While alighting the bus, it is mandatory for the students to tap the RFID Card to register their exit. In the
event of non-tapping, the parent will not receive the notification and in such scenario the school cannot be
held responsible for not getting such notification.
2.5 In case of emergency, if parent opts for early pick-up, then school Relationship Cell should be informed to
make necessary and timely arrangements.

3. Bus Discipline:
3.1 Classroom behaviour and noise level is the acceptable behaviour on a bus. The driver/attendant is in full
charge of the bus and students. The attendant has the right to assign seat to meet the needs of the majority
of students. Students are responsible for the area in which they sit. Any damage inflicted to the bus will be
paid for by the student(s) responsible.
3.2 Under no circumstances should the student travel standing on the footboard.
3.3 To prevent injury to students and others, students must keep all parts of their body inside the bus at all
times. They should not put their hands out even for waving.
3.4 Under no circumstances should the students touch the instrument panel of buses.
3.5 Bullying, shouting, fighting, or using discriminatory/abusive language or any wrongful or mischievous
conduct towards other students, the driver/attendant or other persons is strictly prohibited.
3.6 Throwing, spitting, kicking, or shooting items inside the bus or out of the windows is hazardous and
3.7 Consumption of edibles including soft drinks is not permitted in the bus. Eating and drinking in the bus may

VB/MKT:FRM/TR/02 05.02.2019
create a choking hazard; spilled food or drink may ruin clothing, cause someone to slip, or attract germs
and insects.
3.8 Use of flame or spark producing devices, including but not limited to matches, lighters, etc., is strictly
3.9 Tampering with emergency door, windows, bus seats or equipment is prohibited.
3.10 No student is allowed to enter the driving area to blow horn etc.
3.11 Students must not block the aisles or stairwells: these areas are to remain clear at all times in case of
emergency. Students must make sure that school bags and other belongings are placed properly. To
prevent possible injury, students are not allowed to move around while the bus is in motion.
3.12 Students or their parents / guardians/teachers shall not compel the bus employee to divert any route or
change any pick-up or drop-off point allotted at the beginning of the year.
3.13 Misbehaviour, misconduct, harassment, aggressive / abusive behaviour, indiscipline in the bus or non-
payment of bus fees may lead to cancellation of the bus facility to the students. Bus Facility is a privilege
and not a right for any person desiring to avail the facility. The school retains the sole, absolute and
exclusive right to deny the facility to anyone, at its discretion, without assigning any reason whatsoever.
4. Assistance & Complaints:
4.1 Students may avail of the School's transport, subject to the availability of seats. School bus routes are
drawn up based on convenience and demand, while ensuring that no route is overly long. Parents should
consult the School's transport in- charge for necessary details or any changes desired.
4.2 In the event of change in residential address or telephone/mobile numbers, please intimate the School in
4.3 Parents having any complaints regarding the bus facility, should contact the School, and should desist from
talking to the lady attendant or driver.
4.3 Bus lady attendant is instructed not to de-board the bus when students are onboard. Parents are
requested to drop / pick-up the children from the bus stop.

5. Bus Fees Payment:

5.1 Bus fees can be paid for the full year in two installments via online transfer or cheque in the favour of
“VIBGYOR Transport”.
5.2 Bus fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
5.3 Sibling discount is not applicable.
5.4 If the Bus fee is not paid by the due date, Late Fee of 3% per month will be charged on the total outstanding
amount, till the date of payment.
5.5 In case of non payment of bus fee, the School reserves the right to deny the use of bus service to the

E) Declaration and Signature (Please select (þ) as applicable)

“I have thoroughly and carefully read and clearly understood the terms, conditions, covenants, rules, regulations,
policies, guidelines, disciplines, declarations, undertakings to be followed at the bus including the ones that are
stated herein above as also those stipulated in the various documents. I do hereby voluntarily and willfully without
any kind of force, pressure, coercion or undue influence of any nature or to any extent under any circumstance
whatsoever from the management of the School or any other authority or person or entity assure, confirm, agree,
acknowledge, state and undertake that these are acceptable to me including any subsequent substitutions for, or
modifications to them, which may be made by the School authorities from time to time at their sole, absolute and
exclusive discretion and I unconditionally and unequivocally assure, confirm, agree, acknowledge and undertake to
comply with and abide by the same.”


Relationship with student: Mother Father Guardian


VB/MKT:FRM/TR/02 05.02.2019
For Official Use only
F) Zone Details
Zone No.

Route No. Pick-up Point

Route No. Drop-off Point

G) Payment Details (Not applicable for Kolhapur School)

Cheque No. Cheque Date Amount

Term - I One Way


Term - II One Way


Signature of Relationship Officer Signature of Transport In-charge Signature of Accountant

VB/MKT:FRM/TR/02 05.02.2019

Transport Request

H) Acknowledgement (To be filled by Parent)

Student’s Full Name:

(as per Birth / Bonafide Certificate)

Pick-up Drop-off
Details Route No. Route No.

Signature of Transport In-charge

1. This is only an acknowledgement. An official fee receipt will be handed over separately.
2. Kindly retain this acknowledgement till the original receipt is handed over to you.

VB/MKT:FRM/TR/02 05.02.2019