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House Speakel Alan Peter Cayetano (3d leff) and fomer presidefit and Speaker

Gloria-Macapagal-Aroyo (3rd figllil) tead the ceremoniat cutting of rib'bon to

formally inaugurate_the North Bridgeway cQnneajing the t{orth Wing Buitding
and the Ramon V Mitra Building ol the Houise of Representatives. ihe North
B dg€way was started du ng the time of Speaker Arroyo and completed by
Speaker- C-ayelano, with them are Deputy Speakers (tr6m bft) Rei. Johnny
Pimentel, Rep. Deogracias Victor Saveliano,*inior Oeputy ft4ori$, t-eaaer nep.
C spin Remulla and Minotity Leader Vienvenido Abante Jr, pnoto ay ver Noreno

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